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Squishy things and Summer Breezes.(Esperia.)

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#1Priscilla Ivalice 

Squishy things and Summer Breezes.(Esperia.) Empty Tue Jul 12, 2022 5:48 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
Ahh yes the wonderful part of this island opening up was in fact going here with Esperia and do what they normally did at a beach relax and be normal people. You know with chairs and such. That Priscilla was carrying over to a spot for them to relax. But even here it seemed for once she last track of Esperia and that did not entirely bother her at this time. But she would put them down now that there was a fitting place for them to sit, Maybe she went off to find something for them to drink? Or other more interesting things.

It would be revealed in time as she never worried about it since she knew Esperia would always return, So for now she would settle into a chair and wait to see what would happen, since she assumed it would not too longer of a wait.


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It was rather unfortunate that being a slime girl came with both its own perks and downsides. Indeed, as Priscilla had lost sight of her lover she would soon hear her wife's voice calling out in the distance. "W-Wait why are you all looking at me like that?!" Coming from a nearby hill of sand dunes, Priscilla would soon notice a group of children, likely locals of the island darting around, tossing what appeared to be a soft bouncy ball of sorts into the air among them.

"I am not a beach ball~~~~" Once more Esperia's voice resounded from nearby, and as it would happen to be, Priscilla would likely soon spot the pair of eyes in the beach ball. Indeed, upon closer inspection it seemed the aforementioned beach ball was in fact the slime form of her wife, who was now being tossed around by a group of giggling children.

"Darling~~~~~ Save me~~~"

Squishy things and Summer Breezes.(Esperia.) UcJA3TG
#3Priscilla Ivalice 

Squishy things and Summer Breezes.(Esperia.) Empty Mon Jul 18, 2022 5:30 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
Well if there was enough word spoken to get her out of her chair that might entirely be the case it would take a few minutes for her to finally get out of her chair because of the state of relaxing she is in, But well she was not going to leave Esperia to be a toy for other people, After all she was her wife and a figurative toy for love and affection. But it would not take too long for her to walk over, looked at the kids and she wanted for the right time to take he
Then just as Esperia was up in air, She caught her and walked off with Esperia to go back to her chair. Squishing her gently while she walked over back to her chair and sitting down on it again to continue relaxing like she had wanted to to do to start with. Just not saying anything because why else sound but hey Esperia was safe.


Squishy things and Summer Breezes.(Esperia.) Empty Mon Jul 25, 2022 5:59 am


The children looked clearly in bewilderment as Priscilla took the slime girl, who they had mistaken as a beach ball and walked back over to her chair. Esperia clearly had no complains about this idea, as she allowed her body to morph back to its human form. Although she had become almost petite in form ever since she gained the power of the slime queen, there was still a bit of an innocent charm to Esperia, which was all the more ironic when one considered her personality. Indeed, having transformed back into the small female human form she was usually seen in, Esperia nuzzled gently into Priscilla's bust.

"hehe~ This island is surprisingly peaceful, right? I like the overall atmosphere a lot~" Esperia chimed happily, clearly enjoying the comfort she was experiencing right now. There weren't even any lecherous groping yet, instead she merely continued to enjoy the comfort of her wife's presence so close to her.

Squishy things and Summer Breezes.(Esperia.) UcJA3TG
#5Priscilla Ivalice 

Squishy things and Summer Breezes.(Esperia.) Empty Mon Jul 25, 2022 6:34 am

Priscilla Ivalice
The walk back was fairly normal between the both of them."You know they would teach the children here no means no."The quiet broke with that being mentioned by her. But she had her wife back and she seemed happy in the end maybe that snuggling feeling helped showed it. This place surely was not the best and ideal for her but she seemed okay with it as the normal of for Esperia.

But once settling into her chair."I guess that is the only annoying part of Nasira having finally being able to accept being free, We could not just simply as her to get us things to drink."She laughed about it slightly because even if it was meant as a joke she was still super happy about how things continued on.

But with that comment she could not help but mention."You might like it because it is a chance to see me in a swimsuit."she mentioned because well she had to just put in the joke in at how her wife was over all. Since they could laugh about it."Just remember this time everything needs to stay on."It was cruel but there were children around at the time, Plus it was a good test to see how good Esperia could overall handle a normal joke and control herself with other means as well.


Squishy things and Summer Breezes.(Esperia.) Empty Tue Jul 26, 2022 6:24 pm


Esperia chuckled heartily at the teasing remark of her lover, chiming back in response: "Even I know there is a time and place for everything~ Besides, being able to admire you in a swimsuit is a reward in its own way~" The slime girl chimed softly as she closed her eyes for a moment. Indeed, for the time being there was no thoughts about grand adventures on her mind, nor worries about what type of careless dark schemes a certain overlord was up to. Instead, Esperia took the time to simply enjoy the peace and comfort that was given to her.

"I guess I must be really soft and squishy if children mistake me for a beach ball~" A soft chuckle escaped her lips as she watched the beach in front of them, the way the water of the sea was slowly rising up and down with the tide making her wonder how long it had been since she had been able to enjoy peaceful moments like these?

