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Defending the People of the North (Dark Universe Incursions - Catastrophic)

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Defending the People of the North  (Dark Universe Incursions - Catastrophic) Empty Fri Jul 29, 2022 10:47 pm

Yuurei had been moving around the entire region of Fiore as he had been trying to find these pages that belonged to an ancient civilization. Of course, he wasn’t the only one as he had Kaito with him on this journey. Still, now that he was back home, they had to find the lost pages that could be found in the North. While they would do that it would seem like something was happening outside of Rush Valley. Yuurei was at the cliff of his guild, and he could see everything from where he was. Well, not the people, but he could see the structure and everything from Rush Valley. It was beautiful scenery from where he was, and while he was enjoying it all, he noticed something.

It wasn’t the beautiful day, the world was having, it was the sun being bright and piercing the clouds as it was hot. No, this was different it was weird, but he could see the sky cracking, which made him rub his eyes because he thought he was seeing things. It wouldn’t take long, but a rift would show up. Yuurei would get up from where he was sitting. He didn’t think he would have to fight another Dragon so soon, but it seemed like that would be the case.

“Renji, get up and open your bag. I’m going to fight something.” He said to his partner.

Renji would wake up as he rubbed his eyes, and he would see that there was a hole in the sky. He blinked a few times before he opened the bag, which would hand over all of Yuurei’s equipment. He would sigh as he figured he would be doing this alone.

Soon enough a whole battalion of mages and adventurers would come out of the rift. It would seem like this was something that had been planned. That wasn’t good, and it seemed like they were heading toward Rush Valley. The Nephilim had been the protector of the North for quite some time, and he wasn’t going to let these people hurt the people in that Valley.

The Nephilim would jump off the cliff as he would transform into his half Nephilim form. His wings would sprout from his back as he would move toward the battalion of people that would become his foes. He was quick no matter if it was in the sky or on his feet, so he would be able to intercept the battalion as he landed on the ground.



#2Kaito Todaro 

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Kaito Todaro
Kaito also seeing the crack appear in the sky appears behind Yuurei as if he appeared from thin air, Kaito had his gear on as well. "You are wasting your breath." He yawned as all the noise had awakened him from a nap. Revy was hoping that Kaito would go to help Yuurei and he did to her relief cause he couldn't just said not my home not my problem but he had hurried to go and help protect rush valley from the trouble that had just come up over the hill to burn and take what they want from them and he was unsure how or why they got here but he was gonna help Yuurei send them back with their tail between their legs begging for the rain of pain to stop and lay off of them and seek shelter.

Kaito moves away from the man and he draws his sword as he is figuring that the impending hoard of people are going to be looking for one thing and that is blood, his hair loosely blows in the wind as he looks over the giant wave of people that were coming it looks like a far bigger wave then he had been expecting when he turned to face it so he hopes that Yuurei has a plan B or some re-enforcements of his own to help face them though most look like they are weaker then them but if you are fighting ants they will show up in mass and over whelm you with numbers and raw might over more smarter beasts that these people should be acting like.

Revy is looking for a weak spot in their formation with a magical looking glass she hasn't seen Renji yet so she figured that the fur ball must be back safe at home after from the fighting and she can't blame him as she as well was told to stay back by Kaito as he wasn't sure what was going to be coming out from beyond the veil between worlds but it could not mean anything good unless there was something that he had missed but she doubts Kaito missed anything in their idea but as to the reason why they were here is what would ring most loud in her ears as she had thought they had no chance of surviving this fight but she was going to do her best to support them vs the invaders.

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone Heavyaxe had heard of Yuurei's return to the guild, though when he heard the half-elf would only there for a brief moment, the dwarf decided to join his friend on his quest, given they had not been on a quest together for some time. So he had fully donned his equipment, from head to toe, the dwarf was battle ready and felt he would take on the world; whatever monsters or mayhem there may be, the two of them would be able to handle it, just like when they had first traveled together. Excitement had boiled within his body.

However, when Brone heard what Yuurei was actually doing during his travels around the north region, the dwarf was hesitant. "Looking for pages?" he tried his best not to sound disappointed or bored, but as he tried to understand the point of the quest, Yuurei spoke, giving reason, Brone didn't take long to mentally block out the explanation, his boredom was overtaking him and his attention span running really short, so he simple asked "How do we know which pages are the pages we are looking?" and Yuurei answered simply "... you just read it", the dwarf sucked his teeth with the greatest annoyance, the sound was so great that all the birds in the surrounding area shot to the sky believing a great bird of prey was taking to the sky, then Brone threw his head back, his arms fell limp to his side, his strength lost all it's muster and he let out a strong manly whine, bellowing so loud that the critters in the valley thought a bear was in the vicinity and scurried into their burrows.

