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Deadliest Catch With Gang [NQ][Yuurei]

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Deadliest Catch With Gang [NQ][Yuurei] Empty Mon Jun 13, 2022 9:08 pm


"I haven't swam like that in a long time." The Archfiend said with a sigh as he laid back onto the sand of the islet away from the main island. In actually Z'Aleel himself had never gone swimming. In fact, there was a lot of things that he didn't remember doing before absorbing the other souls. Now though, he had an abundant of experiences, most lying dormant thought. Still, Z'Aleel could remember what it felt like when his body was submerged in the water. According to the locals this place was a very special and important place. People didn't settle here, but many of the kids would swim to the island and back as some sort of competition. It wasn't considered polite to actually stay on this piece of land for a long period of time. It was a good thing Z'Aleel didn't give a shit.

Both he and Yuurei raced here and of course he lost horribly. It would have been embarrassing if he cared that much. Yuurei had sped through the waters with ease, almost too easy. In fact, Aleel would even say that the Nephilim had grown stronger since the last time he remembered seeing him. Not to mention he was publicly known as the most famous mage in Fiore now. It felt good to consider someone like him a rival. "You've grown since the last time I bested you. There's no way I could beat you now." He said with a devilish grin. Perhaps it was still weird for Yuurei to her Z'Aleel refer to him as if he had known him so long, but the truth was Yuurei also knew him- to an extent, at least.

The sun gleamed with overwhelming intensity, nearly setting the sands ablaze. Luci the demon had magically reappeared beside his Lord Nimulli, smoking a cigarette and shaking his head in disappointment. "You let a bloody angel best you. An angel for fuck's sake. We've gotta get you stronger." Luci scoffed as he stood in the sand. The muscular dark skinned soul summoner snickered. He wasn't worried about a goddamn thing.

"Hey you two!" a stranger shouted at them.



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The sun was as bright as it could be, and would quickly dry the Nephilim up. His swim with Z’Aleel was a nice one. He was sitting on the sand as the one who absorbed Khalfani was taking a break. He would look over at him and he would smile at him.

“Yeah. There is just something about not knowing who my next opponent would be that keeps me training. I don’t hold back, so becoming stronger is the only thing I can do right now.” He said to Za with a smile on his face.

Renji was waiting for them to come back, and he was under the shade. When he saw Yuurei touch the sand, he rushed over to him. When he got there the demon from before would appear too. It would seem like he was not happy with the results of their swimming contest.

“I’m not just any bloody angel. I have Uriel’s Grace at that.” He laughed as he honestly didn’t know what that meant.

He just knew that Uriel was the one who blessed him to be a Nephilim. Once Renji got there, he didn’t say anything. He was, however, catching his breath because of this damn heat When he was going to say something, someone would approach the group. The light mage would look at him and wonder what was going on and why he was calling out to them.

“Hey what’s up? Why are you shouting?” Yuurei questioned him wondering what he was going to say.

“Are you two strong enough to help me and my crew out?” He asked wondering what they would say.

Yuurei looked over to Z’Aleel and then he would look over to Reni. It wouldn’t take long to look at the man in front of him.

“I can help you out what do you need from us?” He asked, but kind of figured what he might need help with.



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Of course Yuurei spent majority of his time training, trying to become stronger than who knows what. Yuurei was a training fanatic, that much the Nimulli also remembered. All he could do was watch his friend with a bright smile, unable to take his eyes off of him.  In all honesty there was a plethora of emotions when it came to the blue eyed man. First there was compassion and admiration; because he knew how warm and light his rivals heart was, but then there came disappointment, because he was a Nephilim, bound by Illumin and stood against everything Zael stood for.

Then, there was anger. This was the most complicated emotion believe it or not. He was angry because he remembered telling Yuurei that when he would reach a stage in his life where he was too far gone, completely corrupted by whatever powers that be, Yuurei would off him. Yuurei would perhaps never do such a thing knowing his heart and so that anger came from what felt like a sense of betrayal. Still, the Daemon didn't want the help. It was a feeling he felt in the past, a feeling that didn't correlate with who he was now. Then there was happiness; His friend was alive and well, leading a prospering guild. Last but not least, there was this intense feeling of-

"Ahh, so that's what it was I sensed. Your grace vibrated at a higher frequency than normal Nephilim's. Regardless, you're a disgrace and there's no way that Zael should have lost. Unacceptable." Luci didn't really care that Yuurei was an angel, despite what may have been said. he moreso cared that the one he was supposed to be watching over was beaten so easily by the likes of one. It was the logic of a demon who didn't really care about being a demon- not as much as he cared about his freedom. The Summoner turned to face the man that appeared, calling out to the duo as Yuurei responded. The man needed their help and that's what they would give him. Za wouldn't contest. Instead he would stand up with a shrug before dusting himself off and walking behind the man.

