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Paradise Dawn's Fight (Green)

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Yuurei and Brone had fought last time, and it didn’t go in Yuurei’s favor. He figured now his friend would be much harder to fight, so he was prepared for that. This was good, and their place of fighting was different as well. The two of them were on Luluhawa island, and they would be fighting here. Still, now that he had lost to Brone, he knew that he would have to go all out against his friend. This was perfect because he didn’t think he would get the day to do such a thing. Where were they going to be fighting at? Well, they were going to fight it out on the beach. He had seen one that nobody had been going to, so he decided to use that as a place for them to fight.

He had let Brone know about the place where they would fight beforehand, so he wouldn’t get lost. Still, the sun was bright as it could be, and it was beaming down onto the sand and anybody on the ground. The clouds were spread apart, and the sand of the beach was vast. They had enough space to wreak havoc here. The Nephilim armor was on him along with his helmet. He had his gauntlets on his hands, with his necklace, ring, and earrings. His tools were in his hand as well because they would be one of the first things he was going to use in this fight.

Renji wasn’t going to fight, but he was off in the distance. He was here to watch the fight happen. The Exceed wasn’t there when he had lost, but he couldn’t believe it. He was disappointed in Yuurei, but this was the second time he had heard this man lost. It was rare indeed, but would this be a third time? He was going to have to watch it all. The light mage’s cape would move around, especially on his back but was ready to move to protect his master at any time. It wasn’t just that, but Yuurei had his new cursed arm. He was sure to catch his friend by surprised when they fought today.

While he was waiting for Brone to show up, Yuurei would stretch in the sand. It was hard to do, but he had gotten the hang of it quickly. His eyes looked around waiting for his friend to show up, so they could start their fight.




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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone Heavyaxe had visited the island to answer the challenge of a stranger. He had traveled far and over great distance over a vast body of water, the sea itself, which gave the dwarf anxiety given his fear of the abyss below the surface, all the meet the challenger and simply defeat him within half a minute. It was underwhelming and now the dwarf had to wait for the next ship home. Now as Brone was about to board the ship that awaited passengers, a message had came to the dwarf of a challenger. He simply brush the messenger away, not wanting to waste his time and stay on the island any longer than he needed to, not that the sun baring down on him was a bother, it was the fact that he was on a piece of land in the middle of the never-ending ocean that bothered him.

But a name range in his ear, "Yuurei". His half-elven friend was on the island and what's more... he wanted to spar. Brone stood before the gangplank that led from the dock onto the ship. The ferryman looked at the dwarf from the deck, "Change of mind?" He asked.

"An old friend is here" Brone chuckled his reply. With a sigh, he turned on his heel and began making his way to the destination point described in the letter. A challenge from Yuurei was common, even to the other guild members, but Brone and him have clashed against one another so often that it was treated the same as a sit-down, though it seems that they may have shared a battle more often than shared drinks and food. Either way, he wouldn't turn down the challenge for several reasons, one being he felt it would not only be disrespectful as a warrior, but also disrespectful as a friend.

Eventually Brone reached a secluded part of the beach where it was mainly sand, probably because there was a large amount of seaweed that was being brought in by the tide every so often. The only other person there was a man clad in golden armor, from the breastplate to the helm; the dwarf was cautious, for Brone was the only other person on the island, as far as he knew, that was battle ready. The dwarf drew his two axes and his blue helm began to emit it's cold aura, dropping the temperature of the area, "Who ye be, with the intent of a bloodlust warrior?" Brone called to the mysterious person as he approached though he stopped at about 10 meters away, then he noticed the familiar golden gauntlet, "Yuurei!? That ye?" He was surprised, if it was indeed Yuurei, it was a large change from the semi-naked fighting style, to a armor-clad fighter.


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Yuurei would see the armored-up dwarf that had appeared on the beach. This was good, and he had a smirk on his face. This was great that his friend had come here. That meant they were going to be able to fight how he expected them to fight. His eyes were focused on his friend as he heard the words that came from him. It made him laugh a bit to hear what his friend had said to him.

“My bloodlust isn’t that bad I want to say. But yes, it is me Yuurei. You like the armor I’m wearing?” He asked him with a smirk on his face.

Still, now that they were here, the fight was going to be starting now. Yuurei figured he would be the first to act in this fight. He was planning on starting this off, and he had planned to use Galatea, but then decided against it. He decided that he would fight Brone by himself for the time being and see how things would go for him.

