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Birds [open]

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Miriko and Jikan could not watch the entire situation of the two cat like being just quietly watching them both getting along. But hey it was magical when being reached an understanding one another. Maybe they would be seen later with this depending on entirely how long this took. The better part also seemed to be that Alistair and Mia did not need to speak a word to have conversations so to say, Sometimes body language.

But back to Miriko and Jikan. As confusing it was to see Miriko in this manner any other encounter Miriko was this rather confident woman sure of her own skills in most things, But it seemed even then her flaws would highlight eventually. But she was avoiding making excuses for herself. Maybe that mental pressure was just finally getting to her and she was just avoiding it by taking her time. So Miriko seemed in the end had rushed herself forward and it just slightly bit her in return figuratively. But her fortitude to push forward did not fade as quickly.

After all not only did she just hype herself up, She also had a bit of a boost of spirit from Jikan as well. You know things you expect to not really see all that often, it could be worrying to consider how easily Miriko's people confidence could shatter. But maybe for now they could continue on forward."Even then, maybe some suggestions would help as well."That is if Jikan was really inclined to really. But Miriko would go into the shop now since she managed to hype herself up enough to actually go do it.


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Jikan could no longer see how her friend Mia. But she could at least hear that all was well. As long as Jikan still had her other senses at her disposal. She heard her friend breath normal, when she was talking her voice sounded calm and normal as well, and there was no sudden sounds or yelps. So, Jikan was sure that Alistair was not fighting with Mia again, and that it had not escalated to something else. She could rest a little calmer with knowing the two cats were quietly and peacefully interacting with each other.

Mia at this point had sat down seeing that Jikan was about to head into a store. She wanted to continue eating her fish and assumed that she would get into trouble if she walked inside. Her tail just waved behind her slowly with a flick and flick as she nibbled on the fish.

Even experts had times where they had questions or confusion. All living beings were imperfect, not all knowing. Any uncertainty could be easy to happen at some point in their life, in some challenge or place of lack of inspiration or artistic vision. It was still hard seeing this as an outsider to the art world. With the works Jikan had seen Mimi complete so far, she saw no reason for the lady to be nervous or -un-confident about the art she tried to make. Even in an environment like this.

"Hmmmm~. I'll see what I can do. Your work has always been great from the times I have seen it. But I shall lend an ear and voice if you require it". Jikan said this as she moved inside. The inside of the store felt calm, cool, a fruity flowery smell hanging in the air. A gentle stood at the counter while there were a few other people in uniforms walking doing minor tasks and aiding other customers that were around in the store.

"Good day ladies", the man at the desk called. In response to this Jikan haved her left hand and began to speak in Joyan. "Good day Sir. My friend here is wanting to buy some fabric. She had an idea she is working on. She doesn't know the language well enough so I am translating for her".

"I see I see. Very well. What does she have in mind?".

At this point Jikan turned her head to Mimi, she spoke in Fiorian. "He can help us. What were you having in mind?".


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For now at least the fore thought of protection at least for Mia is for now is in the figurative hands of some one in a massive tall cat. No one would be likely to risk hurting Mia when she was by Alistair. Plus you know that was just Alistair also willing to make sure no one tried to take Mia away that was not Jikan or Mimi if she was allowed too. But that was just Alistair's normal way of being, He was a big cat meant to help and look over people so he would just do that.

Since Miriko was safe and he had no worry about Alistair just walking into the building or watching by the window to see if anything would happen. So far it must be good to think Alistair isn't as annoying unless he wanted to do something to bug Mia, that was not as likely to happen. Anyway one might linger too long to worry about the cats who most would not be in trouble.

Now Miriko's focus was shopping, Getting into the building now, Miriko was just super focused on what patterns she was looking at now, so talking to her about things might sadly fall upon deaf ears as she was looking at even more things, to the shock of no one who really already knew Miriko was this way. Since they seemed to be for the most part going along with a pretty simple plan. So by the time it came to asking Miriko about what she would like.

It would be entirely apparent, She was not paying attention while she was looking upon the fabics and searching through the patterns. Now they had to maybe bring Miriko back to the conversation since she was that distracted.


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Mia watched as her friend Jikan enter the store. The cat exceed feeling a momentarily sense of sadness at the recognition of separation from her friend and protector. Separate of her friend even though it was a short distance still mad the small cat worrisome. Not just for herself but, also for Jikan. In her mind she knew that Jikan was safe and so was she, but she could not help but still feel a sense of anxiety.

