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Pest Control PT. 20 (Neutral)

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Pest Control PT. 20 (Neutral)  Empty Wed Aug 03, 2022 10:27 am


Yuurei and Renji were relaxing in his office. The light mage had a lot of work to catch up on, and he had done a lot so far. He decided to take a break from it all, so he could have time for himself. It was something short-lived though. It wouldn’t take long, but the duo would hear a knock on the door. They knew what that meant, which would bring him to sit straight on his chair.

“Come on in.” He said as he knew who it was.

The person would open the door and it would be the person who brought the letters to the corresponded person. He would see this, and he walked over to Yuurei with the letter in his hand. He would put it on the desk, and the Nephilim would take it.

“Thank you for bringing this letter to me. You can go.” He said with a smile on his face.



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The man would bow slightly to Yuurei before he would exit the room. When the door closed, Yuurei would sigh as he shook his head. He would flip the letter and he would open it up. He figured that it was from Mr. Cliff, but he was wrong. He would read the letter, and once he was done with it, he knew what he was going to do today. He would get off his seat and he would stretch his arms into the air. When he was done with that, he would look at Renji with a serious look on his face.

“It seems like we’re going to be killing some rats today Renji.” He said to his Exceed.

Renji would hear this and he would get up from where he was napping, and he would also stretch. After he had done this, he would walk over to Yuurei and climb onto his shoulder.



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Once everything was ready, the light mage would go to his window, and he would open it. He could have taken the door to Orchidia but waking them up through the air was always better. He would step out of the window and when he jumped out, he would sprout wings and his cape would close the door for him. They would soar through the sky as they were heading toward Orchidia City. Yuurei was quick and flying from where he was to his destination was easy for him. It wouldn’t take long, but the duo would see the city from where they were. Yuurei would start to descend from where he was, and he would land on the ground without a problem, and once he landed, he would disperse his transformation.

He would sigh with relief as he would start walking around the city and toward the Market district. He knew the faster they would get this done, then the faster they could get back to relaxing for the day.



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Yuurei would walk through the streets of Orchidia, and while doing so he would see people waving at him. He would return the favor and do the same thing with a smile on his face. They were excited to see them, and he was glad that they were doing well. He would make his way to the market district as it wasn’t a far walk. Renji had gone off Yuurei’s shoulder when they arrived, and he was walking right beside him.

They were looking for their client, which they knew shouldn’t have been a hard person to find. They would move through the shops of this place, and they would find a person just standing in front of a store. The berserker would make his way to the man who was there, and when he got close enough, he would come to a stop. He would wave at the man to grab his attention, and the man would look at him to see who it was.



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The man would step up to them both, and he would wave at Yuurei.

“Oh you finally arrived. I thought you might not show up due to who you are, but it seems like you do care about helping us. That’s good, so I’m assuming you know why you’re here as per the letter I sent you?” He asked Yuurei waiting for him to say something.

Yuurei would smile at the man as he didn’t expect him to talk to him like that.

“Ah yes, I did get the letter that you sent me, or I wouldn’t be here. Still, I know what you want me to do today. It seems like a lot of people in this city have had the same problem as you.” He took a pause after saying this.

He figured he would hand him instructions on what to do while he was inside the shop taking care of the rats and stuff.



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“When I’m inside your shop, I don’t want you to follow behind me. It could get complicated that way. What I do need you to do is, while I’m in there, you should get yourself someone who can clean and remove the rats in the shop. They will be dead, but someone would have to move them. The next thing I need you to do is get someone who can fill a hole. The rats came from somewhere, which means that there is a hole somewhere in your shop.” He explained to him.

His client would nod as he looked at Yuurei and he could tell that this man was the real deal. He had done this a lot to be able to say this so smoothly.

“Understood, I will do that now.” He said to him as he would get going to get what he needed.

Yuurei would walk over to the door of the shop, and he would open it.



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Yuurei and Renji would enter the shop and the Nephilim would make sure to close the door behind them. Once that was done, he would look around and he could smell the odor of all the rats here. It stunk and this place was going to need the ultimate cleaning. Yuurei would look around the place, and he would think about where to strike first. It wouldn’t take long, but he would make his way to his left of the shop. He had a feeling he would bump into a bunch of rats there.

When he entered the room on the left, he would see a bunch of rats running around the room. Of course, it wouldn’t take long for them to notice Yuurei. He would shake his head because they would all look at him. Their eyes met with his, and then after they would all run straight toward him.



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Renji would see this, and he would open his bag while running away to the previous area. Yuurei would have his equipment teleported on him, and he would have a smile on his face. He would dodge the first attack that was coming to him and then the second. There were a bunch of other attacks, and he started to dodge them all. He didn’t have time to attack any of the rats because they were trying to overwhelm him. When he dodged the last rat, he would swing at the creature with his right arm, because it was the fastest move, he had. Yuurei kept moving through the room as he would see they were turning to come after him. He would take this opportunity to take out two more rats with simple punches to their side.

After that, he would prepare himself to dodge their attack, which they were coming at him fast and hot.



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Yuurei would continue with his fight with the rats. They were persistent and that was for sure. They would lose comrades, but they would keep coming toward him. He would expect them to run after they saw they were no match for him, but that wouldn’t be the case. He would shake his head as he was taking them down without a problem. Renji would look around the room he was in, and he would start doing his job and part. He kept moving around as he was looking for valuable stuff to hand over to their client. They were both doing their jobs, and it would soon come to an end.

Yuurei had cleared out the room as he would land a blow on the final rat. It would fall to the ground as he would just stand tall. This place had too many rats in it. Renji would find everything that he could in this room and he would walk over to the room Yuurei was in to see how he was doing.



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Renji would see that his friend had finished killing off every rat in there. That meant he could go through this place freely without worrying. He would just that, and he would find a bunch of shit that the rats were hoarding. He would put them in his bag, but their job wasn’t done here. The duo would walk through the shop as they were looking for holes and on top of that to make sure they didn’t miss any more rats here.

Renji kept collecting anything and everything he could find as they were moving through the place. Yuurei was also making sure that they found the hole they were supposed to temporarily seal. When they searched the whole place, they would find that the rat count had been reduced to zero. This was good because they didn’t need to deal with any more of them today. It wasn’t just that, but Renji would be the one to find the hole.



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Yuurei would move toward the hole that Renji had found and when he saw how big the hole was, he would look for something in the shop to cover it. It wouldn’t take long for him to find something, and he would bring it to the hole. He would seal the hole for now and he would remember where it was, so he could tell the client. Yuurei and Renji would walk out of the shop now, and when they did, they would see their client with a few people. It would seem like he had listened to him after all.

Yuurei would approach the man and explain to him the situation and where the rats were located. After he had told him that, he would also explain to him where the hole was located as well. Renji would open his bag and he would let out all the valuable stuff in front of their client. Their client was most impressed with the work they had gotten done. They were also fast with it, so he had given them their reward, and a bit more than that. Yuurei would take his reward and the duo would be on their way home.

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