The dwarf could remember when he last tried to read a book, he was in Azure's studies, wanting to learn about magic and the blue mage recommended a beginner book; after trying to read the first sentence of the first page of the first chapter of the first volume of the first series, Brone grunted in annoyance and threw the book out the window before stomping out of the room... Azure probably expected and hoped for this.

Brone's life felt it would leave him, draining from boredom from the terror of this quest; he long regretted taking Yuurei up on his offer, but he wouldn't leave his friend's side so soon, for he felt his friendship would be harmed if he did so. He would have to endure it as best as he could, so he did what he could to bare the pain of such boredom, mentally running through battle scenarios.

Then a portal opened before the two, catching Brone's attention. He initially wondered if the great dragon before had returned, but a moment later his theory was denied; a wave of people came out of his, his battle instincts told him that these people did not have the best intentions in mind, and as Yuurei's gauntlets appeared onto the half-elf's hands, Brone drew both his axes from his back. Yuurei transformed and flew down the incline, with the dwarf sliding down after him.

They took a position some distance from the battalion who soon took notice of them when Yuurei called out to them. Brone stood ready, his eyes piercing into the crowd and his blood began to boil from excitement. A portal opened behind him and Yuurei, but his new sharpened instincts were so great from the constant battles, he knew it well to be Kaito without even looking book.

"Together again" Brone chuckled. The last time the three of them were together in this valley, they had fought against a dimensional intruder... now it was time to kill the invasion... and Brone's boredom.


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When Yuurei had said that a portal would appear. Of course, this one was behind him, but the small noise that came from it had come from one person. He had a smile on his face as he was glad that his friend would be able to join the fight. Of course, he wasn’t the only friend that had joined in the fight. Brone had arrived as well, which was good because now there were three of them.

“It seems like we’ve been joining together to fight for quite some time. This is good and I enjoy it.” He said this as he was glad that they had all come battle ready.

The battalion in front of them would continue to move forward. Kaito was right and his words had gone to waste. He cracked his neck as this was going to be interesting. There were about eight hundred soldiers in front of them, which meant that was far too much for them to handle. Still, he thought it would be fun and just the battle they needed.

“It seems like a fair fight don’t you think? Us three versus an army of almost one thousand soldiers.” He said this, and soon enough multiple shards of ice would be flown toward them.

Their sudden appearance in front of the battalion only show that they were an enemy, so they tried to wipe them out quickly.

Yuurei would dodge the shards without a problem as he figured he would bring out one other person to the fight. His arm would rise to the sky as he would summon Galatea from her dimension. The swordsman would look at her master and he would smile at her.

“Glad to have you here Galatea. We’re going to fight the army in front of us, so go and attack anybody that gets in your way that isn’t us. Please dodge anything that comes your way if you can.” He said to her.

“Yes, master.” She would simply say this as she started running toward the battalion.

They were surprised that one person was running toward them, and thought they were crazy. Yuurei, of course, wasn’t going to allow her to fight on her own. He would flap his wings as his feet weren’t touching the ground and he would fly straight toward the enemies as well. He was quicker than Galatea so he would reach them faster. He would punch the crap out of one of the men in the front line. He could see they were an adventurer of some sort. The other one would come toward him, and he would use his right arm to stretch toward them and knock them out cold from the sudden surprise.

Galatea would make it a bit after he did, and she would spin herself around with her claymore. She would be able to swipe at a bunch of the soldiers there as they would fall to the ground. The mages in the back would start prepping themselves as they were going to cast magic to shoot from afar.

Galatea used
Half-Transformation used

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Kaito Todaro
Kaito sighs a bit as he hears how excited the other two are as this was gonna be a drag to him and he knows that he needs to keep his head on his shoulder and he watches them heading in head first with their steel at the ready and he closes his eyes then opens them his eyes glowing red and a dull red aura surrounding him and he grows scales on his body and he grows in size as he as well runs in with them to clash with the army. He was watching how the crowd moved like they were some what single minded and he wondered if they were that devoted to what ever cause they are carrying the banner for or if they might be a trap to try and cause chaos then be used like the pawns they were. Kaito was going to make sure that he didn't get blown to pieces in case they are rigged to blow. "Be careful as something is weird about how some of them are moving, some may be rigged with explosives of some sort." He figured him verbally warning them to be careful was his best choice because he doesn't want to see them get killed here either after all.

