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Birds [open]

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Jikan entered through a cleared path, it was small, seemingly made by nature and the cryptic space made from the rhythmic actions of repeated travel for one person to fit through its path. She watched from her ground view as the continuing and expanding tree branches overhead looked more and more like a wooden cage. The birds existing just out of the limits of the tree's reach. As if they were living in another place, another world, another...plane.

Jikan rested her hand on the soft wooden bars that seem to form to her side. The pieces of nature were strong and just grew in place. But their density felt like they were stronger, united and unbreakable.

Blue feathers, red feathers, white feathers. Fell from the sky as Jikan continued forward. The light weight almost weightless objects fell randomly without a purpose. Landing behind and infront of the black and red haired woman as she slowly made her way through the greenary that was part of this area of Joya.


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No sooner then these things become a thing of wonder when Alistair's laughter was heard in the background. The Cattian was laughing at something. Miriko was not laughing over all in fact it almost would not seem like it was normally Miriko when you looked at her since she around here normally wore Kimono's ones she crafted herself, But far away from the gothic ways her normal attire leaned. A more fall weather patterned Kimono that Miriko had spend a few weeks working on. But she had been enjoying her time in Joya.

"Now now Mimi, I am sure no one means any harm when they slightly tugged on your Kimono, You just don't understand Joyan as a language yet."Alistair said in return. They had been shopping for some simple things while they were here, Not entirely expecting to be working much while she was here, but she still had some of her normal supplies."Do not be too bothered by it, It means you can figure out a good way to make some jewel here that isn't just what you expect."Alistair continued on Miriko so far not saying anything at all at this time. Miriko was near by but not in sight of Jikan yet, Alistair was just a bit of a loud talker.


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Pit pat pit pat, pit pat pit pat. That was the small soft sounds that would be heard as Mia walked in the lush greenery behind Jikan on the trail. The tight space and world from Jikan's perspective was a vast mountain top increasing in size from her perspective. For once Mia was not feeling a deep intense feeling of nervousness that made her have to feel like a cautious worrier. She was with Jikan and the place was beautiful, isolated. She felt calm and cheerful as she enjoyed the natural look around her.

Jikan continued her pace with her exceed behind her. In a short time further ahead she began to hear sounds. Well beyond the chirping, swaying of grass as well as leaves. It was something animistic. An animal was near...besides Mia. But, they did not sound hostile or anything of that sort. They even sounded...a bit human? Like they were speaking a human language. That was not much of a surprise...magical creatures had the possibility of having the ability to talk or communicate in some way after all.  But. The sound felt familiar, yet she was not sure from where her brain was connecting this from...


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The conversation continued on."Maybe I am just now use to this place yet, It is still strange even if the land my father is from."Miriko mention the volume she spoke was far lower then Alistair."but so far it is all that I have came to an understanding about."as she continued on talking. They were talking about Miriko's adventures in Joya so far. It might have been a bit easier since Miriko was not has dressed up as she normally made herself out to be. At least it seemed to be harmless talk over all.

It lead into continually talking."But it maybe does show, maybe if i have some one if could either help me learn Joyan, Or translate it. I just might have another business venture if I need to retire from painting."It was silly talk after all Miriko could never retire from painting really. It was too well loved by most people she met."After all there is so many things I could gain from other ventures."She did not even sound like she was greedy she just knew she had options to choose from.

Then well."As long as it isn't cooking I think you could be okay."Which was a fair statement from him but she did not seem to laugh about it, Since well you could not be perfect at everything.


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"Jiiikan, what is that? I I I I don't like it. It sounds rough and spooky", said Mia as she slid next to Jikan. Grabbing a hold of Jikan's robe as they continued to walk. Jikan had slowed down in her stroll with the resurgence of Mia's stiff reaction. Allowing the small worrisome exceed to be as close to her friend and guardian as she could in a repeated theme since their relationship started of soothing Mia's worries and reassuring her that she would be fine. Reaching back with her left, Jikan gently rubbed the top of Mia's head. "There there Mia. I don't think the sound is scary. In fact, the voice sounds somewhat familiar". Jikan would speak at her normal speaking voice. Not loud nor soft. If someone could hear it somehow mixed in from the sounds of the birds moving and chirping. She would not be surprised.

