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Surf's Up (Good)

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Surf's Up (Good) Empty Mon Jun 27, 2022 2:01 pm

Yuurei wasn’t done with his work on this island. There were people who seemed to have needed his help. He wanted to help, so that was why he was on the island. He had taken another job request and this time it was set for Mahalo Beach. The light mage would make his way over there and he was looking for a guy that fit the description on his sheet. It wouldn’t take long for him to find the guy, and when he approached him, he would wave at him.

The guy would look over to Yuurei and he would wave back at him. The Nephilim would show him the sheet of paper in his hand, and Keanu would be delighted to see that someone had come to help him on the job.

“Nice, you’re here for the job. Alright, let me tell you what I want to do and have an idea so you get a better picture.” He said to Yuurei with a smile.



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“Okay, so I plan on making a surf school and I need a good place for it set it all up. Then after we find a good location, I’m going to need a bunch of materials and tools to make the school. I’m not trying to build a building or anything, but a place where I can put surfboards and stuff. Of course, a billboard that can advertise that I’m here to teach lessons.” He said to Yuurei.

The light mage would nod his head when he heard what he had to say. That was nice of him, and he was going to help him. He would look at him and wonder what kind of stuff he needed him to get. This was going to be simple for Yuurei to handle, and he was ready to get on the move.

“Yeah, I’m fine with helping you. Let’s get you a good location, and then from there you can give me a list of materials for me to get you.” He said to Keanu with a smile.



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Yuurei and Keanu would walk around the beach together. They were looking around to see if there were any empty spots around. There were but he wasn’t sure if any of these places were good enough. They kept looking around, and eventually, they would come across a place not too far from the water. It was also not too close to the water either because he didn’t want his school to be washed up by the water at nighttime.

Now that the location of the school was found, Keanu would hand over a paper with a list on it. Yuurei would look at it and he would smile at the guy. The light mage would go off to look for everything that he had asked for. It wouldn’t take long for him to find everything that his client needed, and he would come back with it all. Of course, he wasn’t alone as he would ask Galatea to help him out with this as well.



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Once he brought the stuff, Yuurei would drop it all down and he would allow Galatea to be on her way as well. He would help Keanu build the surfing school now, as he was following his instruction. It would take them a couple of hours to do this, but when they got the work done, Keanu seemed really happy. That was good and he could only smile at him as he knew what he needed to do next. They had gotten the school set up and now it was time to look for some people to learn from Keanu. The Nephilim would look around as he was trying to see who would be the first to be his students.

The light mage would take some time, but soon enough he would find a pair who wanted to learn how to surf. He would bring them to Keanu, and the young man was so proud that he would pay Yuurei the jewels and start his lessons with the people in front of him.


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