Revy is still scouting the numbers and their formations and she sees some of the forces have special symbols on their armors and they were staying back they must be the leaders of the sections that are heading. She keeps looking cause their has to be one with a different marker as well that was their boss as well as they seemed to be following someone else's orders and relaying them to the troops more toward the front and she knows that means some one else is pulling the strings on these puppets and making them dance to their tune and there was nothing else she could really do beyond spot for them and bark out words of encouragement though she wished that she could also fight as well.

Kaito can feel the magic in his body coursing as he is in a powered up form and he feels nearly unstoppable as he runs toward them and he wonders if it was more his want to not be useless or more his thirst for power that was driving him currently but he wasn't gonna waste this time of power and overwhelming feeling that it was him time now and no one was gonna stop him from taking this into his blood soaked hand and making his own dreams come true even if it is with his dying breath vs these invaders he was gonna go out what might be closely referred to as a hero even if he really wasn't any kind of hero in any of this he was just another replaceable mage that someone will by pass before long unless he can fully make a change that completely shifts the world on it's ear.

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Brone Heavyaxe
The front line of this army was closing in. Normally Brone would adjust his fighting style with his team but that was only necessary when they had fought a single target or at most a handful of enemies; no matter their own strength, the three had to admit that this amount of enemies meant that they could get lost in the sea of foes, "The only sea I would be fine being lost in" Brone thought.

A series of ice shards had been conjured and shot forward. Yuurei had luckily dodged everyone of them, though Brone didn't need to. The shards pelted the dwarf, the force of them hitting his armor, helm and even his legs gave off a sound indicating they were of considerable damage, though Brone simply walked through the attack as if it was simply hail; the magical items he held and his own sturdiness gave him the durability to withstand the forces of cold.

As Yuurei met with the frontline, a handful of enemies, a mixture of mages and adventurer types, had circled around him to bypass the angelic form to focus on the shorter of the three. One of them, Brone noticed, was the conjurer of the ice shards. Said mage said an incantation and a flurry of snow encircled the dwarf, then three other mages joined in the incantation and the flurry of snow became a tornado of sheer cold.

Unfortunately, it was too late for the frost mage to discover that ice doesn't work on the dwarf, as Brone leaped out of the tornado, his golden axe already mid-swing; before the mage could open his mouth to say an incantation, the blade of the axe slammed into him and sent him flying.

"Frost doesn't work!" One of the mages called out, "His equipment may be ice based!"

"Then how's about fire?" Another of the mages cockily said as he gestured with his hands, a sphere of fire had appeared levitating before him.

"HoHO! You discovered my secret!" Brone laughed as he turned on his heel and ran towards the firestarter.

The fire mage laughed as he doubled the size of the fireball; Brone figured this was probably what Kaito was referring to when he mentioned out loud of the explosive, either way it didn't matter to the dwarf, for he was too battle-hardy and stubborn to get out of the way, he continued to rush the mage, though his short legs didn't do him much good, his speed was dwarfed* by Yuurei's own monstrous speed.

The fireball doubled again in size, causing intense heat to radiate in the general area of the battle, keeping everyone else at bay. The fire mage cackled a laughter and launched the gargantuan ball of flame at the dwarf.

The surrounding enemies were excited to see the dwarf collide with the massive spell and erupt in an explosion, kindling the moral of their team. But it didn't happen. Brone swung his green axe and the moment the blade touched a single stray flame that licked against the weapon... the entire miniature sun vanished in a blink of an eye.

The surrounding enemies were dumbfounded, and just as the fire mage was about to understand that the warrior dwarf might have some kind of anti-magic weapon, the golden axe silenced him, sending him flying into his companions.

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In the war that was happening outside of Rush Valley, there were people flying around the area. Yuurei was half tempted on using his other abilities to crunch down the numbers a bit. Still, he figured he would do that after he took down a bit more people. His movements were quick as he would make it another person. It would seem he was wrong, and they had mages mixed in with the adventurers as well. He would see a fireball coming straight for him and at the last second, he would punch it with his golden gauntlet. The spell would disperse, and he would sigh with relief. His cape was ready to jump in the way as well but was happy that it didn’t.

