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A Chill Morning [Open]

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#1Ren Aikawa 

A Chill Morning [Open] Empty Sun Jun 19, 2022 8:04 am

Ren Aikawa
The young ronin was wandering around the outskirts like usual, that was where he came across a river. He decided to follow along the river, wondering where it would take him. He was enjoying the beautiful scenery. How the sunlight would glisten in the flowing waters. How the frogs croaked but nowhere to be seen. The smell of wildflowers growing about here and there. It was the perfect setting for someone like Ren. Where he appreciates the peace the most.

That was when he came to that part of the river, where he could see boats and people herding around and utilising the river for their usage. His neutral face turned into a bit of a frown. Although the people there were not causing any much commotion or ruckus, he always had a general disliking towards people. He did not know why, but perhaps he was afraid of the idea of a connection to a community. Or perhaps he didn’t trust others well enough. But there was one thing that made him wanted to stay. The gorgeous scenery. For some reason that part of the river were stunning. How it onlooked the sky and the way the trees grew around it. It made Ren smile a bit. So he decided to sit down and lean against a big rock. Where he basked in the morning sun.


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It was a bright and sunny day. The sun shone brilliantly in the clear, blue sky. It was a bright and sunny day and Jikan could only hope that the imagery would represent and match the mood of her day. Looking up she gazed at the world above her. So close and yet so distant it felt. Perhaps she would ride her Duhlin mount Maxx later today??

As she moved through the small pieces of greenery that lead to the Orchidia river from the path she was on, Jikan felt the warmth from the warm sun's ray of light beat down on her exposed legs. Her feet in plain brown sandles that wrapped around her ankles continued on. Coming up to the river she watched the small ripples in the water. The freshly green leaves danced in the wind as a few of them settled on the surface.

The sight, the smell, the sounds of animals existing along side with the here and there presence of people working. The combination of it all Jikan thought was soothing.

Looking up the river closer to the town, she saw the boats and people herding items off of their transportation. Good...seems the restock of food is right on time. She gave herself a pleased nod as she thought this. Her face however, remained with its normal stotic neutral expression that was emotionless.

#3Ren Aikawa 

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Ren Aikawa
Ren noticed that the sound of the humans working were in sync with the harmony of mother nature, it all seemed to blend in well together. That was when the trees rustled again as the wind blew, carrying with it a few of the leaves. They gently fall back to the ground, from where they came from. The young ronin watched as one of it slowly fall near him. He reached out his hand and the leaf landed on his palm.

He took this as a sign, and he figured it would be a good time to try and assimilate a little with the other humans. It was about time. Plus he had nowhere else to go, Fiore is surrounded by the vast sea.

Ren took the leaf to his lips, and folded the leaf in a way. Then he blew on it, producing a tune. He closed his eyes before then blowing on the leaf in such a way that it produces a melody that blends together with the harmony of sounds around him. He always had a good ear.

The moment was peaceful, and Ren enjoyed that.


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Uncovered out in the open, Jikan was taking in the fresh air and the far away in person view if the River and the work being done within it. The chitter chatter of the labors at work soon had additional sounds among them. No longer where the birds chirping and frogs croaking in the background, nor were there ony the soft echos of water splashing from pebbles being knocked around from foot steps. Jikan heard a whistle like tune. One gentle and soft that was synonymous with the spirit of nature at peace, at least to her.

It was subtle and the sound danced within the natural occurring sounds of eveyeonr and everything going on in the moment. Interested she turned her heard as she walked closer and further up the river to investigate the source. At first glance she only saw the workers who she waved to when they saw her.

"Good Morning Jikan".

"Good morning Eeroko, I see the shipment finally came in?".

"Yep, A big haul too. Its a big relief too given the weather a few months ago".

"Yes that storm took out a large section of reserves didn't it? Recovery has been slow but its getting there".

As Jikan spoke she would comtine to look around. The source of the sound not yet present to her but she wanted to find out. However, she had not found the source of origin yet.

#5Ren Aikawa 

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Ren Aikawa
Ren was lost in the moment, entranced. He had always enjoyed harmonizing with things. You could say that it was his talent. His way of connecting with the world.

But he did not realise that his gift of connecting with others can be used with others like him, the other people that existed in the world. Perhaps the many bandits and crooks he had encountered in the wilderness when he was younger made him feel a bit cautious towards humanoid intellegent beings. But humans are meant to connect and socialise, and that day will come sooner or later.

A breeze blew by, brushing through his hair. With the last tune played, he let go of the leaf from his grasp. Letting it blow along in the wind. Ren opened his eyes and watched the leaf fly away in the wind. It reminded him a little bit of himself. How he followed the wind throughout most of his life.

Ren then stood up from behind the rock and moved to leave the place, thinking that he stayed there long enough.


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The sound that was like a blend of the laughter of trees and the soft playful steps of the leaves continued to play. It was strange. Jikan felt her body and mind were split. Have here paying attention to Eeroko and the others. Talking to them and somewhat watching then work. But another part of her were elsewhere, present somewhere that felt like another plane of existence.

A place not at the time limited or connected with what was human. Whag was not. What was good or illegal. It just felt neutral, a plain emptiness that was somehow filled by something. A power, a spirit, an either of an essence?

She had no idea but she simply wished to enjoy it for as long as it stayed. The silent hours, the stillness times in life where everything was enchanting, even with the groans and blemishes of material world impacting the realm of the living. Was beautiful, and needed to be absorbed.

Then the sound ended and Jikan released a heavy sigh. One of relaxation, as well as the sad knowledge that a divine melody had ended.

#7Ren Aikawa 

A Chill Morning [Open] Empty Thu Jun 23, 2022 1:21 am

Ren Aikawa
As Ren walked back into the forest, returning to the wilderness, he wondered if any of the people nearby heard his tune. If they even noticed it. Surely they did, although it blended with nature, the pitch was not known to occur naturally. He hoped that whoever had heard his tune felt a momentary peace in their life of stress and work.

A pause to appreciate the moment in this constantly moving world. Ren smiled at the thought. He kinda like the idea of being a ‘peacemaker’, without having to actually step in and converse and socialise with them.

How fascinating it was that a simple tune could reach the strings deep inside one’s heart.

Ren wondered where he should head to next, he discovered that Fiore might be the end of his journey, it being surrounded by water. Ren didn’t want to take the ships and boats for he would abandon the green world and meet with people. Which the idea sounded grim to him. A breeze then swept by, brushing at his hair. He followed its lead, like how he had always done.



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Jikan looked around now. Turning her back with Eeroko as their conversation had ended. At least for now. As he needed to get back to work his moment of chit chat with Jikan had ended and he had over back to unloading products. Jumping into the boat, with a splash he had landed flopping like a fish and scuttled to work.

In it all, Jikan wondered if she was the only one that heard the soft melody. The busy busy days of human civilization were filled with constant distractions. Rarely did one have time to simple relax and focus on the little things in life. Often times, missing these things that made life more mensingful and joyful, things that happened often. Instead, being caught up in the events that happened rarely or uncommonly.

She continued to let the gaze from her green blue eyes scan the vast space before her, but as she turned once again to further her scope. She found nothing. With an accepting shrug she continued onward down the river. Content with letting a mystery be on this day.


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