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#1Nova Kentaurus 

Dragon(Volley)Ball(Ianthe) Empty Wed Jun 22, 2022 12:56 pm

Nova Kentaurus

Luluhawa Island was the new hotspot that everyone in Fiore was raging about. Seeing as how Nova had some time off, she decided to follow suit and take a trip to see what all the buzz was about. It was mid day and the beach was packed with tourists having a blast. Nova was in her purple bikini surveying the area. There was no short of things to do there. Activities such as surfing, drinking, riding jet skis, and more were all available. For Nova, she was more interested in the volleyball. She played a little when she lived in Seven but it had been a while. she wanted to see if she still had it.

Walking over to the empty volleyball court, she picked up a ball and threw it up in the air. She smacked it hard but it hit the net right away. For the second attempt she would would hit it softer and focus on the accuracy of the hit. This time, it was able to go over the net and land on the other side. She walked over and started to practice some more. Nova hoped by the time someone walked over for a game she would have shaken the rust off.

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