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Time with Children [Open to SC]

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Time with Children [Open to SC] Empty Sun Jun 19, 2022 9:12 am


A face gazed out of a window. The light shining from the external sun failing to reach them. Only the darkness of shadow managed to seep into the room, covering their face in a shadow of dark hue that darkened their face. Blending their facial features and hiding them within it as if they were falling into an abyss.

Eyes scanned the open field, the open space to the back of the Sleeping Calamity guild's building. The world was completely still. Nothing moved, not a leaf quivered, but over the silence brooded a ghostly calm and the whisper of a smokey breath as it rose in gasps and lingered in the frosty air.

A foot docked in a heel lifted and spun slowly against the ground, a slow, delicate, deliberate motion of the owner in thought. Black. The foot kicked something round, hollow, something which rolled away into the shadows.

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Time with Children [Open to SC] Empty Sat Jul 09, 2022 5:25 pm

Regis Karlinius
Scanning around would yield entire results of something maybe newer, expected but still yet to be adjusted. Walking upon the fields was Regis, seemingly filling his spare and free time he normally had through trying to busy with slowly morphing and deranged mind. But Regis was alive even under all of that armour that reflected that state of being he was in when Jikan found him. under it he had cleaned up the mess of his looks, having shaved all of the hair off of his face aside form his eyebrows and the hair on his head that was eventually made short. It took a bit of effort but he managed, just said nothing about it while do it because often times, Regis never mentioned much he did, this would be nothing new.

At least yet, But at least you knew Regis was out there since not much was really seemingly covering him with in this open field.


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The object kicked continued to roll through the shadows spinning and turning as it went. Going its path avoiding the trivia small objects in its way that could bump it.

For the figure, sometimes the dark room was like a place out of time, a place to rest without consequence. The darkness in that way was a sanctuary, a place to recharge and forget the things the world said had to be done. Had to be a certain way. It wasn't the matter of couldn't or wouldn't here, but rather that it simply did not exist. It was a different realm in the sense of stepping out of the craziness for a while. So, in the darkness that stole even her own form, she was content to let the night pass and awake when daylight streamed in with its bold confidence.

There was something in the darkness that was like a promise, like the world before dawn. It was a room as a canvas rather than a finished work of art. It was all the more exciting. With each movement something new came to their hand, a tiny fragment more of the furniture and antique ornaments took form, as if they were waiting for them to make them real.

While this occurred there was other things going on. Out in the field where Regis stood and walked. Two figureds were also present, out relaxing in the grassy field under a tree. Their forms in the honeyed light of afternoon, the grasses appear to have blossomed with flowers of pure sunlight. Eyes rest upon golden arcing rays. The illumination giving vivacious hues to this world of living art. Giving a light to their forms. A male and a female. The man was lanky, his body slim for the most part standing about 6 ft tall. A white undershirt with a brown jacket and brown pants, brown fluffy ears on top of his head with his blue eyes looked down.

These eyes were looking at the female that was talking to him. She stood at 5 feet and 2 inches tall, silver hair with purple eyes starring up at the man as she spoke. She wore teal colored dress that flowed to her calfs.

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Time with Children [Open to SC] Empty Wed Jul 13, 2022 5:39 am

Regis Karlinius
Even if he wanted too, Regis could not seem to bare the even look at them for no longer then just a moment, Even if he was out for a walk it seemed he neither had the will, desire or confidence to talk to people he did not know anymore. It was one of many issues stemming from Regis, Then again it was not like he was hiding that either since he very well knew his own problems. Just as he was about to talk past them he kind of just stopped for a moment and looked around just in case. He has no idea something seemed to compel him to do it.

In the end after letting around he just seemed to continue on his way, To where he was going, it might be a good guess that he was heading towards either Jikan or the area of in which he was getting use too. Then again he seemed to not express any worries while he was walking around. But just maybe for once Regis kind of felt a bit happy and content with where he was at this time, He was walking fair less slow now days and just more causally.

For the most part, it seemed Regis had started thinking about things for once in his life but whatever they where while he was walking towards the building in which he was slowly starting to call home. How long his mind would remain in place as it was now was a pretty good question.


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The two individuals seemed to be in the middle of their own little conversation. Their own little world but still aware of what was going on around them.

"It's a beautfiul day. But a bit boring", spoke the girl up to the standing male with furry ears.

