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Taking Out the Tyrannosaurus (Monster Hunting)

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Yuurei was hanging around Bosco for quite some time. He had fought a vampire that was tied to Ansem. This had brought him to learn the whereabouts of the man who had taken his parents from him. It was also the man who had basically killed him. If it wasn’t for that Seraphim, then he wouldn’t have been alive today. Still, while getting this information, he was still trying to figure out if there were more of Ansem’s Vampires around here. He had gotten rid of one, but there were a lot more. The Nephilim came up empty with everything, so he decided to help out with this country one last time.

The berserker had been there for quite some time and decided killing any monster problems Bosco had would be good for the country’s relationship with Paradise Dawn. It was why the man reached out to the leaders of this country, and they got back to him with a secret monster problem.



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Yuurei and Renji had been approached by a man cladded in armor. This man looked like a royal guard, but he didn’t say anything. Instead, he had handed Yuurei a letter and walked off like it was a regular day. The light mage wanted to reach out to the man and speak to him, but it seemed like that wasn’t going to happen. He would rub the back of his head as he looked over at Renji. The Exceed would chuckle a bit when he saw Yuurei’s reaction.

“You do know if someone saw you walking with your armor, they would think the same thing.” He said to Yuurei.

His cape would move around as he had agreed with Renji before going back onto Yuurei’s back. The light mage would shake his head because he was getting picked on. Still, he got the letter and now it was time to see what he was going to do.



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The light mage would open the letter and he would read through it. He would nod his head as he was going through everything. It seemed like they were really trying to keep such danger a secret. They were doing their best to say that it was a disappearance in people, so it didn’t create havoc. They were going to be fighting something called a dinosaur. It seemed like it was something called a tyrannosaurus rex and it was the apex predator around the parts that it had been around. The locals would run into this creature every now and then, and when they did, they wouldn’t make it out alive.

It wouldn’t take long for him to see where the monster was located, and he would put the paper away and put it in his pocket. He would sigh as he looked over to Renji with an expressionless look on his face.

“It seems like we’re going to be fighting something huge and strong. Let’s be on our way. You’re ready to fight a huge monster?” He would ask his friend.



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Renji would look over at his friend and he would smile at him.

“Well, you will be the one doing all the fighting, so I got nothing to worry about. It seems like with Galatea you won't have any problems.” He said to Yuurei.

He was right about that, so he started walking in the direction of where the letter had told him to go. His travel wasn’t fast as he didn’t know this place as he did Fiore. He kept moving around Bosco and Renji would be on his side. They kept doing their best, but it would take a while. When they got to the location where all the missing people were said to disappear, they would look around the area. It wouldn’t take long for them to find something interesting. What they found was a huge footprint around the place.

It seemed like it was leading somewhere, and it was from a creature he had never seen before. He would stand tall, and he would start following the tracks.



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Yuurei and Renji would keep walking through the area together. It wouldn’t take long before they would smell something disgusting. When they got to the scent, they would notice that it was a dead corpse they were smelling. It would mean that the creature they were looking for was close. That was good, but they didn’t know how close they were to the predator, and how it was using the dead corpse to lure others for their next meal.

The light mage was ready to move, but soon enough, he would see a huge shadow over him. He would laugh a bit because he didn’t see it coming until he saw the corpse. He would look over to see what it was that was over him, and then a huge roar would happen. He would lunge backward to avoid the monster as it would try to swipe at him with its mouth. He would skid through the ground and Renji would run away as if he wasn’t on Yuurei’s shoulder. The Tyrannosaurus would just look over to Yuurei as he could see that he found a worthy prey.



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This dinosaur was bigger than anything he had ever seen that was on foot. He had prepared himself as his cape was prepared to protect him. The Exceed would open his bag even though Yuurei didn’t tell him and all of Yuurei’s gear would be put on him. He would see this, and he would block the attack of the creature that was rushing toward him. It would ram toward Yuurei and he would stop the dinosaur from moving in its place. It would see this as it was looking at Yuurei and then it would open its mouth to try and bite Yuurei.

The Nephilim wouldn’t allow that to happen though as he would use his strength to close the dinosaur's mouth and he would punch it straight in the nose to get it away from him. The tyrannosaurus would shake its head when it felt the pain and it would look over at Yuurei angrily. The berserker would just smile at the creature as it was ready to fight.



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Yuurei would pull out a tool from his pocket and he would put it over his head. When he did that a woman would come out from basically out of nowhere. The dinosaur was running straight to Yuurei though when this was happening. When it got close Galatea would see this and she would rush toward the monster and would attack it from the side. The monster would tilt to the side as it would miss Yuurei and it would roar from the pain of the weapon hitting it.

The Nephilim would put the tool away but would continue to provide his mana to keep Galatea in this world. It was now two versus one, and he was cool with that. The berserker prepared himself as he was getting ready to attack the monster now. The tyrannosaurus would shake its head and look over at the two of them. It would roar as it waved its tiny arms, and it was ready to continue its fight with them.



