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Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko)

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Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) - Page 2 Empty Tue Jun 28, 2022 4:45 pm

It was silly to think about, For the most part maybe it was Akuko just being unhappy with the first meeting and better with the second one, while she was not trying to pull too many pranks as of right now. Or maybe in some way that trickster was still there and she just did not feel like being a pain in the butt. Given how Akuko had managed to attempt to get along with Kaito with out problem, maybe she had entirely moved on from the first meeting or she just did not care anymore since she was not getting hurt now, Akuko was maybe a bit complex that way.

"Suppose you feel like you should win some kind of prize there kitty?"She mentioned because Revvy seemed to be done and proud of herself. So she would just gently take Revvy and place her on that sand platform with an added first place sign, Akuko was in a way admitting defeat here with a challenge she did not know what she was getting into. Then let Revvy enjoy the moment in victory, But Akuko if asked could admit she was not that much of a fight over all.

Then she would go back to drinking her water. Going on to admit."Even then with my complaints it is most likely far better to be known and seen then just watching from afar, It was the better choice in the end."Just her pointing out that even with her complaints she felt like she made the right choice in the end.

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Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) - Page 2 Empty Wed Jun 29, 2022 9:27 pm

Kaito Todaro
Revy looked at the woman as she was lifted on to the stage and at the 1st place sign and she giggles. "You seem to be pretty good at this as well Akuko. I am glad we can get along and not be at odds like last time." The forward obvious exceed struck again and she spoke before she had fully thought out what she was saying to the poor woman who she might have just slightly offended.

Kaito laughs softly at the woman's admission to him and the exceed, he has to admit he feels the same instead of staying back in fear he said to hell with it and he went out into the water and he tried something new and exciting and he needs to try to remember this feeling and not just stay in the shadows helping from a distance in fear he is gonna end up hurting someone. "I guess I can feel that statement pretty well. I mostly stay back to protect others from myself, I feel soon I will need to watch out for myself I feel." He can feel some changes in himself growing and some kind of new power is starting to bubble to the top, he is unsure what it is but that kind of scares him to think about it.


Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) - Page 2 Empty Sat Jul 02, 2022 3:10 pm

It was most likely the fun part of Akuko, She was in some way always going to be a bit unexpected sure she was a bit strange when they first met but Akuko seemed to be a lady who understood things and went on with her life, Surely unexpected for a daemon trickster, But Akuko seemed to be  fine with being for the most part unexpected. But there was always more to learn with her. Which most likely made Akuko a strange person to deal with. But it isn't like Akuko was hopping on either of them to attack them.

Maybe it was just knowing she needed to settle bit more, maybe it was just other things in life to consider, Maybe Akuko just did not seem up to task at all. Given how random Akuko was by nature most of the time it might be better left to a persons mind to not worry about it as much."I might be a pain in the butt, But doesn't mean I can't try to get along with people."If anything that was a hint that Akuko viewed herself at fault for the situation even if both could play equal parts in it.

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Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jul 03, 2022 2:19 pm

Kaito Todaro
He laughed softly and he gets close to her. "Rather we are dark or light guild members we are all just fighting for the same thing a future we want to be part of that is what really matters." A glove appears on his hand and he ruffles her hair then jumps back in case she takes a swing at him or uses her shadows on him. Revy giggled as well she is glad this has been a pretty eventful day, even if she clearly had gotten a bit out of hand and went far too serious on building her sand creation to show off to the woman even though she hadn't needed to do so.

"Would you say today was eventful for you as well Akuko?" Revy looks out toward the horizon where the sun was getting close to. She wondered how the view of the stars will be here, as she and Kaito had gone around the world training and honing themselves and she had seen them on mountains, costal areas, the deserts, she just hoped they would be pretty here and maybe even get to see some shooting stars as she always wanted to see one. She was tired and she hoped she could even stay up till the night came so she could look and watch them.


Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) - Page 2 Empty Mon Jul 04, 2022 4:48 pm

There was something upon that mention she picked up on that Akuko herself did not ever mention to him, So she had to ponder how he found out since she never told anyone she was in a guild, it could be safe to assume she was in one now. Even mentioning a dark guild. This was rather strange to just know of, unless some one they where connected too told him."I am in a dark guild, Where did come up with that idea?"She had to ask it was not that he did not know the truth, she just needed to know how.

But she was experiencing her own tricks, Yet she some how just managed to not be bothered by it, since she was able to just deal with being touched after all Ragnar did seem to like playing with her hair and she did not mind it, She did take good care of her hair after all So she would just continue with her wonder."After all as far as you should know of, I am not part of any guild at all."Which was a fair counter point to mention of it even if it was now easy to point out she was not denying being in a guild now.

as for Revvy's question."In the end, this entire situation is a bit different for me, as I do not normally consider doing these things,But enjoyable."Which was also still a good thing in the end for the situation she got out into the sun, talked to people and what some water. It was new and interesting from her normal.

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Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) - Page 2 Empty Tue Jul 05, 2022 12:15 pm

Kaito Todaro
He laughs softly as he guessed she hadn't realized that he wasn't blind. He points to her left hand and gestures for her to flip her hand over. "I saw your guild mark, sorry that if me seeing it made you think I am creepy." He rubs that back of his head as it seemed he had sent her into high alert by him making the statement that she was in a guild but she was acting like it was some hidden thing when her guild mark was on full display on her palm. He had no idea if he had crossed her or if she was just taken by surprised by him saying something deep like he was some scholar that was on a world wide quest to gain all of the worlds infinite knowledge.

Revy nods her head as Kaito was the same he was more stay out of view then he was for staying out in the sun where everyone could find and see him or accidently bump into him and get hurt. "I am glad to hear that you had enjoyed the time that we had together today." Her eyes had lit up a little as her view wondered back to the sky wondering what she will see here or if something will drown out the stars.


Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) - Page 2 Empty Thu Jul 07, 2022 7:06 am

So it was about time some one caught on to that, But maybe it was because of all times to bring it up, Relaxing on a beach when you figured some one hated you for some reason and turned out not to be, it kind of risked ruining the casual delight of the moment. So maybe now it was a good thing to ponder."So observant, Yet I have to ponder if there was a reason to mention it?." Akuko did not sound suspicious by any means, But maybe it is because she was thinking there was a reason to mention it a bit then just a casual mention."After all, I did not think there knowing I am in a guild dark was all that needed...for being at the beach?"So far this was only serious and slightly inquisitive question to ever come out of Akuko, To parts  accelerate the point  Akuko's skin start turning blue you know, As she was starting to shift back into her daemon appearance, Maybe it was just because she wanted too, Or it was a bluff since Akuko was not going to to turn this into anything horrible.

She just wanted to know the relevance of mentioning that aloud even if it was not entirely hidden information, she had no problem admitting it if it came down to it, she was not hiding it, It was a test really to see who was picky enough to look,find out and ask. But her shifting stopped as she then just walked over and started petting Revvy, yes she knew she was still a standing being who spoke but Akuko was a bit of her twist of being."Which is the main part of this all, Relax and enjoy the day."Even with her complains because she was not much of a summer person, she knew the point of it.

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Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) - Page 2 Empty Thu Jul 07, 2022 7:34 am

Kaito Todaro
Kaito rubbed his chin and he thought about it for a moment then he looked to her. "Were you gonna bring it up? cause I figure something like that must weigh heavy on your mind if you are close to light guild member if they will figure you out. So I just did the hard work for you I got it out there." He laughed softly and he gave her a thumbs up he was sure that she was probably crossed or confused at his saying these things but he had stopped really caring about wrong or right, light or dark people are still just people.

He hadn't the time to fuss about a dark guild member doing the same thing as him and finding some time away from it all and enjoying the sun and the surf then sandy beaches and probably a nice cabin just off the beach with a porch facing the ocean to watch it on during the night if they so choose. He watched her starting to shift in color and he pokes her forehead. "Relax you are fine no need to daemon up, we are both adults here and we are enjoying the day." He wasn't scared of her in the least he just didn't want her to go and start working herself up over him making a simple comment about the gray area meetings like this fall under.

