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Pact - Pact of the Cursed Emperor

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Name: Pact of the Cursed Emperor.

Slot: Modification.

Type: Modification.

Class: -

Quantity: Limited.

Element: -


Description: Long ago, Yan, also known as Emperor Yan of Sin and ruler of the Shang Dynasty, was approached by an envoy of the Sinese gods to perform a tribute for the gods. It was a common act performed by Sinese emperors to remain in power on Earthland. Yan, however, had no intention of continuing this tradition and openly rebelled against the Sinese gods. The envoy was visibly confused by Yan's response and promised him that the capital of Sin would be laid to ashes if he did not retract his statement.

On that very same night, an army of the Sinese gods arrived outside of Sin's capital. Yan battled fiercely on the battlefield till he noticed that one of the gods was planning to release a deadly mist in the capital's streets. In the nick of time, he sliced the god's hand and gloated as he reeled in pain. Yan went as far as to declare that he would torture and kill the god slowly so as to humiliate him to the highest degree in front of the world. He then repeatedly cut, sliced, and hacked away at the god's body until three other gods arrived to save their own.

Yan was then forced to unleash all of his might when facing the gods and it resulted in the three of them to all attack the Sinese Emperor at once in order to crush him. However, he managed to fight evenly against all three of them, shocking all the witnesses of the great battle.  

It was not until Tian himself stepped onto the battlefield that Yan finally began to falter. One would assume that the gods would be pleased with Tian's arrival, however, they were scared beyond belief. The request for tribute had not been on Tian's behalf. Instead, it was done by some of the Sinese gods without Tian's consent. Thus, Tian swiflty executed the gods causing trouble on Earthland.

Tian, however, could not let a human disrespect the authority of the Sinese gods over the mortals of Sin. Thus, Yan was allowed to bend the knee directly to Tian. Yan refused and clashed violently with Tian, but Tian's power easily prevailed over the mighty Yan as he punched a hole through Yan's chest, killing him almost immediately.

Following Yan's defeat, the Shang Dynasty of Sin concluded. Yan, however, cursed the gods and swore that he would return to exact his revenge one day. As centuries passed, Yan became despised because the gods ordered that Yan's works and name as an emperor be slandered at the time of his death. As a result, he became known as a tyrannic, evil ruler in the history books of Sin that was too proud to protect his people.


Requirements: None.


  • Magic: The user must be an Adventurer.
  • Transformations: The user cannot use transformations.
  • Items: The user cannot assign mana acquired from items with Cursed Emperor's Mana Into Might.


  • Cursed Emperor's Rebellion: The user deals two ranks higher in physical damage against users with God Souls.
  • Cursed Emperor's Resistance: The user receives two ranks lower in damage from users with God Souls.
  • Cursed Emperor's Qi Sight: The user can see the flow of Qi within the bodies of living beings. Along these pathways are cruxes in the form of stars that the user can strike to disrupt their opponent's Qi. In topics, whenever the user causes the Hindered status on a limb of a target, the target can no longer recover from being Hindered on the affected limb.
  • Cursed Emperor's Mana Into Might: The mana of the user is converted into statistics in topics. The user may convert every 100 points of mana into 5 attribute points whenever they enter a topic. This may be done immediately upon entering a topic or later when the user decides to battle. An example would be a user with 5000 mana entering a topic. The user has 5000/100=250 attribute points that may be distributed on top of their own. The user may then decide, for example, to assign +200 to their Strength and +50 to their Speed. Once determined, the user may no longer change it for the remainder of the topic.

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