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“Flanking this creature would be for the best. It would make him have to choose one of us to attack at a time.” He said to Galatea.

She understood what he meant by this, and she would wrap around the tyrannosaurus. The dinosaur would see this, but its main attention was the person that hurt more. He would run straight toward Yuurei and the Nephilim would prepare himself. He would have a smile on his face as he prepared for the attack. When the dinosaur got next to Yuurei, it would open its mouth and try to take a chunk out of Yuurei.

The berserker would dodge the attack from the creature, and he would press his feet on the ground before pushing off the ground and toward the dinosaur. It was then he would land a quick jab on the monster as it would stumble to the side.

When it tried to get its composure back, Galatea would slash at it from behind and the tyrannosaurus would stumble forward. It was screaming in pain, but also in anger as well.



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Yuurei noticed how durable this monster was. It was incredible that it could take on so many attacks and stay standing. He had to say this monster was formidable and that he wouldn’t have minded if it became his companion. Still, that wasn’t going to be the case right now as it was his job to take the creature down. The Nephilim figured he would turn stronger than what he currently was. This wasn’t a battle against mages, so he didn’t really use his magic. Instead, he would use the transformation that he was gifted by the Seraphim.

He would get taller and stronger; it wasn’t just that, but his wings would come out from his back and his helmet would be under his golden helmet. The tyrannosaurus was running toward Yuurei at this point, and it would attempt to take a bite out of Yuurei. He would grab the mouth of the monster and keep it from closing its mouth on him.



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The tyrannosaurus was trying its best to make sure that it would free itself from Yuurei, but due to the new angel’s found power, it wouldn’t be able to move away from him. The Nephilim would look at the creature straight in its face as Galatea was approaching the creature from behind once again. When she did, the woman would swing her claymore with all her might down on the dinosaur’s tail. She would leave it off and it would roar and move around like crazy.

The Nephilim would let go of the creature and it would move around as if it was in pain from the last attack. The two fighters would look at the monster as if it was pissed, and it would regain its composure as it looked at them. It was angry and Yuurei would start moving toward the tyrannosaurus as the dinosaur would do the same thing. Galatea would run around it like she had been doing this entire time.



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The two of them would collide as the Tyrannosaurus was trying to bite Yuurei, hoping this time it would work. It knew it couldn’t overpower the man and it noticed that, but still, it could eat him? Yuurei would grab the dinosaur’s mouth and make sure that the creature couldn’t close its mouth or take a bite out of him. While he was doing this, he would lift the dinosaur and he would slam it to the ground. When he did that Galatea was making her way to their hunt, and she would slash her claymore on the monster once again. It would scream in pain as it would slam its body on the ground from the pain it felt.

It was then the dinosaur understood that these two that it was fighting were not like the normal prey it had gone for in the past. This wasn’t good, and it needed to escape. The injury it suffered was crazy, but it felt that it could survive if it chose to flee now.



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Yuurei and Galatea would move back from the tyrannosaurus to see what it would do next. The huge creature would get up from the floor and look at the two of them. It was then, that it would turn and start running away from them. The Nephilim had a smile on his face because this creature was indeed smart. It knew it couldn’t win against them and chose to retreat. Of course, they weren’t going to allow that to happen as they had to take it out. Yuurei figured since he was the strongest and the fastest, he would deliver the final blow.

The berserker would fly straight toward the tyrannosaurus as it wasn’t defending itself against anybody. It was just doing its best to run away. It didn’t know how fast Yuurei was, but it would soon find out. The berserker would end up next to the creature and he would swing as hard as he could on the dinosaur. It would feel the impact and it wouldn’t roar this time.



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Instead, of roaring, the dinosaur would make a squealing noise as it fell to the ground. Yuurei would see it hit the ground, and he wondered if it would get up from the strongest blow he could produce without his magic. Galatea would run toward the creature as well, but when she got there, she would notice that it was on the ground. She would look at Yuurei and she would shake her head. This man was on a different level, and she was sure he didn’t need her. Still, she was there as he was kind, and she could tell just from her being around him.

After a few seconds of waiting, Yuurei would pronounce the tyrannosaurus as dead. It wasn’t moving, and he sigh with sadness. He didn’t want to kill it, but he was getting paid to do this. The light mage would descend to it and Renji would run toward them as well. They would all look at each other before looking at the dinosaur.



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“I will carry it to Bosco’s castle. Still, thank you for the job well done Galatea.” Her said to her as he would no longer sustain her body in this realm.

She would bow to Yuurei as she was fine with him doing this. Her job here was done, and now it was time to go back home. The Nephilim would pick Renji up, putting him on his shoulder before picking up the dinosaur. The Nephilim would move through the sky with the creature below him and when he got close to his destination he would start descending. The royal guards would get in front of Yuurei, but when they noticed what he was carrying, they were surprised yet happy that it had been slain. It would take a while, but they would come back with his reward and tell him that he could do what he wanted with the creature’s body.

Yuurei would nod as he figured he would take it with him and use it for food.

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