Revy looks up and enjoys being petted even if it was more of an animal thing she was still down for a good petting. "Yeah we are having fun and enjoying the day Akuko. Plus relaxing. "


Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) - Page 2 Empty Sat Jul 09, 2022 7:36 am

In the end it was harmless, it was what she assumed just a strange thing to bring up out of nowhere really. Even if it was all a bit of a bluff it settled down quickly. Then again maybe Akuko was making a show because she was a bit of change for things. Yet again she had old habits that was normal of her."Fair enough."With that she did just stay normal. Her casual games where far less scary when you knew it was a joke, but she might have intended people to laugh and smile in some way.

It was a good way to test the waters and see where things went. It seem the test to see whatever reason it was brought up yielded an answer Akuko was happy with."I more wanted to be sure in the end."It seemed at least it was gonna pass quickly since there was not any actual huge worry for it, Most likely if there was something a bit more pressing with the before mentioned comment things might have ended different.

Was it actually just a worry? slightly. would she openly admit maybe not, Since it was not important now."But do tell me as I learn of this kind of place, What else do people do here side from swim?"It was a fair question ask since she was learning about it.

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Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) - Page 2 Empty Sat Jul 09, 2022 9:16 am

Kaito Todaro
Kaito was thankful that, that was cleared up pretty swiftly as he hadn't really wanted to pick a fight with the woman as he has no ill feelings to her or against anyone really at this moment and he lays back on his towel and he looks up to the sky and he hears her keep talking and he wondered if maybe he intimidates her in some way, he guessed that would be normal he has gotten pretty famous on the main land in Fiore.

He hears her question and he starts talking. "Well besides swimming, there is surfing, boating, fishing, sorta swimming things like snorkeling and diving to look at creatures under the water and sunken ships and such. There is star gazing, you could get drunk at the bar and watch the girls dance I guess as well. " As he speaks he has his armed lifted and is pointing in the ways that the activity is being held that he is speaking of would be to help so if any of them peak her interest she knows in which way she would need to head to look into them.


Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) - Page 2 Empty Mon Jul 11, 2022 1:47 pm

It all in the end started to seem like it was just most of the things she had seen people do on the more main lands, Just with a different flavor from what the things they did here. Most of these things maybe might not be entirely her favourite thing to do but in the end she knew now. Maybe she needed to go do one of the more casual things of mention with in that list but was a bit more of later maybe when she was done here, Since there did need to be a closing point here.

But since the list was made."Interesting, sometimes that are new to me, somethings to be expected even at home base so to say."So far a simple remark even adding in."Ladies dancing however it just going to happen everywhere, it almost seems boringly typical."It almost seemed to sounds like that idea bored her, Then again dancing was not a thing she could really consider doing since it was just too public. That and even if she was a bit different Akuko like to think she had some class."I suppose anything beyond here i might lounge around and drink. Hopefully I do not get too board."Which sound almost typical of her and risky to other people in a harmless way.

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Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) - Page 2 Empty Tue Jul 12, 2022 1:06 pm

Kaito Todaro
"See that is what I thought as well but apparently they dance while some guys blow fire and spin it on stick like things." His eyes glow a little in the darkness that was coming upon them and the beach as it was nearly the end of the day and it had seemed to fly past fast and he was happy to have them to have spent the day with as he was not sure what he woulda really done if they hadn't ran into Akuko here as he woulda have just left Revy alone on the beach as she was not comfortable with going out with him into the ocean and riding the surf board so he woulda had no choice but to not try surfing so he didn't feel like he was abandoning her so that he could just have his fun rather she was having any fun or not.

"I actually owe you one for watching over Revy while I went to surf, so from the very deepest parts of my soul. Thank you Akuko." He bows his head to her to respect and make sure that she fully understood his amount of thanks for that.


Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) - Page 2 Empty Wed Jul 13, 2022 4:08 pm

How risky and interesting to hear of, maybe she was wrong about that idea of it. Then again she knew she only had a single basis of things outside of her starting place of living and that was just how she saw Fiore at times."Blowing fire would be simple with magic you know."she had to state that because it was pretty simple. But for the stick things maybe it was entirely something she might need to see herself since it was an entirely new things she had not seen or heard of before. So that was interesting to her.

It might have to be something to experience eventually,Since well, balance is a good thing to learn and see how each person does it. Maybe she had to learn that herself in her own way to use it later on for more tricks. After all she can do so many more things"But the stick thing sound like an interesting thing to learn of."Which she would be open about because it was just how she worked, with such tricks what else could Akuko do with that? Such a wonder she could not think up yet of what it could be.

Then again Revvy watching was brought up, which almost entertained her with in her mind in her own way because she could not help."You make that almost sound like it is a horrible burden to place upon some one."She did not pose that as a question it was posed a joke if anything else.Since she did not actually assume that she just wanted to put a quick witted comment in

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Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) - Page 2 Empty Wed Jul 13, 2022 4:41 pm

Kaito Todaro
He looks up at her with a smile and he laughs softly and he gently ruffles her hair. "Yes it would be easy with magic, but that cheapens the performance." He stands up straight and he wonders if she has only ever just relayed on her magic and never learned many skill out side of the magic that she has and the fact that she could probably lure any man to his dead but he also knows she died on a battle field so he really can't say that for a sure thing.

"It wasn't meant to sound that way, just saying I was glad to have come across you and you took good care of her even though she was being a little show off." He looks to Revy who puffs her cheeks at her and crosses her arms making an annoyed sound then she busts out giggling knowing he was right.

Revy hurries over and hugs Akuko's leg and she smiles up at her. "Thank you again for spending the day with me Akuko I had real fun with you and you let me just be me as well so I didn't have to be so uptight." She stepped back and she gave the woman a thumbs up. Then she stops and she rubs her chin and thinks about something. "Now I just have to find a woman that can handle Kaito that he will settle down with, so he will take more time off and not just keep running out to more requests as he finishes the last." She giggles and she doubts such a woman could even exist as Kaito was always on the move no woman would find anyway to bond with a wonderer like him.

Kaito rubs his chin and he wonders if Revy really meant what she had just said and he figures that she was right but is there really such a woman and if so how would he even know who that is or what that would feel like. He is clueless when it comes to love and the such as he was never really taught about it as he is cursed so he can't do such a thing.


Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) - Page 2 Empty Fri Jul 15, 2022 9:52 am

It was most likely the better counter point to her thinking, it just cheapens it so it seemed a bit more respectful about it in the end, Then again it was always known Akuko did not know much about it."I guess sometimes tradition overrules magic in the end."She entirely guessed it as such things, So it was better to just kind of leave it at that. Since she was already making a varying amount of assumptions to start with. But internally she seemed content being told it was not what she thought entirely of it.

Akuko at least seemed to be delighted the joke was understood."If taking care of something is that simple, I might have a career idea for myself."She had to at least add that in, because it was a pretty forward thought to consider of it."But I don't assume all would be that easy."Yes Akuko did still have some wit to her to not actually assume that, After all things were more complex then that. Was it just how things played out anyway.

As for Revvy's thank you, Akuko proved even if she was a bit grim she was not entirely heartless, She would merely pat Revvy on the head. She seemed to enjoy it with a bit of a smile on her face."If my many changes in life had shown me, If one man can choose me out of a desire of wanting to know who I am, Not just my looks and see me for the person or monster I am....surely there will be a partner for everyone."Maybe she did take some things serious with her life, After all she would not reveal it but loneliness was kind of a thing that tore into Akuko, it is why she was so casual about everything and tired to get a few jokes going. It was to interact with people it was to see what got people laughing with in her own means it was entirely to attempt to avoid the missing piece of being alone.