Yuurei would look at the culprit and he would run straight toward him. Yuurei’s right arm would stretch right toward the enemy’s face, and he would grab a hold of him before slamming him down to the ground. Someone would come from behind to try and get Yuurei while he was off guard, but his cape would protect him. The Nephilim would hear something colliding behind him, and at the same time, he saw someone coming at him from his left. He would swing his fist at the man on his left, and he would fly into the air as he would see the person that was behind him.

He shook his head at this as it seemed like he had to be aware of all his surroundings.

“This is a war I guess.” He said as he was doing his best to make sure that the people within Rush Valley didn’t have to get involved.

Yuurei would soar to the man that had attacked him, and he would pick him up from the ground, punch him, and then drop him to the ground and onto a few of his companions.

Galatea was swinging her claymore around. She was cutting down her foes as if they were nothing. They had tried to get close to her, but that weapon of hers was so huge, that they would be taken out before they could even get close. It was a nasty weapon, which brought them to wonder if they should be focusing on her. They did remember the person who had summoned her and would turn to face the man who was in the air.

Yuurei would feel a tap on his back and knew it was his cape warning him. He would move to the side to avoid arrows coming from his back as they were trying to take him down from the sky now.


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Kaito Todaro
Kaito pushes hard as he starts to meet with some of the invaders attacks and he doesn't back down but he keeps his eyes out and on those around him in case they do have anything extra up their sleeves that will come to bite him in the ass if he is to let his guard slip for even a second and he was not sure that this was gonna go their way as they are horribly out numbered and it is had to tell if they are even gonna be able to hold these ones back while it might not even be the end of the people that are pouring in and if their are move waiting to come in right behind these ones then they might be in over their heads and he was gonna have to figure a way to get them out while still protecting the city.

He didn't want to abandon the city if he could help it but the amount of magic and power he would need to use to teleport the city would be a bit above him even he was well rested and had the time to take in that kind of magic and the chances of that were low to even start with as they were facing down people of mixed races that were clashing and making their every move count vs them in this life or death fight as he keeps his moral up Revy sends signals to them for if anyone is backing the ranks or if she sees some that are trying to slip past by going super wide then Kaito reacts in kind and ports himself over and cuts them off then returns to the line so that they can keep it strong but he is noticing that all of these people seem to be serving willingly so he is wondering if it is really they need to watch out for bombs.

Kaito moves to slash some one and a different warrior gets in the way and he has a special emblem on his armor and this means that Kaito has found what is probably a general or something closer to that standing as he wore a special marker so that means that he probably had something special about him or he had proved his right to wear the thing and stand out but Kaito could tell from a look that this man was not gonna be a walk in the park and he was gonna have to be super careful not to end up on the wrong end of the mans spear.

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Brone Heavyaxe
The cold aura that emitted from the blue helmet that covered Brone's face chilled the surrounding enemies. "Turn down the cold!" one of the troops yelled at a neighboring frost mage.

"It's not me!" the frost mage yelled back, irritated given that the three beings that decided to take on their battalion were actually proving to be a threat. The two invaders stopped bickering at one another as he faced the approaching dwarf who looked intimidating, his piercings eyes were glaring at them through the slits in his helm. "His ice magic can't be better mine" the frost mage said but hesitate as he noticed he could see his own breath.

Brone then ran towards them which caused them to hesitate in fear. "Don't worry! I got him!" A young man ran pass his comrades at great speed, clearly he was the athletic type that didn't skip leg day. Brone's instincts told him to defend behind him, so he spun around and deflected the blow, his green axe collided with the speedster's clawed gauntlet. The young man was initially running right to him at the front, but suddenly appeared behind him in an instant. The dwarf retaliated and swung his golden axe, but the speedster jumped back and vanished in a sudden cloud of smoke. "Here-and-there magic, just like Kaito, huh?" Brone grunted. Such tactics were a problem to him in the past, but training with Kaito helped trained his instincts so he had better awareness of his immediate surroundings.

The speedster appeared from a cloud of smoke above and dropped down, hoping to strike at the dwarf from above, but Brone expected this and brought both his axes up and crossed them to block the striking clawed gauntlet. The speedster landed upon the crossed axes and laughed as he called out to his surrounding troops "Now!"

