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Deadliest Catch PT. 6 (Neutral)

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Yuurei was still relaxing on the island that had appeared not too long ago. He was busy taking on jobs that were here. It wasn’t just that, but he was making sure that he left his mark on this place before he had to go back to the North. He was with Renji who was walking by his side. They were planning on taking on another job today. It happened to be that it was a sea creature hunting job today. The Exceed didn’t care what kind of job they were doing. He just wanted to make sure that they were making money because they would need it for the future.

The light mage was making his way toward the docks. He had to find the ship that was described on the sheet of paper that he had in his hand. He also figured a lot of people would be upset when they saw him here as they knew what he was here for.



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Yuurei would just smile at everyone who was looking at him as he was looking around the place. Renji would give them a mean stare as he didn’t like their facial expressions. He would look over to Yuurei wondering how long they were going to stay here.

“How long do we plan on staying on this island Yuu? I kind of want to go back to the North where it’s nice and warm.” He said to his partner as he was waiting to see what he would say.

The light mage heard those words, and he would smile at him. He knew that Renji didn’t like this weather, but he figured bringing up fish would make him better.

“I mean I don’t have an answer for how long we plan on staying, but remember all the fish you've been eating here. If we leave, then the intake of fish decreases as well.” He said to Renji wondering what he was going to say.



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Renji would hear this from Yuurei and he would rub his chin. Did he love fish so much that he would suffer from this heat? He thought about it, and he would come up with an answer.

“Fine, you win this time. I won’t bother you about leaving. Just make sure to keep feeding me fish, and we will be alright.” He said to Yuurei with a smile.

The Nephilim would chuckle when he heard his word as he continued to look around to see if he could find the ship he was looking for. It wouldn’t take long for him to find the ship they were looking for, and when he did, he would enjoy the size and beauty of the ship.

“Hey we’re here for the job you guys had put up on the board!” He shouted out loud in front of the ship, so they could hear him.

The captain would hear someone shouting off the ship and he would walk to the edge to see who it was.



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Yuurei would look at the ship and soon enough he would see someone looking down in his direction. The light mage would wave at him to get his attention, and the captain would notice someone down there. He heard his words from before, and Yuurei would take the piece of paper out to show him. It was then that the man would sigh as it seemed like they were going to go kill a sea monster today.

“Come on board.” He said to Yuurei.

The berserker would hear this and he would move up to and on his way to the ship. The captain would order his men to prepare the sails because they were going to hunt the sea creature for money. They would get to work quickly. When Yuurei and Renji got onto the deck of the ship they would look around to see everybody was working hard. It seemed like they were ready for this as much as he was.



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Yuurei would look for the man that had told him to come on board. He would find him by the helm, which would bring him to walk over to him. He had a smile on his face the entire time as he approached him. When he was next to him, he figured he would speak up to him.

“Do you know anything about the sea monster we’re hunting?” He asked him wondering if he could get any information about the monster.

“Well, I just know that it’s huge and dangerous. That is the only information I can give you. Still, I’m sure you go this, so you don’t have to worry.” He said to Yuurei with a serious look on his face.

Yuurei would hear those words, and the man was right. Still, he just wanted to know what he was getting himself into. Still, it wouldn’t take long, but he would feel the ship was moving forward and it would seem like they were heading to find the sea monster now.



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The ship was moving, and the crew was working. It would seem like everybody was doing their thing to make sure that the ship was working fine. It seemed like they knew where they were going, and that was a good thing. He moved away from the captain this time, and he would walk over to the starboard of the ship. He looked around to see if he could spot anything suspicious. While he was doing this, he would see that there was nothing trying to surprise them, which was a good thing.

While they were moving through the entire vast sea. There was nothing going on around them. That was when he heard someone screaming to put down the anchor. He would look around to see if the sea creature had shown up, but that wasn’t the case. They just knew that this was the area where it had been seen last time.



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Yuurei would look around again and the crew would gather food and bait for the sea monster. It wouldn’t take long before they tossed that out into the sea. They would look at the water to see if something would come to eat it, and they would have their answer. A huge shadow would show up and it would come to the surface as a huge monster would show itself to eat the meal that was presented to him. The Nephilim noticed that it was a thick snake-like sea creature. It seemed like it was now out in the open and wanted more. It looked over to the ship and it seemed like it was thinking about making them its next meal.

The Nephilim would shake his head as he would run to the edge of the ship, and he would jump off it. He would sprout his wings from his back as he flew and toward the beast.



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Renji had seen Yuurei do that, and he would open his bag and the light mage would have his items equipped on him. Yuurei’s cape would fly around Yuurei as it didn’t need to be around his neck. He was loyal to him, but he wasn’t using his cape to fly right now. He was moving toward the sea creature, and when the snake-like creature noticed it would move toward him. When it got close, it would try to lunge at the light mage and try to take a bite out of him. He would dodge that without a problem as he would look over at it. He wondered what it was going to do next.

Of course, he would feel his cape tapping him on his shoulder, but he didn’t understand why. It wouldn’t take long, but another sea creature would appear behind him and it would strike Yuurei on his back, pushing the berserker out of his previous location.



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Yuurei was surprised about that, but it seemed like there were two of them that he was going to have to fight. He would shake his head because that wasn’t fair. He wanted to summon Galatea, but should he even bother? He was pretty sure that they wouldn’t be able to handle him. He would crack his neck as he understood what it meant when his cape tapped him on his shoulder. The Nephilim would move toward the first monster he saw and when he got close to it, he would swing as hard as he could.

The monster would feel this blow from Yuurei as it would fall to the ground. It would make one last noise before it fell into the water. It would stay floating though and it seemed like it was no longer moving. That was good as he would look over to the other one that was remaining. It would seem like the crew is going to get two monsters this time around.



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The second monster would roar from the pain it was feeling. It seemed like it could tell that its partner had perished to the man with wings. It was angry the way it looked over at Yuurei and started pushing toward him. He would see this, and he would start dodging the creature’s attack. It was in a rage, and he could only shake his head as he kept dodging it without a problem. Still, he figured he would bring the monster to perish and meet its partner in the other life. He would shake his head as he would dodge one last time, and he would punch it straight in the face. It would fall to the ground as it shouted in pain before falling onto the water. It was then it would do the same thing as its partner as it was no longer moving.

The light mage had taken them both out with ease, but he was fine with that.



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Yuurei would look around to see if anything else would attack him, but when he saw that everything was clear, the light mage would move down to the two sea creatures. He would grab a hold of them both and started dragging them on the water and toward the ship. When he did that the crew would get things to prepare and would bring the sea creatures up and would start heading back to shore once they had secured everything. The light mage would land on the ship as his wings would disperse from his back and he would look over to Renji as he would put everything back in the bag except for a few things.

“I guess we’re done here, so once we get back to the shore we  get paid.” He said to Renji as he was happy this was over.

It wouldn’t take long, but the crew would make it to the shore, and when they got there, the captain would walk over to Yuurei. He would pay the man the money that he earned, and Yuurei would take it without a problem. Renji and Yuurei would get off the ship and walk over to the spot they were staying temporarily.  


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