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Dark Incursion 1

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It had been a few weeks since the dealer from Desierto had woven and wounded and wandered and wondered her way unti Myra. What had been a lovely sort of meeting of minds up at the Guild Hall had been quite delightful and, more importantly informative. She had been wondering just what she might get into being involved with Konyo from the moment she had joined the infinity wolves, but, a flying library fortress of sorts was not exactly what she had anticipated. Still, it was a marvelous, wonderful structure that sustained itself in ways she had still yet to decypher. Ikanbi hadn't strayed terribly far into Myras for dinner, she had met up with two little girl friends of hers that she liked to spend time with here and there for company in Sia and Kuvakiri's absence. She feasted on roast beast, and spicy goat with vegetables and a very, very large helping of rice.

She had all but just finished up her meal and decided to make her way back to the guild hall when a man ran past her screaming for help. "Help, help they're coming they're coming!" Ikanbi instinctively clutched her knife and whipped back around in the direction the man had ran from, but, as she gazed upon the dark portal with denizens of darkness crawling out of it onto the streets, her heart leapt into her throat. "Oh...Why couldn't I have been lucky and it had been just one guy trying to kill him. What the hell is that supposed to be?" Ikanbi stared in disbelief at the things she was seeing. She watched as guards ran into the invaders and were swatted away like flies, as though their armor was of no consequence to their attackers what so ever. Ikanbi considered her options. She didn't even have armor, so, she was certainly in over her head here...

So she did suppose she could help in her own way, however, and quickly high tailed it back to the Guild Hall, bursting in through the main door and screaming at the top of her lungs. "Kon! Kon! Kon! Anybody? Hello?! We need to help the town!" She screamed exhilaratingly.

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