Moving forward more, Jikan picked up another voice now. A feminine voice. One that was very pleasant to her ears that seemed to click out in her memory. She...felt like she would be happy to see the owner of this voice, whether she was right in her memory or not of knowing the owner. Waving a hand there was a little rustling of leaves as Jikan and Mia shifted again and moved to the right. Out of the corner of her eyes Jikan thought she saw the shape of a large cat. However it quickly moved out of her sight again.

However she did wonder to herself....was that a giant talking cat and....was that Alistair??


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Jeez what strange situation you think by now they would have actually interacted with the things they were curious about if they had a feeling who they were if they were friendly or not, But it started sound like it was less loud now, then again the talking out right stopped for some reason. It also sounded like they stopped moving as well. almost like something else at the time took their attention, but since neither of them was really doing much else aside from waving a hand from a bush sadly the cattian nor the painter saw it

They were doing other things that so far any of there attempts to consider grabbing the pairs attention seemed to met with her doing other things for the moment, what it was still seemed to be known until some one went out and found them rather then being anti-social and hiding.


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It was not such a strange situation if someone thought about it. A new environment wirh multiple sounds occurring within it. Wild animals lurked in the open land after all so caution was needed. Magical or not, an anima, be a predator or not. Could be dangerous if it caught someone off guard. Even the mightiest person could get seriously hurt or worse ir they had their guard down or were caught in a vulnerable vital spot.

But even more so...Jikan had the junly Mia to worry about. Even if Jikan knew everything was fine and saw something nice, cute, beautiful. Due to the environment scarring Mia Jikan would have to settle her down first. And that required to be cautious and slow.

With Jikan settling Mia a little by patting her head. The red and black haired  warrior made her way forward. Interested in the sudden stop of noise from the voices. It was quiet, very quiet. The sound of movement went away as well.

"Maybe they went away or vansihed??". Mia said as she climbed onto Jikan's back.

Jikan moves forward. "Maybe, maybe not". A hand waved to clear a bush and tree. Peeking their heads our Jikan and Mia saw Mimi and Alistair.  "Oh, so I take it it was you too that made the noise that scared poor Mia??"

"I..I...I was not scared!!! I was cautious. Hmph".


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It would just seem strange to Alistair and Miriko that Jikan was talking about strange noises while coming out of a bush when Miriko was talking about about a few things with Alistair. But she would look at Jikan."What on earth are you talking about?"Miriko would mentioned and even Alistair was confused. But alas he would have to mention."Better yet why are you just roaming around in bushes, There are people near by trying to shop."This was the situation they where now.

Alistair and Miriko where at an edge of a town talking about random things between them, Jikan was seemingly starting to be like a weird person just coming out of a bush with a scared exceed.Even Miriko seemed confused. They were just about to start talking about fish, not shocking but the case."you do know it will make you seem strange right?"Miriko posed that to Jikan, Alistair even could not help and seem to think about it slightly."Unless your stalking Mimi?"Alistair had to pose it now to them both, which was a good and fair question to ask Jikan at this point. Most likely not ideal for Jikan at this point.


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Perhaps Jikan's action did seem strange from an outside perseptive of the recipent. After all, for them it was most likely just the sound of nature onto a movement of a bush happened. Resulting in a person and a cat walking out. If not that, it could be strange at least.

Jikan looke back at Mia, the exceed still on her back. Jikan looked at Mia and pretty much gave a meh facial expression. Mia worry wart personaility weakness did cause awkare situations sometimes. But Mia meant well and Jikan did not blame her for her unease at the world. Jikan knew of the things that hid in plain sight and in the things that looked safe and normal. So, from the other side, theirs, the strangeness can also be the case. They heard sounds coming from the other side as well.