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Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) - Page 2 Empty Fri Jul 15, 2022 12:33 pm

Kaito Todaro
"Yeah I don't worry about it, but when I was training with my master she made sure I remembered in the end magic is a short cut, if you just relay on them you will get to where you want faster but you end up missing out on experience that you would have gotten on the longer path to it. " Kaito smiles as he recalls the memories of him training hard and having to take those long roads and ending  up beating out those that just relayed on the short cuts to get to what they wanted but in the end they had more glaring weak points as they lacked the real experiences of training and pushing ones body.

He hears what she had just said and he smiled at her and pats Akuko's head. "Well you are a lovely lady and he is a lucky guy that he got you, so no worries, if I need to find someone maybe I will go through every dimension will try to find the right one for me." He laughs softly and Revy punches him in the leg then recoils from hitting him cause she hurt her hand on his body. He kneels and he tends to Revy's hand who looks completely embarrassed that she had just hurt her self on him like that and she thinks that maybe she is still a bit immature still. After Kaito finishes bandaging Revy's hand she thanks him and then looks away as not only did her hand get hurt a small bit of her pride did as well but she will not admit it.


Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) - Page 2 Empty Mon Jul 18, 2022 4:15 pm

A compliment that ended an interesting manner, one she did not seem to laugh or smile at, but seemed to be something as she found this interesting."My my, is the small one jealous at the thought of Kaito finding that in which his heart might want?"Akuko did not seem to make much of a statement about her personal life for the moment. Then again not exactly like there was much to tell to start with, since it was not the thing to be highlighted."Lovely lady? you must have been in a fever dream to call me that one."Akuko mentioned that.

But she would just simply say."Best advise, don't go seeking one, your far better either meeting some one naturally with out force. Or in my case get set up on a blind date."Maybe it was not helpful to mention that, She never knew entirely if that is the case or not, but it was what she would say.

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Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) - Page 2 Empty Mon Jul 18, 2022 4:45 pm

Kaito Todaro
"Nah I think she was a bit mad I said I would have to go that far out of my way to find someone that would like me." He laughs softly and he sits in the sand as the sun finally finished its drop down below the horizon making the area light up by torches that lit by magic around the island making the place seem to be more relaxing and tranquil.

He looks back to Akuko again and he rubs his chin. "You seem far more true to yourself than you did when I first met you." He smiles at her as when he first met her she seemed far more skittish and scared of being judged then she does now or at least it seems that way for the moment.

"Yeah I know, I just like to joke about it. I am a weird guy in most aspects. Oh the guy you are with is blind?" Kaito had no idea what a blind date meant, but he knew what blind meant, so he assumed she was saying she was dating a blind guy. Revy giggled a little at Kaito's misunderstanding of that term, but she knows that he was serious in not knowing what it had meant, cause he was never really looking for love or dating. He was always going on missions or training she at one point wondered if maybe he only knew how to work besides when she made him stop to smell the flowers or enjoy the day.


Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) - Page 2 Empty Wed Jul 20, 2022 11:56 am

A persons wishful thinking was always an interesting to see, Then to see it grounded in logic was also interesting. Then again if this was how these two worked it was still just about how she expected it because it was just how a partnership worked between people at times."I mean if you logically think of it, One should not have to worry about how long a person would need to stretch out for finding love."As a general mention but Akuko almost seemed to want to fling one more thing into it."However if your wish is to stretch that far for your desired partnership, then by all means do it."Akuko knew she was encouraging the wrong kind of behaviour, but maybe that was just the entire point of it.

Akuko did have to mix things up sometimes, after all she had an image to keep up."I have to be, a fair amount of time as a person true to myself in a few ways, After all i can't be as casually scaring people as you seem to discourage at one point."She had to make mention of it because she had not forgotten that day and had a point with that. She was only most likely for the moment trying not to mess around because she also had their past experience to note of to ensure that she did not mess around as much. But could also be natural life progression after all you had to assume Akuko's way of joking around had yet to go away.

She figured Kaito simple in some ways and more complex in other, So she was not as confused when he asked that."No, My boyfriend has seen me as how i can change my looks, So as the monster or the human so to say."But it seemed Akuko needed to teach Kaito a phrase that she had to learn quickly because she did not know the word at the time for being new to the lands and the language."A blind date, Is when some one sets you up on a date with out knowing anything about the person before hand."It was the most simple way she figured to explain it, then again maybe that just showed sometimes she was not the only one who lacked life lessons in some things, But she did not mind having to explain it.