The Nephilim would move back from his friend for the time being as he planned on activating his magic before they fought. The palm of his hands would open and soon two magic circles would appear. Instantly stars would come out of both before they quickly entered his body. He had used his Twenty-Two Stars and his Seventeenth Star.

“Alright let’s get this started.” He said this to Brone as he would move straight toward him.

While he was moving toward him, Yuurei’s wings would come out of his back and his eyes would become a golden color. He would close the distance between the two of them without wasting any time. Still, his wings were ready to make sure to get him out of a mess against Brone. Still, he would make sure that he was one meter in front of Brone. He would swing his right arm as he launched a quick jab straight at Brone.

The thing is with this attack, He would make it stretch slightly, so it would move faster than he could possibly attack. Whether he had missed or hit, he would snap his hand back to normal. His left hand was ready to defend against any attack from Brone. Still, he didn’t think he could take Brone out with one hit, so it was why he had gone all out against him.




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Brone Heavyaxe
To hear his friend's voice was reassuring and brought a smile to his face, it was now one of the few good things that have happened on this island, though he had to quickly admit to himself that the visit wasn't as bad as he made it out to seem, it was simply the idea of being out in the middle of the sea on a small island that bothered him. But a chance like this to battle Yuurei would allow him to forget about the world while his blood pumped through his veins. "Aye, indeed I do, though I'm a bit jealous, yer more golden than I am now" Brone laughed as he tapped the flat of his golden axe against his golden breastplate, "May want to consider changing our name to Golden Dawn" he let out bellowing laugh.

But the pleasantries were soon over as Yuurei summoned the magical stars which brought back memories to Brone when Yuurei and him first fought side by side against foes of many kinds, oh how their friendship has grown over the years and hopefully their bond continues to stay strong. Then the half-elf erupted in magical power and light as his eyes blared golden along with his armor, helm and gauntlet and his wings sprouted from his back; the man was even more angelic than he was before, like a true golden angel from heaven above, like... a god.

The cursed tattoo upon Brone's chest, hidden beneath his armor and shirt, burned for a quick moment, causing the dwarf to grunted, trying to fight back a surge of anger, "No, not a god, not a god, a friend in a non-lethal battle!" he mentally told himself. He realized his grip upon his weapons were so tight he thought he would break the handles.

The battle started and Yuurei moved so quick, if one would blink, they would have already been defeated, but Brone was use to such tactics from his friend, so he readied himself. As the distance between them closed, Brone would bring up his green axe to deflect the right jab, though something odd happened; When Yuurei raised his fists, his right hand seem to never move, the elbow never extended, but the attack was coming in quick, if it weren't for Brone's new battle instinct, he wouldn't have known it coming, the green axe's blade was dealt a powerful blow from an unseen force that Brone knew came from the right bandaged hand. This oddity shouldn't slow him, which it didn't, he quickly swung his golden axe at his friend, the exchange began.

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Yuurei had snapped his arm straight toward Brone, and he thought he would be quick enough to catch his friend off guard. Still, it seemed like that wouldn’t be the case. It surprised him to see that he had swung his axe straight at the gauntlet. The two would collide with each other and he could only chuckle because he could see how strong his friend had become. He wasn’t sure what it was, but he had seen the damage that was on his gauntlet, yet it seemed like Brone’s axe was ready to go for more rounds.

Still, to see Brone’s reaction being the way it was, made him nervous, yet at the same time excited because he couldn’t wait to show his friend what else he could do. He had become stronger too, and he would show him.

With his arm coming back without a problem, Yuurei would see that Brone was swinging his golden axe straight at him. This was to be expected from the dwarf, which led him to have a smirk on his face. He didn’t fight Brone in this transformation for no reason, no he was using his wings to take advantage of this fight.

Yuurei’s left wing would flap quickly and hard as the forced used from his wing would move him toward his right slightly to avoid the attack of Brone’s golden axe. While this had happened, Yuurei was throwing out a counterattack of his own. He wasn’t going to allow his friend to get the better of him; Yuurei knew that his right gauntlet was everything and if he had lost it, then he would have to through other means in taking Brone out.

That was why when he avoided the attack with the use of his wings, Yuurei had launched a punch of his own with his left arm at the same time. The Nephilim was launching another quick jab straight toward Brone’s chest. Of course, he had other plans to defend himself. He knew that Brone might go for a counter. He wasn’t sure what his friend would do, but he was prepared to do something about it or move against it if anything.

