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Kelso Empty Fri Jul 22, 2022 1:16 am

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Name: Kelso

Age: September 15, X768

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Caelum

Ethnicity, Mother: Caelum

Class: Summoner

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Sleeping Calamity

Tattoo: Dark Red - Wrist

Face: Black Knight - Fire Emblem


Kelso Tumblr_p1zcqdDNjO1w6v43go4_1280

Height: 6’7

Weight: 220lbs

Hair: Blue

Eyes: Blue

Kelso is a tall, machine of a man. His shoulder span is considered very wide, and he is known to run around the battle field and fight himself keeping a hand at his side controlling his Summon, albeit— his summons seem to do the main attacking and he plays interception. Kelso is usually hiding his face and skin, preferring to live as the legend rather than the man but his eyes are a deep blue and his hair is a darker blue. He is glad to tow in black and red, and looks more like a warrior than a summoner. On top of that, Kelso is known to wield larger than typical weapons if he can one-hand them.
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Kelso is known to party if that’s what the situation calls for, but make no mistake, he tolerates zero bullshit. He absolutely can’t stand bullies, and he gets pissed off at nearly everything that comes his way or goes wrong in a day. One could say he’s extremely manic and/or bipolar, favoring different moods on different days— like anyone, Kelso enjoys success and feels displeasure at failure. For this reason— Kelso spends most of his time alone, so not to bother other people while he commits dark rituals and rob graves. For someone who finds himself alone most of the time, Kelso can admit he loves spontaneous adventure and making alliance with people of notable regard. He’s the kind of guy you can share a drink with, but you wouldn’t expect to make it, to your funeral— if you did, he’d probably try to bring you back to life as an Undead corpse, somethings are better left alone... and don’t worry, Kelso wouldn’t expect you to come to his either, the vibe is just so off and ugly at those ceremonies.

Kelso is constantly honing his craft both magical and physical so that he may carry out the Undead’s will.
  • Nature: Kelso loves to spend his nights under the trees.
  • Good Battle: Kelso is known for a good spar.

  • Losing:
    Nothing pisses a man off more than coming up short, but Kelso understands that you gotta lose some to win some.
  • Questing:
    Kelso prefers to build strength by throwing down with other people, he doesn’t want to be anyone’s errand boy. He understands that money is important however, so he takes them irregardless.

  • Spread the Undead Plague:
    Kelso is demented, he doesn’t see a point in attempting to leave a lasting impression on history by way of heroism. He would just be another guy, another part of an era. No, Kelso wants to be remembered even if it’s for atrocious things. His goal is to set off the plague, and see a world of Undead— where he will be the sole ruler of an Undead World.

  • The Spirits of the Damned:
    Kelso is a very superstitious entity, and can be easily haunted by the people he ruins. He’s strong enough to keep pushing forward, but that doesn’t mean the thought of eternal damnation doesn’t bother his sense of security.
  • Shuteye:
    In obeying the Skull King, Kelso feels content that he is the only one protected from the darkness. However, there is always a looming fear that he himself may become apart of the Undead Army as a monster himself. That kind of thought, can make anyone a tad bit uncomfortable, are you the master or the puppet? So to speak.


Strength: 1

Speed: 1

Constitution: 1

Endurance: 1

Intelligence: 26


Kelso Mrpk-rogerius3

Magic Name: Skull King’s Thaumaturgist

Magic Element: Darkness

Magic Enhancement: Additional Spell Type - Debuff

Magic Description:
The user manipulates the energy of darkness to conjure spirits and the undead, applying pestilence around them through these summons and controlling them to attack the foe. The user’s summon project debuffs that weaken the opponent, they may cast effects that obscure the vision, or encapsulate the opposition in traps, as well as use brute magical force. A summoner is capable of healing, as well as buffing— they are a powerhouse with their magic. Kelso can be considered a Necromancer, however— he obeys the spirits, and if anything, can be considered the conjurer or medium of their vengeance, rather than their master.


Kelso is known to explore caves and lost cities all alone, he has no family, they all died in a fire. Miraculously he survived thanks to the whispers from the darkness, and it all began there when he gave into worship of it. Even giving it a name, which he called the Stream. Darkness, is a special kind of magic because it connects the realms. Kelso became a medium long before he was a commuter, a conjurer. He stayed isolated from mankind for many years, only going through towns for farm equipment or seed, or for religious ceremony should a ritual call for him to sacrifice someone unlucky. He can be interpreted as a weird guy, but he doesn’t care. He understands that what he’s doing is beyond just mental disorder, the voices he speaks too are real— and the spirits protect him from danger.

Outside the laws of moral, Kelso lives a seldom naturalist lifestyle, but it borders the cultic. He worships an entity others can’t see or perceive— that he merely refers too as the Skull King. The Skull King is a wicked powerful entity, but it can only grow as far as Kelso’s potential, making it a quite weak spirit that is summoned without its full power until he reaches the right pedigree of his abilities. Unlike the current day, Skull King is a for that has plans to resurrect itself or at the very least possess Kelso someday. It is a meticulous force and wants to see nothing more than it’s summoner win and survive, as it’s powers are directly tied to that growth rate and potential. Kelso believes in other spirits controlling the elements, but they are not his Patron like the Skull King is. The Skull King seeks one thing and it’s to turn the world Undead, so that Kelso can be immortalized in history for doing something truly unforgettable. Kelso is opposed to science— believing that magic and the unknown is far more real and powerful than what can be explained. He’s surprisingly stubborn, finding a way to believe what he wants when he wants, and doesn’t take no for an answer easily. He once took a temple and made it a house, but citizens believed he was up to demonic activity and drove him out, in reality he was turning villagers into zombies for the Skull King.

Eventually Kelso couldn’t find anywhere to practice his ‘religion’ comfortably anymore, so he joined a guild that might accommodate him despite what or whom he was. The sole intention was to get strong and do whatever he pleases, worship how he wants too. A freedom of religion and a rite of passage into the history books. This idea brought him to the group Kyojin formed, before long Kelso was a member of Sleeping Calamity under Jikan’s era of control.

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