"He..hi....his voice...sounded scary...", said Mia. A bit hiding now thinking she caused a scene.

Jikan reach back again, bending her hand to pat Mia on the head a few times. "Its okay. The spot were in was dark and had a lot of odd sounds. I don't blame you from missing their sound in and thinking it was spooky given how jumpy you are. I still don't see why his voice sounded scary to you though".

Jikan then turned around partially, she would reach back and pull the push a little, making a gap to show the path they had come from that was hidden by the bush and lush greenery from Miriko's and Alistair's view. It was better to give a simple sight explanation in addition to words if it was needed. "We were taking a stroll down that path, it is a bit beautiful but it had a lot of sounds going on on its path. Mia here got a bit jumpy from it and as we moved on it she heard a few voices talking that spooked her a little".

Jikan let go of the bush letting it flow a back into its place. She need look at Alistair and then Mimi very very confused. Going back and forth. "You are...trying to shop...uh...find a shop...in the isolated parts of a section of green land that has no buildings in view at all? Um.....okay...". That...made no sense...even a little weird or crazy. She eyed them, a bit weirded out about their nonsensical answer. Either it was a lie or....well...Mimi and Alistair were odd balls.

That was what she thought until she looked a bit further...seeing the rest of the environment and realizing there was a town that was just out of view from. "oh..ah..never mind".

Mia popped up, giving a little shout to Alistair. "Jikan is not a creep! She would never stalk a person", Mia's cheeked puffed out as she eyed Alistair with a bit of annoyance.

"It's....not strange to want to go on a walk in the wilderness...", Jikan said, not looking at Mimi or Alistair due to the awkwardness of the situation. She thought in her head why this woman had to be here. This was the third time now she had seen Mimi and Alistair and each time she made Jikan flustered.

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It seemed Mia was about to get into a bit of a spat with Alistair."Oh and how do you know? Every time I have watched Jikan look at Miriko she seemed to be a stiff as a corpse."Alistair answered, Because yes he has watched every encounter between her and Miriko.Even then Alistair did not yell he was still speaking at a normal volume. After all they where still at an edge of an area shopping. Miriko however just kind of sighed."You three can just have your silly pointless fight, I am going to continue on."Miriko had no problem with just walking and carrying on her way even starting to walk away from the three entirely.

in which well, given how Miriko was was not entirely illogical of her to do."When people feel like not arguing like children maybe ill return."Miriko seemed to continue on shopping like it was normal for her. It was just well how Miriko normally handled things."Maybe even put off shopping for fish as well."Miriko mentioned while she walk towards the main part of town to continue looking at supplies of various things, It seemed this time around Miriko was shopping around for cloth.

Alistair let out a sigh because well, he knew what exactly this situation meant because Miriko had a point and they where wasting time when there was actual things to be done while they where shopping around."Miriko wait...it might be risky alone."Alistair said out of habit and disappointment in himself as he would just start walking towards her as he always did because he watched over her. But it showed that Miriko might not be interested in silly things at times she could even go to be a bit more casual but, There was a reason she was this way.


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Jikan looked back at Mia a bit surprised. The exceed had never been one to be confrontative. Shy, silent, cautious, and avoidative were her normal default ways of acting. In the years of knowing Mia, Jikan had never seen her take this kind of response to anything. Little did Jikan know that this was a subside of Mia. Assertive, and loud spoken when it came about things and people she cared about. "I know because I know Jikan! She is my best friend, it is not her fault that goth lady is beautiful and she's shy around her. Of course shes going to be a little stiff", Mia said puffing out her cheeks. She was not yelling now, but she did have a sterness to her voice. Almost as if she was trying to scold Alistair for his comments.

"Oh....Mia", Jikan face palmed, letting out a heavy embarrassed sigh. She watched Mimi walked away from a second before whispering in a low sad voice. "I am not even the one fighting here....".

