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Name: Deved

Age: May 4, 777

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan

Ethnicity, Mother: Half-Joyan, Half-Fiorian

Class: Spellsword

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Rune Knight

Tattoo: Back of Neck; Black

Face: Sebastian Michaelis – Black Butler


Height: 181 cm

Weight: 77 kg

Hair: Black; Straight

Eyes: Blood Red

Overall: Deved looks like the kind of guy mothers ask their children to stay away from. With his blood red eyes, dark circles, and that creepy smile, he never wondered why he was always a loner. He attempts to cover for all this by dressing like a gentleman, hoping the suits will help him socialize better; it doesn’t and he is oblivious to it. His neck-long, straight jet black hair doesn’t add much charm to his already brooding face. Despite all this, if one were to not accept their first reaction to his appearance and take a second look, they might notice that he is actually rather handsome with those high cheekbones and symmetric jawline.

Physically, Deved packs a lot more than one might guess from his lanky outlook. Having been shuttled around the continent for various kinds of labour, he sports toned muscles throughout. Like with his attire, Deved is also very particular about his shoes. He only wears leather shoes that fit him absolutely perfectly and doesn’t hinder his movement.

Extra: None


Personality: Deved is a kind and hopeful soul. Being around different kinds of people, he has been treated in so many various ways, but never once loved. The worst he has experienced is abuse, and the best is indifference. But, he has seen what it looks like to be loved and cared for, and has always yearned for it. Till date, he hasn’t lost hope or become pessimistic. He sees every new person with a fresh mind and as an opportunity for him to make a friend. His appearance and the nature of his magic hasn’t helped him make much progress on the social front, unfortunately. While he had wished several nights that he were more charming and attempted so many times to hide his magic, ultimately, he realized he couldn’t force himself to become someone he is not.

Being ignored and treated as if he wasn’t there had become the norm for Deved, and he had accepted it. He is a typical wallflower and tries to navigate every situation with as little of his footprint left behind as possible. The one time when he does break out of his seeming invisible plane of existence is when he sees innocents being harmed. He had had this instinct to protect ever since his childhood and has never understood where the courage suddenly came from. This instinct and the desire to meet the royals were the two primary reasons he joined the Rune Knights.

  • Night Sky: Recurrent nightmares had left Deved a chronic insomniac. And on those long nights, the night sky is his only companion, which he had come to dearly admire over the years.
  • Swords: Having spent quite a few years working and travelling under exotic sword merchants, Deved had developed a fascination for then; especially rare antique ones that he can restore. He dreams of becoming a collector!

  • Coffee: Deved craves for a good night’s sleep, which is so rare for him. He dislikes anything that would prevent that; especially coffee.
  • Bullies: He hates anyone who think they can oppress the weak just because they can. The usually calm and meek Deved becomes rather riled up when he witnesses bullying.

  • To Belong: He has always been a nomad, never staying long enough in any one place to make any meaningful relationship. He is tired of it and yearns for a place he can call home with people he can claim as his family and friends.
  • To Meet the Royals: He believes that only the King or the Queen can open his magically sealed locket and will do anything to get an audience with them.

  • Abandonment: Never knowing his parents or any family, and being brought up by cold and distant nomadic traders to many of whom he too was merchandise, Deved has a hard time watching people walk away from him without a second look.
  • Drowning: Ever since he could remember, he has been having the dream of being in a sinking ship on a stormy night and then eventually drowning. Waking up night after night gasping for breath has traumatized him and he has developed a serious fear of drowning in large water bodies.


Strength: 7

Speed: 10

Constitution: 3

Endurance: 3

Intelligence: 7


Magic Name: Dark Fog

Magic Element: Darkness

Magic Enhancement: Spell Fury

Magic Description: Deved is able to unleash a black fog that he can then manipulate into various forms. The fog is exceptionally quick but disperses if it goes too far from him. By controlling the density of the fog, he can shape it into all three forms: solid, liquid and gas. Such versatility has enabled him to use it for attacks and for utilities. Furthermore, he has learnt that the fog has beneficial effects when ingested or inhaled at the right concentration, but can be very dangerous at higher doses; he uses this knowledge well to enhance his allies and hinder his enemies.


