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Something Smells Fish w/ Caius [S-rank]

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#1Erebus Gresham 

Something Smells Fish w/ Caius [S-rank] Empty Fri Jul 01, 2022 4:59 pm

Erebus Gresham

Erebus had just walked out of a building with a flyer suggesting high rewards and payout for the slaughter of another local monster. He hadn’t taken this mission before and was mildly amused. Spending so much time at the church purging ghosts left him intrigued by a different kind of foe to hunt. He’d never worked with the man who was going to come along, but his reputation had plagued the world for a decade and he too, was a respected member of Eternal Nightmare. So it only made sense they’d finally work together; Erebus was hooded, and his cloak was thrown over preventing any unwanted stares at his unique physique and multiple appendages.

Ere sought to gather some money around and throw it into his coffer back at the guild house. The rogue was unsure with whatever to spend it on, but he’d racked up an honest penny and was eager to collect more... Well; not entirely honest, but no one else needed to know or care, despite the fact they did. Quite frequently. His bounty only ever seemed to rise, but the young man had long since stopped caring entirely. No matter what, that was his resolve, never look backwards when you’re making your way forwards.

He stopped at the dock and waited to meet up with Caius. Another person he assumed was out to make a hefty lick at any costs. Erebus pulled his covet down, revealing spiky pink hair, and black face tattoos. He didn’t exactly say much yet, merely awaiting the next stage of events with a blank face, airing the salty breeze of the ocean that drew in from the water.



Something Smells Fish w/ Caius [S-rank] Empty Fri Jul 01, 2022 5:43 pm

Man these fishermen sucked at their job. Once again Caius was back in Astera to help them out with their issues. This was what the 4th or 5th time now? He had lost track of the amount of requests they had asked him for. Still, they were good with their payment so he didn't mind killing some filthy fish for an obscene amount of jewels. It was grunt work but you had to make cash somehow. Money was power after all.

This time he wouldn't be alone. He had his fellow guild mate Erebus to back him up. It was their first time on a job together but Odin had stated he rose through the ranks and had great potential. With the two of them together it would be over quick. Caius just had to stop by the boat rental shop to pick up the keys for their vehicle. By now, they already knew who Caius was so they had everything prepared for him. He got the keys and would head out over to the docks.

Once he reached them, he spotted a man at the docks. Though he hadn't worked with him, the man was easy to point out. Multiple arms and face tattoos. He had his man. Caius walked over to introduce himself. "Holy shit they weren't lying. Four fucking arms huh? The ladies must love you." Caius said walk around Erebus to check him out. "Anyways, I'm Caius and I'll be your captain today. I picked up our ride so If you're good let's go drop an S rank spell on a fish and get paid." Caius jingled the keys in front of Erebus and pointed over to the boat they would use.


Hi I'm Caius
#3Erebus Gresham 

Something Smells Fish w/ Caius [S-rank] Empty Fri Jul 01, 2022 7:42 pm

Erebus Gresham

A man approached Erebus, he got the description of Caius to a tee. So Erebus offered him a smile, tipping his head. Though the man’s antics amused Erebus. When the older gentleman spun a circle around him, the Rogue lifted two arms to his chest and stretched the other two out facing his sides. “Ah, yeah. I suppose those rumors are correct, the ladies indeed love me .” He jested, his voice was smooth and pinched with an accent, he smirked. This guy was great, what a great guy.

He then continued as all four limbs dropped to his side, back to being mostly hidden under his cloak. Erebus quickly noted Caius was wearing one too, huh—. “Is that a Nihilatak’s Courpsemourn? Man, You know how to dress,” Erebus turned slightly and slapped the back of his shoulder. ”Got me one too, this mysterious merchant charged me like 2,000,000J. It’s good equipment. They call me Erebus.— it’s rewarding to finally meet you.” He said and looked at the keys. ”Right. I’m not too sure how handy I can be there, I can probably definitely stab the creature but uh...” Erebus scratched his cheek. “Let’s leave the spell dropping part to you. I’m not too knowledgeable in pulling magic out of the hat, so to speak. The last time that happened I almost gassed myself out.” He explained with a scrunched eyebrow, pensive and a little awkward whilst speaking in reference to the Courpsemourn’s drain as well as strain of Summoning in regards to Bach. An event that transpired at the Spiral during the invasion. Since then, magic has been something Erebus has taken preventative measures in depending on. Completely removing it from his arsenal for the time being. He’d almost completely went back to his physical talents and expensive items over anything else, albeit— the potential and intelligence to learn new magic was still there.

