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Arrival of The Crimson Wind [Yuurei]

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#1Ren Aikawa 

Arrival of The Crimson Wind [Yuurei] Empty Mon Jun 20, 2022 12:18 am

Ren Aikawa
Ren stood there and his eyes still explored the corners and details of the guild hall, while his ears listened to Yuurei’s answer to his question.

”Freedom…” he repeated to himself.

Maybe that was the thing that he craved. Freedom. He spent half his eyes life running away, so that he might live. And he managed to run away. Was this what it meant to be free? Had he finally let go of the past that haunted him? He had still yet to figure those questions out. But one thing for sure, the word freedom seemed so alluring, as if it was calling him, as if it was his destiny.

Ren had already been slaying monsters all around, whichever came pass by him and thought that Ren was a meal. Only to be slain right afterwards. So it would be nothing new to him. The guild’s goal seemed to be aligned with his values, Ren noticed. Except the part where they help each other out. That felt very alien to Ren.

”Like a clan.” he mentioned. Identifying a few similarities. Slowly remembering what it was like to be around a group of people from when he was a child.

Once his eyes were done wondering around, he looked at Yuurei, as if waiting for him to lead the way again.


Arrival of The Crimson Wind [Yuurei] Empty Mon Jun 20, 2022 5:38 pm

Yuurei would hear his small words and it would seem like they all had powerful meaning behind them. He could only smile as it seemed like he was doing his best to relate a guild to something he was familiar with.

“Yes, I guess like a clan. And as for monster hunting and mercenary work you will get paid for doing that.” He paused with a smile on his face as it seemed like that was something that he was thinking about.

He looked around and figured that he would give him a small tour of this place.

“So, this is once again the main guild hall. It has multiple sections in this building. We have multiple floors with Dining Hall, Libraries, a quest board room, a master kitchen, and even lounges throughout this place. You can find a bunch of that stuff here, but if you want to explore the place you could do that on your own time.” He said this to Ren as he was walking around the place to at least show him what was on the first floor.

They would find a lounge room and dining hall on this floor. There were a couple of people here, conversing and enjoying their meal. He moved through the area as he was heading to the exit of this place, so he could take him to another building.

#3Ren Aikawa 

Arrival of The Crimson Wind [Yuurei] Empty Mon Jun 20, 2022 11:44 pm

Ren Aikawa
Monster hunting and mercenary work sounded right up his alley. He knew that one day he needed to emerge from isolation and mingle with the other humans, and he often found that he needed money to do much in their cities and towns. So a job that required little words really fit him. He was tired of doing chores for others anyway.

He took note of what Yuurei said, the places he would find here. But Ren wondered if he would even explore the area and not just stick in one quiet place to himself.

The young ronin followed the other white-haired individual. He saw a few people eating together. He had forgotten what that was like, sitting with another and enjoying each other’s presence while being accompanied by food. He wondered if he would find others he would even tolerate to share a meal together. Heck, he’s thinking as if he was going to stay there for quite some time. Perhaps.

Ren kept following Yuurei around, sight-seeing the buildings.


Arrival of The Crimson Wind [Yuurei] Empty Tue Jun 21, 2022 10:55 pm

Yuurei was moving through the area with Ren following behind him. It wasn’t just that, but he was truly showing him the building. It was possibly the one place where he could be hanging out a lot. Well, that was if he decided to join the guild. He wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but he kept showing him the place anyways. He would take Ren through the other floors, and he would show him similar things that were on the first floor here. This area had a few more people, but not as many as the lower floor did.

He kept moving through the place as he figured he would ask Ren if he had any questions when he finished showing him everything. Of course, that wouldn’t take long because they would make it back to the first floor of the building. He would look at Ren with a smile and Renji would do the same thing.

“So, what do you think about the guild hall? I haven’t even shown you the living quarters, but I got to ask, are you interested in joining the guild now? I have mine on my chest.” He said to him waiting to see his response.

#5Ren Aikawa 

Arrival of The Crimson Wind [Yuurei] Empty Wed Jun 22, 2022 12:37 am

Ren Aikawa
Ren followed Yuurei and Renji through the tour. The joyan man truly felt out of place as he witnessed the many marvel of the technology used all over the area. They looked distinct too, as if they were incooperated by different styles blended together. A work of art formed by the synergy of different individuals. Perhaps people were meant to live and work together after all. Ren thought as the tour went on. Not to mention how many smiles and how filled the place was with emotions. They were chaotic for sure, but somehow they felt nice. A harmony amidst the mess. Ren found this remarkable.

When they ended up at the first floor of the building, Ren noticed how Yuurei and Renji looked at him. Then the awaited question came, Ren simply looked at the two of them first, not saying anything, as usual. He then shifted his gaze at the people around the guild hall.

“I’ll have mine behind my left shoulder,”.


Arrival of The Crimson Wind [Yuurei] Empty Wed Jun 22, 2022 12:46 am

Yuurei and Renji were waiting for an answer, and soon enough they would get an answer. Their eyes would sparkle when they saw this because they weren’t expecting the answer. They would hope for it but hearing him say those words made everything better. He wanted to jump around and show how happy he was, but instead, he would cough into his hand lightly. He would look over at Ren and he would smile at him.

“Alright then, that’s good to hear. If we’re going to do this, then come with me to my office. I have the guild’s magical insignia there. So follow me.” He said as he turned to the door and he would walk out of the guild hall they were in.

