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Bully v Nerd {Fight}

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#1Azure Fenic 

Bully v Nerd {Fight}  Empty Sun Jul 31, 2022 8:10 pm

Azure Fenic

Even though he wasn't the type to track pick fights with people of interest this one was a rather special case given that it was someone that had managed to hinder his network without realizing it but with everything else on his plate dealing with one minor issue wouldn't really be an issue. Azure thought it would be nice to let off some of the stress from his work on Lulu it was an island that could and what happens on Lulu Island stays there. As he arrived on the island something told him that today was going to be a rather long day, "This kid is better to be worth having me deal with this personally," he told Bill, the one that seemed to have been the main focus of the recent attacks. 

The informant could feel the heat rising on the beach but had to endure it until this matter had been handled, I wanna go swimming but someone might see me, he thought to himself looking at the waves crash against the rocks. Ignis wanted him to try and take this time to relax but this was something that had to be taken care of before that. Walking around a bit the informant found himself next to a volcano that felt rather unstable, a medium blow to it could set it off unstable.


Spells Used :

Total Stats buffs Buff's
Endurance: 72 + 40 = 112 (2x S rank)
Intelligence: 122 = 40% mana reduc
Strength: 30 + 30 = 60 (1x B rank)
Speed: 22 + 30 = 52  (10 m/s & 20 m/s)
Constitution: 76 + 60 = 116 (3x S rank)

Base stats
Strength: 30 (1x C-rank)
Speed: 22
Constitution: 76 (2x S rank)
Endurance: 72 (1 x S rank)
Intelligence: 122
Earrings: NAIR EARRINGS +40 end
Ring: Leonardos's Ring +60 con
Cloak: Phase Cloak +30 str & spe


[spoiler="Spells Used "] Current Mana /2900

----    ----


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#2Go D. Drakkon 

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Go D. Drakkon
Toge had been on this island for quite some time. He had been picking a fight with those from Paradise Dawn. They were led by that stupid Nephilim, so he decided to go through the ranks. He had fought against Yuurei and lost. Then he fought against Brone and lost. He was hoping that he could find someone weaker than those two and hopefully he would be able to beat them. He wasn’t sure how it would go, but he did learn about some guy name Azure. He was able to bring him to Luluhawa Island, and when he saw that he had arrived, he would follow him.

It would seem like he would bring himself to Ahi Mountain. This was cool, and they were going to fight on the beach here. The heat was crazy, and he could feel that it was even affecting the sand that they were standing on. He was behind Azure, but not that close. He around twenty meters away from him, and he would size up the young man. He felt that he could take him, and he would crack his neck before speaking up to him.

“Are you Azure from Paradise Dawn?” He would ask him as Luci would appear on his shoulder.

The demon would smoke a cigarette as he looked over to Toge.

“You sure you can handle fighting this guy?” He asked him waiting for an answer.

“I don’t know, but I don’t think I can lose three battles in a row right?” He asked Luci the demon.

The demon would shake his head as he would disappear from the man’s shoulder and away from the fight that was going to happen. He knew that Toge was not equipped for a real fight, but he would let him believe he could handle things.

“If I win, I will torture you until you can’t take it anymore. The name is Toge by the way, if I beat you, that means Yuurei will know about this.” He said to Azure as he got into a fighting position as he was ready to fight.


#3Azure Fenic 

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Azure Fenic

As he kicked around the sand something about the island made him feel more relaxed than when he first arrived here "Oh this must be Island vibes." This was actually the first island that he had been on so any experience that he may have is purely made up thanks to his countless hours of reading. 

He had started to think that this whole trip was some sort of plot to get him to decompress for a while his partners handled everything else but as fate would have it someone managed to find him, from the way that he addressed him it seemed as though they had been waiting for him just as long. Azure turned around to see a young man that looked like someone that spent their time picking fights with people that were out of their league but then again he wasn't one to talk. With a smirk on his face, he nodded as the demon popped up and said their two cents as he went on to threaten the informant, "Oh my such a violent child you are." he said tilting his head to the right and covering his mouth with his hand as the near thought of losing to some random on such a nice island nearly made him laugh. 

"Do take it easy on me I'm not really a fighter," he said rolling up his sleeves and pushing back his hair, Oh man is he in for a surprise he thought taking his own stance. 

