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Deadliest Catch PT. 4 (Neutral)

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Yuurei was hanging out with Ianthe for a bit. She was a beautiful woman and had so much energy. He enjoyed that. Still, they were still on Luluhawa island, which meant a lot of the jobs they were doing would be hunting sea creatures. It seemed like this island was filled with monsters that lived in the water. A lot of the sailors seemed to have had difficulty with them and needed people to do their part and help them on their journey. The two of them had done the work before, but it was time to do it again. The light mage was fine with doing this with her, and he figured they would go through with the same tactics as last time.

The Nephilim was making their way toward the location where all the ships were located. While he was doing that, he had a sheet of paper in his hand. It was how he was going to tell the men with the ship that he was here for the job. Renji was on his shoulder as he was relaxing for a bit. He figured he would get off his friend’s shoulder whenever they got on the ship/

The light mage would look over to Ianthe with a smile on his face. She was nice to look at and sometimes he caught himself staring a bit too hard. Still, he figured to make it less awkward he would speak up.

“I’m sorry for bringing you to another one of these types of jobs. It seems like it is one of the things they have a reoccurring problem with.” He said to Ianthe hoping she was fine with this.

Renji would chuckle a bit when he heard this because it was the same thing in the north.

“I mean I would rather be killing fish, than killing a bunch of rats every week.” He said to Yuurei.

The berserker would shake his head when he heard that because he wasn’t wrong about that. He would do this all day than fight rats.



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A snap and a pop could be heard every now and then as Ianthe chewed her bubblegum. It was sweet and sticky but as she blew the bubbles it never got stuck to her lips. Masterfully she would use her tongue to make sure that when the bubble did pop it would go all back into her mouth. The size color of the gum turned the color of her lips and tongue into a deep sort of crimson red, like a nice lipstick. Having been so preoccupied with her gum she didn't even notice Yuu staring at her not that she would mind anyway, she was enjoying the time she had spent with the man. Ianthe had never been one to give her attention to one person for so long but she was interested in her new guild master. His presence these past few days was a comfort that she welcomed. At first, it was just how good he looked but now that she got over that eye-candy hurdle she stuck around him so she could get to know what was under all that.

It was a pretty nice day outside and once again they were going fishin. Well, not actual fishing, more like monster hunting but hunting sea monsters might as well just be fishing if not an extreme and very dangerous form of fishing. This time with the knowledge of what they would be doing beforehand, she dressed far more appropriate for the occasion. She was no longer in a dress and heels, but some a pair of dark green pants, a pair of water resists boots that came up to her inner thigh, and a dark green and gold button-down shirt that she tucked into her pants. Ianthe was very much prepared to take on the sea and whatever else was lurking below its waves. Still, with all that confidence she knew she wasn't going to be much help. For the last job they did, she was pretty much watching Yuurei do all the work but he was so gracious as to let her have the killing blow. He could do this job all on his own but she was happy he brought her along. Recently there had been some items she needed to purchase and her pockets were still too thin to get them, all this extra work would prove useful and even more so due to Yuurei being able to take her on jobs that she could never get at her own rank.

I should be the one who's sorry. Compared to you I'm not pulling my weight in these jobs. I'm just happy you keep bringing me along. Looking over at Yuurei she smiled a toothy grin before looking straight ahead once more towards the docks where all the ships were. Some of them were probably gearing up to go monster hunting while others were dropping off items and picking up items to take to other places. I hate to be to say it, but their misfortune is our monetary gain. If they keep filling my pockets I've got no problem coming back here every day to take out a few monsters. With a chuckle and a nod she was very much satisfied with this as it was just a job like any other. Ianthe would let Yuurei lead the way as he had the paper for which boat was the one they needed to board. This time around would possibly be like the last time but who knew what the sea was ready to throw at them at any given moment.


Deadliest Catch PT. 4 (Neutral) BSIEiBe

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Yuurei would hear her words and he would chuckle because he didn’t mind that. He enjoyed bringing people with him on jobs. He actually didn’t have people around him for a while when it came to doing jobs, so this was a nice feeling.

“It’s okay; how I see it I rather have company around me than be alone. You are doing enough just being here. It’s also good to have those around you benefit from your success. If you want to go stronger or learn new things you got to do the big jobs.” He said to Ianthe with a smile right back at her.

He would chuckle at the next thing she haad said. It was true though, he felt the same way, but to be honest that was how a lot of mages felt.

“You aren’t wrong about that. I will always go where the money leads.” He agreed with her words.

