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The Shield of Dawn Vs The Dawn's North Wind [Green; Brone and Ren]

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#1Brone Heavyaxe 

The Shield of Dawn Vs The Dawn's North Wind [Green; Brone and Ren] Empty Mon Jun 27, 2022 10:02 am

Brone Heavyaxe
The sun had fully risen by the time Brone Heavyaxe had donned his golden armor. He took one look in the mirror to admire the craftsmanship and to psych himself for what was to come next. This wasn't just a regular sparring match; to him this was to formally meet someone new to the guild, or new to him at least. Given that the dwarf is one of the founders, it means he has to set an example for the guild, it was his responsibility to be familiar with the others and to show his own strength as well as get to know the strength of others.

He slid the blue, cold helm of Casdae's Edict onto his head, the blue horns reflected the light of the morning sun that shown through the window of his room. Then he grabbed both his golden and green axes before he left the room. Brone took a deep breath, a little nervous about meeting someone new, though this was never a problem for him, he has always been fine with meeting new people, but to meet someone as an official was nerve wrecking. He quickly pulled out a tiny piece of paper he had tucked away in his glove, quick questions and statements of encouragement that he scribbled down.

"All will be well" he whispered to himself as he made his way to the training dome. He had sent a message to Ren Aikawa the night before to meet at the battle area for a formal sparring match. Once the dwarf had reached the center of a large dome, he took the time to look out the wide windows that shown the morning sunlight; how beautiful it was. A look around and he noticed there were potted plants lining the walls of the dome; he was glad. Brone had battled here a few times, but the area was so empty before, so he requested to have plants and any additional decoration to add to the scenery in order to make it welcoming.

Now he waited by standing straight with his arms crossed, facing the main door, hoping this meeting will go well.


Brone at the Ready:

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#2Ren Aikawa 

The Shield of Dawn Vs The Dawn's North Wind [Green; Brone and Ren] Empty Wed Jun 29, 2022 6:36 am

Ren Aikawa
Ren received a message for the first time in his life. He was still getting used to life at the guild. Everything felt weird to him as he was never accustomed to living in the same place for quite some time. Surrounded by other sentient beings. It used to be only him and the rivers and trees. But nevertheless. He was invited to meet one of the guild’s founders for a spar. Ren was excited for that. He never really had much experience sparring. All he did before was slaying monsters threatening him in the wild. So this would be something new to him. He was a bit nervous on how it would turn out, given that he did not know any of the ‘rules’ or practices that he should know beforehand.

Ren admired the morning scenery as he walked out in the open area. Taking in the fresh air. He was headed straight towards the battle arena. The venue designated in the message. It took him a while to navigate his way there, but he arrived nevertheless.

The young ronin pushed the door open and stepped in. Cladded in nothing but his clothes. Accompanied with the katana sheathed beside his belt.

Ren immediately noticed the figure standing in front of him. He had never met a dwarf before. So this would be his first, and my was he stunned and mesmerised at the same time. The figure that exhibit an aura that made him feel much smaller and weaker. Not to mention the beautiful gold armour the dwarf adorned. But enough eye oogling. He must focus on what’s more important. He’s meeting with a guild official, whatever that meant.

”Ren Aikawa,” he said as he bowed down in respect. A common tradition back in Joya that he somehow remembered.

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#3Brone Heavyaxe 

The Shield of Dawn Vs The Dawn's North Wind [Green; Brone and Ren] Empty Thu Jun 30, 2022 9:31 am

Brone Heavyaxe

As the door opened, Brone tensed up, trying to make sure he looked the part of his ranking. And as the young man with white hair entered, the dwarf hesitated from starting his greeting. He was slightly thrown off by what he saw. The young man looked so elegant like an elf. The clothing looked comfortable, yet of high quality and for a moment, Brone wondered the human to be female; it was difficult for him to tell the difference with humans and elves at times. But as Ren Aikawa spoke in his gentle voice, the dwarf assured himself that his opponent is indeed male, though with the voice of a calm breeze. He had lessened the tension in his muscles and dropped his arms to the side as he approached Ren, he tried his best not to look intimidating, hoping he was making a good first impression.

"Brone Heavyaxe" the dwarf smiled as he stopped three meters away from Ren; though they were introducing one another, this is to be a sparring match, not a social gathering, so made sure to display the distance between them to make it aware that the fight will be commencing soon, "Pleasure to meet ye, lad; I hope ye don't mind I made the challenge, I want to get to know ye" The dwarf returned the bow, not sure if he was doing it right, but he has seen several different forms of greetings from other races and a bow wasn't odd at all, "The best way to get to know a person is to meet them in battle" He said as he picked his head up, "Let's keep the battle within the dome; magic is allowed; and even though ye permitted to draw blood, killing shots are not allowed, obviously" Brone laughed, "Ye can surrender at anytime; last one standing wins... simple" he said with a smile. Though he has sparred many times, with family and friends, but to explain it was a first, since this seemed more official.