Mia eyes shifted to Mimi, then Alistair, then back to Mimi. "....fish? did she say fish?...". She looked back at Alistair. Wondering if she should go into the main part of time to go get some fish! "Wait...where are you going mister....I am not done with you". She said as she watched Alistair follow Mimi.

"Just drop it Mia", Jikan said in a flat tone. It was not cold nor was it warm. It was a flat request....one with a bit of a hint of embarrassment in it.

"...fine....but only if we go get fish...".

"Fine fine...let's go", spoke Jikan as she started her way into town as well.

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If anything Miriko as just not putting up with how people were being, it seemed to already bother Miriko how everyone was acting and she kind of just was not in the mood to deal with it, But that is how Miriko lead by example by just making her point and doing her own things."Oh done are you?"Miriko mentioned to Alistair while she was continuing to walk it was a question to all of them. Still with in her tone of voice she really did not sound like she was ready to deal with all of their silly fighting.

Alistair just said."As long as the other one does not continue it."it was mentioned in general. Because that is just how Alistair would view it, if some one left it as it stood for Miriko just continued walking along looking at various things and buildings to see if anything was of her interest. Even just actually walking past a few places that sold fresh fish just to make her point. It almost seemed like the more cruel Miriko could ever be while being still rather settled and peaceful, Then again Miriko as not that hungry either and Alistair was not either.

Then again it almost a bit slower shopping because Miriko could not really read Joyan she was just looking into windows and places that were selling things and going off of that, To just either skip it or consider it. But neither of them had spoken a word since. At least Alistair did not seem to disappointed now, Just back to normally walking behind Miriko and watching quietly as always. Much like the ever watching protector he was to Miriko. It seemed Miriko at least was delighted looking at the things she was, back to being content.


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Jikan followed behind Alistair and Mimi, at first at least. With a bit of time the duo made their way up to the other pair. Mia was still located on Jikan's back, her head resting on Jikan's left shoulder as he strolled up beside Alistair. Being further away from Mimi to allow some personal space.

Jikan side eyed Alistair and Mia softly. She did not like how he was getting dragged into this scolding. For some reason....she just did not like the feeling. Which was odd. Given her age, personality, and experience in life, she normally would not care much if someone had an annoyed or agitated tone....

Mia looked over to Mimi, assuming the question was intended for Alistair, but from the tone of voice that Mimi used along side the look she was getting from Jikan. Well. Mia decided to speak. "If he is done...I am done...", she said in defeated tone before also adding in a whispered sorry.

Jikan turned, walking into a building stand that had fresh fish out. Plopping a coin down Jikan bought a bag of fish before exiting the stand. She patted Mia on the head and let the exceed climb onto her shoulder before giving her one. She spoke to the shop owner. A bit of a struggle since she was not fluent in Joyan. But, she had practiced and studied enough that she could have decent conversations with people and buy stuff. Her more better side of this language was reading and listening....well reading. If someone was speaking Joyan fast enough, even if Jikan knew the words used like they were on the back of her hand, it would take her longer to respond.

Back outside Jikan looked at the signs, reading the names of the building and items on sale inside. Still close by to Alistair and Miriko, she noticed that the dark brown haired artist was only looking into windows and outside of the buildings. She blinked a few times watching this, not sure if the lady was just window shopping or unsure if she was having a hard time. She had a content look on her face though so Jikan assumed all was well.

"Madam, madam", a voice called out from behind them in Joyan. Turning her head back Jikan saw the source of the voice. It was the shop keeper she had bought the fish from. "You forgot your change, you left a lot".

In a slowed speech Jikan spoke. Making sure she articulated the sounds of the language correctly. "Ah...no....I did it on purpose. Tip", she added a wave of the hand motion, to show it was no issue for her and for the man to keep it.

With a bow the man thanked Jikan for her generosity before heading back to his shop.

"Why did you tip that much Jikan?".

"Felt like it".


