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Pest Control PT. 18 (Neutral)

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Pest Control PT. 18 (Neutral)  Empty Fri Jul 22, 2022 1:06 pm


Yuurei and Renji were relaxing on top of the roof of the guild hall. The reconstruction of this place had started, and they were putting things closer than they were before. This was good and he was just enjoying watching everything come to happen. While he was watching this someone would come to the rooftop. The guild master had decided he didn’t want to do any work today. It was why he wasn’t found in his office. The person approaching him had known that this was one of the spots where he could find Yuurei.

When he got close to Yuurei he would come to a stop as he looked at him from afar.

“I have a letter for you Boss.” He said to Yuurei as that was what he wanted the people in the guild to call him.

Yuurei would look back at the man and have a smile on his face because it sounded nice.



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Yuurei would take the letter from him, and the man would bow slightly before he walked back to the hatch. The light mage would turn to look at the construction happening, and he would open the letter. He would look down and read through it to see what he was going to do today. It would take longer, but it would seem like they were going to be taking out some rats. His cape was moving around the air as if it was making sure nobody would do anything to Yuurei.

The Nephilim would sigh as he would stand up from the roof and onto his feet. He would look over to Renji who was laying down and he would crack his neck. His cape had flown down and wrapped itself right around Yuurei’s neck.

“It’s time Renji, get up.” He said to his friend as he waited for him to get up.



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Renji would have his eyes open slowly as he would get up and stretch his arms in the air. Once he was done with that, he would walk over to Yuurei and climb on his shoulder. Once there he would look over at him.

“Alright I guess we kill some rats for a lot of money.” He said to Yuurei with a smile on his face.

The Nephilim would laugh when he said that, but he was right. The berserker would run straight toward the edge of the roof, and he would use his cape to fly in the air. He would move through the area as he was heading toward Orchidia City. He didn’t have to be here for them to continue working on the guild.

Renji was watching their travel and he figured why Yuurei wasn’t using his new key to travel to the city. It would be the faster thing to do for them now that he had obtained that item.



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Yuurei enjoyed flying and figured that he could at least do this while he was in the North. He knew traveling to other places would require him to do just that. Still, right now wasn’t the case and time to do such a thing. He could see the city from where he was, which was a good thing. The Nephilim would start descending from where he was, and when he got to the ground he would land safely. The half-elf would look around to see if there was anybody around.

He would see a few people looking at him, and he would wave at them with a smile on his face. It wasn’t the time right now for him to do this, so he started walking away and toward the shop district. He was following the direction of the job request as his client could be found somewhere where all the shops were located.



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Yuurei would continue to walk through the streets of Orchidia right now. While they were doing that, they would close the distance to their destination. When he got to the place, he would see that there was a woman waiting for them. He would walk over to the woman and when they got close enough they would come to a stop.

“I came here because you sent me a letter to come here. I can do the job you want.” He said to his client.

The woman would hear Yuurei’s words, and she would step forward and approach him. She was glad that the man she had wanted to work for her had arrived. This was good and she would think of what to say to him. He was famous after all, and she didn’t think he would show up.

“First let me say I’m glad you took on the job.” She said to Yuurei and Renji.



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She would cough to clear her throat as she looked at Yuurei again.

“Yes, I want you to take on the job. I need you to clear out the shop behind us. I bought it and it is infested with rats. I didn’t think that would be the case, but I had to run out when I have seen the rats there.” She said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would nod as if he was okay with doing this. It was something he was used to doing for the people in Orchidia.

“I don’t mind doing that. Once I finished the work inside of the shop, you’re going to need someone to clean the place up. I also recommend getting someone who can fill up holes, so the rats don’t come back. If you can do that by the time I come out of the shop, it would be for the best.” He said to her as he would hope she would do just that.



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Yuurei would walk into the shop and Renji would be right by his side. When they got in there, they would smell how bad it was in there. Their client needed to get someone to cleanse this place. The Nephilim would move through the shop as he was looking for the rats that were in this place. While he was looking for the rats in the room, Renji would find things that were valuable for their client to sell.

This room was clear from rats, which sucked, so he decided to move on to the next area. Renji had found stuff, and he had placed it in his bag for the time being. While they moved onto the next room a bunch of rats would rush straight toward Yuurei.

His eyes widen when he saw how many of them were there, and he knew this was going to take a while.



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Yuurei would move around the room as he was dodging the attacks of the rats. Renji had walked out of the room already. He didn’t want any of the rats to come after him. While Yuurei was moving around, he figured it was time to kill these things. Renji had opened his bag as well because he knew his friend was going to be fighting all the rats in the room. When the light mage got his equipment, he would smile because he was hoping that Renji wouldn’t have forgotten.

Now that he was ready to fight, his right arm would stretch straight toward one of the rats and he would take it out in one hit. His arm would snap right back to regular size as a rat had tried to take a bite out of it. The Nephilim would use his left arm to punch another rat as it would fall to the ground due to the impact.



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Yuurei would continue to fight with the rats in this room as they were running around and trying to make sure that they could get him off guard. His cape would tap his shoulder whenever one of the rats had gotten too close to him. He would kill the rat as he would kick it away from him. The berserker was enjoying his time taking out the rats. It was good to utilize his arm the way he had been using it. This was different and it was new to him. He had lost his super angelic power but gained this power now.

It would take a while, but Yuurei would finish up all the rats that were in this room. He was surprised that there were a lot of them here. It was crazy, but at least he got the work done. He would look around and he would sigh when he saw everything was clear.



Pest Control PT. 18 (Neutral)  Empty Fri Jul 22, 2022 1:11 pm

“Renji the room is clear. Get your butt back in here.” He said to his friend as he waited for him to come back into the room.

It wouldn’t take long, but the Exceed would come back to the room. He would see the work that Yuurei had done. There were a lot of rats dead on the ground, and it would seem like that where all the rats that were in this place. Yuurei would give Renji a few minutes as the Exceed would move around the room. He had started to collect the valuable items that he found in this room, and he would put them in his bag. Once he was done with that, the two of them would look around the shop to see if there were any more rats around.

When they searched, they wouldn’t find the rats, which meant the shop was clear. Still, they needed to find the hole, so that way they could cover it up and prevent any more rats from coming in here.



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Now that the rat problem was solved, the two of them were going to start looking for the hole where they had come from. The two of them would search separately since it was safe, and soon enough Renji would be the one to find it. He would rush to Yuurei and he would take him to where the hole was located. When the light mage saw how big the hole was, he would move around the shop until he found something that could cover it for the time being. He would go back to the hole as he would seal it and be glad that it was all over.

The two of them would make it to the entrance of the shop, and they would exit the place. There, they would see their client waiting for them with two men next to her. This was good as it meant she had listened to them.

Yuurei would tell her everything that had happened, and where to find the location of the hole. He told her about what he did to block the hole for now. He also told her about the rats that were dead in the room. She would hear all of this, and she would pay Yuurei the jewels that he had earned. Once he got the jewels, Yuurei and Renji would be off to enjoy the rest of their day.

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