Total- 477

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#4Go D. Drakkon 

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Go D. Drakkon
Toge would hear his words, and he would have a smirk on his face. At least the man had spoken a language that he could understand. It would seem like he wouldn’t be the first to attack the two of them. That was fine, and he was always cool with being the first one to strike. He would crack his knuckles as he heard him speak to him again. This time it was a language that he couldn’t understand. Still, it didn’t matter to him because he didn’t come here to chat.

Luci the demon would watch from afar, and he wondered how bad Toge would lose today. He needed to understand that he didn’t have the proper gear to be able to fight people stronger than him. He moved to the side a bit as he was trying to get a good idea on what to do against Azure. Once he felt like he was ready, Toge would bring out a smirk to Azure.

The paladin would push off the ground straight toward Azure. It would take a while for him to get close to the young man, but once he was one meter away from the Paradise member, he would swing his right hand straight toward the guy’s face, but before he could fully let it out Toge would drop to the ground and go for a sweep on the informant’s legs.

“You talk to me in a different language I can do the same asshole.” He said this in Savannan.

He wondered how this man would react to his attack, but he didn’t know much about this guy. He just knew that he was from Paradise Dawn, and that was it. Still, that was what made him want to fight him in the first place.



#5Azure Fenic 

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Azure Fenic

As he waited for the boy to make his move the informant thought about his course of action for this fight but given recent fights thinking ahead never really works out for him so this time he would have to try something more reactionary for this one while having some fun in the process. Azure stood his ground as he watched the upstart launch the first strike which he was more than ready to counter with something.  

"Hey Ignis if you would?" he asked flicking his wrist and creating the summoning circle allowing for the golem to pass through slamming her first into the sand, this would create a small smoke screen just before Toge would reach them, assuming that he followed through with his fist action Azure and his summon would move the opposite side of him. Hearing him what he could only guess to be an insult didn't faze him though he did have to question what their end goal in all this was. 

Assuming that Toge allowed them to take this formation he would gustier for Ignis to go high as he went low, Ignis would charge at him and try to grab him while Azure went in with an ax kick aimed at his shoulder followed by a leg sweep as he wanted to make the most of this fight while also testing out this type of strategy, if Ignis managed to grab him she would pick him up and toss him to the ground. Even with the battle just starting something didn't feel right to Azure but he couldn't place pinpoint exactly what it was though could have been the thing he was talking to or just something that hasn't happened yet.

Total- 764

Spells Used :

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#6Go D. Drakkon 

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Go D. Drakkon

While Toge was running to Azure, it would seem like a magic circle would appear and at the same time, something would come out of it. His eyes widen when he saw that it was a woman-like creature that would slam its fist onto the ground. When the sand had picked up, he would lose visual of Azure. This also brought him to no longer move straight to him. With the fact that he couldn’t see him, he kept running and was now at full speed. He was waiting for the debris to die down. He would have continued his movement straight to Azure if the debris of sand wasn’t there.

When an opponent loses visual, they don’t continue to go into the middle of nothing. He would move around though as he wouldn’t be sandwiched between Azure and his summoning. When the sand had gone down, he would see the two people there. He didn’t know what to do in this situation. It was the first time he was fighting someone who could summon things. He figured it was best to go after the one who created the creature. He would move straight toward Azure once again, and he would hope this time he would mess with his vision.

When he got a meter away from the Paradise Dawn member, he would try again. He would use his right hand as a feint, but when he threw the punch, he would drop to the ground as he would attempt to sweep Azure off his feet. He would hope this worked, but he wasn’t too sure. He was starting to believe that the people within that guild were all monsters and stupid. Luci would watch his partner fight, and even with the equipment, he was probably going to lose. It would cause the demon to scratch his head because he wonder what was going to happen now.


#7Azure Fenic 

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Azure Fenic

Seeing that he had some brains in his skull as they didn't keep advancing through while in the dust cloud though did make him question just how well of a fighter they are as outward appearances can fool everyone. Wanting to see what he could do Azure moved to meet the boy. Falling for the faint the informant fell to his back and signaled for the golem to aid him as it would seem he played his card just a few turns early this game but it was fine as he figured that he would take this course of action just like Yuurie and Brone before him. 