He walked behind Caius who had pointed to a red speedboat as Erebus spoke; fucking cash. He thought to himself. Upon approaching, the rogue stepped over the boat’s side and took a seat in the passenger side, planting himself on the white leather. He decided he’d use this brief time searching in order to get to know his guildmate better. He didn’t quite know Caius, not beyond the routine rumor and mention of Odin. Demon Criminal; underworld fame, and apparent ally of the King’s hand Icarus once upon a time. Ere wondered just how one could be turned from being so close to the crown, to so against it. The same could be said for Odin, but digging into Odin’s history was like finding a needle in a haystack, there was so much to say, and so little time to say it. Erebus for example, was a generic rogue before the Crown blacklisted him and sent bounty hunters. “Caius— I wasn’t expecting such a lively personality, would you be willing to share your story with me. I like to learn people during these jobs. Tell me, where did you grow up? Beyond the legend, of course. Who was Caius before he was the Outlaw.”



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Caius gave Erebus' cloak a closer look and realized it was indeed the same one. He used to have Ethereal magic which let him slips through walls and the cape made him feel like he still had it. Though he couldn't go through walls, he was able to go through spells and physical attacks. The con was it did give him a wicked cough sometimes. It was a small price to pay to increase his power after his showing at the guild last time. Caius flicked his cape up. "Oh shit it is a Nihilatak’s Courpsemourn. Twinsies! Damn you got a good deal. I had to spend 3 million for this one. If he wasn't such a great supplier I would go back and whoop his ass for my 1 million back."

From the sounds of it, Erebus didn't seem like he was a big magic user. The man did have weapons on him so he was very well equipped to make up for it. Caius had the magic part covered. He went back to his roots and had become a god slayer again. Though this time instead of wind, he was using fire. They both would go into the boat and Caius would take the key and put it in the ignition. Once it fired up, they were off to their destination.

The cove they had to go to was a few minutes away so they had some time to kill before they arrived. Erebus was curious about Caius' past so he would oblige him. "My story huh? Well buckle up because it's some crazy shit. I grew up in Fiore in a small farming village. My alcoholic dad beat my ass and sold me as a slave. They forced me to learn god slayer magic in captivity and Grimoire Heart recruited me for it. That's where I met Odin. When they dissolved, I hopped guilds for a while and became a demon. Guilds weren't for me so, I started my own business. Let me know if you need any drugs or a slave or two. I'll give you the guild discount. Anyways, that's about the short version."

The world of magic was a crazy place and Caius had taken many twists and turns throughout the years. Being a demon had opened his eyes that life was all about just doing what you wanted and hell with everyone else. Though there were some exceptions to that rule. Maybe Erebus could be one of them. He decided to return the favor. "You talk about me like I'm some legend but I've heard about you too Mr. Devastation. I think we are the only two bounty holders at that level right now. What in the holy hell did you to get yours up so high?"


Hi I'm Caius
#5Erebus Gresham 

Something Smells Fish w/ Caius [S-rank] Empty Tue Jul 05, 2022 5:36 pm

Erebus Gresham

Erebus listened carefully, occasionally, turning away from Caius to stare out over the massive seaside. They took a turn inwards, and Erebus realized that were riding the perimeter. He wasn’t sure where they were going, but the water was quite shallow when he looked over the edge. He spoke to Caius in answer, slowly nodding as he spoke his story.