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All and all as things settled down, Miriko seemed to go back to normal for the most part. Even if she was not as dark and such as she normally is look wise, Miriko was still herself trying to keep things peaceful and delightful. Then again this entire situation was also just allowing Miriko to think on how she could manage. So now she was trying to deal with her own struggle of barely knowing how to speak the language of the people around her, Just kind of dealing with it in her own way. Maybe after a while it would be apparent that Miriko was seemingly slow, looking only through windows and things the way she did. Then again Alistair might have figured out what was going on with Miriko and why she seemed to be slower with her looking around.

Thus he would mention it."Mimi...why are you just browsing? Is it because you can not speak Joyan?"And Miriko would not really deny it either. But she at least would not be too embarrassed about it in the end. So she would sigh."Yes I know, I should have really considered taking lesson in Joyan before coming here."Both seemed to laugh about it slightly because they could manage to take a bit of joyous laughter from it, Miriko might not seem to want it to be shown often but at times being because she had to be a bit stiff about her own weaknesses because she already knew how at times weak she did seem.

But these where just the normal internal struggles of Miriko."But I did at least see some interesting thread to use for outfits, I just need to be sure i have enough and figure out how to tell the person I intend to buy it."It was how it seemed, at the moment that Miriko was summing up an idea in her mind. So much so she was fixated on it so unintentionally was not really paying intentionally to Jikan and Revvy unintentionally.


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After giving her  response to Mia, Jikan had to figure out what to do now. The original purpose and goal of the day was to enjoy a nice quiet peaceful stroll in that piece of greenery that was connected to a small assortment of trees back there. Jikan wanted to call that open section of land a forest but, she was not sure of it. Either way, with he arguing that happened between Alistair and Mia, the uncomfortable accusation, or at least question, towards her of stalking Mimi, and being in a market area no with possible things to buy and desserts or other sweet things to eat or drink. Her mood to go back and continue that walk had pretty much gotten erased. Mia on the other hand did not care about the situation. She was perfectly content snacking on one of many fishes she had accessible to her today.

Continuing walking around Jikan walked closer to where Mimi and Alistair, gazing up at the shop signs hoping to see a shop selling pastries. But so far she was having a hard time. "Pottery...nope....breakfast cafe...nope...tool shop....no....thread and fabric....nah. Oh come on where is...ah! There it is, pastry!!!", Jikan practically jumping with a hop in the air a little bit of the ground with joy before landing and pretending she did not just do that with a cough. Mia was use to this action by Jikan by now and so she did not say a word.

Only after doing so did she realize the conversation that was going on next to her with Mimi and Alistair. It seemed the pair was having to deal with the issue of not knowing Joyan. Jikan knew enough to handle a conversation in a shop...but...given the feeling Alistair gave her earlier she felt like she should not. But, at the same time, she kinda....wanted to help Miriko out. She did not know why. "Ah...um...sorry to pry. But, ...do you need help...communicating with the shop owner??".


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Maybe there was something to high light about this situation, Since Alistair had moved on from everything already it would be something that might just be a matter the other people with in the situation would linger on. But for the moment the two seemed to be planning what exactly they wanted to get and figure what fabic they wanted in the end, Since well she found what she was shopping for but what sure what she wanted yet, It was just the magic of how Miriko worked, She was good at causing herself even more problems at times for herself.

But it seemed maybe at least there was something that could be done about it. internally Alistair could still think Jikan was a stranger and slightly stalkerish lady but does not mean he could not try to get use to her and see if she was honestly any better."Well To your idea maybe since she know what pattern she wants it might honestly be a good idea."So far it was most Alistair talking, As Miriko was well continuing her effort of just looking at patterns from the window, Maybe some one should really fix that and bring her inside.

So far it might not be Alistair as he did not mind waiting and watching over as he always did. Even if Alistair could do something about it he was lazy and just sat there waiting to see what would happen, At least he was not going to attempt anything else. At least he was more interested in watching and seeing what would happen rather then scaring Jikan and Mia away, But you know they need would attempt to do it themselves. After all it was just the cause of Alistair butting heads with them before was still on the mind it might be risky to attempt now.