Although, the presence of having someone with her, Alistair, did sooth her nervous soul slightly.

Back within the store, Jikan was working on aiding Miriko in shopping for her art supplies inside of the fabric shop in regard to her art project ideas. Sadly this seemed that it was going to be even more a long process than Jikan had thought. Because of instead of answer her question, Miriko had her eyes looking at patterns! The words Jikan spoke to her seemed to fall on deaf years.

Jikan watched Miriko moved, called out to the lady a few times, asking the question again each time. Each time she spoke up a little louder, a little firm but still calm and peaceful. At least she was looking at the fabrics... "Hello? Hello? What fabrics do you want specifically?".


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Poor Jikan had a different situation that was a bit complex to deal with, as the nature of Miriko was to get lost in her thoughts easily maybe her nervousness was a given and easily more to understand now considering how her mind was already being. She was just staring intently at all of them, With all of the idea she had in her head she seemed to be trying to figure out which one would she find easiest to do first but it was a cycle of being overridden by other ideas she had at the time with in her mind.

For a few minutes they were not getting through to Miriko as she was shifting through both internally and externally. But could return to the human in a moment. Back to Alistair and Mia it was easy to guess that Alistair was getting curious about what was going on with in the store they were in so he had a good idea he would slightly nudge Mia to get her attention."Sit on my head." rather then just forcing it he mentioned it.

If agreed with Alistair would have carry Mia over to the closest window of the store their owners where in to spy on them from it. To where Miriko would finally kind of gain her sense in which now caused something she was hoping to avoid even more being completely mentally frozen and embarrassed again. Sure Miriko was back to reality but her face started turning red again like she was embarrassed again being caught as she was, So some way Miriko and Jikan were back to a previous point, they needed to get to unfreeze now, such is the normal life of Miriko when she was trying to do things, Alistair for the moment was trying not to laugh.


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"Ah, hello? Hellooooo", Jikan tried again. Calling out to the artist again finding her previous attempts seemed to fail. This was going to be more work and a hassle than she thought it was going to be. Shyness, a hands off approach or just being lost in their own thoughts. Miriko was uncommunicative right now. She had some experience dealing with people who were like this at least but it still would not be easy. Each person was their own individual after all. Jikan could take her time talking, easing out the details from her. She had another option that could work if talking was not possible, but she would safe that for later if it was needed.

Jikan cleared her throat as she saw Miriko just watching them. Open eyed and staring intently like a dear stuck out in the open caught. What was going through that mind of hers? Jikan did not know and could only wonder. She did a soft clap of her hands together as she began to speak. An attempt to shock or draw Miriko out of her likely cycle thoughts of if yes maybe no. "Alright, Miriko. Color".

elsewhere by Mia and Alistair, the two cats were still relaxing doing their own thing outside. During this time that ended, Mia felt a soft nudge and turned towards Alistair. Waiting to see what the bigger cat had to say. A bit perplexed at the cat's statement of mention, one of her eyebrows went up in a why? faction. After a few seconds of wonder and thought she moved to climb onto him and reach onto his head. "And why am I doing this??". Her answer would be given to her as she felt herself be lifted into the air and be carried over to the closest window of the store their owners where. It took a secondbut she realized that she could look inside.


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Well it seemed finally the effort did some what pay off, She seemed to slowly come back now that ideas are more solid with in her head, It did take a bit of time, but welcome to dealing with Miriko she never intended these things but that was how her mind worked. it would take a few minutes for her to speak up again, Because it was just how she worked an annoying process for people to deal with but that was how Miriko worked at times, But at least it was entirely harmless in the end because it was unintentional.

At least Alistair's intention was shown and worked."This way, We can be sure what they are doing, This is how I look after Miriko."It was Alistair also mentioning how he managed to look after Miriko so well with out being seen up front, You know even if he was trying to be relaxed about it he often always wanted to make sure she was safe, just not too worried about it with how Jikan seemed to be even if he was annoying about things at the start. These things seemed to make him a bit more content, Maybe it also just happen to help Mia as well.

