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Missing Child [Q]

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Rania exhaled deeply and pushed the curtain back, gazing out of the window. It’s been a long time since she had felt bored like this, usually being a rather calm and easy to please kind of person. She had been in Era for a long time, occassionally leaving to travel to other cities around Fiore to continue her worship of Illumin. Rania was, as per usual, her normal religious self and eventhough the priestress was a member of a mage’s guild now, she had spent the past year not doing much of anything related to magic and guilds. It wasn’t a bad thing per se, nor did it bother her much, because she did enjoy living a casual life every once in a while. Many years had passed since she had joined Blue Pegasus however, and she was still very happy with the guild, even if she wasn’t an active member.


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She couldn’t help but wonder if that mattered much, but if it did then her guild master had never mentioned it. Rania was lucky that she was able to do whatever she wanted and even though Rania had taken on small jobs and every and there, none of it was related to wizard matters. She had also worked at the local church in Era for a while and it was good being so close to something she loved and believed in, however lately she had felt more and more restless. Maybe it was actually time for her to get going and change some things in her life, Rania couldn’t tell. After all, doing the same thing over and over again could get boring after a while. Era was a pretty quiet town in genereal, there was never much going on here. Mostly, people didn’t really need help with anything either.


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The presence of the Rune Knights was so strong in Era, that most things were taken care of by those people and the presence of local mages around here also wasn’t little. There were plenty of mages with good alignment that simply took one jobs from the locals, but Rania figured that as a member of the Blue Pegasus guild, which was a light guild after all, she could just go ahead and do the same. The priestress had made some changes to her gear recently, exchanging her staff and her gown for something that seemed more fitting for what she had in mind. There was a request board in town that she could go to, however Rania had actually received a notification from someone she knew at the church, that one of the rune knights was looking for a wizard for some extra help. It was a good opportunity for her.


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Rania was asked to meet with the rune knight at a local establishment and they had decided upon a small cafe that wasn’t too far away from the apartment she had rented, perhaps a fifteen minute walk. Rania used the morning to get ready for that meeting before she went on her merry way. She left her staff at home since she didn’t think there would be a need for her to carry any sort of weapon, to be honest. Hopefully this would be a matter that was resolved quick and without issue, although you could never really know. Regardless, Rania had every intention on helping and who knew? Maybe this would help her get back into the swing of things and she would be willing to take on more jobs again in the future. After all, things could get awfully boring without work, especially for someone as active as her.


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Rania then left her apartment complex and started walking around town. Just after a few minutes after she had left however, she was suddenly approached by a messenger, who seemed to have been looking for her. “Ma’am, there was a change of plans,” he insisted and handed her a letter that had the seal of the rune knights on it. She opened it and began reading quickly. The Rune Knight was called Marin Awedin, who was currently investigating a matter of utmost importance. Even though they had previously agreed to meet at a cafe, it seemed that location had now changed to a restaurant, that was rather large. Rania knew the way, so this wasn’t really a problem and she turned on her heel, thanked the messenger and then headed for the restaurant. A cafe was cozier of course, but perhaps it simply wasn’t a good location for this anymore.


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When Rania arrived at the restaurant, she was truly caught off guard. There was one man who introduced himself as Marin, stating that he had already been waiting for her. But he wasn’t alone. Much to her surprise, there were several other Rune Knights and five other people waiting impatiently inside. It appeared that this was going to be a bigger deal than she had initially suspected, and Rania was kind of surprised by this. Perhaps she had underestimated the situation. “There is a concern that a young girl has been kidnapped,” he stated as Rania took a seat by one of the tables. She gasped in shock, as this was indeed something that was quite important and not a matte to be taken lightly, however she couldn’t help but wonder why they chose a restaurant out of all places to discuss this. Oh well. One of the kidnappers was among those five people.


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“It is your job to interriogate each one of those five suspects,” he said and she nodded. “Why would I have tod o that?” It was a genuine question - after all this job seemed like something a Rune Knight would do and not someone like Rania, who had nothing to do with the law technically speaking. Marin then explained that the Rune Knights were having trouble with the suspects, since none of them were willing to open up to them and Rania supposed that made a lot of sense so she started her work immediately. The first person was an old man who was mostly oblivious to what was going on. He seemed almost relaxed until Rania explained what exactly the situation was and once he realized, he began to vehemently deny that he had ever kidnapped any sort of person, let alone a little child. She moved on to the next person.


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The second person was a young woman who was visibly upset and annoyed that the Rune knights had the audacity of keeping her here, She wasn’t very cooperative and clearly stated that a child wasn’t worth her time, that she has nothing to do with all of this and continued to deny all of the accusations. The third person was a young man who was ivisibly enamored with the rune knights, perhaps he even wanted to be a rune knight himself one day. He was cooperative, but not very helpful as he continued to try and shift the subject to something else, which Rania didn’t quite understand why he would do that. The fourth person was an older woman, who appears suspicious of the rune knights, and even went as far as to blame them for the kidnapping. She denied having anything to do with it herself and Rania moved on to the last person.


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The last person was a bit of a mystery to Rania. It was a young man with dark hair, who avoided most of her questions and wouldn’t answer them entirely or properly, but kept asking when he would be allowed to go. From what she could gather, he wanted to go home as soon as possible. Rania wasn’t sure if any of the five suspects were more suspicious than the other, because their behavior was overall very random and it could all have been an act. Rania explained her thoughts to Marin, who then dismissed her after deciding on what next to do. Rania stepped outside of the restaurant then, ready to go into the city, when she heard what sounded like crying. Like a child crying, actually. She followed the sound quickly, until she found where it was coming from. It was from behind the alleys behind the restaurant.


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There, she finds a little girl. A child still, who was similar looking to the missing girl and Rania then realized that this must have been the missing girl, who hadn’t been kidnapped but had simply gotten lost all along. She couldn’t help but shake her head at this: so many rune knights and none of them had been able to figure this out, instead they had found five probably innocent people and accused them of kidnapping a child. With this, Rania took the little girl by the hand and took her to the restaruant where Marin was still at. She explained the situation to him and he seemed deeply embarassed and humiliated by this entire ordeal, apologizing profously to all the people involved. The little girl was then handed back to her parents who were delighted and Rania was given a proper reward for her involvement in this entire situation.



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