"Ye-yea. But boring is not really a bad thing. It is go quiet...so peaceful", he said looking up at the clouds a soft smile on his face.

"Oh you would say that Klein. Things can be peaceful along with being active or fun. It doesn't have to be boring", she said patting the man on the arm with a coy smile on her face.

"Amira. That is only for you. Not everyone can find loud noises or things running about around them relaxing or peaceful", the man said with a laugh.

The two's conversation went on like that, during the time that Regis was away and walking. They assumed he was a person of the town or a guild member that they did not know. Given the free movement of the area with people it was often that causal interactions between the two groups happened. Their conversation was continuing as normal, talking about simple trivial things as Regis walked. The man almost walking past them but stopping in front of them.

"Hmmm?", the two of them sounded at the notice of Regis stopping before them. The female having a curious expression on his face and the male had a stiff neutral expression on his face. "Do you need-", the male and female began to ask but Regis seemed to continue on his way. They shrugged while looking at each other, just thinking that the stranger had a moment to think about something.


While this was going on Jikan was coming out of the building a bit out of the way.Walking down a set of stairs accompanied by Mia who hopped down each step. The distance was far away, but enough to be in eye sight and hearing if one talked moderately loud. Out from her distance Jikan eyes scanned the front as she saw three bodies. And...she was sure that she knew all three of them.

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Time with Children [Open to SC] Empty Wed Jul 20, 2022 7:17 am

Regis Karlinius
Wasn't it just great how quiet a place could be and how things not spoken seemed to show many things. for Regis he did not intend horrible things by not speaking and just walking by, he was just casually looking at people just in case, Then again for now maybe he just needed to go back to the building he was trying to adjust too. The guild life was still strange to him as he was walking towards the building. At least he was not getting annoyed as he used to be now days. Might just be him finally realizing he was kind of getting that sense of home.

It would take time for whatever else would be needed to pick up on by Regis but it seemed he would towards Jikan and whatever she might be looking at during this moment. His mind was generally as blank as the helmet that covered his face he seemed to just maybe not have enough to worry about at this time, until he had to worry about something but that might not really bother him in the end at this time. The closest kind of feeling of peace Regis has had in a while.


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Amira and Klein showed no signs of being offended by the unknown man's actions. This was because for them, there was no issue with what he had done. He was just some person in armor that walked by to them. Normal citizens may have been scared or concerned by a person dressed like that stopping in front of them before moving on without saying a word. But, the young man and woman were aware of magic and adventures, and were use to them being out and about. With their gear on as well. Sure, there was a moment of caution from them from within to be ready to defend themselves, but beyond the normal mindset of being ready to defend oneself that their mother instilled into them, there was no concern from the two.

At this point Jikan had reached the bottom of the stairs, touching the green grass and vibrant soil of the land that the Sleeping Calamity building sat on. Jikan looked on with a plain face but internal pride. It was hard work and luck to turn the decrepit land into something bringing life. Seeing Regis, the guild master waved to the newest inhabitant of her home. "Good day Regis. Out for a walk I see?".

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Time with Children [Open to SC] Empty Sat Jul 23, 2022 8:22 am

Regis Karlinius
It seemed some one finally spoke to him, not that it should have been entirely unexpected right at this time, He was not as annoyed about these things either he was just there, he was just able to deal with these things since it was something he could do now. Then again as always his answers were a bit more slow when he got to them.

His walking would stop when encountering Jikan however the entire easily picked up part of Regis, he touched nothing, he just looked at things, the quiet blank stares at things. Maybe the worst part form any experience so far, Regis never made any attempts to touch anything around here, It just might make things still a bit strange here."Not much...I think to do at this time, It is different."Maybe he was trying to hard to force himself to get use to things too quickly, Stubbornness and all maybe it was just a case of he could be trying too hard to get himself to get use to things, It might not be the best idea but he was still trying and he was not giving himself any credit yet, Since well social problems never got solved quickly.


Time with Children [Open to SC] Empty Wed Jul 27, 2022 2:41 pm


Jikan stood up moving from her low crouched position touching the green grass to back to normal. Her voice called out to Regis, her face still casual and filled with an impartial look. She spoke to him hoping to get some information from him. It had been some days now since they had met and she welcomed him into Sleeping Calamity's building. He had been fed, offered new armor to change into and have, and hopefully cleaned up and trimmed. But that was something for him to do and as he always kept his armor on, she had not gotten to see his face.