“Golden Dawn, doesn’t sound too bad, but then it would take away from letting people know we’re a paradise.” He said to Brone as he commented on what he had said not too long ago.




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Brone Heavyaxe
"Mommy, look!" A child was walking up the line of the beach with his mother when they had spotted the fight on the sand.

"A golden warrior seems to be fighting off an angel who is hear to take him to heaven, not ready to admit his time has come!" The mother seemed to be in awe of the sight before her, how the gold of their armor and weapons reflected the light of the sun, showering them in brilliant golden light. The woman's heart couldn't take how beautiful the sight was, so she took her child by the hand and turned away, running back home to contemplate the vision she had and what it meant for her and her son's future.


Yuurei managed to dodge the golden axe, propelling himself to his right by using his left wing, "Ha! Clever bird ye are!" Brone laughed as he got his green axe ready for an incoming attack; given how Yuurei's last attack was, he had to do his best to intercept the next attack as quickly as possible, so he immediately motioned to put spellcleaver in the way just as he began to see Yuurei position his fists into an attack position once again.

Then he saw Yuurei's left jab, it didn't have the same 'effect', whatever it was, that the right hand had when striking, it seemed to move as it normally did when the two fought. As the left jab struck the green blade of the axe, Brone already started swinging his golden axe to strike, this time arching from the right side his body towards Yuurei, though the angelic being would expect the attack to focus on him, in actuality, Brone was actually aiming for something else...

The floor.

As Brone would strike the golden axe against the sand of the beach; a cold wind erupted from that exact spot, reminiscent of the time Yuurei, Brone and Kailani climbed mountain through a blizzard in order to reach their goal and avenge Yuurei's family, that memory had never left the dwarf and this spell will forever be a reminder of their bond that was strengthen through that tough time.

With the constant decrease in temperature, the edge of the tide that crept onto the beach froze, creating ice shards that looked as if they sprouted from the sand. Now they both were what seem to be a whirlwind of snow, a memory fragment from that time. Brone wouldn't say anything, but move his green axe to axe Yuurei with a horizontal swing.

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Yuurei had tried to catch Brone off guard with his left jab attack, but it didn’t work. Instead, the man had blocked it off with an attack of his own. Yuurei was surprised that his friend was quick to react, but there must have been a reason for it. Still, while that had happened the light mage decided to do something else. At the same time his Mida’s Gauntlet collided with Brone’s Spellcleaver, he would swing his right arm straight toward Brone’s chest. He would stretch the arm, so it would move quicker than Brone could react to blocking it this time now that he had used his axe to block Yuurei’s other hand.

While this had happened, Yuurei looked over to Brone’s golden axe as if it would move down to the ground. He wasn’t sure what was going on, but it would seem like his friend's hand was trying something. His left hand would move back, and the sand would pick up as he hit the ground. It wasn’t just that, but a cold wind would also come out from the impact as well. Still, Yuurei would fly out of the area while this happened.

His wings were enough to fly him out and away from the radius of attack. He, of course, had still been hit by it. His armor had taken damage from the move, and he felt somewhat weaker than he did before. He wasn’t sure what he had done. Still, one thing he knew for sure was that it would have been hard for him to dodge the attack he had thrown before flying back.

“I have never seen you use that move before.” He was impressed by the spell he used.

It would seem like his axe had a lot of abilities to them, which he found interesting and excited about. Still, the time for talking would have to be for later. They were still fighting, and Yuurei wasn’t going to stay away from Brone. He would move toward Brone, but he would do something different than he did before. Before he got to Brone, he would be two meters away. He would use this opportunity to hopefully and truly catch his friend off guard.

He would swing his arm straight toward Brone, but it would look like he would never reach the dwarf. Still, in that instant, it would extend two meters toward Brone and attempt to punch him at his chest once again.




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Brone Heavyaxe
As the axe was falling to strike the floor, Brone felt a strong hit, knowing it was one of Yuurei's jabs. No matter how much Brone trained, he felt that the punches of his friend were still as overwhelmingly powerful as they were in previous fights, but then again, this being of light and power has been deemed not only the Guild Master of Paradise Dawn, but possibly the strongest being in the north, and one who had such titles, needed to provide the proof for the statements.