Returning to Miriko she would finally speak, after she tried not to panic it seemed to fixed herself mentally quick even if there was moments of the redness of embarrassment on her face."Right, Yes colour." Almost like nothing happen at all Miriko was now completely normal in which might be even more strange but there was progress. She would just simply place her finger upon three colours, just the quiet way of pointing out the ones she was after and interested in getting. That way she could continue to mentally rebuilding herself from her blank out moment she just had.


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Jikan was a patient woman.Well...when it came to some things. And in a case by case situation, she could give more time to specific people or type of people. The artistic maiden took her time coming back to reality. The minutes ticking by slowly after Jikan clapped her hands and called out in a soft flat tone. It was several minutes and felt like it was long. But thankfully not to an exaggerative extent that it felt like a hour. It was an inconvenience sure but not something to get on Jikan's nerves.

At least not yet so easily.

Mia's eyes peeked over the ledge of the store's window. Looking in to the art world Miriko had took Jikan into. Her tail flicked side to side slightly as she took in the sight. A calm area, various colors due to fabrics. A wooden floor, brown but a dark color, more black. "Hmmmm...maybe I should do this to look after Jikan...although. I am usually just around her...". She never thought about hiding to watch how Jikan was, or to just be out of reach. She was always the stressful type that found she had to be with Jikan to relax. And even so, her friend usually could notice her far before she could even say anything.

Jikan looked at Miriko as she began to speak, the red hue of her face going noticed but not commented on. She was normal now at least. Focused. They could get the process of helping her out going now. Jikan eyes went to the colors she was pointing out. Red, purple, and some sort of green color.

"Are you sure these are the tthree you want? What kind of pattern are you thinking with these?".


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At least it was a simple thing to watch form a far with Alistair, he was a pretty good short cut for things that would get in the way of hindering points of viewing to spy on people, but considering the contrast of height between them it was simple to see. But Alistair did not seem to hold it much against anyone since he just used it to help at times."It all matters upon when it is fitting for what you need to do." For Alistair it was different because he needed to consider fitting into spaces, This is why he liked windows and seeing through them because it was more simple then trying to fit into places normally.

But back to the painter and the red haired lady trying to help."Yes I am sure these are the three I want." Completely back to normal which was most likely just how life was for her, She was not kidding sometimes being a bit unsure and strange to deal with."I do not know how to explain it, I just have an idea i consider perfect for them."Miriko was a maker of things not an the explaining of things. It was the way of things that just was not as helpful buy was just normal for Miriko, she entirely knew that was not helpful for that, Even if unintentional to have happen.


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Mia appreciated the boast, and the soft head that her feet were on. Not wishing to get any more dirt on him, she shifted and sat down, making sure her feet were out of his face and not getting into anything. To do this, she sat sideways. "Hmmmm that is true Alistair. I just need to be aware of which situation to act in which way. It's funny how I just always end up right beside her. That was my assumption for fitting into what I need to do. But now, maybe not all the time.". She continued to look inside of the store, the cat eyes scanning the environment and her cat ears flickering.

Inside Jikan remained focused on the task at hand. Literally. Her eyes looked at the colors chosen and gave a satisfied nod of her head at Miriko's confirmation. Turning her head to the store owner she gave a short sentence to communicate to the man in Joyian. "Okay, these three colors are what she is thinking".

Taking those words the man nod and pulled a pen out of a canister and began to write on a note pad.

Jikan then turned towards Mimi once again, "How much of each do you need? And do you mind sharing your idea??".


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She wanted to know her ideas? Miriko only seemed to let out a bit of a unsure sigh, Turned around and starting leaving the store. After all Miriko designed are tied to being drawn not explained with words, It was just how she worked. Miriko had even explained that how she could phrase it was not something she was sure of, what kind of answer Jikan was expecting was a good question. But if she wanted an answer."I will need 3 bolts all three mentioned colours."and with that Miriko walked out of the store to get one of her drawing books, Jikan was going to now have to figure how to play what buying a layer cake of fabic for buying was if the person did not know already because she was out the door.

Then well by the time she was outside she would find Alistair with Mia on his head and just seemingly take it at face value almost like she kind of expected it. Given Miriko was a fairly tall woman easily just look up at Mia, Smile slightly. collect her book and a pencil from the back bags Alistair had on him and start leaving already to return to the store.