Suddenly, magical chains lashed out from several mages, latching onto Brone's arms and axes. Then they began to pull upon the chains and with their combine strength from at least a dozen mages, they were slowly but surely pulling Brone's axes apart in order to give the speedster a chance at a free strike.

Brone didn't allow it. His axes were above his head, so he activated a spell with a mighty roar from his voice, cyan energy whipped about him, increasing his strength. Then with a snap, he spread his arms from one another, snapping the speedster away, sending him flying into the air, then the dwarf spun on his foot, swinging both axes about like a spinning top. In that moment, a tornado formed, erecting high into the air, pulling at the chains and lifting the mages off the ground and sending them flying into the air.

After the tornado stopped, Brone watched as the dozen chain mages fell to the ground, defeated. "Who's next!?" He called out.

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Yuurei would look over to see the group of archers that were shooting at him. It would seem like they were going to be his next target. He was fine with that as he would crack his neck before soaring down toward them. When they saw this, the archers would shoot multiple arrows at him. They couldn’t allow him to get close. This was crazy, these people could fly and dodge without a problem even in the air. The mages that saw this would shoot lightning attacks toward Yuurei. Still, even though they had done this, he was moving too fast for them to hit him.

The Nephilim would end up in front of the archers, and he would swing his right arm ready to use his strength to push them all into each other. His arm would stretch when he did that and he would hit one, and they would move on to the next one. Then another would be hit like this until he got all the archers that were shooting him. They would feel the strength that came from this man as they would fall unconscious from the attack.

It wouldn't take long, but his cape would tap him on his right shoulder, and Yuurei would move to the left. He would dodge the attack of the person who was attacking him from behind. He would see that he was holding a huge ax, and he would shake his head.

“You can't be swinging something so dangerous around like that.” He said this to him as he would punch him with his right hand.

The man would fall to the ground, and he would look around to see that there were just too many people around here.

“Alright it’s time to thin out the numbers a bit.” He said as he would stretch his left hand in front of him.

He would cast a magic circle, and another would appear in the air. A bunch of arrows made of light that was long as hell would start falling on everyone within a sixteen-meter radius. A lot of them would start screaming from the pain they felt due to the attack. He was safe from the attack, but he would watch a lot of warriors fall before they could get into real combat.

Galatea was moving around the battlefield as she was staying close to Yuurei’s range. While she was doing that, she would swing her claymore around, so that nobody would be able to get near her. It was scary, but the range soldiers were going to have to take her down if she kept doing such a simple yet effective attack.


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Kaito Todaro
Kaito keeps himself moving and fighting then he hears a foreign sound to him then he sees giant rocks going flying over head toward the city and Kaito teleports him self as he pushes off of the ground and he uses his magic to grab the giant rocks out of the air and from the height he is at he can see that their are more of the strange machines that fire rocks and he knows he has to get back to the ground but he also has to stop the flying rocks as well. It would seem that he has found himself between a rock and a hard place and he decides his best choice is to dive into the back line and start breaking the catapults so that is one threat less that he will have to do but he knows he will be alone in the back lines with no back up from his friends.

He takes a deep breath this is what his master trained him for to fight alone and not let himself get killed so time to put that training to the test, Kaito dives into the back lines while casting a spell into the middle of the pack a mighty dragons roar rings out and a blast of arcane energy falls from the sky. Kaito weapon drawn lands in the back lines and is targeted quickly as he was alone but Kaito uses his training and acrobatics from years of training with elves to make his every move count he might not be as good as they were but he was also no slouch with the movements and his sword skills.

He starts using his free hand that isn't swinging the sword to tears pieces of the catapults off with his magic and he was hoping this will go smoothly but he sees a knight looking man in the back like with an odd looking staff of many colors and he wonders if that is the leader of this attack force but Kaito knows he is just here to break the catapults and get back to the front lines he isn't gonna take on a fools errand alone plus it didn't seem the person glad in the strange armor had even noticed him. He hurries and finishes taking out the catapults making them not able to be repaired by normal means anyways and he dodged a bolt of strange energy from the man with the odd staff that glowed many colors.

Kaito knows he is not taking that on alone and he waves his hand over himself and he teleports back to the front line to rejoin the fight before any break through and hurt the innocent people or their homes that didn't live or couldn't leave yet.

