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Deadliest Catch PT. 8 (Neutral)

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Yuurei being on this island allowed the man to take on a lot of odd jobs that had to do with killing sea creatures. It was different almost every time, but there were times that the sea creatures would do the same thing. It was interesting, but they were also different in terms of how they looked. Today the two of them had taken another job that brought them to Kahu Rock. The Nephilim was holding the paper in his hand as he was following the direction to their destination. Renji was walking beside Yuurei, and while doing this he was using his friend as a shield from the sun.

It was the perfect idea that he had come up with. He wondered how long he was going to be on this island, but at the same time, he knew that this was a new environment for Yuurei. The young man was making money here and enjoying it.



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Yuurei and Renji continued their travels throughout the sunny beach. While they were walking a lot of people who saw them would wave at them. He would wave back as he was finally making himself known throughout the island. This was beautiful, but he didn’t have time to interact with everyone. The Nephilim kept moving and it wouldn’t take long for him to make it to the docks. He was looking for a green-colored ship. The people who own the ships in this area would look at him and would shake their heads. They knew who he was, and if he was here, then it meant that somebody was about to have themselves a big catch.

The Nephilim kept going as he didn’t care about the reactions that were given to him.

“Yuu, don’t you think it’s time to go after Ansem? I think you’re twice or even three times as strong as you were last time.” He said to Yuurei.



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Yuurei would hear those words and he would look up to the sky for a few seconds. He knew it was coming soon, and the young man had been avoiding it. He was nervous about it all, but one thing he needed to do was get Brone and Kailani to join him. He knew Brone had been training and getting stronger, but he wasn’t sure about Kailani. He would have to reach out to them and see if they were okay and if they wanted to meet up. He had been doing that for quite some time, but he got a dead end every time.

He would move through the area in silence for a bit. When he was ready, he would look over to Renji with a smile on his face.

“You’re right. I think it’s time to go see Ansem. We know he’s close by, and I guess it is time to take care of him and rescue my parents.” He said to Renji.



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Renji would hear his words and he was glad to hear that. This was something he needed them to do. He knew it had been bothering Yuurei for a while now, but he didn’t have his best friend to talk to. Soon enough after everything that happen, the two of them would finally find the green ship they were looking for. They would come to a stop as Yuurei would look at the ship with Renji.

“We’re here for the job request you guys put up! Is there anybody around right now?!” He asked waiting for an answer to come through.

The people on the ship would hear this, and the captain was just sitting down. They knew someone would come, but they didn’t know how long it would take. They never show themselves, but instead decided to yell back.

“Come on board lad! We’ve been expecting you!” He shouted to Yuurei.

The light mage would hear this and they would walk up to the ship.



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When they got on board, they would see that the crew was working hard. It would seem like they were getting ready to move the ship. He would look around to see if he could find the person who was unique and not doing any work. He would, of course, find that person quickly. They were just sitting there and doing nothing. He would walk over to them and when he got close enough, he would come to a stop as he looked at them.

“Do you need me to tell you what I can do?” He asked the man wondering what he would say.

The man would look over to Yuurei and then the Exceed. He would look toward his men, and he would just have a smile on his face.

“Nah, I don’t need Yuurei to tell me what he can do. I know you’re good for the job, so just relax and wait for the fight to begin between you and the monster.” He said to Yuurei.



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Yuurei would smile when he heard this, and he would look out to the water in front of them. The man never said anything else, and the crew had been on the move. He would feel the ship starting to move, and it would seem like he had trust in his men.

The berserker would move around the ship until he got into a position where he could see the creature coming. The last time he had gone through this, it seemed like the sea creature was behind them. He was sure that it wouldn’t happen again, right? He was looking at the vast sea as the ship was moving through the area. The crew was excited as they were shouting and cheering with everything that they figured they would earn at the end of this.

Renji would move to the middle of the ship as he looked over at Yuurei with a smile on his face.

“I wonder what’s going to happen today.” He said to Yuurei.



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Yuurei would hear his friend say this, and he would laugh at his words. It would seem like he was jinxing the events that were going to happen today. Still, the man would only look forward as he was expecting something stupid to happen any time soon. They would continue to traverse through the sea and there was nothing that was going on. It was quiet and peaceful; well, it wasn’t that quiet with everybody behind him yelling like that. It was just nice to be relaxed for a bit. The ship would soon come to a stop and the crew would look around as they were trying to see where they needed to put the bait. While they were doing that, the sea creature had been following them the entire time.

When it noticed that they were near its home, it would attack. It would smack the ship from the side, and it would rock the ship side to side.



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Yuurei would feel this, and he would shake his head as he remembered this feeling. He wouldn’t fall this time. He had held onto the ship, but the noise of a bunch of the people in the crew would fall to the water. He knew what that meant, and he would only shake his head. He needed to make sure this couldn’t happen. He needed some type of magic spell that would allow him to do just that. He had to think about it later. As for now, he was going to make sure that this sea monster wouldn’t be able to terrorize them anymore.

The Nephilim would run to the other side of the ship, and he would jump off the ship as his wings would sprout from his back as he was moving through the air and close to the water. He would see the monster come out of the water to claim its prey. Yuurei would use this opportunity to attack the creature.



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Yuurei would move straight toward the creature without hesitating, and he would punch the crap out of it. The sea monster would hit the water and it would roar from the pain it felt. It didn’t expect anybody to fight it. The creature expected them to run away and would continue to terrorize it. Still, that didn’t happen and now it had to deal with whoever punched it. The sea creature would go into the water without waiting and it would move around the water as it would looking for the time to attack.

The Nephilim would look around and he would shake his head. He didn’t like what the hell this creature did. He could see the blood as it had taken quite a few people as its victim. He would shake his head and he would look around waiting for the creature to attack. The people on the ship would see what was going on and would be surprised that those wings looked real as they can be.



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Yuurei would look around and he would see the shadow of the sea creature in the water. The light mage was surprised that this creature didn’t run away, but it would regret it. The Nephilim waited and the sea monster would soon come and attack him. The berserker would see this as he would move his wings to direct him to the side and to avoid the attack of the sea monster. Their eyes would meet with each other as Yuurei would shake his head at the creature. It was then he had moved his fist and he would throw the fastest punch he could launch at the sea creature.

When it connected the creature would squeal before becoming silent as it would hit the water. It wouldn’t sink into the water this time, but it would float. This allowed Yuurei to know that the creature had met its downfall. The people on the ship would cheer as the beast was slain by an angel.



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Yuurei would move to the sea creature, and he would pick the monster up. He moved through the water with the monster until he got next to the ship. Once he had done that, he flew upward, and he would land on the ship. When he did that, he would disperse his transformation, which would make everyone feel lighter and better. He would smile at them, and they would know what to do without anybody telling them. He would walk over to the captain of the ship he would sit down next to him and wait for everything to be settled.

When the crew had gotten a hold of the sea creature, the captain would get the ship to move as they were heading back to the docks. The trip was quiet and peaceful now as they were mourning the friends that they had lost. It wouldn’t take long but they would arrive at the docks and the captain would approach Yuurei. He would hand him his jewels and the two of them would leave the ship and continue their day away from jobs.

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