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A Reprieve [Travel | South to East]

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A Reprieve [Travel | South to East] Empty Mon Jul 04, 2022 9:09 am

The events within Hargeon had been something nothing short of non-memorable. The events, the organization, how it seemed to unify the city across all walks of life, there was something to be appreciative towards. Vyra could even not help but find herself in appreciation too, reflecting upon what had happened to her, the nature of her encounter with the Pale Woman and her Witch Hunters, and all that proceeded following it.

A complicated nature of events really, a sequence that as much found the Demi-Human stemming to the absolute lows in her life to the some of the most immediate highs. Her return to Blue Pegasus, to becoming a formal member, all of it stood as something that she could not help but wholly appreciate, wholly welcome. Even too, the growth that she naturally found, growing as a person, becoming something more than before, it was difficult to fully appreciate and quite understand it all, save for someone who walked the path she had taken herself, but few would have been able to dismiss the reality that in such a short time she had seen a complete reversal of fates, not unlike that of what she had first encountered upon arriving in Hargeon, meeting Alisa Vollan to turn things around.

But even with the delight that may have been, it was impossible not to reflect upon the toll that it had all taken upon Vyra. Her time within the Blue Pegasus Guild Hall, the remarks, the insults hurled upon her over the course of time, all of these things had slowly but surely taken their toll. Amplified only by the events following the encounter with the Witch Hunters, it was clear that everything had begun to take its toll grossly upon her.

At a point, the determination were made that the best thing for Vyra would be a chance to get away.


The resort-like center of the eastern Fiore, it was precisely what was needed, multiple people determined. A chance to relax, for Vyra to see the world, to take her mind away from that of what had transpired before. And with the luxuries and funds available through Blue Pegasus, there would be no need for concern as to anything costing the Demi-Human.

Thus, at the rising of the next sun, she would find herself enjoying that for the first time.


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