"Ain't shit else to do, I wanna kill something." He said blatantly, almost innocently as if those words wouldn't trigger most normal people. Yuurei was about to see a side of him that he had never seen before. The new him.

The man approached the large boat before guiding the group on. About five men were already ready to set sail but before they began, the sailor would explain the details. "Alright, mates! we've got one goal an' one goal only; catch the leviathan so we can take 'er 'ome fer dinner. We don't know what's out there so we gotta play it safe, got it?"

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Yuurei would hear Luci and he could only laugh. There was one thing with the light mage, and he didn’t take offense to what certain people said. A lot of things didn’t bother him, and it was because he grew up being bullied and picked on. He was pretty sure those who did those things to him would do that to him now.

“You’re right on the disgrace part. I have borrowed power, that’s what I like to think of it.” He said to Luci.

Now, that everybody was in agreement with helping out, the man would lead them to the boat. Yuurei would walk onto it and he was amazed at the structure. He was like this every time he got on a ship. Renji would be by his side as he would look around and know this was going to get messy.

The people on the ship were ready and soon enough the ship would start sailing from the location they were in. The large boat moved from the location they were previously at. They had a place to go. The man who brought them onto the ship would walk back to them.

“So, this leviathan is huge and is said to be difficult to take out. I figured you two would be capable. I saw you two swimming through the water like it was nothing.” He said to them.

Yuurei would look at Z’Aleel and then at the man as he chuckled a bit.

“We’re strong indeed, so you have nothing to worry about.” He said as he looked over to Renji.

“You can give me my armor and weapons Renji?” He said to his friend.

The Exceed would open his bag and everything that was in it magically appear on Yuurei’s body. His mask would be in his hand though as he wouldn’t put it on until they saw what they were fighting.

“You got nothing to worry about.” He said as the ship was moving quickly.

It wouldn’t take long for the ship to reach its destination and when it did the captain would be next to the helms.

“R’ight we are at the spot. Anchor it down and toss out the bait.” He shouted to his crew as they would do what they were told.



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Luci rolled his eyes. He wouldn't show it...ever, but he found Yuurei to be interesting. He also found it interesting how Zael became around him. It was almost like all the crazy jumped right out the window- at least for the most part. The Nimulli climbed onto the boat with his companion as did Yuurei with Renji before taking a seat and bracing for the ride. He remembered when Khalfani had a fear of large bodies of oceans, then he remembered when he overcame that fear. Z'Aleel was different though, he feared nothing but failing the mission and the mysterious entity that was his father. Nothing else could have been as frightening. For if he died, he knew that he would either be revived or find comfort in the depths of hell, unlike most people. His privilege wasn't as evident in the mortal realm as it was in the fiery pits.

The people on the ship had braced themselves as it set sail. This was also the first time Zael had gotten on a boat. It was nothing amazing, but it was enjoyable. The wind rushed past his ears and eyes, the waves lightly crashed into the hull of the boat. The sounds produced by the ocean were mesmerizing. There was peace for the Nimulli in that moment. No random memories, or headaches, no body aches, just...fresh air. Luci smiled upon seeing his lord so content before taking a sip from his flask, something else he had magically conjured. Unfortunately that "peace" was destroyed when the captain of the boat came towards the group sitting and enjoying the ride. He flattered both men, stating that it was their swimming abilities that helped him catch a glimpse of their abilities. Yuurei turned and chuckled to which Za responded with a nudge.

He wasn't a person of many words these days, so Yuurei did all the talking. The Commander assured the captain that there was nothing to worry about, that they would handle it."Yeah, just point us towards the thing, we'll kill it. I expect to be paid a handsome reward." The captain raised an eyebrow, but evidently he wasn't too bothered by the statement. Sooner or later the ship stopped in the middle of the ocean as the captain ordered them to throw the bait. It was time. Suddenly the Daemon grinned. The action was coming and he just couldn't wait to see something die. Of course that thing would die by his hand. Yuurei had readied himself moments prior but the Nimulli did nothing. He had the power to control the darkest most evil souls and birth fiends. He didn't need any weapons when he was so magically gifted. That's what he truly believed and he would stand by that until proven otherwise.