Caius was yet again, another victim who had been poked so much he completely decided that life was whatever the hell he’d make it. Sure enough, this only bolstered the hunger for conquest in the War God’s selected vassal. Erebus wasn’t happy to hear other people he considered allies speak on some of their hardship, and their tragic change of lives. However, it did make him feel better about his. And why he truly fought for these Outlaws, and looked at them the same as he was. “I’m wanted because of my talent, I’d guess.” He started up, and pushed his story after a pause. “Zagan needed this book that contained a spell which woke the Dragons, the good and the bad ones but I really wasn’t told what it was until much later. After I took the book from the royal library, in a heist beside some early members of this Guild and then gave it back to Zagan, my reputation was painted black with infamy. When I demanded my pay, he banished my mind to hell. I went from this lowly pickpocket invisible person, to what I thought was a hero and in a short twenty-four hours. The aftermath of realizing what I had really done, agh. The hate I felt in myself bred an assassin, and I’ve killed so many people to try and wash away the idea I was meant for anything else... I’ve done wrong to others, to sustain myself, when I was really just trying to make a way in a world from the bottom. I was raised in Oak, by myself. Parents were never there, but I wasn’t an orphan, I was very keen on survival in those streets, those trenches. There was a captain in the Rune Knights named Jove, he arrested me when I was much younger but in the prison system that’s where I first realized just how far my reputation had spread... I was worshipped by the convicts, idolized for my efforts against the crown. So I did what I thought was best for those that didn’t turn on me, in hindsight that was really only Odin. I made lots of contacts for Eternal Nightmare in my two years behind bars. I could have left, but training those men to do my bidding for a piece of the treasure they thought I had was beneficial to me. I am not rich, but I work hard and I pay myself extra on my adventures looting and moving stolen goods around. I was always able to rally my hatred into a weapon, how I managed to do it? I don’t know really, dedication I guess... I can be pretty vindictive, it’s an ugly thing really. Been a bit darker than I remember before Eternal Nightmare. Ya know, I go in and out nowadays, like something wants me to dominate others. Some higher self trying to take over... That’s just who I am now,”

Erebus hadn’t said that last part with a ton of enthusiasm, it sounded more like a moment of doubt. Being so pressed and motivated to succeed, often left one to a lonely isolating road. How could one conquer the world alone? In reality, Erebus don’t imagine that he could so that part of him died a long time ago. He learned to take orders, and in a way. That made him a very dangerous weapon.

”I think about it enough to eat me alive... I ponder it, but I just want to see an era where I’m looked at as equal, not a nobody... Nobles treated my little hometown like it didn’t matter. But Eternal Nightmare has made it prosper. Maybe I wasn’t born to be the hero at all anymore, but born to dominate the old age and help usher in a new era. That’s what I really want. I crave to win.” He shrugged, and chuckled lightly. Not imagining that anyone ever remembered Erebus and his heroism anyways. But they all knew him now, and they would never forget his legend before it was all over. “Anyways to sum my story up, I wasn’t always a Devastation. I use to run and hide. Now? I’m comforted by their fear. It feeds my resolve. Fear isn’t the same as respect, but it’s just as useful; maybe even better. You know what I mean?” He finished up on that note, placing two of his limbs behind his head and slouching back against the white leather seat.



Something Smells Fish w/ Caius [S-rank] Empty Wed Jul 06, 2022 8:00 pm

Caius kept his eyes forward and listened as they drove the their destination. Damn the man talked a lot but he had some interesting things to say. Erebus told his side of things which he tried to do good but ended up being screwed over by it. The classic mistake. There were too many rules that way. It was better to do as you like. Ever since he became a demon, Caius was pretty low in the empathy department. However, they were guild mates so it was better if they got along so he tried his best. What Caius was good at though was faking it and giving his his input on life. It made it easier being the fact that they were both criminals as well.

He reached over and patted Erebus on the shoulder. "Listen kid. You just got to embrace that shit. You got burned real bad before but the good news is you learned from it. If you're good at using those daggers, stick with it. Someone doesn't respect you? Just stab them. They will change their tune real quick. Make your life the way you want it." Caius put his hand back on the wheel and checked the GPS. They were almost there now. "And as far as guilds go. You picked the best one if you want to win. Odin and I have already taken over the kingdom once. Also if you want respect, Odin will give it you if you give it him. Believe it or not he's a big softie behind all the death and destruction." Caius had known Odin for years so he knew how he thought.

Finally they had arrived at the cove. However, a giant yellow boat was anchored down at the entrance which was blocking them. The boat had multiple people on it just sun tanning on the deck. Just then, Caius got an idea. "I think the best way is to learn by experience. For example, I don't like this guys color choice for his boat." Caius then raised his hand and jet black flames covered it. A stream of fire and darkness burst forward at the yellow boat. Once the flames struck, you could briefly hear the screams of the owners before the whole ship incinerated to ashes"Problem solved? See? You got to try it sometime. Better than any therapy trust me."

