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They're trying to catch you... [escape]

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#1Lucretia Wolfenstein 

They're trying to catch you... [escape] Empty Tue Jun 21, 2022 6:36 am

Lucretia Wolfenstein
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Run boy run...

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They're trying to catch you... [escape] VuTlmH6

They're trying to catch you... [escape] Empty Tue Jun 21, 2022 6:36 am

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#3Lucretia Wolfenstein 

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
Round 2 electric boogaloo


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#5Lucretia Wolfenstein 

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
The first day that Lucretia was brought to this place, this boiling rock she could barely remember anything. It was a haze of people and confused looks; not many recognized her out of the prisoners there. For they had either been there a long time or just didn’t have time to keep up with every little person that made their rise.

There were a few that were surprised to see her in shackles; even further still surprised to find that she was next to unconscious. Her shuffling of her feet and glazed over eyes indicated coming from a vicious fight. She was led to her cell where she sat there; staring at the floor for most of the first day…

But at some point something changed; something in her gaze returned and the werewolf turned to lay down. Looking up at the ceiling. Closing her eyes and exhaling slowly. She was not content to stay here but… She needed to recover; even if it was a single night she needed to shake off the battle that had happened and the guards were more than content just to leave her be; knowing that they could get to her later.

Drifting off to sleep what she was gifted with was not what she expected; but the deeper workings of her mind much like the first time that she had transformed properly. She had an abundance of experiences with her inner wolf but what she was given she could only stand there slack jawed.

There was a being made of pure frost sleeping next to where her wolf lay; it was comfortable and seemed to recognize this figure. Lucretia wanted to say something but there was nothing needed to be said; nothing other than knowing that they were here albeit briefly. The massive wolf’s eye cracked open and they shared a moment of eye contact before they slowly stood up.

The wolf didn’t say a word as it headed out; going north. Lucretia stood there; noting the direction and then looking down at her ‘hands’. She had received a boon; a blessing of some kind. She felt stronger somehow and she couldn’t exactly…

Explain it.

She felt the nudging in the back of her head; she knew who that massive frost worn wolf was. She knew that it wasn’t possible; they had long since stopped being… around right? But he was right there and she’d slowly shake her head. She’d have to go north to find answers. To iceberg. To the northern reaches.

She felt her body react to this stimuli and she’d wake.

#6Lucretia Wolfenstein 

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
The magic damperners were down, she could sense that much upon getting off of her cot. She’d look around; the few people that shared a cell with her were sleeping still. She’d growl softly; stepping to the door. It was a regular set of bars she could tell that much; they figured that whatever they had her in would suffice. Her eyes narrowed as she could tell that she was very close to the main guard hold.

Keeping a dangerous prisoner this close to the guards had a benefit; one that would mean they could keep an eye on her more than anything else. She felt the tingle of the moon from the light outside cutting across her back. She felt the touch of that frosty wolf still and without hesitation she touched upon that.

She grew, oh did she grew. Did her strength blossom into something to be feared. Her stature shifted, her blood boiled and she let exhale a powerful breath of air. She could feel the entirety of the world at her fingertips. The shackles they had her in still clattered to the ground without any real resistance; plucked off like one would take a cherry from the top of a pie.

The other cell mates stirred and one of them had to stifle a yelp; ice cold eyes swept to look back to them all. Individuals that she knew if she stayed around maybe she’d grow attached to. But she had no such desire; she had a calling. A calling that every primal urge in her body screamed to her to take.

Her hands gripped at the prison cells bars; and with a heave she tore the bars out of the mooring with some effort. She’d drop it to the side like one did a empty bottle of mead. She’d step out of the cell and look around. She could smell her own scent acutely; she could smell the magic rolling off of the shaka zulu assegai. She knew that was where her equipment lay. With a rolling growl she’d make her way towards it.

There was only one guard in the armory’s hold; snoozing lightly. Lucretia didn’t even pause to snap his neck, tossing them aside and searching through the body of the guard and the desk he had been sitting at. She quickly found them and with a grin popped open the chest that held her spear.

Since the battle it had been repaired and her eyes slid to the armor that sat in it too. Stuff that was marked hers… She felt a scratch at the back of her head. Her wolf could tell it to; someone or something had helped them from the outside. The spear had been repaired, armor replaced, she wasted no time putting the equipment on. It fit perfectly. She could feel it twist and breathe as though it was her own.

Two things to thank them for then…

#7Lucretia Wolfenstein 

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
Stepping out of the guard’s ‘armory’ she’d cast a gaze around. The new helmet was definitely powerful. She could feel it doing much for her; the spear felt mighter. The way she held it reminded her of how the yeti brace also allowed her to fight. Grinning the woman moved like a beast possessed. Tearing through the area; she could feel the armor’s tug on her body. It was heavier than her prior armor but… it didn’t feel like it mattered too much at least to this form.