He smelled good at least.

She watched as Regis stopped moving, looking around blank eyes gazed out from the visor of his head helmet.

"This walk is different than your normal walks?".

At this point the two individuals from earlier began to turn towards Regis and Jikan and walk.

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Time with Children [Open to SC] Empty Thu Jul 28, 2022 4:37 pm

Regis Karlinius
It seemed maybe the people walking towards Regis would not either strike his mind or thoughts yet at all it might have to be the case of them sneaking up on him and she would most likely have to deal with it later."No animals or thieves to worry about.."still stuck in other things it seemed he was trying to move on but found things still strange."No muggers...no bears..."There was some kind awareness as Regis was starting to realize that he was trailing on and it might not be a good thing to have happen with him.

It seemed he was trying to open up, he was getting use to this he was progressing a lot more then he thought in the first place, Then again maybe there was better people to see this progress that was not there now but that was maybe another conversation for later.

Jikan might have offered him new armour, But Regis was still wearing his old set, he might just have better hygiene but it might take more to get that change out of the way. It was just slow steps for him. The major part in this he seemed to not be resisting change.


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Jikan placed her left hand on her hip as she listened to Regis speak. "So you are out looking for threats instead of relaxation? Well....an aware mind and body is always good. But do make sure to enjoy the fresh air", she spoke with a nod of response at the words spoke by Regis.

The two figures continued to walk, at first at least. In a short time while Jikan and Regis talked they shifted into a fast walk even. They seemed to be drawn to the spot the two were at. It would not be an action that could be considered quiet or sneaky by any means. But not chaotic or loud either.

"It is good to hear that no aggressive animals, thieves, or muggers were found to be around though", she was happy to let the man speak. Trailing on or not. Some small talk did not bother her and she had nothing planned or what she was aware that she would need to take care of. Her blue and green colored eyes were soft as she looked the man up and down. His armor looked clean, and he smelled much much better, but he still had his old things on. Perhaps he did not like the set Jikan had gotten for him?

She supposed that was fine, him choosing so was for him to choose. "Have you eaten today Regis?".

A voice behind Regis would call out as it seemed to draw closer. "Mooooooom".

#12Regis Karlinius 

Time with Children [Open to SC] Empty Sat Aug 06, 2022 6:20 am

Regis Karlinius
It seemed for the moment other things gathered Regis' attention the word mom. It only really seemed to have him turn to look for a moment because it was something he personally had not heard for a while. It reminded him of something for a moment but he seemed to try to not think about it for a moment."I have eaten some things, I do not recall how long a go."So he was for the most part still managing to start taking care of himself better and better.

Even if he seemed curious enough to ask why these smaller people where calling her mother, it seemed that Regis withheld that idea of it over all since, it slightly reminded him of something that still bothered him in some way, just not as much as he remembered it bugging him before. But alas he just kind of figured maybe it was a bit bitter to ask then let be entirely quiet."Who are they?"He did not look at them at all and almost felt like he did not want too yet.


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After Jikan had began and speaking her last sentence, she heard an all to familiar voice call out, Her eyes had shifted during the process. Moving from her scanning eyes behind him, to her blue green eyes gazing at Regis fully as she spoke to him. But it seemed that there was a delay in his response. After the word Mom was spoke, Regis had turned around as if he was seeking the origin of the word. Jikan's previous statements and questions seemingly were thrown to the wayside. Distracted by the voice calling that was not hers.

After doings so Regis talked. "Well at least you did eat. Even if you don't remember when today". She looked up after speaking, the two figures arriving towards Jikan and Regis. "Oh? They are my children Regis", she said this simply and matter of fact manner. "Amira. Klein. Say hello to the newest member to our guild. Regis".

The boy and girl walked up past Regis. Standing to the left side of Jikan completing their walk and turned to face him. "Ah...he..hello. I am Klein", spoke the young teen bow in a somewhat quiet voice.

"Amira", she looked at Regis up and down. A flat face much like Jikan. But it held more emotion and feelings with in it.

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Regis Karlinius
Regis did not really connect these children were related in some manner to Jikan nor that they where children since he had not really figured it was something she needed to think about over all."Oh...these are your children?...I see."Regis did not mean any harm of this even if he was kind of just mentioning it in passing.