Caius drove into the cove and anchored down in the middle of it. "Anyway back to work. Keep your eyes peeled. They say something is scaring all the fish away. Usually it's some type of giant fish that infiltrates the ecosystem from what I've seen in the past but it could be anything."


Hi I'm Caius
#7Erebus Gresham 

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Erebus Gresham

As they neared the cove, Erebus heard what Caius was saying. He figured that it was the man’s way of showing heart, even if genuinely it was surprising to see. When they came upon the boat, Caius all but lost his shit to find they were blocked. Erebus watched glowing black fire expel from the God Slayer to the point where screams became drowned under the sound of inferno. Skin melted from bones and then suddenly the yellow boat exploding in majestic red-orange. The Yellow sea-ship sank to the shallow bottom slowly, hitching about half it’s body over the water’s surface and breaking in two places. Caius either drifted around it or hit a ramp on it for them to land causally on the other side.

“Damn.” He finally commended. “That was neat. Definitely the type of learning experience I like.” Erebus meant that too, it urged the side of him that was newly fostered since he became the War God’s Warlock. If he’s known Caius was the Mad God’s, it would only have made the show sweeter, but in time Erebus was going to know everybody. So there was no point in rushing details, he merely watched and observed, taking in the lesson as a scholar would his studies.

“I’ll have to try something like that myself next time.” Erebus took note of the Daemon’s next lines and watched the waters closely. Occasionally there was a noise heard but it was so faint that Ere could only feel it vibrate. At first he wasn’t even sure he felt anything at all, that is, until the water became to ripple towards their speed boat, that Caius had slowed down. Perhaps the explosion of the sea ship earlier pissed something off.

Something Smells Fish w/ Caius [S-rank] Fantasy-sea-monster-battle-creature-underwater-hd-wallpaper-preview

Erebus slowly drifted his attention of the ripples to the back of their boat, from which they moved. Following the edge of the speed boat, Erebus turned around to stare with a serious expression as a large serpentine eel head stared over their water vehicle. It’s mouth was hung low, enough to reveal dagger like teeth, potentially longer than his own knives. Though, it’s eyes were foggy, likely a creature that relied entirely off scent and/or sound.

Erebus whispered, as he slowly stood from the chair. “Caius, I don’t think we need to search very hard.” He expressed with awe. “I think it’s found us.”




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Erebus didn't seem to mind that the god slayer just casually just roasted some innocent people on a boat like a barbeque. Caius liked this guy already. The mission continued as they both looked around for what was causing the disturbance in the cove that was causing the fisherman to lose out on their catch. Caius put his hands on his hips and looked forward but didn't see anything. The sun was shining through cracks at the top of the cove so they had a pretty clear view of the water inside. Caius debated just boiling the water with his fire but then Erebus got his attention.

When he turned around, he saw it. It was a giant eel like beast that towered over their speed boat with it's large fans hanging out. Drool was dripping into the boat as it sat still waiting for prey. Erebus was right. This had to have been their target. Caius was just delighted. He had never seen anything like it. "Holy shit!" Caius yelled "You see this thing? It's like an anaconda fused with a great white shark. We should get one of these for the guild. Dig a moat or some shit. I bet Odin would like it."

Caius loved to hear himself talk but the eel monster did not. His loud obnoxious voice attracted its attention as it let out a shriek. It lunged at Caius but he just held his index finger out. A magic circle appeared and a black flame bullet would fire at its forehead. The force knocked the eel back but did minimum damage. If anything, it just pissed it off more. One it recovered, it raised itself up and lunged back at the boat again. Caius just crossed his arms and waited for the attack this time. "You're up kid I already murdered something today. Let's see what those blades of yours can do."


Hi I'm Caius
#9Erebus Gresham 

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Erebus Gresham

Erebus glanced over at Caius, who was just as surprised though a bit more excited. “It’s ugly as hell Caius... I don’t know about it.” Erebus shook his head, dismounting a dagger from his waist, and allowing another to fall from his sleeve to his wrist, ice pick style. It seemed clear after the Daemon spoke and repelled the monster backwards for it to shake and ready another lunge that it was Ere’s time to shine.