She’d tear through the next few patrols of guards like a hot knife through butter. Her spear cleaving them in half or her fist sending their heads flying; she was something else. She felt her body spool up as though she was just getting started. Before she had felt that her werewolf body was something that even she should fear.

But now she knew that it wasn’t her that should be fearing her own power. It was that of those that would do wrong.

Her icy blue eyes practically radiated a blood lust that caused some of the guards she came across to balk; the intensity of it practically slamming their advances to a halt before they even were to start. The metallic growling that came through the new helmet didn’t help either; it was a mix of things too.

The first hint of fresh air brought her to a stop; she could feel that she was getting close to the exit. She had to be careful; the guards would be more focused now. She would make sure that they would find out that even with them being prepared she was not one to be taken lightly.

She’d arrive to what she noticed to be the ‘exit’ of the interior most area that she had been placed. Kicking the door open she’d find herself in a large yard; a few guards were leaning against the wall chatting and they froze when the ten foot tall werewolf stepped out. Spear in hand and radiating such an intense blood lust that…

She was a flash of blue; the spear punching so deep into one of their chests that it punched through the wall behind him. Her offhand coming down in a thunderous stroke and display of power that she caused the second guard to explode in a shower of blood. The third scrambled back a whistle coming to his lips and lucretia’s leg kicked out.

He was sent flying through the air, a hole where his chest used to be and his arm that held the whistle was no where to be seen. She had kicked it clean off. She’d yank her spear out of the first guard, it coming out of the wall with ease and she’d walk away. Hearing the first slump to the ground.

Put me in a cage and I’ll break free. A wolf in bonds is not a wolf at all.

#8Lucretia Wolfenstein 

They're trying to catch you... [escape] Empty Wed Jun 22, 2022 1:00 pm

Lucretia Wolfenstein
The next group of guards that Lucretia happened upon were actually paying attention and armed. They spotted her and drew their swords; one of them fumbling for their whistle as the wolf beared down on them. He’d get it to his lips like the others but lucretia’s speed was something that upset the natural orders of things. She had already crossed the distance between them in a split moment her offhand coming around in a backhanded motion. A small peep managed to get through the whistle but it wasn’t enough to stop her from taking his head clean off.

The other two guards were moving in slow motion to her. One earned a kick to his chest while the other an elbow to the top of his head. She saw the head cave in, heard the forced exhalation of breath leaving the other’s body. She’d turn and look around. Seeing the trio of guards dead without much fuss she’d continue forward.

She was an absolute monster; more so now that her equipment had been returned to her; more so that she had been given something by something she had never met. Someone she had never met. A being she in her wildest dreams didn’t even register existing in the first place and that she had met them in a dreamscape of all things.

The exit is this way… I can tell.

#9Lucretia Wolfenstein 

They're trying to catch you... [escape] Empty Wed Jun 22, 2022 1:07 pm

Lucretia Wolfenstein
Arriving at the last bit of the prison she was greeted with a small force of guards and a very distraught looking sub warden. He was babbling on about something when lucretia arrived and she heard the yelps of some of the guards as she loomed up and over the individual giving them commands.

They’d turn to her; she felt a rising lust for blood roll across her body. Without a moments hesitation she was on them; the sub warden was taken by lucretia’s hand. Gripping his head and yanking with all her might she’d separate both spine and skull from it’s mooring. The left over guards screamed in fear as the wolf kicked the body out of the way; her spear flashing gold as she cut a bloody swath through them.

The first roar of primal anger came from her lips; splitting the night like a hot knife through butter. Such intensity to the point where her metallic garble made it worse. Heightened as the cries for help from the guards were cut off one by one; till all that was left was her bloodthirsty howling to the night sky.

It practically shook the ground; cracked it. Her physical presence and vocal presence was enough to ward off guards. Some of them saw the slaughter of their peers and ran the other way. Others stood there aghast.

What were they supposed to do?

#10Lucretia Wolfenstein 

They're trying to catch you... [escape] Empty Wed Jun 22, 2022 1:08 pm

Lucretia Wolfenstein
Lucretia was in front of the gates; staring up at it. Certainly she couldn’t just walk out? Certainly this was far as she would go escape wise? The werewolf drew back her fist and with a sizeable; noticeable strike punched it once; twice; three times before the gate flew off of it’s mooring. Slamming down on the bridge mechanism and forcing it to fold outwards.

She stood there for a moment; taking in what she saw and walked forward. Snorting softly before striding forward; she had made her escape from the inside of the prison. The last stretch was often the most dangerous and she would be on her guard as she made her way over the impromptu bridge.

Getting to the opposing shore the werewolf looked around and made her way into the night; if someone didn’t stop her here and now she would make her fair escape.

[48 Hour timer started.]

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