Was looking at Regis as plain as their parents going to do much? not really looking at a man who's face is generally hidden behind of armour and seemingly shadowed in a veil. it was like a wall staring at a wall for the most part it did not seem to do much in the general way of Regis being himself and just generally not changing.

But he seemed to just at least try."Well...greetings to all of you then."He would mentioned to all of them.After all he was harmless to them and just kind of quietly wait for a moment."I surely hope all of you are treated well."He asked because a part of him was curious but also assumed everyone was okay, safe and not at risk at all, not that he could say about other events he was starting to think about.


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After the boy and girl said their names they stood where they were. Resting at their spots near the bottom of the steps as they looked at Regis. Close to their mother's left side but not hugging the space she was in either. After Jikan said that the two people before her were her children she thought about doing a clarification. And at Regis' first words she thought it was a good place to. "Yes. They are my children. My adopted children", she reached out her left hand as she spoke. Giving a soft...loving? Pat on their heads as she spoke. The two young teens did not move as their mother did so. Either they enjoyed the small act of affection or were use to her doing such a thing.

With the added information Jikan assumed some clarity would be given. If Regis did not connect the two to her it would make a lot of sense. They did not look anything like her after all. "With one having fluffy ears and one being a cute silver haired girl. Well, that's a big difference from my red hair."

As Jikan said this, the Klein's animal ears flicked. Moving a bit in an excitement and his nervous face shifted slightly into a more relaxed expression. Amira stayed pretty much the same. Only a brief of smirks on her face as she felt Jikan pat her head. More in the way to say you're goofy Mom as she turned her head slightly before facing Regis again. "Surprised?", Jikan asked Regis.

Just listening until this point, Klein and Amira spoke again.

"Hello Regis. Pleasure to...meet you I hope", Klein said, his voice a bit calmer now but still holding his ever present shy anxious attitude. "I am. Much better than I have been in a long time".

"Oh Klein, relax a bit. You don't need to be so stiff", Amira said poking Klein's side slightly with her elbow. "But anyway. Yea I'm good...now that my home isn't a crumbled piece of stone and wood", she said with a sigh. "So you the new guy?".

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Regis Karlinius
It seemed even with all of this around him Regis almost did not want to attempt to feel something from this and he was doing his best not too. IT was nothing against Jikan or the children before him it was just internally making his soul weep with emotions. For now he would try his best to just talk to them normally."Not my place to judge if they where adopted or not."he did put it at that for good reason because it really was not his place to judge that or not since if they where happy and alive he would be content with that.

Was he surprised, no really he had not expected it but did not let it get to him too much. Either it would be worrying he did not reaction or a relief one of the two but Regis did not seem to mention too much about it in the end.

"Yes, I am Regis...it is nice to meet you both."He seemed to just kind of left it as it stood for casual conversation about things, Regis at least trying to talk to them even if he was unsure if he wanted.


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Klein and Amira waited after speaking. Gazing at Regis with a light level of curiosity. He was a new member to their home after all. And one that their mother had personally brought as well no less. Jikan had told them only of something brief. That someone connected to a friend of hers would be joining them. Who this person was and the friend of their mother was unknown to them though. But, they had just gotten the chance to find out that one of the people of interest in this dynamic was Regis.

Jikan on the other hand had only looked on with a calm expression. One that just showed content just existing with the peace and pleasantry around her. "Oh you misunderstood. It was not information because I thought you thought something was to be judged.. Just something offered to be known if curious", she said with a shrug.

Hearing Regis name, Klein simply nodded. Standing to gaze the man he gave a look over. Amira on the other hand spoke nodding her head as well. "I hope so. Well welcome to the guild I guess. So, what do you want?", asked Amira a bit blunt.

"Amira", said Klein in an exaggerated sigh. "Sorry. She is curious at to why you joined the guild. A lot of people have had various reasons", he spoke softly. Trying to correct what Amira said.

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Time with Children [Open to SC] Empty Mon Aug 15, 2022 4:23 pm

Regis Karlinius
It would almost be safe to think that the question at hand for Regis would be a simple answer, But it was one he almost did not want to answer to right away, it was only because Jikan might know why Regis almost did not answer. But he did."I want....redemption."It was the best word he could come up with for it. Redemption it was vague yes but for the one who knew all of the things they did. Redemption was the most fitting word."Redemption and Forgiveness..."For once a small hint of internal suffering seemed to spark out from Regis like he knew thinking of it did actually effect him.