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Nom nom nom nom. Chewed the happy exceed Mia as she stayed on Jikan's back and shoulder as she asked her question.

It was a bit troublesome and annoying to have to talk, given Alistair's action earlier the tone of Jikan moving on and most likely Mia as well depended on how the large catian spoke and acted towards them moving forward. Given that it seemed his owner, friend? Had no patience for the arguing his was doing, it caused him to move away from the topic physically as she had left him. With her tone and words, it seemed that she had also scolded him to a degree, as well as Mia. Either way, hopefully with that and the break in their interaction it could be a transition point in which he would move on from it.

Sure, Jikan was a bit offended and perplexed about if her random interactions by chance with these two seemed that way. But she also felt that it was an inaccurate and injustice examination of her and the situation she was in. So, nothing new there.

She would live.

In Jikan's attempt to aid she wondered how it go. Internally Jikan wondered how much of a stranger was she really? She was not a friend at all to them but she was somewhat of an acquaintance by now she guessed? They had talked and Jikan had been a somewhat client in Mimi's work. Having her face painted and doing conversations of work. Hmmm, she supposed the times she ran into them were indeed random, but, she did not think anything was stalkerish. Perhaps Alistair was the cautious and sometimes scary time like Mia then? Perhaps that caused him to act that way earlier. Well, if that was the case Jikan would have some patience and understanding. She was use to Mia after all.

"Ah. So she has an idea of what she want and knows it", she did a look around at what Mimi was looking at from her spot away. "Fabric? Okay, so that is simple. I'll just go in adn talk to the owner as a translator. I will need her to come inside along with you though so I don't have to go in and out of the store and possible lose my spot if another customer comes in".

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There was various ways to consider it,However one could ponder if they were thinking too much into it. Maybe Jikan did not understand the role of a watchful protector over a lady known for costly and expensive paintings. Or you know Alistair might just be use to thinking people staring too long at Miriko did well cause her a few problems and she was never really open and up front with it too many questions on mind with things not really answered in the end, how interesting these situations would be over all as things progressed with the times ahead.

With this part Alistair seemed to only just say."You do realize...you can mention and say these ideas to Miriko herself right?...I might be looking after her but you know she is her own being too."Yes the magical part to add more to the confusion that mention that she was free to make her own choices with out his judgment.

So since Miriko still did not exactly pay attention he would just mention."Why don't you offer it to Miriko and not myself?"He mentioned about it casually with out a single mention of aggression or worry. so if there was a chance now was the time for maybe a bit more of a chance interaction with Miriko, Was Jikan daring enough to do this? it was a magical question on maybe at least not Alistair' mind, But Miriko seemed to be continue doing her normal considering and choosing which ones to get.


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Jikan was the type of person to think that, at times, things were as they were. And from the situation of the past, was how she would judge her situation and interactions moving forward. Given that she had view Alistairs actions a bit rude and unfair to judge, she decided she would be careful in her interaction to them if it happened after the fact of the little argument. Noting his protectiveness and idea of the cat thinking one was too close to Miriko, Jikan thought it would be a calming factor if she spoke to him directly and, if needed, Miriko indirectly through him.

"I am aware of this, however, I was under the impression that it would be better in both of you twos opinions to not talk to her. Given that I did get asked if I was "stalking" her after all". She put an emphasis on the word, a bit of annoyance showing. "So, I figured it would be better for my mood to go through you for communication. If that is not the case, I can simply to talk to Miriko directly. I know she is her own person able to make decisions and talk for herself".

Jikan then sighed. She was becoming rude herself letting aggravation come out. Today was supposed to be a peaceful day, no anger, no blood lust, no mess. "My apologizes for my tone". Jikan then walked out to where Miriko was, "Hello, excuse me Miss Miriko?", if the lady was so distracted in her thoughts that she did not hear the call Jikan would give a soft tap on her shoulder with a finger. That was only so if she did not respond to Jikan talking to her though. "I understand you don't quite know the Joyan language. If you need someone to help talk to the owner of this fabric store. I can be a translator you help you discuss with them and get what you decided you need".