Brone drew both his axes; the gold in his right hand and the green in his left. He positioned himself into his fighting stance and gave a smile, "Feel free to make the first move, lad".

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The Shield of Dawn Vs The Dawn's North Wind [Green; Brone and Ren] Cdbf35fcb1db9e8db5199a0d4b6cac39
#4Ren Aikawa 

The Shield of Dawn Vs The Dawn's North Wind [Green; Brone and Ren] Empty Sat Jul 02, 2022 8:07 am

Ren Aikawa
After introducing himself, Ren walked closer towards near the center of the dome, until he was three meters away from the dwarf. Being that near, Ren realised that Brone exuded an even more immense amount of bold energy. The young ronin could feel the valor coming off the dwarf. How his voice resonated with strength and boldness. Ren was already feeling some sense of respect for his superior. Ren smiled a little when the other returned the bow and said his greeting. ”The pleasure is mine as well.”

He listened to Brone explaining to him all the rules of the spar. It seemed simple enough, Ren was sure that he got it. But he felt like he was not going to use magic in this fight, he was still lacking some experience in that. Whilst he listened he also noticed the accent. Although it didn’t sound familiar, Ren kind of liked it. It added character to Brone. He then looked at the dwarf’s complete armour and two heavy axes. This might be a really tough and if not the most challenging fight Ren could’ve ever fought. But that was what he wanted. To see more of the world, more of others, and to unlock more of his own potential.

When Ren was given the signal to start, he moved his left leg whilst bending his knees. His hands reached for the hilt of his katana and the belt that held it. He pointed the hilt towards Brone, so that it might hide the length of the blade. Ren look right at the dwarf’s eyes. He was a bit nervous to face this embodiment of a mountain. But the smile he was given assured him a little.

Ren took a deep breath in. His crimson eyes still locked on the other. The ronin then lunged forward at a speed that covered the distance between him and the dwarf in less than a second, drawing his blade while he did so. Ren headed slightly towards the side of Brone, attempting to hurt the dwarf’s left arm that was covered by the armour. At the end of the lunge, Ren halt to a stop, using the momentum to turn around to face what was then the back of his opponent. His katana immediately sheathed back in. But his hands constantly on it, ready to draw it again when he needs it. He was now 3 meters from where Brone stood.

This was nothing but to test the waters. A simple cut should tell Ren enough about how strong the opponent he’s facing.

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#5Brone Heavyaxe 

The Shield of Dawn Vs The Dawn's North Wind [Green; Brone and Ren] Empty Sat Jul 02, 2022 9:20 am

Brone Heavyaxe
Brone couldn't help but smile. The young man's voice reminded him of the calming wind that he would feel whenever he visited the valley between his clan's mountain and the neighboring mountain. After a second of nostalgia, he had to stir himself back to the present. Ren slightly crouched to get into a battle stance, even then the human was still taller than the dwarf. What through off Brone was the fact that Ren didn't draw his weapon, but simply stood there. After second or two of silence, the dwarf was going to ask if the human was having trouble draw his sword, but in the instant, Ren lunged forward with great speed. Foolish Brone didn't expect his opponent to strike before his weapon was revealed, so he didn't have time to adjust either of his axes to deflect, but only have enough time to move his left shoulder slightly forward and down, trying to get Ren to focus on the shoulder guard.

The sound of metal slicing metal rang in the air. Brone immediately turned about so he could keep his front facing Ren, and just as he caught the white haired young man in his sight again, the katana was back in it's sheathe; "But how!?" he thought. The young man managed to draw his weapon, strike, and stowed it away in a simple move; the dwarf yet knows what the blade even looks like. He looked to his left shoulder guard and noticed a deep cut. Even though his Face of the Mountain was well crafted, a few more of those attacks may destroy the armor.

Brone had dropped his smile due to the sudden strike, but it was back; he was highly impressed and his blood was beginning to boil. With such a calm demeanor and loose clothing, the dwarf had expected something else, but he realized Ren was like the wind, from a breeze to an invisible gust, quick and sightless.

A chip appeared on the golden shoulder guard. Brone nearly forgot about his Face of the Mountain's special ability: Bite Back. Any melee attack that strike the armor would return a portion of the attack back at the weapon. He began to wonder how strong that thin sword was.