But before they really asked from what."But...please do not worry yourself why...It is a tale I think you are safer being spared from."It was meant harmlessly but Regis knew, Children took things differently in terms of their views and understands of words. As too what Jikan would think or what Regis would think with words over all. What would Jikan think? what would the little one thinks? As much as Regis did not want to worry about it he did in some manner.


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Jikan had not said a word at the words that Amira said. Amira personality and way of speaking was well known to her at this point. A bit straight to the point, but, mostly, Amira was never a mean person. There could be some roughness and coldness....similar to Jikan. But there was definitely some kindness and emotion there for her.

Amira continued to wait, her eyes calm and scanning for an answer from the stranger Regis. She gave a simple question and thought it would really be a simple answer. It was a bit of a wait but she got it, but she was wondering why the heck was there such a pause from him. Was he hiding something? She heard the words. Redemption. She blinked and nodded her head. What was this man wanting to be redeemed from? And forgiveness. Had he committed some action that he regretted? Long ago? Recently? Months ago even?? "Well...this is an interesting place to try and do that...".

Klein watched silently but could not help his ears feeling...something from the man. His voice, it felt heavy...drained. Sad. Even in this calm casual conversation it seemed out to Klein. Suffering. "Well...I hope you find what you are looking for then", he said a bit louder and more...present. His voice not held back and shy as much.

Jikan tilted her head. A tale not to worry about was often one to worry about she thought. And, with how she raised Klein and Amira over the last few years. They probably thought the same. Being completely in the dark was not often a good thing. It brought unease and unexpected possibility. Possibility that was harder to react to and use. To live in. She would leave t alone...for now. In time she hoped to have Regis open up a little. Either for his betterment or for Sleeping calamity or Jikan's in the end. Perhaps gaining something in the long term.

"If you say so, very well. Tales are like books, vast and many. But not all need to be told at once. They come when they are ready to be told. If at all", she added at the end, her voice and serene and...a little bit caring hidden in?

Klein and Amira just nodded along. Thinking the situation and the man was indeed a bit weird and curious. But. they knew enough that sometimes, pushing a topic was not the best way to get something out of someone or something.

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Regis Karlinius
Regis did not know what else really to do here. Regis did actually not mind being around children he just in some manner feels like she was far too dangerous to be around for the worry that he might just get the same way he was again like he was at a point of life long a go, At least well it was just his worry

But at least he did not need to subject many people to it, only if his mother just popped up out of no where did that info maybe risk getting around to the children because Judith just had problems telling people things, at least in Regis' view of it. After all in some manner Regis assumed his mother would work against him for no reason.

Regis would not mind opening up, But it was just more the idea of maybe a child was better off knowing he snapped the neck of his wife and daughter in a fit of uncontrolled madness that just hit him one day. Regis wanted children to be innocent as long as they could. But Regis seemed to mutter to himself quietly."Sometimes....maybe i just don't want people to think about..."It was not towards anyone but himself, after all Regis was still a bit distant might be the best word.


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A person's past was something that was a part of them. Whether in the distant past or only a day ago. The actions of the individual, their circumstances. Always did have a place in parts of their soul....their mind. Whether they had over on, healed, or overcame it. Or if it was just a happy memory with joy and peace from long long long ago. But these things also did not have to be brought up. They didn't have to be thought of.

If the person wish, they could exist within a bubble, within a space where it did not exist, did not happen. Whether not that was a healthy thing in the end would be up for debate.

Either way Jikan's talk with Regis before hand gave her a feeling that this was the case for the man. And with the information given to her from him, and perhaps a few connecting details that Judith and Anders had told her, she could have some thoughts about what it could possibly be. But, she was probably far off. Regardless, she knew the man had a sense of solitude, guilt, and a need for forgiveness. Failing at something maybe or regret. Somethi g in the past he did not wish to be again? See again? Feel again. An understanding challenge.

Three members of the little Supesu family heard Regis' whisper. It was to himself but they were close by. Good enough to hear. And even then, with Klein being a werewolf, and Amira being a vampire. It was safe to day they had above average hearing abilities. They stood there getting that this was something that was hard for Regis to talk about, such as their own things of their life and past. They could emphasize with that, whatever the source of origin of this feeling was.