Her walk back to the store upon getting close enough to Jikan, She had drawn out her entire ideas on to one sheet of paper and just merely handed it over to Jikan, What colours would be where would be labelled since it was drawn in pencil, the based model that was wearing the outfits seemed to me Miriko as a reference point. But it was her ideas just all one paper rather then explained in words because she was unsure how to entirely phrase it all that way it just seemed to be more simple for now.


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When Jikan had asked her question to Miriko. She had hoped that it was going to be an nice easy simple response from the beauty. It was a simple question, and Jikan had assumed that the artistic painter had the details of that part of her idea figured out. Or at least one. That was realistic....right?

Well, maybe it was not the case. That was what Jikan feared as she heard an uneasy sign leave Miriko's lips. Had she made a mistake and asked a question that she was ll prepared to answer? If so than Miriko was having even more of an artist creativity block than she had assumed. She watched with a face that betrayed her emotions. Her face relaxed and flat, but internally she was feeling a bit confused as she watched Miriko turn around and leave the store. Jikan was about to call out to the lady but had to stop. For the store owner was talking themselves in their own amount of confuse.

"Huh? What is going on? Where is that lass going", he said in Joyan. Confusion clear on his face.

Hearing the man's voice she turned to face him quickly. She spoke in Joyan. "She is getting some fresh air and will be right back to answer the next question".

The man took a moment to look at Jikan and than Miriko. Then notices the two cat animals peeking into the store. He raised his eyebrow seeing this but then turned back to Jikan. "very well. But I do not have a lot of time to wait".

Jikan turned back to Miriko as she heard the woman speak before leaving the room. Well that was something at least. Doing a soft cough Jikan returned to face the person helping them. "3 bolts. One of each color that was just mentioned". After hearing that the man simply nodded and made a further note in the book he was writing in.

Outside Mia watched from on top of Alistair's head as Miiko waled outside. She just seemed to watch them un-surprised or caring. Flicking her tail, Mia just did a little wave to the painter. It was something. Even on Alistair's head Mia still felt so small in comparison to this tall lady. She figured it was nice to be friendly, given the lady was friendly and gave them a smile.

Jikan waited a short amount of before seeing Mimi enter back into the store, a book was being handed to her?? Carefully Jikan took the book from Miriko before examining it. It had drawings, sketches of ideas planned, colors, some labeling. Even a base model.

"Ahhh I see. Thank you Miriiko. These are excellent sketches and info", she said with a thankfully nod before turning to the store owner. Giving a short explanation of the sheet and what it was on it.


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It all worked in the end, it seemed she made her point clear enough by just drawing rather than trying to explain it all in a complex way, Just kind of how Miriko wanted things to go. But in her mind mind they could just have given her what she wanted with out question and she could have been on her way by now. to Miriko she always had to ponder why people would rush or question such a thing. Miriko had them in her mind she just wanted the bolts. Nonetheless her annoyance passed at this point, She handed over the payment owed.

But they would finish up quickly here because Miriko was just not gonna be the type to linger upon places needlessly. When the bolts where ready to be take away, Miriko would carry out all three by herself and just start leaving after bowing respectfully. She at least did not seem to be in a rush while leaving.

But when arriving outside and went to Alistair she would put that drawing book into one of the travel bags Alistair had, Then start placing the bolts there too. She was a creator on a mission after all.


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Communication was important. And for some people it was easier for them to spread their ideas and understand things in ways beyond talking. Drawing, music, movement or actions. These type of things were tools, and as long as an individual was able to properly use them to communicate, understand, and do what they needed to with others. It seemed that Miriko was of that type, the one that needed to talk and share her feelings through her art and drawings instead of words. Huh....reminds me of Klein a little bit.

Jikan than watched Mirko walked over to the gentleman, giving him the paid amount. She was not sure how she knew how much the cost was given the price tags were in Joyan but....oh well. Jikan had turned away to look at the fabrics but she assumed that man communicated with her somehow to let her know. Jikan looking around did not last long. After she gazed at one fabric she saw Miriko finishing up. Getting the bolts and fabric, carrying the items by herself before bowing. Jikan bowed to the owner as well before walking out of the store as well.

"Jiiiiiikan", Mia happily said seeing her red haired friend walk out of the store. "Mission accomplished?".

"Yep", she said patting her exceeds head. She then just causally watched as she looked at Alistair. The large cat letting their friend put the drawing book and items into a bag he was carrying. "I take it all is well with your next project then?".

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