It wouldn’t take long for them to find the ship. It was bigger than a lot of places, and it would seem like the crew was active. He would look at it and he would smile as he would walk up the board and onto the ship. When he did this, everybody in the crew would stop what they were doing and look over to Yuurei. They looked angry the way he came in, but the light mage had a smile on his face. He would take out the sheet of paper and he would show it to everyone there.

“We’re here for the job with the sea creature today.” He said to them wondering what they were going to say.

It wouldn’t take long, but someone would approach them from the ship, and the rest of the crew would go back to work. He would have a smile on his face because he was happy someone had come to take on the job.

“I’m glad someone took the job. I was thinking that nobody would be brave enough to help us out today. It seems like I was wrong. We were getting ready to go out to sea, so you have perfect timing. Also, you should call out next time before hopping on a ship. You may never know what kind of crowd you get.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would smile at him but he wouldn’t answer him. Still, he would take the advice for the future. The man would look at his crew and he would have a smirk on his face.

“Alright everyone let’s be on our way! We got a sea creature to kill and take with us! Let’s be the first to do that today!” He shouted out loud.

The crew would hear these words and they would start getting the ship moving. The anchor would be raised, and the sails would be opened, so the ship could start moving forward. And it would, the ship was moving, and the group was getting ready for everything. Yuurei would look around to make sure that the sea creature didn’t get the drop on them like last time. Still, they didn’t know that there would be another group that was going for the same kill as them.

“I wonder what kind of creature it is today?” He asked as a general statement.

Renji would look at the water and he could only think about all the fish that he could have taken back home if Yuurei had just listened to him.



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The sunny day was a good indicator that the seas would be favorable and kind to the sailors on the sea and those just setting sail. There was nary a cloud in the sky, not a single one dotted the crystal clear blue skies. It was like a perfect picture with the boats floating up and down peacefully on the waters, waiting to take off for whatever task was at hand for them. It was almost too good to be true and as Yuurei spoke Ianthe listened while chewing her gum. Coming upon the boat they needed to be on, her eyes darted up towards the sky. She wasn't listening to the man who spoke to them because she had noticed something on the horizon, something that gave her that gut feeling.

It was slow but as it rose higher she noticed the sky darkening and the clouds forming from that spot on the horizon. In what were minutes the sky was blackening, and grey clouds threatened them with lightning and thunder, the seas were no longer calm but choppy and unstable. By the time they were deep into the seas the swelling of the clouds could no longer hold the water that was building up within and soon a torrent of rain beat down on the boat. The men on deck ran to their stations to keep control of the boat and by skill and luck, they managed to do just that.

They say it gets worse before it gets better and with Ianthe helping make sure the boat didn't capsize from this freak storm she didn't see another boat coming up on them and she didn't feel the boat getting bumped by the sea creature whose territory they found themselves in. It wasn't until she heard a loud boom that her attention was drawn and worry settled. The boat that had now sat across from them held many men, and they all looked hostile. The booming sound was them shooting cannon balls at the ship and she could hear yelling but she couldn't make out what they were saying.

If it wasn't one thing it was another, how did things turn so left so quickly? Moving across the ship as best she could, the wind mage didn't make it too far before she fell onto the deck of the ship as another bump from the sea monster that was much stronger than the last knocked her down. There was so much movement around her as the ship that fired at them extended some sort of bridge, docking the two ships. From that bridge, the men on the ship ran across it baring weapons and their yelling became clear. They wanted the sea monster and they weren't going to take no for an answer. There was no negotiating with these people and once Ianthe figured that out she scrambled to her feet found something that looked like a spear and began her assault on any man dumb enough to come near her.


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Yuurei was continuously looking around, and then it would happen. He didn’t know when it had happened, but it did. The clouds came out of nowhere and rain started to pour on everyone that was out at the sea. Renji was pissed as he rushed toward an area where it would provide him with cover. He didn’t want to get wet because now he was going to stick with the mixture of this heat and his fur.

The light mage would look around, but soon enough, another thing would happen. He took his eyes off the sea once and this happened. When he looked around, he would see a ship next to them. He blinked a few times as he saw a ship right next to them. That wasn’t good, which meant they weren’t going to be the only ones going after the sea monster.

He was about to be the one to go and handle these guys. He was going to have Ianthe take out the sea monster. Wait what about the sea monster? That was when the ship was hit, which rock the ship. The Nephilim was doing his best to make sure that he kept his balance, but all this shaking. He didn’t like it as he shook his own head.