The immediate area was now a constant blizzard, the sand below the dwarf's feet were starting to be layered over by snow as the the seconds continued. The attack must have surprised Yuurei, Brone figured, given that the winged being had suddenly darted out of the swirling vortex. As Yuurei would fly outside the radius of the ongoing spell, he would see that the blizzard was constant on a single area, not spreading, nor shrinking. As for Brone, he knew the range and the limitation of this spell; powerful it was indeed, it didn't move with him as did the aura that was being emitted by his helmet, so the cautious dwarf remained in the center of the blizzard, keeping an eye on the bright light that was moving outside of the moving fog of snow.

"Aye! This spell is a memory of when we fought that vampire together, my friend!" Brone called back to Yuurei, "The night ye got yer angel magic!" the tone of his voice had dropped a bit, a hint of remorse in his voice, for even though Yuurei was gifted with such great powers, it was at a moment when he was at death's door, defeated by the one person he spent a good part of life searching for, to defeat... and the night he lost his parents again. Brone found Casdae's Edict that night, in the snow. As he had picked up the blue helm, he stared at it and swore that he would get stronger so that he would never let himself be an anchor, weighing down his friends.

"Next we find that vampire bastard, he'll take his head and rescue yer family again" He said, close to a whisper, not knowing if Yuurei would hear as the angelic being suddenly flew back into the snow storm. Brone prepared himself, intending to deflecting another incoming strike, but what was odd was that Yuurei kept about two meters way. The dwarf had waited for a frontal attack, but how can Yuurei hit him if he didn't-

The blow had connected and Brone nearly tipped over. He was surprised. The blow was indeed a jab, he had felt Yuurei's punches since they had first sparred together, so it was no doubt one of his jabs, but he barely saw his friend's arm move; yes, it was like a flicker, enough to know it was the bandaged right arm, but they were both two meters apart, too far for either of their arms to reach. Whatever ability this was, or magic, Brone now had to be careful of that strike.

Difficult; to be careful of Yuurei's strike was a great task indeed, even if the dwarf knew the strikes were coming, Yuurei had the speed, now the distance to overcome any of Brone's defensive tactics, which was why Brone would tend to continue to strike and trade blows with his friend, hoping that eventually he can wither down the angelic being, but this proving too difficult, so he needed to try something new, something he had been working on.

"ᚠᛟᚱ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛞᚨᚹᚾ!" Brone yelled as he began to swing swing his golden axe horizontally. To an onlooker, this would be an odd sight, given that they were still two meters away, but if Yuurei can have a trick up his sleeve that can cross that obstacle, then so can Brone. As the axe would would reach the striking point of where an enemy in front of him would get hit... The Golden Axe Quadrupled in size in an instant!

The size of the axe, not only in length of the handle, but in width of the blade, should make it difficult for Yuurei to dodge it, though the dwarf didn't doubt the speed of the guild master. This type of move is reminiscent of their earlier battles, when Brone didn't have much strength to his name, so he would use tricks to try and get some kind of advantage on Yuurei, or at least keep himself in the fight long enough.

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Yuurei had heard Brone speak about how he had gotten his armor. He had nodded as he remembered the day, they had gotten their stuff. He didn’t just get his angelic wings, but he had also gotten Uriel’s Ring and his grace. Still, he had lost his grace the day he had become cursed with Hassan’s arm. When he got close to Brone his arm would move straight toward his friend, and it would catch him off guard. It was two meters, but it was something that he had never done with Brone in the past before. This was perfect, and he would hit him as it seemed like he was caught off guard from the attack. The next thing that happened was that his armor would shatter while his arm snapped back to its original size.

He would look down as he was confused about what had happened, but it seemed like the move that Brone had used was still in effect, which meant that Yuurei was still being affected by the move. He would suck his teeth as he needed better armor. He figured having something like Brone would be for the best as it would help him protect longer than what his current armor could. Still, he would look at his friend as he would see that he would say something that he didn’t understand.

He wasn’t sure what was happening, but he would soon see Brone swing his ax horizontal. He didn’t think his friend could reach him, but then he remembered something. Brone could make his ax bigger than it currently was, which meant that he could reach further distances than normal. It was something his dwarf friend used normally, and it would reach him without a problem. He would feel the blow coming straight to his side. He would feel the power behind it, and he would wince with pain as he couldn’t believe that he didn’t see this coming.