Not long after the bait was dropped into the ocean, a boat in the distance began to appear and they were approaching quickly. It seemed like the captain knew them too.

"Ahoy mates! We got company!"

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Yuurei would smile when he heard Z’Aleel speak about being rewarded.

“He’s not wrong our work doesn’t come cheap.” He said out loud as the captain shook his head because he felt like he was going to have to pay a lot today.

When he heard the captain’s words, he would look over in the direction he was looking at. His eyes widen when he saw another ship, which brought him to walk over to the rail to get a better look at it. This was interesting as it would seem like things were going to get interesting now.

“Is that a pirate ship?” He asked out loud as he was getting flashbacks from when he used to live in the South.

“Not a pirate ship. It’s just another fishing crew trying to take our catch from us.” He said to Yuurei.

The light mage rubbed his chin as it would seem like they would both fight for this sea monster, which meant they would probably be fighting each other. That wasn’t good, but there were two mages here with them.

“I can go stop them from getting close Leviathan if you want me to. Which means, that I will leave the sea monster to you Z’Aleel.” He looked at him as he stood on top of the rail of the ship.

If he fell he would be going into the water if he couldn’t fly. Renji would make his way toward Yuurei and he would climb the rail before climbing on his friend and onto his shoulder.

“You aren’t going to leave me here alone. We go disrupt the enemy ship and make sure that they can’t do anything.” He said to Yuurei.

The light mage looked at him and he would smile at him before giving him a thumbs up.

“Yeah, but of course, I will leave a few of them conscious so they could leave us alone. Are you cool with all of this Z’Aleel?” He said to him before the ship shook a little bit.

A huge shadow would appear not too far from the ship as the bait they used had been eaten. It wasn’t just that, but it seemed like this leviathan was making its way to the surface of the water. Yuurei wasn’t sure if it was looking for its next meal, but he figured his friend could handle this monster without him.



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And the plot thickens, Zael thought. Luci stood wherever Renji was, watching everything unfold without a worry in the world as the Nimulli stood up to peer further beyond the sea. The ship apparently belonged to a rival group, but they weren't pirates or anything. If a rival group was here that could only mean that they sought the same thing this crew was after. A Leviathan was bound to show up soon if this really was the place, but Yuurei seemed to think he'd be better fit for the best part. Fighting a monster was basic boring work, killing humans was always more satisfying. Yuurei wouldn't shred them, but Z'Aleel would and without hesitation at that. So when the Nephilim asked the Daemon if he would handle the glorified fish, It was only right if he said it plainly. Perhaps even when the Archfiend was done he would feast right then and there. He was hungry, after all. Swimming would do that to ya.

"Oh no no no no no." The fire head smirked evilly as he wagged his finger. His Obscura radiated off of him like a thick obnoxious cologne. The entire ship could feel it. Renji seemed worried that his friend would leave him on the ship, but the cat had nothing to worry about. "You stay here, I'll handle the humans." He stepped forward before placing a hand on Yuurei's shoulder. "The giant fish is more your speed." he teased. Luci chuckled to himself proudly. Without any further explanation the dark skinned summoner leapt onto the ledge where the plank would have been if it had been raised. The boat grew closer and closer and closer, eventually till it was perfectly lined up with the ship they were on. It seemed the other crew wanted to talk, but Aleel wouldn't have it. When he saw an opportunity, he took it.

Once the other ship stopped, he leapt across and bit his thumb at the same time, causing a silver magic circle to appear on the ship he was headed towards. A Giant beast arose from the magic circle, engulfed in what looked like fire as the ship cracked where he had risen from. Eznalos the Mangler was here and he wasn't here to play. Za landed on the ledge of the ship where the crew was taken back by surprise. Their blades were raised, but it would not be enough for them. With one quick gesture of Za's hand, The Mangler jolted towards a group of five sailors, throwing his arms, grabbing them wildly and tossing them around. Alas, he was just getting started.


