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It's Nothing but a Chicken Wing (Serving)

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It's Nothing but a Chicken Wing (Serving) Empty Sun Jul 24, 2022 2:23 pm

Yuurei was serving time for something small he had done not too long ago. He didn’t mind it and the people who had watched him turn himself in were confused. Still, they had taken him in like anybody else that had a contract. They had taken him into one of the small cells that were created in the upper level of Boiling Rock. Either way, it was truly hot here, and the light mage could feel it. He also noticed that he couldn’t use his magic either. Still, he was fine with that, and it was because he knew he was strong enough to fight anybody who tried to cause him trouble.

He would lay on his bed as he figured this would be one of the quickest ways to allow his time to go by quickly. After a few hours, Yuurei would be awakened from his gate being opened. His eyes opened as a guard was waiting for him to get up and open.



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Yuurei would get up from his bed as it would seem like his nap was cut short. He would get up would walk through the prison and the guard would push him forward.

“You need to go to the common area for the time being and then from there you will be heading to the cafeteria.” He said this to Yuurei.

The Nephilim would nod to let him know that he heard him but didn’t say anything. When he got into the common area, he would see a lot of people scattered around. The berserker would take a seat that was isolated from everyone else. They had looked over at him as they could see that he was a new face to the place. He wasn’t sure what everybody was in here for, but he wasn’t going to ask. Some people would notice who he was and it was because of the magazine.



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This brought them to wonder who was strong enough to put him in here, or if he had turned himself in. If it was the second one, then they knew he was crazy. The light mage didn’t care as long as nobody would come to him and bother him. It wasn’t just that, but he knew that there wasn’t really anybody bad here. When people got contracts it was because they had done something to the bad people in this world. It was enough to make evil people put contracts on them, so they could be taken out. The light mage would just close his eyes for a bit before they opened again.

The guard had come back to the room, and he would look at everyone in the room with a serious look on his face.

“To the cafeteria the food is ready.” He said as everybody would get up from where they sat at.



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Yuurei would be the last one to be on the line as he didn’t want anybody to be behind him. They would move through the doors, and he would enter the room. It was a nice big room with spaces in between tables. That was good and he would watch everyone as they would be with their own group. Once everyone had sat down after getting their food, Yuurei would get his meal and he would sit down on his own.

He would eat and he would shake his head because the food wasn’t good. Still, he had to do this for a little bit, so he had to put with it. He left Renji back at home, and the little guy was probably worried about him. After he finished eating though, they were allowed to go to the yard. In there, there would be various gym equipment and outside sports equipment as well. The light mage would just do some weightlifting as he figured he would keep himself in shape.



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The people there would watch him go to work, and they were surprised that he was able to lift that up without a problem. He kept going and he would do this for most of his day. He felt the isolation, but at the same time, it was peaceful. He noticed that here he didn’t really have to worry about much. At the same time, he didn’t make any enemies in this place. It also seemed like they knew about him, so they weren’t going to bother him. His day would go perfectly fine, and he figured that his time in this place wouldn’t be too harsh.

When it got dark out, the guards would take them back to their cell, and when Yuurei got to his he would see that there was nobody shady waiting for him there. He would lay on his bed, and he would just stare into the ceiling while his gate would close. After a while, he would find himself falling asleep and preparing himself for the next day.



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Yuurei would get through this every day for the next two weeks. It was calming and it would give him time to think about things. He figured that he wouldn’t do something so stupid unless he truly needed to act out of hand. The men that did time with him never spoke to him once, and it was because they felt that he was going to do something to them if they approached him. It was interesting how he didn’t have anybody to speak to, but when he got out of prison, the man would hand him his belongings back. He only had one thing with him, and it was the key. Still, now that he had gotten his key back and he had gotten rid of his contract, it was time to go home.

The light mage would walk over to the nearest door, and he would put the key inside of it. The guard didn’t know what was going on, but Yuurei would turn the key and he would open the door and it would show a huge area that had nothing to do with what was outside. Yuurei would step in and the door would close behind him.

6675/7175 mana used
Name: Tal-Rasha's Traversal
Rank: S
Mana Cost: 500
Requirements: Tal-Rasha's Skeleton Key
Type: Supplementary
Element: Arcane
Range: -
Cooldown: -
Duration: -
Effect: Tal-Rasha, a powerful mage from Desierto, spent most of his life researching magic. Distractions were a curse to him, but many would travel from far and wide to seek Tal-Rasha's wisdom and expertise. Necessity being the mother of invention resulted in Tal-Rasha designing a highly complex spell to traverse anywhere he had been before. Thus, whenever Tal-Rasha would twist his key into the keyhole of any door, the door would open and create a portal elsewhere. This allowed Tal-Rasha to easily access his hidden libraries across Earthland to continue his research without delay. It is said that whoever possesses Tal-Rasha's Skeleton Key will be able to open doors elsewhere on Earthland, should they have been there before.

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