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Spies Like Us [Quest]

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Spies Like Us [Quest] Empty Sun Jun 26, 2022 12:54 pm


Arriving in the town of Halawai with Bai Long, she had her sunglasses on, bag, and all the things that are needed to look like some tourist. Not the kind that she actually is, mind you. Her eyes wander as she is supposed to take notes of the guards that are from here and live here. She looks around the gate, the fences, and even the poles and sees where the guards are. Their positions are important as she had to watch where their shifts were being held.

Quilla played with her hair innocently as she brushed her horse's hair with her free hand. The woman wondered why this was necessary since the people that wanted her to do this was local themselves, were they not? She noticed that a couple of them were friends as they chatted a lot of the time. Once they shifted it was time to watch once more.



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Her eyes watched very unamused as her lips frowned at how boring this was. Maybe she could make a little fun out of this? No, she didn't want to chance failing this quest. After a few moments, her eyes noticed a pair of eyes gazing right back at her. He walked towards her with suspicious eyes as they belonged to some man named Keanu. Not Reeves of course, sadly. He questioned her and now Quilla had to think of a reason to really be around. She explained that she was here for the state of someone else as they wanted some pictures of the area, she did so while showing some camera she had in her mysterious bag.

He looked at her and back at the Camera, asking a few more questions. After answering all of them he finally left and she continued with her stuff. Finally, she left the area and went back to the person she needed to hand the info to.




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