History: Deved was born aboard a small ship called the Eternal near the Joyan coast. No one anticipated a storm that morning and this was no ordinary storm. One second the sky was clear as canvas and the ocean was lulling the newborn as it gently rocked the boat, and the next second darkened rain clouds shrouded the sky and the waves raged on like it wanted to topple the boat and swallow it. Deved’s parents were mages... and they knew what was coming. Their eyes locked for one second, and their lips for a half. In the next half, their wings sprang wide open and they were ready... Fragments of whatever happened then that lead to Deved being found alive and healthy in the shores of Fiore by a greedy fisherman on an ornate wooden crate full of gems would just be the puzzling nightmares that haunt him till date.

The fisherman soon became a rich gem merchant, and Deved was dropped off at the orphanage even before he sold his first gem. The orphanage wouldn’t take the baby without some compensation; so, the fisherman left what he found the least interesting among the jewels that came with Deved—a dull, seemingly stuck locket with the royal crest embossed on it and some gold coins.

The old lady who ran the orphanage attempted to open the locket by all means possible and she couldn’t. She couldn’t find anyone who was willing to buy it off her either. Finally convinced that the damn thing is cursed, she threw it deep into the loft out of anyone’s reach and eventually forgot about it. She did appreciate the gold coins, however, and she raised Deved until he was seven years old like she did the other kids—with little care, no love, and lots of beatings.

When Deved was seven, the lady found a good way to make money off the kids while it eases her burden. She began loaning them out as cheap labour. Small merchants who needed a hand at their shop could use the kids: all they had to do was feed them half a loaf and pay a small fee to the lady. Business was good for the lady, and the nutrition very bad for the kids. Nevertheless, Deved never complained and took it one day at a time. He started to help out the neighbouring baker when he was seven, and grew to take up long-haul deliveries by the time he was fifteen.

The other kids never liked Deved. Some despised him and some feared him. More began fearing him as he began exhibiting his magical skills. No one taught him how to use his magic, but he had a lot of alone time to keep at it. Especially, his consistent nightmares about the stormy night had left him an insomniac; so, he kept practising even at night, far away from the old lady and the other kids, as they preferred. His only interactions with the other kids were when he would step in to stop someone from getting bullied; oddly, whenever he did that, both the parties ran scared of him.

Eventually, Deved spent most of his time away from the orphanage, travelling with merchants who had grown to like him as an aide. He was very silent, near invisible, and never demanded anything. They liked that. After his most recent job, when he returned to the orphanage, he found that the old lady had passed away. And surprisingly... she had left him a sealed package. When he opened it, he found the dull, stuck locket that she had thrown out onto the loft along with a note. The note read: “That locket was given to me by the person who dropped you off here. You should have it. You are the nicest kid I’ve raised.” Despite the lady having been terrible to him all these years, reading that note and realizing he will never get to see her again brought an odd tear to his eyes.

With the lady gone, Deved had no more bond to the orphanage and he decided to move on. Taking his meagre belongings and the intriguing locket, he left in search of his next home. He examined the locket and noticed the royal crest on it. He wondered how that came with him, and just as everyone before him, tried to open it in vain. He even attempted using his magic and it still wouldn’t budge. Giving up, he wore it around his neck and decided to find someone who might be able to open it... perhaps the royals themselves!

Surely, he can’t just walk up to the palace and demand an audience. So, he thought maybe he will have a shot at meeting them if he were part of the Rune Knights. At first he thought it might be difficult to get in, but it was quite easy. It seems they would let anyone in as a Page these days...

Reference: Google


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This character is approved for roleplay.

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