Completely forgetting that he was on an Island that is more sand than island filled him with rage as it was going to take weeks to clean his clothes but this just added to his already long list of frustrations. Rolling to the left of Toge he quickly got to his feet and tried to tackle him, however, if he managed to dodge this Azure would simply go for a counterclockwise spin kick as Ignis would now be two matters behind them "You can go berserk." he said as the Golem lowered its body into a more focused hunter like stance like she was about to go in for the kill on Toge. Should he do anything to interrupt these actions he would still give the command, she would rush and with a left and right combination as the blue flicked his wrist another summoning circle behind his target to distract him.

total- 1023

[/size][size=12]Current Mana 3140/2900[/size][size=12]:

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#8Go D. Drakkon 

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Go D. Drakkon
Toge would see that he would fall to the ground. This was perfect, and he was going to do something good for once. The paladin had thought he was going to win, and he was excited about this. He would look over to Azure and he was going to go for a barrage of punches now that he was on the floor. Still, his plan wouldn’t go just right. No, he would see that this man was experienced. He would see that as soon as he fell to the ground he had rolled and rushed to tackle him as soon as he got on his feet.

Still, it would give him enough time to do something or that was what he thought. No, when he was getting ready to dodge the tackle. He would hear his words at the same time. It confused him, and he would hit the ground with the man on top of him. This was weird and he would only chuckle when he saw this as noticed that the creature, he had summoned was now behind him. This was just fucking great, and he was now in a tight spot. Still, what could he do right now? He figured he would fight back even if he was on the ground. He was wearing armor, after all, so all he had to do was hope his armor would hold out.

Toge would throw four punches right toward the head of Azure who was on top of him. At the same time, his opponent's summon was right behind him and it seemed like it was attempting to attack him. Still, there was nothing he could do about it and there was nowhere he could move from where he was now. He would feel the blow onto his helmet, which would cause him to shake his head a few times from the impact. At this point, it was just them exchanging blows with each other, and seeing who would fall first. It was a two versus one, but he hoped that he would be able to take the win or at least get this guy off him.


Battle Log:

#9Azure Fenic 

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Azure Fenic

As he managed to tackle him to the ground the summoner grab Toge's hands as he tried to punch him and "If you can beat my summon I'll fight man to man." even though it was a fight doesn't exactly mean it needed to end up like all the other fights he's had. He would stand up and slowly back away from the man giving him time to stand up and respond to the proposal. If for some reason that he chose not to take this offer he would side step to the left allowing Ignis to rush at him and keep him pinned to the ground with enough force to keep him in place and not hurt him. 

Toge seemed like the type to try and figure out their opponents for no more than five seconds before just blindly rushing in even though they already knew that taking Azure out would win him the game it couldn't have been that simply it had to be more especially due to their location. With a wave of his hand, the golem waited for the man to stand once he did it would lunge at him and swing wildly to see his reaction to this while Blue watched thinking of a way to make the fight even more interesting that he could tag in n out with Ignis to deal with their target. The feeling of sand in his shoe and moving down his back felt rather uncomfortable, to say the least, but given the location, it was bound to happen even if they didn't end up fighting. "Is your little friend not gonna help you?" a fair question given that two v four would have made this an even better fight but maybe the next fight would offer him such an opportunity. 

Should Toge take a much different course of action he would simply prepare to dodge anything that might come his way from the boy. Part of him really wanted to be the one to beat the break-off him while the other part really wanted to know why he would go through all this to fight Azure of all people but these would have to wait until one of them gave up or was knocked out.    

total- 1399

Mana 3110

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#10Go D. Drakkon 

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Go D. Drakkon

Toge would see the man grab his hand when he tried to punch him. That was interesting and he didn’t expect that from him. He would crack his neck as he would hear the man speak to him. He would chuckle when he heard those words because it was not something he was going to do. Still, he would play the fool for the time being, so that Azure could get off him. When he did, he would look at him from the floor as he was trying to figure out what to do right now. The paladin would slowly get up from the ground while he was being asked a question.

“My friend won’t be fighting. I don’t need help, I came here to see how much growth I need to obtain to beat you all.” He said to Azure.

Toge didn’t like that there was a guild led by a Nephilim. He wanted to destroy that man and everything that he had built. Once he got up from the ground, he would see that the summoning would lunge at him. He didn’t even give him an answer about the fight against the summoning, but here it was attacking him. He would see the lunge, but he knew that he wouldn’t have just allowed him to get his footing.

The demi-human would find himself lunging to the right to avoid the attack. He would roll on the ground and he would land on his feet. He would look over to Azure, and he would run straight to Azure with full intent to fight him.

