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Deadliest Catch 2 [Neutral]

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She yawned as she rested inside her hut that she rented off. It had two beds, enough for herself and Suzaku. There was no way she was going to come here without her little fish. Her brown eyes gazed towards the girl and wondered how much she will grow, what race was she specifically and so on. The girl doesn't know much about herself so she cannot just ask for the information. "Suza, you should stay here while I go make some money," she insisted as this area was probably the safest for her. Suza stretched and yawned as she cuddled her stuffed shark she got from the zoo with her godfather.

"Alright, Momma, I'm going to take a nap," she sheepishly spoke before snoozing off. Quilla chuckled quietly while getting up and walking towards the mirror to get ready to go. Her soft hand grabbed onto the brush and started to brush her pink flamingo colored hair.



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Her hair felt smooth as she started to brush it more. Sometimes when she looked at herself, she wondered if she should get a haircut or leave it the way it is. When she was done, she put down her hairbrush and started to go towards the door. But before she left, she looked back one more time to watch her little girl go to sleep. She gave a small smile as it was hidden under her hair and then started to walk out the door after she looked forward. She had to go make more money as she had now another person to support. When she left her house, she looked over and saw her magnificent horse. She recently has received it and did not know much about it other than the fact that it can turn into other things. She did not want to try more than what she was given as she has no idea how it will turn out.



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"Oh Bai Long, I wonder how you really are, but I dare not to test it," she brushed the horses mane before putting down his brush into the bucket that rested against the walls of their hut. He nayed as he tilted his neck downward, gesturing that he is ready to go. "I doubt you'll do well at Sea, but you can take me," she chuckled as she felt abnormally happy with him. Why was this? Was it because of his history? She knew what it was like to be betrayed by the people you felt home towards. She was sold by her people, by her own person that raised her.

The rage she felt and hid.

From the note that was on his neck when she found him spoke about how he will fight you if you try to trigger his transformation of a humanoid. That info was quite interesting alone.



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The two went down the trail towards the docks as she looked around for a boat and people to take with her. Who was she going to find? There are so many people around here that could be a potential crewmate. Some people gave a glance towards her as if they were expecting. She slowly got off her horse as she then looked around more while having her hand on the seating part. The last thing she needed was her horse to start acting wild and getting angry at everything around her. Her brown eyes looked at a person who was just sitting on a crate. She asked him if they could take her out into the sea to start getting rid of some creature. "Is that coming with you?", He was most likely talking about the horse. She shook her head and told him that it was just going to be her. Within the horse, nudged against her, as if they really wanted to go with. "I'll make the pay worth if we're taken,".



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They all got out of the boat and all the crew people were ready to go. They started the sails as they went towards the sea and the weather was decent as there is no storm to come. Quilla Was ready as it was finally time to go see what this creature really was. And to be excited, even though she could not make it transform. Was it because they were just now together and they barely know each other? This was probably for the best anyways as she did not want to fight whoever belonged inside that horse. Mature fell of the horse she heard was a raging dragon Or a human She was not sure which one it was. As I started to get further into the deep area, she saw the area starting to get dark and the boat was rocking left and right. She looked left and right herself as she wanted to see if anything was coming, but so far she could see nothing.



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Out of nowhere, the boat started to motion quicker. Her hair started to sway left and right as her movements were a little rocky. Suddenly, she started to walk towards the edge and finally her eyes widened as she saw a huge shadow underneath the boat. Was the creature following them all along until they got further out into the sea? Out of nowhere, tentacles started to fly out of the water as I grabbed a few of the crew and started to fling them far away, killing them. She glared coldly as she started to then grab her sword and rent towards the tentacle before slashing it. Thankfully, she got there before it could guard one other person as they then ran off and hid inside the boat. "What a coward," She whispered as she then looked at the final face of who the creature was. Out of nowhere, a woman was walking on the boat as the tentacles were coming intact within her.


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The woman started to laugh as she started to see the people that were in the water were drowning and dying. The woman Had skin that was blue. Her eyes were pure black, as she then pointed towards the woman that stood before her, Quillareine. The horse out of nowhere started to charge towards the woman who did not expect a horse to charge into her. She could imagine the horse being a little pissed as Quilla was their target and prey. The woman, with full speed and strength, was pushed off the boat and back into the sea. The captain started to turn the ship as the others started to get the cannons ready. Those who were not at the cannons were getting their Spears and swords ready as the woman was angry and started to go towards them once again. The fish woman showed no mercy as she started to grab another victim that was part of the crew and choked him to death with a tentacle.



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As soon as all the crew shot their weapons at them, it was over as the woman was slain. The creature that was harming the people was a woman who can form into an ocean creature all along. The horse sat by her in a huff as it was giving attitude. "We're finished here. Let's take the creature with us," she insisted as the others agreed as a sort of revenge. Once they got to the place the horse started to wait for her at the end of the dock and on land. She took care of the rest as she got the reward and told them everything that happened. Some of the reward went to the respected families and people that went with her. It was the end of today's time as she went with Bai Long to go back to their hunt and see if Suza is still asleep.




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