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Brone Heavyaxe
"Send in the swordsmen!" One of the mages called out. Two other mages waved their hands, conjuring their own magic circles. Within the next instant, about two dozen brawny looking men appeared within a blink of an eye, magically transported from elsewhere in the battlefield; most were humans wielding a variety of weapons, some were dwarves wielding heavier weapons such as axes and hammers, and a few were elves who favored more elegant weapons such as thin curved blades.

"More here-and-there magic" Brone scoffed as he readied his footing for the next assault. The many blade-wielders had surrounded him, though the cold aura that was emitted from the blue helm sitting upon his head was still lingering in the general area around him, the front-liners didn't seem to care, as they were more battle-hardy who probably trained in sheer environments, even the elves seemed to care little about the cold.

"Attack!" one of the mages ordered and the swordsmen ran forward towards Brone at the exact same time, intending to overwhelm him with numbers. If he managed to strike down a good number of them with but two swings of his axes, there would be someone who would land a blow, the quantity was just too great.

Brone raised his golden axe into the air, but none of the warriors hesitated, they continued to rush the white hair dwarf. The moment Brone slammed his axe onto the ground in front of him, a blast of icy wind erupted from the striking point, catching all the blade wielders in a miniature blizzard. Half of the enemies had fallen from the initial blast, but the rest were too stubborn to turn tail, save for the elves who were too smart and decided to leave the area of the cold wind that spun like a tornado.

As dwarf had fought through the icy hail that pelted everyone, his bearded was frozen over, but he managed to be the first to Brone, he then swung his hammer, to which Brone deflected with his green axe. Another dwarf came up from behind and managed to get the first official hit upon Brone, but as the claymore slammed onto the golden armor, the magical counter of the armor caused the sword to shatter.

"Press forward! He can't stop all of us!" One of the dwarves had yelled and the rest of the dwarves who had made it to the center of the blizzard charged in while swinging their mighty weapons.

"ᛒᚱᛁᚾᚷ ᚺᛟᚾᛟᚱ ᛏᛟ ᛃᛖᚱ ᚲᛚᚨᚾᛊ !" Brone shouted in his native language, demanded for the other dwarves to strike forth so they can bring honor to their clans. His golden armor created a layer of ice that coated itself, strengthening his defense. As the other dwarves swung their weapons, Brone swung his own, sending some of the other dwarves flying back into the blizzard while those who managed to land their hits, mostly hit the layer of ice upon the armor.

The dwarven tussle continued and as time passed, the blizzard would slowly overtake the rest of the fighters within the blizzard by freezing them over in their tracks, the dwarves were the only ones remaining, hoping to take down Brone.

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Yuurei would look around as he could see that his friends were working hard. It would seem like the people who they were fighting were keen on getting to Rush Valley. Still, it would seem like the people he was fighting against was trying to take him down. Of course, thinking about that would bring him to see that there was someone launching an attack on the valley. He would sigh and shake his head because he jinxed it. Still, he would swing his hand in the direction of the attack, and a magic circle would come out followed by a light slash.

It would smack against the projectile and blow up. He would see where it had come from, and he could see that it was a mage that had cast it.

“They are attacking the city because they can’t take us out?” He asked a question nobody would answer.

Yuurei would fly straight toward the culprit and when they saw the angel was coming for him, he would attack. The Nephilim saw this, and he would dodge the attacks without a problem, and without stopping he would lariat the man and take him out without a problem. He looked at the people who were caught by his light spell earlier and it would seem like a bunch of them were really taken out. His thoughts on the matter were where their leader would be located, but he figured it was good to take out the numbers before fighting the head of all of this.

There were people looking at Yuurei, and soon enough they would attack the guild master. He would dodge their attacks as he saw the coming, and he would shake his head. They didn’t learn their lesson, and he figured they never will. The berserker soar through the sky and toward the ones that did their best to attack. When he got close, they would try to attack him from up close. He would parry their attacks and would counter with one of his own. He was dancing around the people fighting and taking them out one by one.

Galatea on the other hand was running around and swinging her claymore like a mad woman. It was scary, yet funny to see as everyone she would hit would be sent flying. That was when someone shot a spell at her. She would be hit and pushed back. She would use her spell to feel the air vibration around her and make sure that she wouldn’t get hit again. She would start her pursuit, but the woman was knocking down their numbers with her weapon.


