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Trails Most Dark.(Open/Social.)

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Trails Most Dark.(Open/Social.) - Page 2 Empty Thu Sep 22, 2022 6:36 pm

It seemed like everything was going well. Suza seemed to like Akuko's company for now and Quillareine can go on her adventure. She ignored the signs of affection from her sisterly friend as she wasn't the type to give it back, not to anyone that wasn't Jin. Sometimes she has a hard time giving affection to Jin as it made her feel awkward and strange since they weren't married or anything. It was time to go as she watched Suza leave with Akuko, seeing Suza give her adoptive mother one last look.

No one knew what would happen afterwards, but Quilla turned away to get her stuff from Dhalia to get started on her leave to the port at Hosenka. Thankfully, there was a dock there to get going. Her head tilted up to gaze at the same grey sky that Suza was gazing at most likely, as well as everyone else.


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