“Why would I fight your summon when I can just go for you.” He said to Azure as he would run toward him.

He would make his move until he was right in front of Azure. He would try and tackle Azure with a full attempt to throw punches at him if he got him on the floor. If he didn’t get the tackle he would do his best to keep going after Azure.


#11Azure Fenic 

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Azure Fenic

It was a shame that Toge didn't ask his little buddy for help but at the same time,  it made his question just why he would go through all this trouble to even get stronger when he could just as easily train all day and night against any number of beast but who was he to cast judgment on others. Azure would move back a few feet back and push his hair behind his ears enjoying toying with the poor soul, for the time being, You should have taken the offer Tomo, he thought flicking his wrist and creating a rift in front of himself letting lose a torrent of water that rushed towards him, "Let's play keep away." he said as the water turned around and formed its body guarding its contractor while Ignis followed right behind the poor boy, if she managed to catch up to him she would smack towards the direction of the volcano and follow after with Azure and blow following right behind. Blod would place one arm in front of Azure with the other ready to pick him up and move. 

"If you want I can get serious Tomo so you have a better scope of how much training is needed?" Their game was about to get slightly more interesting as he thought of new combinations to try out on him. Should any of the actions mentioned before be interrupted Azure would still summon Blob and have it pick him up as it jumped three feet backward to keep the distance between the two. Ignis would still try and smack him towards the volcano and be followed behind by the other two in the process.

The heat that had been bothering him before had slowly started to fade as he was focused on the fight and all the ways he could enhance the battle to be something of note.

Total- 1714

Spells Used :

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#12Go D. Drakkon 

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Go D. Drakkon
Toge would get close to Azure, but the summon that was behind him would be able to catch up to him. This wasn’t good as he wasn’t paying attention to his back. He didn’t think this creature would catch up to him like that. When he was ready to tackle Azure, he would feel himself being hit from behind he would stumble, and would fall to the ground and away from the three versus one he was facing. He would get up from the ground and look over at them as it would seem like this was going to be a hard thing to get through. He would get up from the ground as it would seem like he was using one summons for defense, and the other as a means to attack. This was interesting and he would shake his head as he would get up from the floor.

He heard Azure speak to him, and he would smile at him.

“Oh you’re holding back. Give me everything you got then. I can handle it; I welcome it the pain is something I enjoy.” He said to Azure as he started running toward him again.

Toge would start running toward him with everything he had. The thing is the man didn’t have any magic at all. It was a shame, but he needed to start working on that. He would soon be at max speed as he was heading toward Azure. When he got to a meter from the man, he would try to punch him right in the face.



#13Azure Fenic 

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Azure Fenic

Azure wasn't the type of person to let someone live if he had the option of killing them but seeing Toge want to fight a losing battle made him reconsider his own policy on the matter. In response to what was asked of him, Blue waved his hand signaling for Ignis to quickly rushed to his side pulling out his tome. "Okay as you wish Tobe, I hope we can fight again someday." Blob began to evaporate as he flicked his wrist creating three summoning circles one under Ignis and the other next to and behind him, the one under Ignis covered her in water as her stronger version appeared while Indura and Beast R manifested.

Given that Azure was faster than Toge he would be able to perform the two summons and evolve Ignis at the same time, with his free hand he signaled for Ignis to pin the boy down as he charged his tell from Elem's A rank spell while the other two stayed on standby for the time being. Should Toge manage to evade Ignis he would have the remaining two summons rush at the poor boi all at once, each summons attacking in whatever way they say fit given that he didn't really give them a method for attacking this time around.

The battle was all but won with the restraints now removed although he did wonder just why and how they would stack up against anyone else from the guild, With this momentary lapse in his thought he lowered Elem and tried to understand the current situation. Render would jump into the air and dive at Toge while Indura attempted to slam him to the ground along with Ignis should one of them land their respective hits Azure would slowly move in for the kill like a lion that has grown tired of play with its food. 

Total 2027


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#14Go D. Drakkon 

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Go D. Drakkon
Toge was running toward him, and he would see that two creatures would come out of a magic circle. What was scarier was that the one he had already created had become stronger. This was interesting, and this man was truly holding back. It would make him suck his teeth when he saw this, but he kept going anyways. The first thing he would see was that the creature with the hat would come straight toward him. He would shake his head because he couldn’t outrun it or anything like that. It was annoying he couldn’t get close to the man behind the summons. He would lunge out of the way as he would roll and avoid being pinned to the ground.