While the golden ax was cutting through Yuurei’s side, he would feel the blood dripping from his side. Brone had thrown a surprise attack just like he did, and honestly, he only saw him use it against the dragon they fought. Still, it was never something he thought he would use against him. He would cough up blood from the attack, and as he stood his ground, he made sure that he would return the favor. As his Beowulf ax was on Yuurei’s side he decided that it was best to make sure that he would give his all to his friend. His wings grew bigger, a pair of extra wings would grow under the originals. He would make himself stronger than he usually was. His armor had broken, Brone had done something to weaken him, so he needed something to compensate for the lack of strength he was feeling.

“You amaze me every time we fight Brone. Therefore, I push you, my friend. You will become a threat that no warrior or mage will want to face. Now enjoy this.” He said this with a smile on his face.

He would grab the ax that was on his left side with his left arm, and he would swing his right arm straight onto Brone’s leg. His arm would stretch as quick as it could as he was trying to hit his friend. He knew that he couldn’t move, and the ax should be returning to its original size, which meant Yuurei would be right in front of him. It wasn’t just that, but he would be moving right to Brone.




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Brone Heavyaxe
The icy blizzard ate away at the golden armor of Yuurei, causing a serious crack after it froze and having it fall away. The moment the giant golden axe slammed into Yuurei's left side, a smile crept upon Brone's face, he managed to finally land a true hit upon Yuurei after the angel's golden armor had fallen away. It would be a moment to celebrate, though the dwarf knew it was too soon for him to even comment on the successful hit, he intended to push forward with another attack, but as he dwarf pulled at his axe, he realized Yuurei had held the axe in place, preventing Brone from retrieving his weapon.

Brone smirked as he glared into the golden fiery eyes of Yuurei as their sights locked. He gripped his green axe tight in his left hand as they both waited for the same thing: for the spell on the golden axe to end. When the time came, the golden axe immediately shrunk and Yuurei had rode the axe in order to close the distance between the two and at the exact same time, Yuurei made a move with his only free hand, to which Brone had expected the attack, but because of how fast the bandage arm was and with the speed of how Yuurei was traveling along with the shrinking golden axe, it was difficult for the dwarf to keep his eye on the arm and keep up with it as well.

The bandaged fist bypass the green axe that Brone was intending to use to deflect any incoming attack, and slammed into the dwarf's leg, sending a shock of pain running up his body. For the moment, all feeling left him and the sound of combat fell into an audio blur, a familiar feeling to Brone that he knew all too well. His grip upon both his axes loosened and the weapons fell away, clattering to the floor as he himself fell onto his left knee. "To match..." Brone's words struggled to escape his lips as he was so focused on keeping himself conscious long enough to say his final words of defeat, "An angel... is victory... either way" he gave a small chuckle as he tipped over onto the cold mixture of snow and sand. As his vision was escaping him, Brone would think about the snowy mountaintop he and Yuurei were traversing along with Kailani, trying to find their way to Ansem. Oh how he wished he was as strong as he is now so that he would have been a better fighter to defeat the vampire lord and save Yuurei's parents, then he would have been a better friend. Maybe one day he would be able to make up for that loss, maybe one day they would find Ansem again and bring him to an end and maybe they would all share a drink with Yuurei's parents and formally meet them.

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Yuurei’s punch would land on Brone’s leg, and it would seem like it was enough to take him down. This was good and he would see the man losing his grip on his axes. He would see him falling to the ground, but he would hear his words as he was falling. He would smile because he would put his left hand on his hip, and he would feel the blood and pain on his side. Brone was scary to face and he knew the next time they fought things would be interesting and scary.

“You did more than just that. Your strength will only continue to improve Brone.” He said to him as he would walk over to him.

Yuurei wondered what he would acquire the next time they fought. It made him wonder what he should do the next time they fought. He was probably going to have to use Galatea in that fight as well. He would pick up the dwarf as he wasn’t going to leave him there. Of course, he would bring along his items as they were heading to a nearby hospital to have him patched up.

“You definitely are the shield of Dawn. I would hate for anybody to fight against you. That means you can tire them out and I can show up as late as I want to.” He said to himself as he would continue walking.

Renji would walk by Yuurei as he caught up as he would look over at him.

“You got to become sturdier Yuurei. Brone is getting to the point where your armor isn’t going to last in battle with him. Which means you got to be able to take his hits sooner than you expected.” He would warn him and give him some good advice.



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