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Well damn.

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Well damn. Empty Sun Jun 19, 2022 8:59 pm


Finding himself stuck between a rock and a hard place he hopes that maybe he would see a familiar face some where in the crowd of people that have passed him in this seemingly busy town. Though he doubted that He would be making much time up here as this place was a wonder land for people that liked the sun and waters, but he had really had his fill of such things and he was not going to really let it bog him down. There he had a lot to do, he had to make sure that they all could see him but not fear him for what and who he was but at the same time not let them too close to himself so that they got hurt or found themselves in danger by being close to him or the people he wished to defend from the dangers of the world out side.

Maybe someone could give him some info or some kind of lead that wasn't covered in sand and sadness.

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