"Yer quick!" Brone nearly laughed. He didn't mention it, but his blue helmet was emitting a magical cold aura; everything within a 50 meter radius, save for the wearer, will slow, "My turn" he rushed forward, though they were 3 meters away, Brone can cover 6 meters in a second, though he admits not as quickly as Ren can, either way, hopefully his strike is true.

Brone had swung his golden axe with a backswing, trying to aim at Ren's midsection, while readying his green axe to deflect a counter strike, he wouldn't be surprised that this young man was quick enough for such a skill.

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#6Ren Aikawa 

The Shield of Dawn Vs The Dawn's North Wind [Green; Brone and Ren] Empty Sun Jul 03, 2022 9:15 pm

Ren Aikawa
Ren looked at the shoulder plate that he had striked. He had only done a scratch to it. He was not surprised, but he was still taken aback, amazed and intimidated by how strong and sturdy the armour was. The strength of Brone seemed to be that of a mountain, it cannot be moved by force. Its wall impenetrable to the gales of wind. This would not be a match that he’d have an easy time with. He was even beginning to wonder if he could survive long enough to break the armour, those beefy arms and heavy looking axes seemed like it could take out the young ronin’s slender figure in an instant.

So he was grateful for Brone to announce his attack. He would have been prepared for it nonetheless, but it just made things a bit more easy for him. As the dwarf dashed forward, the young ronin jumped two meters high up in the air. So that he’d be way above the dwarf, dodging the strike.

As he fell back down from the air, he’d use one of his legs to kick on the back of Brone’s helmet, launching himself 2 meters away. He then flipped and somersaulted in the air to land back on his feet facing the direction of the dwarf, and just as his feet touched the ground he lunged back to put himself 10 meters away from his opponent.

”You’re quite fast yourself,” He said with a slight grin as he landed on his feet again. Hands still on the sheathed katana the entire time, its hilt ever facing in Brone’s direction, hiding the view of its long blade, and Ren ever ready to draw it again whenever he’d need it.

The young ronin stood there, his knees still bent, standing in a stance. He was waiting, waiting for Brone’s next move.

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#7Brone Heavyaxe 

The Shield of Dawn Vs The Dawn's North Wind [Green; Brone and Ren] Empty Mon Jul 04, 2022 10:12 am

Brone Heavyaxe
As Brone swung, Ren had leaped into the air to avoid the attack; clever indeed. Before the dwarf could look up, his helmet was struck by a kick, knocking his head down and keeping him from gaining sight on the ronin. As a reaction, he spun about while swinging both his axes in case Ren attempted another strike, but as he gained sight of the young man simply taking his initial stance, he calmed himself a bit, "Yer quick on ye feet, lad" Brone was expected an attack, but not from above, this would have been the first time a ground opponent had countered in such a way; a learning experience for him indeed. He kept that noted, making sure to be aware of attacks from all directions, "Don't be too sweet on me, I know I'm the slowest in the guild, my legs aren't as long as yers" Brone laughed, though he was enjoying how kind Ren was; such a sweet young man as him tend to be taken advantage of and that moment the dwarf wanted to know even more if the ronin was able to defend himself. Now he intended on getting a little more serious.

Brone rushed forward, keeping in mind that Ren was keeping the sword sheathed, so at any moment he may attempt that quick strike he started the battle with, so he readied his green axe for a counter attack as he did before while swung his golden axe, the blade lightly grazing the floor before it began rising to slice at Ren diagonally, from his right hip to his left shoulder.

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The Shield of Dawn Vs The Dawn's North Wind [Green; Brone and Ren] Cdbf35fcb1db9e8db5199a0d4b6cac39
#8Ren Aikawa 

The Shield of Dawn Vs The Dawn's North Wind [Green; Brone and Ren] Empty Thu Jul 07, 2022 12:49 am

Ren Aikawa
Being a few meters away, Ren witnessed Brone swinging his axes around his back, which meant that if Ren had made another greedy attack there, he’d be knocked out for good. ”And you’re one sturdy fellow.” he returned the compliment. Ren didn’t know that he was being sweet. To him, he was simply evaluating the situation and collecting information from his opponent, their sturdiness, speed, strength, he needs to know them before he can decide the best way he could act. But sure, now that Ren already got all the information he needed, he can get a little more serious now.

The young ronin watched as the dwarf rushed forward. At that speed, Ren could precisely tell when he should act. All he had to do was wait for Brone to swing with one of the axes. Because that would decide where Ren would go. The golden axe scratched the floor as Brone got close. Brone’s right side. He noticed.

