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Deadliest Catch PT. 7 (Neutral)

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Yuurei was still enjoying his time on Luluhawa Island. It would seem like the locals there really enjoyed killing the sea creatures around their island. It would seem like these creatures were worth a lot of money dead or alive. The light mage had found another job request to take on, and he was on it. Renji was next to him as the two of them were walking through the area. The locals had indeed known of Yuurei already. He had been doing a quest for them for quite some time, which meant that his success would lead to them enjoying him being on the island.

He moved through the area as he would wave at the locals that saw him and waved at him first. Renji kept moving with him as he could only shake his head because he remembered a time when Yuurei wasn’t even known at all. He wished they could go back to those days because these people took a lot of time.



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The two of them continued their walk through the sand. It was enjoyable, to say the least. Well, Renji didn’t like it, but he was getting used to it all. It wouldn’t take the two long, but they would make it to the docks where all the ships were. It was nice to see different kinds of ships that were here. He wondered if he could get one of his own in the future. Still, the Nephilim kept moving through the area as he was looking for a yellow ship this time. The people around the area were recruiting people to join their ship, which he found interesting. Of course, he ignored it because he basically was the captain of his own crew.

Soon enough, the two of them would make it to the ship they were looking for. It wasn’t the biggest ship they had been on, but this one was enough for them to kill the sea creature and put it on the ship without causing problems.



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Yuurei was about to walk up onto the ship but stopped himself. He remembered what was told to him a while back. He would cough in his hand a few times. He was clearing his throat, so he didn’t crack when he spoke up.

“Is anybody on the ship?! We’re here for the job request you put up in town!” Yuurei would shout as he was hoping someone would respond to his words.

The two would look for a few seconds, but someone would walk over to the edge of the ship nearest to the docks. A woman would appear as she would look at the two people that were just standing there and looking at her. One of them was pretty and the other one adorable.

“Do you think you two can take on a sea creature?!” She asked them.

Renji would look at Yuurei, then himself, and then back at Yuurei. He would chuckle a bit as he looked over to the lead.



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“I wish I could take on those big sea creatures on my own. There is nothing I can do that is crazy like that. This guy though, could take on a bunch of them if he wanted to. You’ll get your money’s worth letting him take the job.” Renji said as he was basically selling Yuurei to the woman.

She was surprised that the cat could talk, but she should have known better when she saw it on two legs instead of four. She looked over to the pretty boy and figured she could agree to him taking the job and seeing what he could do.

“Fine, I’ll accept you two to take the job. Get on board, we will be leaving now then.” She said to the two of them.

Yuurei would look over to Renji and he would shake his head. He would start walking onto the ship and Renji would do the same thing.



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When the two of them got to the deck of the ship, they would look around to see a bunch of men doing a lot of work. It wasn’t just that, but they would also see women working their butts off too. He would look over to see if he could see the woman, and when he did, she was giving them orders and standing as if she was the captain. He found it cool to see a woman pirate captain as it reminded him of his old guild master.

The Nephilim would walk over to her and when he got close enough he would come to a stop. He looked at her with a smile on his face as he figured he would talk now that he was on board.

“The name is Yuurei, I don’t think you got anything to worry about when it comes to the sea creature today.” He said to her kind of hoping he would jinx it to be a good day.



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She would hear his name and she would think about it for a few seconds. It was then that she would raise an eyebrow as she knew who this guy was. She didn’t expect him to be so pretty, but it all meant that luck was on their side. This was good and she would just move her hair back and behind her ear.

“I’m happy you’re here then. Make sure nobody from my crew dies and I’ll give you a little bit more than just jewels as a reward.” She said to him as she looked over at the other men.

It was then that she would yell at everyone to set sail and pull the anchors. When they heard this, they would do just that and the ship would start moving forward and off the docks, they were on. Yuurei was smiling when he heard her proposal, and he wouldn’t mind his time with a woman like this. Renji would shake his head because it seemed like she even knew about him.



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While the crew was sailing the ocean, everything seemed like it was going fine. It would seem like Yuurei was on the right track today, and he was sure they would find the sea creature soon enough. They kept moving through, and the Nephilim moved down to the starboard of the deck. There, he would look around to see where the sea monster would be coming from. It was all good, and the ship continued moving through the vast body of water. The captain knew where they were going and when they got too close, she would shout to everyone telling them to anchor the ship.

Yuurei would crack his neck when he heard this because he knew it was time to get ready. While he was prepping himself, Renji would open his bag to give Yuurei his items. He would smile when he saw this as he was happy his partner understood. The crew, on the other hand, were throwing bait out for the sea creature to appear.



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Yuurei was waiting for something to happen, and it wouldn’t take long for a vast shadow to appear. It was in the side where they had tossed the bait in. A huge mouth would appear and everyone could tell just how big this huge creature was. He would shake his head because it was time to get to work. The berserker would rush off the ship and while he was falling, he would sprout his wings from his back. The creature had gone down under the water but noticed that there was more food waiting to be consumed.

It would gather itself and lunge up into the air with its mouth open and ready to swallow Yuurei. The Nephilim were too quick for such an action to happen. He got next to the sea creature, and he would punch it without hesitating and groan from the pain as it fell back into the water.



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Yuurei didn’t notice that because the creature fell down it would create a huge wave that would crash against the ship. This wave would rock the ship hard, and it would cause a few of the men that were on the edge of the ship to fall off. They would scream from the shock of falling and would hit the water below. The sea monster would of course see this and would move toward them. The berserker noticed this as he heard the noise, and he would start flying toward the people in the water. He wasn’t going to let this creature kill anybody.

He would take out a tool and place it over his head as he would summon Galatea. She would find herself falling into the water and in front of the sea creature. She would smack the creature before it could reach the people that were in the water. The Nephilim would get to them in time and he would pick them up one by one as he put them back on the ship.



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It wouldn’t take long, but everyone would be put back on the ship. He had saved her crew, and now the only thing that was left was to take the creature out. Galatea was doing her best, but being in the water was not her strong suit. She was slow in it and it was the territory of the monster her master was fighting. He would see that she was still fine, and he figured he would use his partner as bait. He would fly straight toward Galatea, and he would pick her up without a problem. She wondered what Yuurei was going to do, but she did trust him with her life. That and she couldn't be killed in this world.

“Using you as bait. I’ll return you to your world before it can do anything to you.” He said to her.

She didn’t like that idea but knew she could trust him. It wouldn’t take long, but she would be let go from above as she was falling into the water.



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The sea creature could see her falling into the water and it would lunge up to eat her. Yuurei would cancel his summon of Galatea and she would return to her world. Now that the sea creature was out in the open, Yuurei would fly toward it before it could come down and under again. The berserker would land a powerful punch on the sea creature, and it would fall back into the water before floating back up and dead. The light mage had done his job and he would pick up the sea creature and move it onto the ship. It was after that, that they would head back to the shore and once they were docked, the captain would give Yuurei his rewards and something else. It would seem like she wanted him to return later that for something more.

Yuurei was fine with this, but he and Renji would leave the area for the time being as their job was done.

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