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Yuurei would look over at Z’Aleel and it seemed like the man wanted to take care of the people on the other ship. Yuurei figured that would be the case, and he felt bad because he wasn’t sure if this guy would hold back.

“I guess. I feel bad for those guys.” He said to Renji.

Renji could feel it, there was a lot of darkness in that man. Still, were they going to fight with each other to figure out who fought the crew? He doubted that as Yuurei was trying to get paid and taking out Leviathan was also part of the job.

When the sea monster surfaced, Yuurei’s eyes would smile. It was magnificent, and it was too bad that he was going to have to take it out. His eyes closed for a second and then when they opened, it was of a golden color. His wings would sprout from his back as his feet would no longer touch the railing of the boat he was on. The long serpent creature would look around to see what else it could feast on. Still, its eyes met with Yuurei as he could feel a strong presence coming from him.

Out of instinct, the monster would lunge itself straight at Yuurei trying to get a bite out of him. The Nephilim would see that if he had dodged this the ship would be damaged. Instead, he would move quickly to the side, and he would punch the huge sea monster on the side of its face. It would send the monster flying away from the ship, keeping it safe.

The crew was surprised that he could do something like that. There were wings now pushing the leviathan so far away from them. Yuurei would flap his wings and he would start flying straight toward the sea monster. The creature would try to regain its composure as it was still hurting from the punch from Yuurei. It would roar in anger as it would look over in the direction Yuurei was coming from. The sea monster would start swimming toward Yuurei as it was ready to fight.

The light mage knew one more hit should do it and then he could drag the sea creature back to the ship.



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Z'Aleel was having too much fun. These fake pirates didn't stand a chance and that much was clear as soon as Eznalos was summoned. The Fiend followed instructions down to a tee considering all the summoner had to do was swing his hand to motion. When sung to the right Eznalos grabbed the heads of his enemies, crushing them in the palms of his hands, and when swung to the left, he crushed his enemies. Punching, throwing and tossing them around like the ragdolls they were. Meanwhile the Nimulli crouched on the ledge of their ship, smirking as his centurion rocked the show. He was putting on a spectacle. Blood splattered and spilled everywhere. The men yelped and gulped and screamed for help when they realized they were absolutely fucked. The best part was the fear in their knowing eyes.

What came to them was an omen of death and what was delivered was the wrath of hell. Mayhem. Just like Za liked it. This was the moments he truly lived for, this was what power was supposed to feel like; ultimate. The red haired Daemon finished and admired the pool of blood and limbs. Guts and brains painted the deck and before anyone knew it these men had ceased to exist. The crew he had taken this job for should feel lucky that it wasn't them and proud that the devil had gotten the job done. The monster of a man turned to face his acquaintances with a smile, noticing that Yuurei had already dealt with the monster. "Look at that...we're all done. Good job Yuurei." This was not exactly the same man Yuurei had known, but was it the same person he considered a comrade?


- END -


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Yuurei would watch the sea monster closing the gap between them, and when he saw the attack coming, the light mage would dodge. How would he dodge? Simple he would go higher than he was to avoid the sea monster. It would crash into the water when this happened, and the Nephilim would look over at where it crashed into.

The berserker started moving toward the Sea Monster, and when it came back up from the water Yuurei was there. He would punch the Leviathan straight in the face, which would send the beast flying once again. It would hit the water once again, but this time it wouldn’t get up from the blow. Instead, he would stay there floating on the water.

“Sheesh, not sure if it was dumb or scared. I would have just run the moment you punched it the first time.” Renji would comment about the fight.

Yuurei chuckle when he heard his friend, but he wasn’t wrong. The berserker would head over to the Sea Monster and he would grab it by its fin, and start pulling it toward the ship. When he got there, it would seem like Z’Aleel was done with his part. Yuurei, of course, didn’t want to see what he had done. His smell wasn’t crazy, but he knew the scent of this iron anywhere.

He would let go of the Leviathan as he would look over to Za as he had spoken to Yuurei.

“Good job on stopping the other crew from intervening.” He said to Za as he looked over to the crew they were working for.

“You have your Leviathan, hopefully, you have a way to take it back to shore. So, we are getting paid right?” He asked the captain.

He was amazed that everything had gone smoothly, and he would hand them both their rewards. Renji was glad that these two were able to get paid because he felt like the captain was a scumbag. He was, but he saw how powerful these guys were that he didn’t want trouble.

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