His legs were already bent, and his hands were always on the hilt of his blade. Ren’s right leg was in the front, while his left was on the back. When Brone swung his axe, Ren pulled his front leg back, moving his body away from the reach of the axe. Once the golden axe had neared Brone’s left shoulder, Ren duck and lunged towards the right side of Brone. Just as he lunged forward he drew out his katana swiftly and swung it in a horizontal arc, he attempted to land a strike on the right side of the dwarf’s armour as he passed through. Yet another of his quick dash and slash move. It was a simple move, yet it is still very effective especially against a slow opponent like Brone.

When Ren lunged, he lunged a distance that sets him 10 meters apart from the dwarf. At the end of his lunge, Ren stopped to a halt, and attempted to sheath in his katana, but…

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#9Brone Heavyaxe 

The Shield of Dawn Vs The Dawn's North Wind [Green; Brone and Ren] Empty Thu Jul 07, 2022 6:57 pm

Brone Heavyaxe
Brone kept his eye on Ren, with the blue helmet's cold aura emanating, the dwarf was sure that the white haired young man would be too slow to avoid the strike if he didn't begin to run... but Ren managed to hop back just far enough to avoid the cleaving blade of the golden axe and as the blade reached it's rest point, but Brone could bring it back, it happened again.

Ren dashed to Brone's right side and once again the dwarf couldn't spot the blade coming out of the sheath. All he heard was a another metallic slice as Ren moved passed him. What was this technique that this ronin was doing? To be able to wait patiently for the right moment before striking in such great speed that little was left to be seen with the eye of the opponent facing the ronin. Brone had wondered if this was some kind of magic spell, but he realized he didn't spot any magic circle appeared anywhere around Ren, so it's possible that this was simply a great technique that was learned.

Brone quickly turned about so he could make sure Ren and him were facing one another. And just like before, the katana was back it's in sheath. Though the dwarf couldn't see the ronin's blade, all he needed to do was see the gash on his own golden armor to know that the katana was receiving damage too. Though the dwarf wasn't landing any attacks on the quick gust of wind with white hair, Face of the Mountain, his trusty armor was fighting against the hidden blade.

Regardless of the withering of the ronin's blade, Brone was having trouble landing any kind of hit. He needed to play this smartly, so he had to change up his strategy, at least for now, so he gripped his axes and bent his legs so he was in a defensive stance, "I suppose it's yer turn, lad" he said, trying to keep his eye on the young man.

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The Shield of Dawn Vs The Dawn's North Wind [Green; Brone and Ren] Cdbf35fcb1db9e8db5199a0d4b6cac39
#10Ren Aikawa 

The Shield of Dawn Vs The Dawn's North Wind [Green; Brone and Ren] Empty Tue Jul 12, 2022 2:13 am

Ren Aikawa
Ren had successfully managed to land yet another blow on Brone’s armour. When the metal clashed with the metal, he could feel the blade reverberated as if it was cutting through something jagged. But he did not pay any more attention to this detail. He was more worried on paying attention on his oppoent. As he turned, he looked at the dwarf’s armour’s side. It was similar as the last time he had striked. He had only managed to create yet another cut on the armour. It was if his strike did not really had the strength in it at all, or at least that was what Ren thought. He needed to pick up the pace and change his strategy, a change of wind. He had tried to strike at the dwarf’s body, but it was protected by a really thick and strong armour. The kick he had landed on Brone’s helmet did not do a lot as well, it was as if every type of protection Brone wears is as sturdy as the immovable mountain. He then realised that there was only one part of Brone’s body that was not protected by any kind of armour.

He noticed that Brone had changed his stance. The dwarf then told him that it was his turn now to strike. Ren found himself in a situation where he was now the attacker instead of the defender. Ren had always been good at defending, well more like dodging, and then counter attacking. Things were easier to calculate that way. But being the one who strikes? Was not really Ren’s strongest suit. This was likely the influence of the Aikawa clan’s teaching. Where the fighting style was more about using the opponent against themselves and defending oneself from harm, rather than being the one causing harm.

But this was the real world and Ren had to learn how to be the attacker one way or another. Sparring with someone stronger than him would do him good as it would teach him many things that he would otherwise had not been aware of.

The young ronin got into a stance, he opened his leg even more wide apart, his hands remained ready on the hilt of his katana. He took a deep breath in as his body steadied, his eyes locked on the other. Then he began to run, straight towards the dwarf. Once he was 3 meters away from Brone, he dropped completely on the floor, with his right leg forward, he used the momentum to slide forward, to the left of Brone, once he was near the dwarf he drew his katana and swung it horizontally, attempting to strike the dwarf’s legs.

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