“Alright you distract the other ship, Ianthe, I will take out the sea monster! Then after that, I will cause a distraction while all of you leave!” He shouted to the people on the ship due to the heavy rain and all the commotion.

Yuurei would run towards the edge of the ship, and he would jump off it. The light mage was quick to sprout his wings and gained the ability to fly among other things. He saw the shadow of the beast, as it seemed like it was able to be seen even after the clouds took over the sky. When he got close to the water, the sea monster would shoot up from the water to gather its meal. The berserker was quick on its feet as it would dodge the attack with ease and took a good look at it.

The sea creature looked like a weird-looking whale with many teeth. It was not a pretty sight, but now that he knew what he was up against he would take it. He would move around the water quickly, below it the sea creature would get ready. Once it felt like it had Yuurei it would repeat its attack again.

Yuurei figured this would happen, and he would dodge the attack and he would land a definitive blow on the side of the monster as he didn’t have time to play around. The creature didn’t stand a chance as it would fall onto the water lifeless.

The Nephilim would grab the sea monster and he would drag it to the side of the ship he came from. Once he did that, he would land on the ship and look around with a serious look on his face.

“Someone, go get the sea monster from the water! It’s next to the ship!” He shouted as he flew straight toward the next ship to be a distraction while everyone made their escape.



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She didn't know how many men were on that other ship and it was a little hard to see with all the rain but she was glad she dressed better than last time. The spear she had been using to fend off the attackers had been switched with a gun and after six shots that was replaced with a curved sword. Ianthe didn't come out unscathed though as she had gotten sliced on her leg and her arm multiple times. Moving from one part of the ship to another to fight these men she was starting to get annoyed as too many times had her enemies said something foul to her. This made killing them that much easier and caused her to do it that much more brutally. At one point she used her rave sharp teeth to take a chunk out of a man's neck for some particularly disgusting thing he said to her.

The only good thing about the rain was that it washed away blood real well. With the numbers from the enemy, the boat dwindling and the men and herself on this boat still being sustained they decided to take the fight to them. Yelling for some of the crew that was fighting to come with her she led them onto the makeshift bridge that allowed the occupants of the other ship to get to theirs. Once on board they split into teams of three to wipe out any more of the aggressive boatmen left who she soon learned were pirates so all in all a job well done. Once the boat was clear of any more problems she and the rest of the crew returned to the ship and kicked off the bridge that connected the two ships. Ianthe had made it so that the other enemy ship would just float away, letting the waves take it somewhere else.

Listening to Yuurei's voice she helped the men get the monster as he was the one to kill it and she was tasked with getting rid of the other ship. All in all, it was a solid day's work and she needed a bath, some food, and a nap. There wouldn't be a need for a distraction because while he fought with a monster they fought with regular people. The fight was an easier time for them, especially with the numbers on their side. Nevertheless, now that the monster was secure on the ship and the ship itself was being patched up. As they sailed the rain stopped giving way to clear skies like the ones that started their day. Taking a seat on the floor of the deck as her wounds were being tended to, Ianthe was happy to get back to the docks, get paid, and get out with Yuurei and Renji by her side.


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Yuurei would move toward the next ship, but he would see that the battle was done. He noticed that everybody on that ship had suffered the same faith. They had all died from fighting with the other ship. He was pretty sure that Ianthe had made the difference in battle. He did wish that they didn’t have to die, but that was what happened when you fought in the battle at sea. Still, now that everything was done, it was time to head back to the shore.

The rain was still pouring on them, which he didn’t enjoy, but at least they didn’t have any more surprised attacks coming their way. When they got to the docks, the ship would move before coming to a stop and the group would anchor the ship. They weren’t going to mess with the duo, as one of them had easily taken down the sea creature they were struggling to get for a long time. The captain would head over to the three of them and he would smile at them.

“Thank you all for a job well done. We couldn’t have done this without you. As a thank you please, take all of this as payment for everything that you’ve done for us.” He said this as he would hand them all their jewels.

Yuurei would check the content of the bag and he would see that it was indeed all jewels. It wasn’t just that, but they had given him more than enough. He would take this and start saving up. He had come across some valuable items along the way, so his pockets were a bit lighter than he had been used to. He would put the jewels away now as he would look over to Ianthe. It seemed like she was ready to leave, so when she started walking, he would follow by her side. Renji would catch up to them as well as he was moving as fast as he could to keep up with the two of them. It was why he didn’t enjoy having small feet, but their job was done and now it was on to the next.



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