Still, there was two more summons coming his way. He would see that the other two summons were closing in on him. One of them was in the air descending straight toward him, while the second one was right at him. He could run again, and he was going to try and dodge again, but he would feel the hit from Indura attacking him. It would seem like he was trying to slam him to the ground, which wasn’t going to happen, but Render’s attack in the air would push him back as he would see that his chest piece was almost done.

He would look at the three summons and it would seem like he couldn’t fight Azure anymore. He would have to fight the three summons, which he found annoying and difficult. He would run straight toward Ignis which was making its way toward him. When he got close, he would swing at it with a punch as he hoped that he would be able to take it out in one hit. Still, this was a lost cause, and he wouldn’t be able to get to Azure like this.



#15Azure Fenic 

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Azure Fenic

The informant couldn't help but laugh at the idea of one of his fights actually going in his favor but then again Toge could still be hiding something up his sleeves. Watching his summons gang up on the target made him wonder if he would kill him by mistake or just wound him enough to give up on this quest for power. Blue looked down at his tome once more and smiled as if it was the key to his victory for once. The air wind had become silent as everything unfolded before the two men. 

Blue looked around the area and thought what a waste it would be to turn most of the area into glass floor when it finally hit him "Triangulate!" he shouted to his summons overriding the last command he gave, the three would form a triangle around Toge as a sort of prison to ensure that he couldn't run away from what was going to come next. As the summons followed the order given he would snicker at how this was all going to happen without a single witness such a lovely strategy. Should he somehow manage to escape his entrapment Azure would charge at him as the summons would try and do keep him trapped. 

Azure paid no mind to the volcano that he had originally wanted to use in this battle as now it seemed as if the curtains were minutes from closing. Assuming that nothing was interrupted he would snap his make a slicing motion in front of his neck telling his summons to finish the fight. The three of them were rather strong on their own but together they were a force to be feared if they fought someone that didn't see them as they are, Ignis would attempt to squeeze the boi and then toss him into the air to which Render would follow up with smacking him back down, with Indura slamming its body on him.

Total 2354

Mana 2690/3200:

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#16Go D. Drakkon 

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Go D. Drakkon
Toge had landed a hit on the summoning Ignis as he didn’t dodge his attack, but in the end, it didn’t matter. He couldn’t take it out with that one hit. It bothered him deeply that his strength was weak. He would shake his head when he saw this as he would look over at the man he was facing. It would seem like this was dragging out too long, and he would have to go straight to the source. He was about to run toward Azure, but it would seem like he had his three summonings surrounding him. He would look at them as it would seem like they weren’t going to let him run. This was great, but he would see something different. When he would move, they would move, which he found annoying.

Still, while his eyes were on them, Azure would shoot an orb straight toward him. He would look over to him, but before he could dodge the attack, he would find it hitting him on his armor. He would be hit by the attack, and he would feel the damage on his armor as it would break from his chest. It was then he would feel the damage of the orb. It would bring him to smile as it hurt, but it just felt so good. He had a huge smile on his face because this was what he was waiting for.

Still, his eyes had moved toward Azure as the man had hurt him and now, he wanted to pay him back. He would move forward to go after Azure, but then he would see something from the corner of his eyes. He had forgotten about the summons, and he would see them next to him. They would all launch an attack on him as if they were jumping him. He would feel them all hitting him on his chest, and he would have a smirk on his face as he could feel the pain of all their hits he would fall to the ground unconscious.  


#17Azure Fenic 

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Azure Fenic

Having seen him try his best to breach the prison wall that made up his summons was rather funny given that at this point it was made crystal clear that he wasn't going to let Toge come any closer than he already was but their tenacity was commendable to say the least. Part of him wanted to cancel the order but the other half wanted to see this through to the very end, as Azure watched the summons more or less have their way with him placed a smile on his and proved that his old self was still alive and well. 

Walking over to Toge Azure squatted down and looked at him "Killing you would be a pain but letting you live isn't something I want sooo coin flip." as he flipped the coin he already decided which side meant as it made it's way back down Ignis smacked the coin into the water leaving the answer to anyone guess. Blue covered his eyes as he looked up to the sky. Looking down at the boi he felt like he was looking in a mirror from when he lost his past fights "I'll be waiting for our rematch Hoge." he muttered walking off with his summons right behind. 

Total 2563


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