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Kaito Todaro
Kaito clashes with the invaders and he wonders if they are really gonna be able to do much beyond what they are currently doing to keep them back as he sees some on his side doing a synchro spell cast and he readies himself to stop the spell and then a giant monster is summoned from the magic circle they had made and Kaito jumped and used his wings to land on the back of the monsters punch and he starts running up the monsters arm and when he reaches the to of the summoned monsters arm he spins his body and swings around and he slashes across the back of the summons neck and he watches the summon just break apart and disappear and he ports himself back to catch some of the people that had used the summon as cover to rush toward the town and he makes sure that that don't get close enough to do any damage. Kaito knows this is starting to get a bit grim as if they all start summoning those things he was going to be in trouble while trying to catch the loose ones that aren't helping sustain the creature they summon and use the shadows to sneak on past toward the city without Kaito seeing them till it was too late. He wonders where the extra forces from Paradise dawn are at cause they should be here as well. Then he hears it the running feet of back up coming toward them to help it seemed like Paradise dawn mixed with people of the north that were loyal toward Paradise Dawn and most of them looked like that were primed and ready for a fight to defend the north from the invaders and Kaito was glad.

Their own small army had finally shown they were still out numbered but now the odds turned more toward their favor and Kaito goes ultra instinct once again, gaining his footing and feeling his fears lessen as they had finally got the back up that they needed and where going to be able to pull through this and not just fade and fall here alone holding the line in what was most defiantly a fools gambit in hopes to keep the north from losing cities. Kaito holds his sword tight as he feels the people at his back and he goes in with his sword swinging and he feels it clash as he feels this is natural now it isn't a losing struggle his sword feels almost lighter in his palm and it feels good to have a weight off of his back cause he couldn't just keep playing pick up with the ones that were flying past him and the mob that all screamed and swore in his face as he slayed them in front of their own kin with a swipe of his word and their blood painting their fellow warriors in a crimson hue.

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Brone Heavyaxe
The remaining of the battalion that focused on Brone had stood outside of the miniature blizzard's perimeter. They could barely see within the snowy tornado, but all they knew was that their melee platoon had went in and has yet to exit. Suddenly, a dwarf had toppled out of the blizzard, falling face first onto the grassy floor, completely frozen. With this, the mages couldn't risk allowing the enemy dwarf to succeed in dwindling their forces any further, "All attack, blind fire the blizzard!" one of the mages called out. At least two dozen mages assaulted the swirling blizzard with arrays of spells of different elements, ranging from fire to frost to lightning and more. They no longer worried about their companions that went into the storm, they were not just possible casualties who will be sacrificing their lives for the sake of finally defeating this god forsaken dwarf from Paradise Dawn.

The barrage was interrupted when the blizzard had spun and grew, deflecting the barrage, "Don't falter! Keep up the attack!" another mage called out and the mages continued with their assault. Then out of the western wall of the blizzard, came Brone Heavyaxe, rushing towards the closest cluster of mages, "Kill him!" one of the mages called and they began to focus fire. Brone swung his spellcleaver to negate a good amount of spells, but there were too many to deflect; he was being pelted by spell blasts. With a single word, he conjured another layer of ice over his armor to reinforce his defense as he continued his rush.

The moment Brone was close enough, he shouted at the top of his lunges, activating another spell, his golden axe doubled in size, striking fear in the ground of mages before him, but one of the commanding mages demanded they hold the line, then the golden axe doubled in size again; the mages began to turn around and retreat but it was too late, the giant axe swung horizontally, sweeping the immediate area and defeating several handful of mages.

"Hold the wall!" Brone heard as he turned around to see another platoon of fighters wielding shields in a single line.

"Hold the wall?" Brone wondered why chose to hold a defensive position instead of retreating, then he realized there was a larger commotion behind the line of shields. In the distance behind the line of shields was the large town of Rush Valley, and before the settlement somewhere in the middle between the edge of the settlement and the line of the shields, where the middle of the small army scurried, were explosions and golden arrows raining down.

"No you don't!" Brone yelled as he rush towards the line of shields. The shield bearers tighten their defenses as they spotted the dwarf closing in, but the dwarf didn't slow, he conjured another tornado and sent the shield bearers flying, breaking through the line and rushing through, heading towards the settlement of Rush Valley, he would not allow these invaders, whoever they may be, to harm the civilians.

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