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Leonindas the Tyrant

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#1Leonindas the Tyrant 

Leonindas the Tyrant Empty Mon Aug 01, 2022 10:15 pm

Leonindas the Tyrant

Leonindas was a fearsome warrior in his universe. He wasn't always this way though. He tried to do it the right way and show that exceptions existed by making a name for himself within the current regime, but he could always sense the racist remarks being made behind his back. He simply wanted to accomplish peace between his race and the humans, but it wasn't going to work. Politics and all that. Leonindas, unfortunately, didn't have the patience for it anymore. Instead, he decided to become the villain. He stepped away from the regime and started his own band of mercenaries.

Within a small amount of time, Leonindas managed to conquer many lands and become a thorn in the eye of the ruling regimes. A big enough thorn to force a sit-down between himself and the rulers of the regions. Once, he served them to make a change, but now he opposed them to make a difference for his people. They could no longer ignore him. Eventually, Leonindas was granted parts of the lands between what still existed as Iceberg, Seven, and Fiore in this world.

And now, he was presented with a choice. Be satisfied with his accomplishments and have it all wiped away in their world's inevitable destruction, or seek out a world to consume to make his accomplishments last. It was an easy decision for Leonindas. What did he care about these people? He had to ensure the safety of his own kind in his world.

Thus, Brone and Judas, Kai and Yuri, and many more were sent. Leonindas, however, worked alone. It was part of his agreement with the ruler. And he knew that the Marchen Mountains were a crucial point. They might not have realized it here yet, but if they wanted to move their goods the lower steps were necessary to make it happen. The only reason that Leonindas knew this was because he had to battle for many years while using the Marchen Mountains as his base in his world.

"Even in another world, I'm still at home within the cold."

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