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Maybe it would be eventually picked up that Alistair was a bit like a father looking over a daughter in some way. Then again maybe it was just also because he had seen many things in passing, Alistair had many of his own stories for why he was this way with still mostly stranger around Miriko, But maybe that was something Alistair might not speak about around Miriko for the sake of Miriko's own mental well being since she was a rather interesting woman about past embarrassments at times. But his final remark towards it all would be."I am equally a guard as I am a companion to Miriko, I am careful with her for good reason."He also was rather polite about it,Considering Miriko was a well known painter at home maybe it made sense.

But at least when it came to getting Miriko's attention this was not like any other situation Miriko did not seem to panic or jump slightly like a kiddish animal as she use too. Turning around at the shoulder poke."It isn't that I don't quite know it...I do not know it entirely...Much to the possible dismay of my actual father."She did mention casually by it but it was never intended to bring the mood down."I might be a woman of many talents of learning a language isn't one of them."She admitted right away.But still that did not take away from Miriko being just her normal self and seeing a chance to maybe actually get what she wanted and see if maybe she had. Since it was a chance she would take it.

"But if you really insist, Maybe you can make it simple I can give you the required amount to pay, You can speak to them and buy them for me and all will work out in the end."Miriko's plan so far seemed pretty simple, Maybe she forgot about considering actually entering the store and seeing what else there was, it was just her going off of what as seen upfront, Not that there was anything entirely wrong with it, Given Miriko's shy nature it might be easy to see this coming.


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Jikan nodded in understanding at Alistair's words. It was a factor Jikan was aware of but had not given much thought. As the companion with them, of course Alistair was a guard to Miriko, a friend and guardian was always a part of one's friendship or caretaker. Jikan had that same relationship with Mia, although most of the time Jikan was the guard. But Mia still did what she could for her friend. She had moved to talk to Miriko and so as Alistair spoke Jikan's nod would be seen from the back of her head. "I can understand that. Everyone is like that with their friends or someone they care about".

Doing her tap she saw Miriko turn to her and begin to talk. "I...am not sure what you are saying. Are you saying you have no idea for sure what you want to do completely?", Jikan asked, ignoring the comment about her father as it seemed irrelevant right now. "Anyway, not knowing the language is okay...I guess. It is a big issue when trying to explore the country though. It limits you a lot to areas where Fiorian is known". Granted Jikan was not the one to talk about this, after all Jikan was in Joya without knowing the language and only learned the things as she went and interacted.

She nodded her head, "Okay that is fine with me. Let me know what the items are and I can tell them and bring it to you. However, do you want to come inside? See if there are any other fabrics or ideas you get or in case the owner has a question?".


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For now Alistair seemed to kind of just took a few steps back and rested as cats normally did, because for now he seemed content with how this all would be for the moment. Then again as this continued on it would seem Miriko be a bit strange lady at times, was it how she was experienced around people? was it always just doing the things she has done this way? many ways to ponder it.

But back to the Fiorian painter lady. Who for the most part just had gone on something entirely pointless, which lead to Miriko be a bit nervous now."Ahh....Don't worry about I am going on pointlessly."Miriko mentioned because she was still making choices and such and seemed to be unsure of her entire choices."I am just...I am okay." When Miriko did get nervous she seemed to already mix up her thoughts and words, It was normally controlled better. Just did slip up every once and a while like it did here.

Nonetheless Miriko even if suggested to do inside."It could be a good idea I just however...Feel unsure about it."Yet again the problem of Miriko shyness she was always unsure of herself."Because I could see workable things already just need to go and get it."This was Jikan's problem now, Miriko almost seemed to be needed to be talked into going there, So now it might be good to wonder how Jikan could deal with this situation?