The beast moved its head to the side, gesturing his warning similar to a Cobra, as it roared ferociously, Erebus peeped one eye open whereas the other closed, and he threw a mighty hook when the beast came falling towards their spot on the boat.

Very well— his shoulder fell to one side, and his stance would shine through. The Rogue swung and lifted off the boat with superhuman strength that shook and rippled the boat along with the water around their location and caused large waves to lift and expel.  

Erebus collided with the monster in mid air and brought the blunt end of a dagger backwards like a charged up baseball pitch and whammed the creature atop its nose, as it swung its neck back in recoil, a long tail snatched Erebus by the ankle and threw him high into the air, where the Rogue springboarded. The beast attempted to lunge upward and eat him the way a circus dog catches a shiny red ball or a sweet treat. Erebus began to rotate from the swing board until his very form was a spiraling blur. He sliced all the way in from the creatures mouth, busting teeth off it’s head as he travel within the innards and drug daggers in a spinning circle down the body. The monster’s head slide off and Erebus shot through the water on the opposite end.

That was that. Bounty bonus received.

Erebus then, felt the the force of water currents pulling him downward. The shade of another of these beasts was below. He began swimming towards Caius, but he was too far away at fifteen meters. Instead, Erebus would opt to go into the offensive because in deep water he had no genuine defense.  

As the beast came close, Erebus took four arms and thrusted in a way that propelled him downward. His slice of the jagged Death Knofe caught the beast once, firstly against it’s tongue back, and then immediately against its side as it tried to cut a sharp turn and hit him again.

The time to act was short, so he decided to activate his trump move, Smog Walker, from beneath the waters. A trail of red could be made out since Ere wasn’t too deep yet, and the monster attempted to get some distance, biting at the boat’s side, potentially breaking the rotor, but Erebus propelled a few meters everytime his arms launched, and just as the creature turned around and came swimming towards him. It entered Ere’s red zone, all sight was obstructed and it began to slow and shake it’s head. It’s gills were being flooded with smog, which almost acted as poison because the O2 in the water was being thickened by emitted soot. Erebus came to a mounted position against its back like a bull-rider, and with one last tug against it’s amphibious mane, cranes it’s neck to the surface and kept a 25m distance from Caius, with most of the monster still underwater.

“You still want one? I found myself in a bit of a situation down there and this little guy is smaller, he must be a puppy.” Erebus’s voice trailed from the smoke cloud. He let it pass over, this creatures eyes were whites out, two bleeding puncture holes left it just alive enough to learn to obey, it would still be blinded and in fear for the next half hour, but by that time Ere had a hunch it was gonna do what he said and get them back to the mainland coast. At Eternal Nightmare’s mercy. Granted he had a hold of it’s amphibious green mane, which must have been more sensitive than otherwise believed because it steered the creature to the boat, and sped him up the harder one pulled backwards. Erebus had wrapped around this spongey material with his knuckles, and it also appeared to keep the beast stuck in lockjaw. “Idk how we’ll move this thing out of the the port. Should I just kill it or what’s the move?”

Erebus did whatever Caius instructed next, and ultimately returned for payment and went with the other Nightmare back to the guildhall after. It was a learning experience beside Caius, and Erebus counted on the Slaver when it would come to future missions. He had a charm to him, but the guy was manic as hell. That much wouldn’t be forgotten.



Something Smells Fish w/ Caius [S-rank] Empty Fri Jul 15, 2022 4:30 pm

Erebus was just as good as expected. The beast managed to grab him but he used it to his advantage to strike the beast with his weapons and slice its head off with ease. Caius was going to congratulate him but before he could, another beast appeared after Erebus landed in the water and took him under. Caius just sat on the edge of the boat and watched as there wasn't much he could do. His magic was destructive and Erebus would most likely get scorched as well. After about a minute, Erebus emerged riding on top of the beast. There was some type of darkness that surrounded them both but being a demon, Caius could see it clear as day. "Damn you made that thing your bitch. Riding it like a rodeo is just disrespectful." The question then came whether or not to spare the beast . Though Caius did say EN could use one, it would be a pain in the ass to move it. Caius instead opted to fire a beam of black flames through it's body and kill it. He liked money more. Once it was done, the two headed back.


Hi I'm Caius

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