Yuurei would walk over to the tower where his office was located and while that was happening, Renji would look at Ren.

“So, you joining us. That’s good to hear. I think you should fight Yuu next to see just how strong your guild master is.” He said to him bringing up a battle between them.

#7Ren Aikawa 

Arrival of The Crimson Wind [Yuurei] Empty Thu Jun 23, 2022 1:31 am

Ren Aikawa
Ren smiled slightly at how delighted the two were. He was also curious what was in store for him. How his life would change. He had a new pupose now.

The young ronin followed the nephilim, out of the building and towards a new one. He would look over as Renji spoke to him, a grin formed across his lips. ”It’s like as if you’ve read my mind.” he remarked. He then turned to look at Yuurei. Awaiting an answer.

Ren was always fighting monsters of some kinds, or bandits and crooks. He never had a real spar ever since he ran away. So it would be interesting how things would turn out. After witnessing the events in the tavern earlier, Ren knew that Yuurei was a good fighter, but he didn’t see enough to tell how strong the nephilim really was. He wondered if Yuurei deserved to be called Master.


Arrival of The Crimson Wind [Yuurei] Empty Thu Jun 23, 2022 12:22 pm

Yuurei would hear the two of them as they entered the other building. While they were moving through the building and toward his office, he figured he would give an answer.

“Sure, I don’t mind fighting you. It’s what I do for most of the guild members. I’ve fought almost everyone in here, except for about two or three of them. It is good helping out people giving them an experience they didn’t have before. It also helps them learn what they’re lacking for next time.” He said to Ren with a smile on his face.

Once he was done talking, he would have arrived at his office. He would open it up with a magical seal and he would enter it with Ren behind him. He would move over to his desk, and he would get the tool with the guild’s insignia.

Once he had it, he would walk over to Ren as this was a painless process, and for some reason, everyone thought it would hurt.

“Alright remove your shirt, so I can put the insignia on your left shoulder.” He said to him waiting for him to do that.

#9Ren Aikawa 

Arrival of The Crimson Wind [Yuurei] Empty Fri Jun 24, 2022 3:04 am

Ren Aikawa
Ren smiled when he received the answer. He had never felt so excited about anything in his life before. He was actually looking forward to something for what it seems like the first time in his life. He wondered what fighting an actual mage would be like. Ren might have the disadvantage as he had not really focused much on his magic. He had always relied on his sword and sheer strength.

Ren walked into the room and looked around, it felt a bit strange being in a room surrounded by walls. As if he was trapped with no connection to the outside air. He saw Yuurei took out something, a tool to stamp the guild’s insignia perhaps.

Ren did as ordered without showing any reluctance or fear, he just did. He turned around and unwrapped the layered cloth, exposing the young ronin’s back and shoulders, and all the scars that decorated it. He then turned his head back, as if showing a sign that he was ready.


Arrival of The Crimson Wind [Yuurei] Empty Fri Jun 24, 2022 9:25 am

Yuurei was waiting for Ren to make his move and soon enough he would. He was glad that he did it without asking questions. This was good and when he revealed his back, Yuurei saw it. They were opposites, the light mage had been through many battles, but the scars that should have been on him permanently never did. Still, with Ren it was different. The man was a seasoned warrior and had made scars to prove it.

Still, he wouldn’t ask about the scars, and he would go to the man’s shoulder and he would do exactly what he needed to do. He would press the device onto his shoulder, and a seal would appear that would place the Paradise Dawn’s insignia onto his shoulder. Once he was done, he would step back from him, and he would put the device away before looking back at Ren.

“Alright this is good, you are now a part of Paradise Dawn. I guess the next thing to do is the sparring match between us.” He said to Ren with a smile on his face.

#11Ren Aikawa 

Arrival of The Crimson Wind [Yuurei] Empty Sat Jun 25, 2022 1:34 am

Ren Aikawa
Ren watched as his soon to be guild master pressed on the tool on the back of his soulder. It didn’t take long and it didn’t hurt either. Once it was done, and Yuurei stepped back, Ren looked at the new insignia, Crimson in color that matches his eyes. He brought his hand to touch it. Ackowledging that it was real, that he was now a member of Paradise Dawn. It felt surreal to him. His life was going to drastically change from that point onward.

The young ronin grinned at the other’s smile. He could feel the adrenaline pump through his veins already. He might not be good at sparring but this is just a start. Training with other mages is what he needed to grow stronger to reach his ultimate goal.

”Then take us to the battlefield.” he said with a slightly excited tone, with a smile at that. Perhaps a spar was what it would take for Yuurei to gain Ren’s full trust.



Arrival of The Crimson Wind [Yuurei] Empty Sun Jun 26, 2022 7:57 pm

Yuurei could see the smile on the young man’s face, and he would smile with him. It would seem like he wanted this, which was good to know. When he heard his statement, the Nephilim would nod listening to him.

“Okay, that’s good to hear. If you can follow me, I will take us to the training dome. It’s a place I spar with the members of our guild. Hell, I even fought two people from another guild.” He said to Ren.

He would start moving out of the building and toward the training dome. They were walking, so it was going to take a while. The place and location are separated from the rest of the guild for a reason. He looked over to Renji as he had all of his equipment in the bag. He didn’t have to worry about it, but the cape that was inside Renji’s bag might be upset with him, so he would have to apologize to the cape.


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