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Mia stayed by Jikan as Jikan spoke to Miriko. The cat exceed finishing one of the fishes. Trying to be a little friendly, she walked over to Alistair and took another fish out of her bag before attempting to hand it to him. She would then take another fish out for herself. She was a bit silent in doing this, not really having anything to say to the larger cat, but, would try to be polite to him at least. She then moved, being somewhat close to Alistair but to Jikan and Miriko as well.

Back on Jikan side of things. The red haired magic user listened to her the Fiorian painter. As the lady talked more and more Jikan just tilted her head to the left as she looked at Miriko in bewilderment as the first part of her words. Well that was it then, she said not to worry about it so there was no point in Jikan continue to think about it and being confused about it. She blinked at Miriko. This type of interaction was familiar to her, felt like when she first met Mia...or honestly any conversation she had with her adopted son Klein, especially when he was nervous or shy.

It sounded like the woman was uneasy, or at least lost in her thoughts anyway. Perhaps she had so many things she was considering and that was becoming overwhelming? She said she was okay so maybe she just needed a moment to stop. Or...she was just saying that and was completely lost.

"Oh that is fine and true. I am sure you got a good look at what they have out front. However, there can be plenty more inside in spots you can't see", Jikan extened her hand and pointed towards the door. "To get a true look of your options and have a better chance to make the best thing you can, it would be wiser, I think. To get a look at all the fabrics the shop has". She lowered her hand.

"Also, if I am going to help an artist, I would prefer to have them with me. As an outsider to your brain and intentions, I can't get your vision as well as you do. Even if you tell me what fabrics to get I have no idea if the owner will ask me any other questions that I may not have the answer to".

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Alistair did not mind being around Mia, After all said in done he just kind of went back to watching.But with the offer of fish had a basic response of was to the best of his power take this fish gentle with his teeth to see it, As a general sign affection common with cats Alistair slightly rubbed his head on Mia for a moment, it was a quiet way of saying thank you. For such a large cattian he was, he was actually rather gentle as his years for how long he has been around, He knew how to balance out what to do to make sure he did not hurt anyone. Yes Alistair was did cause tension and everyone argued but look at them now they where relaxing.

At least with Alistair he seemed to be relaxing, Miriko at least on the other hand was trying to collecting herself, It seemed internally Miriko seemed to be trying really hard to just make herself be normal. So much so between her quicken thoughts and worry, she just finally took a deep breath and settled herself."You know what, I think I can manage to come in with you."Miriko was now, trying to hype herself up, Something that if Jikan was able to pick up on, she would me smart enough to encourage her a bit more.

Even taking time to straighten herself up, make sure her outfit and more neat and keep her back straight, Miriko was being entirely serious about hyping herself up.


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Mia had accepted the slight head to head rub by the larger cat. Glad that he indeed accepted her piece offering of the tasty fish. She had been bother by him earlier but now she was calmer and relaxed when it came to the large cat that was Alistair. Mia was still on the younger side of, well, being a cat. A younger lady dealing with her own personality difficulties, the world was a vast scary place for her in her mindset of having no magic powers or physical strength in comparison to the people she knew were around the likes of Jikan. But, it seemed at least getting along with Alistair was getting started on Mia's end.

On Jikan's end that was being remained to be seen. Jikan saw Miriko and she was somewhat not well. She was not exactly panicking, but she was not really giving Jikan's a calm view of her as well. She had no idea really of what Mimi was going through internally. Something she thought was true after all when Mimi took a deep breath.

"You know what, I think I can manage to come in with you."

Jikan nodded her head. "Good. With you coming along i am sure we'll find a wonderful fabric that matches your idea and vision. Maybe you can even find a cute accessory that matches the color or style of the fabric as well". Jikan said in a lightly affirmative tone. She had picked up on Miriko trying to encourage herself. Or at least that was what thought she was doing. Either way she did her best to give some energy to Mimi which was a funny thing as Jikan was never one to do such a thing normally in the first place that much. Given that Miriko was a relative new person to her, it would have to be seen how it went.

Jikan than turned to the side facing the door of the fabric store before gently opening the door. "Shall we?".

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