"So Mr. How are you taking being with us?", asked Klein. Trying to so a shift of topic along..

Picking up the cue, Amira followed along. A side glance from Jikan and a soft poke from Klein. She got it before they did anything but got the message from them. Please go along. And so, she did so and spoke, "Have you walked in the market streets? There are always pleasant games and a few good things people are selling".

Jikan spoke then, adding on to the talks. "Some good food. Alas I have no places to recommend given that I don't know your tatae. Well. Besides fish". Mia popped out now, out of a door with a lot of energy hearing the magic word. "FIIIIIIISSSSHHH????".

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Regis Karlinius
Internally Regis was kind of annoyed still they where trying to still interact with him. But then remember the entire idea of if his mother saw him in this situation he would get a horrible scolding if he just kept being this way. So he was going to do his best to simply just keep going and deal with it, he would deal with being such a being in despair and depression for later, So alas it as time to attempt to continue moving one and getting better.

So he was trying to speak to anyone here just in general."About as well as I can, considering many long years in the wood alone."With how it seemed like a change in his mind happen that he tried to be doing this a bit more often."The markets are something i intend to look into later, Just been taking my time."It was most likely in his plans too, maybe just out of armour or in some way to make him less picked up on. But for now he would settle on other things to do.

Then well Mia spoke about fish he almost expected it from the cat, but he also wanted to not mention it because it might be considered something almost weird to expect from a cat. But he was trying and maybe some what settling into this situation pretty good or some what good.


Time with Children [Open to SC] Empty Sun Aug 21, 2022 5:12 pm


Amira and Klein were more on the social side than their adopted mother. Safe to say that they could even be credited to being helpful sources that made her more social. Or at least less strange to others who interacted with her such as the members in the guild. They were not social butterflies though by any means. Just a little bit more...functional. That was not always an easy thing. Sometimes people were anti social, sometimes they, Amira, Klein, or Jikan had no real idea what to do in a situation. Only taking their best guess with what they knew or could gather.

Hearing his response, Jikan had only nodded her head. That information that she had gathered enough before hand. From the site of the man when she first saw him, the routine she saw, and then...less than favorable conditions. She figured that he had been out and about in several woods and forests for awhile now. However, she did have a bit of surprise at hearing that it was many years. Regis was in a worse mental state than she had originally thought.

"I see, well I hope it continues to be well. Perhaps even pleasant Regis", Klein said in a soft conversative tone. Amira added on and responded as well. "Good, I think it would be nice to see the things available. Do take your time and be comfortable when you go". Out of the door Mia took in the space around her. Seeing Regis she waved one of her cat paws at him, "Hi Regiiiiis".

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Regis Karlinius
Regis in his continuing attempts to do his best would actually wave to Mia. his efforts internally were getting a bit drained but he would continue to try because it was just how he dealt with it, keep pushing on. Just a few more minutes each time with in his mind would be what he could say to himself internally.

But Regis was trying to shed being the forest walker so to say, the walk plate of armour that showed up places just to get things they need and be gone the next, The only signs of worry was one thing he yet was to speak about. The days he could not speak. that was when Regis was a walking nightmare. That was a story for another day, After all it was a nightmare for a person.What else he could do now, was hard to consider he felt a bit strange for the moment again.


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Jikan, Klein, and Amira all turned their heads towards Mia. Different expressions on the faces as they register the exceeds entrance. "Hello dear", Jikan said in a soft tone with her normal facial expression.

Klein said "Hello Kitty" with a soft smile. "Mia..", Amira said as her greeting. Short, but...not cold. Her voice held a soft fondness in them. Mia looked at all of them and gave them a wave as well. Happy to see them. "Hi everyone. Glad to see you all are hanging out with Regis", she said with a happy paw in the air.

Jikan took a moment to look at Regis, get his vibe. The man wore his armor, he was always wearing his armor. Guarded. And, perhaps for a good reason. He was isolated for a reason when she found him. Maybe with his demons, he needed to take things day by day. Maybe there was also a limit to how often he could be social before a need to recharge in his quiet solitude was needed.

"Tell me my dear Regis, have you gotten tor rest yet today??".

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