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Brone the Bastard & Judas the Betrayer

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#1Brone the Bastard 

Brone the Bastard & Judas the Betrayer Empty Sun Jul 31, 2022 9:26 pm

Brone the Bastard


While it existed in name in Brone's world, it didn't look the same. In Brone's world, Astera was a lawless place where vagabonds and outlaws gathered to escape from the law, exchange information, or find detestable work in return for coin. A place governed by crime-lords and their gangs where bloodshed was an everyday occurrence. Perhaps it would fall into the same depravity over here as well when Brone was done with it.

Brone continued to carelessly stroll through Astera to find something impactful to demolish. With each step, he caused an earth tremor of unusual severity which broke the windows of many buildings and completely disorganized the streets. Many could be fooled into believing that a giant was marching through Astera, but none would believe the truth till they saw it with their own eyes. It was not a giant, but a dwarf that was tearing down Astera with his mere presence.

"W-who are you?" A scared guard shouted while pointing a sword towards Brone.

"Me? Brone! Mountain-Lord of the Blood Mountains, Dham-Nezhud of the Chaos Dwarves, and Ma-,"

"A bastard. That's what he is," Judas interrupted.

"What the fuck did you just say, knife-ear?" Brone roared while pointing one of his axes towards Judas. As the two started to bicker, Brone simply kept walking past the guard and ignored him completely.

"That's literally your epithet. Brone the Bastard," Judas rebutted.

"I know, but something about the way you said it didn't sit right with me," Brone replied.

"And why don't you stick to the plan?"

"What plan? We were sent to weaken their world."

Brone was straightforward and lacked patience. Because of his simplemindedness, he preferred to avoid indirect courses. Whether it was planning, socialization, or construction. Therefore, complications in strategy frustrated him.

"Yes, and take out crucial points of infrastructure to accomplish that without wasting too much of our powers for the inevitable battles to come," Judas explained.

"Okay. What's that?" Brone asked while pointing at a castle decorated from top to bottom with wolven iconography.

"I believe that would be a guild hall."

"So you're telling me it's important?"


Brone swung Dhuraindarin around and then launched it towards the castle. Judas was interested to see what would happen but was completely disappointed when it only lodged itself in the walls. Perhaps the stories about Brone were a bit exaggerated, Judas wondered.

"That was cute, Brone. Are you gonna knock and ask them whether you can have your axe back to use it as a ruse to attack them from inside?"

"Hmph," Brone chuckled and ignored Judas' knife-ear nonsense while walking away from the destruction that he had already caused in Astera and was about to finalize with this cherry on top.

"Aren't you forgetting something? Like your axe?" At this point, Judas felt as if he was repeating himself.

Brone kept walking without turning around. He simply raised his hand above his head causing Dhuraindarin to vibrate. It didn't seem like much, but he had wedged it pretty deep in the building. Suddenly, Dhuraindarin launched itself from the building right into Brone's hand. As Dhuraindarin dislodged itself out of the wall, the guild fell down like a house of cards.

"I am Brone the Bastard, Mountain-Lord of the Blood Mountains, Dham-Nezhud of the Chaos Dwarves, and Master of the Stone, knife-ears. I can sense weakness in all that comes from the Stone. Whether it's a weapon or a building, its secrets cannot be hidden from me."

"Okay. Not gonna lie, that was actually pretty cool."

"Still, I'm surprised that nobody tried to stop us."

Unbeknownst to Brone, most of the streets in Astera were already filled with overgrown plants. The people that ran towards Brone and Judas instead of running away were quickly sensed by Judas and caught by his Venus Mantraps. The horrendous creations absorbed the vitality of the victims and transferred it to Judas as a succulent meal. As the two left Astera, the Mantraps spewed out the lifeless bodies of the victims only to burrow themselves deeply underground again. Their bodies were completely unrecognizable.

"Me too," Judas whispered. "Me too..."

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