Squishy things and Summer Breezes.(Esperia.) UcJA3TG
#7Priscilla Ivalice 

Squishy things and Summer Breezes.(Esperia.) Empty Wed Jul 27, 2022 11:34 am

Priscilla Ivalice
That ponder made her poke Esperia upon one of her cheeks."It does depend on what part your considering squishy."which well still was also meant as a joke as well. she had her wife back and she was not a toy so now it was just time to be content and happy with the situation at hand then again she never was a hard to deal with person so she would enjoy the moment for now with in her pondering."I know you talk a fair amount how i am squishy, you are just in a different way." Maybe for now she needed to stop making jokes.

But she wanted to know for the moment something else at handle."But while we are a bit more focused, shall we figure out something else to do?"Unless they really wanted to go get drinks she would not mind but they where just sitting here, even if there was not much to have on her mind."Or am I just not moving for a long time at this point?"it was better to ask if she had anything in mind before considering having to think up things herself, it was a general good way she went about things. Then again Esperia's ideas were always far different from hers for the most part.


Squishy things and Summer Breezes.(Esperia.) Empty Fri Jul 29, 2022 3:12 am


"Oh~ I can imagine a few things we can do that need neither stripping or moving, and allows me to enjoy your squishy self~"

As if to showcase what she meant Esperia's hands shifted lightly under her body, and while indeed her hands gently rested on top of her lover's torso, it felt like something was shifting through the fabric of her bikini, the liquid forming back into a solid mass underneath it as her fingers groped and squeezed while the slime girl looked with a mischievous smile at her darling.

"I have found that this body of mine has plenty of perks to explore and benefit from~"

She giggled softly and leaned a bit higher, pressing herself against the werewolf's body while whispering softly into Priscilla's ear. "Although, if you have any adventures in mind, I don't mind joining you on them~ Else we can relax and have some 'subtle' fun~ I'm actually kinda curious how long you can keep yourself quiet if I teased you without anyone knowing what is going on."

And yet she smiled tenderly as she added with a cheerful tone: "But today, I'll let you decide on what we shall do~"

Squishy things and Summer Breezes.(Esperia.) UcJA3TG
#9Priscilla Ivalice 

Squishy things and Summer Breezes.(Esperia.) Empty Sat Jul 30, 2022 2:02 am

Priscilla Ivalice
A part of her just wanted to casually stay here with Esperia resting on her but she really did kind of want to just up and walk around and see what entail with in the island. So she would think up a plan. So she would just pat Esperia on the head."First things first, before I just lay here and be subjected to either a nap in the sun that burns me later on." it was a good time for her plan and figured it was a good thing to do."Let us go and actually see if there was something here to explore rather then just me."It was humour after all there was plan for that later with in her mind since they were both here to enjoy themselves, Esperia still would want to get some time with that part of their lives as well.

"After some exploring, some food and drinks. Then we can get to your favorite part by the time we get back to the room we're staying in."Then she would kiss Esperia on the forehead and simply ask."Does that sound like a fair plan?"She assumed it was a fair plan.

So now she would just merely ponder."Now did we bring sun screen?"It seemed she wanted to be prepared to go exploring. But only just so far brought herself and Esperia around, Even then she still had the children's happiness with in her mind as well since they where not here.


Squishy things and Summer Breezes.(Esperia.) Empty Mon Aug 15, 2022 2:35 am


Esperia couldn't help but let out a little giggle at her lover's choice of words. The idea of exploring the island and some food and drinks sounded like a fair and fun idea, but the pondering that followed made the slime girl muse softly. "I'm not sure... We could go and buy some~ Although the fluids created from my body do help protect against sun burns~"

As if to showcase what she meant the girl raised her hands and as if on cue allowed what seemed to be like a sunscreen lotion to pour out of it, of course rather than a proper lotion it was created from the slime girl's own body. "But I get that you'd possibly prefer to support the local economy~ Being snuggled and squeezed to apply the sun lotion likely might be a bit too fun for this time of the day~"

Not that she minded of course, but she was keeping her wife's plan in mind~

Squishy things and Summer Breezes.(Esperia.) UcJA3TG
#11Priscilla Ivalice 

Squishy things and Summer Breezes.(Esperia.) Empty Mon Aug 15, 2022 4:05 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
It seemed Esperia already had some kind of plan for that but she had to ask anyway."You might offer that, but does it offer that good sun protection?"After all she had other things on her mind thinking of it since well she knew how Esperia was."Or were you trying to get to the final part of the plan early?"She then just simply poked Esperia just because well it was just how she was, always being interactive, even if carefree.

Even remarking."I love you, but I know you want to be sneaky about a few things with me."She did mean that in a positive manner. Esperia kept things interesting. She in return kept things pretty simple and came up with ideas to do as well and stayed as a figurative grounding part to Esperia."Besides we can buy a few things at once since we both might need something to drink."See if she had plans even if she was not up front with them sometimes, almost like she was copying that behaviour from some one smaller then her and seemed to be a bit more slimy in the literal way.

The only other thing she would be sure to mention was."Just do not be stuck as a beach ball for the little ones, I don't want Hasani to get the wrong idea."Yup that was still a worry. she did not want Esperia to be considered a toy as well. Saving any other cruel jokes for later.

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