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Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) - Page 2 Empty Thu Jul 21, 2022 9:16 am

Kaito Todaro
He looked at her as she seemed very well educated in these matters and he hears her saying if he wants he should do that but he knows himself that doing that will do nothing for him besides just give him more stress that he really doesn't need and he rather not mislead a woman in some way into thinking he is from their world. "No I think maybe when the time is right they will probably run into me. I probably won't even know they are the one, but maybe I will learn over time. It is part of growing up I guess. More doors opening but needing to find the right one."

He laughs softly at her saying the things she was saying he is guessing that she has done a little growing up herself in the time he had not seen her in. He then hears her talk about a blind date and he rubs his chin and tilts his head a little. "That sounds like a good way to get yourself assassinated by an enemy." He guesses maybe he just really doesn't understand these kind of things.


Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) - Page 2 Empty Sat Jul 23, 2022 3:49 am

Akuko had to wonder if this was how all people for the most part were like? in some way they are most people socially delayed? Not that there was anything wrong with that Akuko could have been considered the same way and just adapted. Then again Akuko also acted generally a bit different because she was just a strange lady in a world she considered strange herself, it was far different from a home she for the most part would never go back to now because she did not have a reason for it."I guess that is the safer way to think about it, rather then assuming one would fall on you lap."Akuko said with a bit of a laugh.

Not that she meant anything harmful in the end, She had wanted to make a joke, After all she viewed being able to laugh at things a bit to enjoy her life."I mean sure, I only know I was not at risky because Quilly set it up for me." Akuko would have been safe either way, She knew how to keep herself safe in the end with how it all worked. Then again maybe interesting to think what could actually happen if you cross Akuko and intended to harm them.

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Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jul 24, 2022 5:30 am

Kaito Todaro
He laughs softly at her comment. "Yeah a woman dropping out of thin air into my lap is pretty farfetched." He thought what that would look like and that only really probably add up to pain or him getting arrested cause the woman being confused to how that had happened and think that Kaito is a creep of some sort.

He still can't really wrap his mind around the concept of a blind date being good for anyone as it just sounds like a dangerous risk that people shouldn't be taking but he guesses in Akuko's case it had worked out but now he is unsure if maybe he should start doing this but with his luck he would probably get paired with someone looking to murder him for some reason or another as he is pretty famous and he is well know so that just makes him a moving target for such things. "At least in your case it worked out I hope you and this guy are happy for a long time." He doesn't say the another beyond that one it as he doubts it is a good idea to voice the bad luck he is with anyone.


Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) - Page 2 Empty Mon Jul 25, 2022 5:14 am

But maybe it was better to call it a day for now, Because Akuko wanted to see a few things herself. But Akuko would just simply mention to him a very simple thing."In the end, We all never know what live has for us. We just need to never doubt what we need to deal when it feels right."Akuko revealed for the most part she might just be a person who reacts a bit more off of emotions at times too, even if all people where it was a sign of maybe things in  the future of how Akuko would act in some situations.

Then she simply poked him on the nose."Life has interesting ways of working, as lame as it sounds, But i have a feeling i will be okay."Akuko did at least know how to look after herself, But in the end she felt like there was little worry with in the entire situation of it."But alas, I think i am going to sneak off, fine a drink and maybe find some where i can get a cigar."And with that she just left, no good bye or anything, But it was just typical Akuko. At one point upon walking close enough to the shade of something close by Akuko just walked into it like a door. For now She seemingly was gone.


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Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) - Page 2 Empty Tue Jul 26, 2022 6:59 am

Kaito Todaro
Kaito relaxes after the woman is gone he wondered what really was waiting in his future if the stars will align for him as well or if he will just be thrown into hell and lost to the world or if he will raise as a monster among men and he wasn't going to back down and he wasn't going to flee from what ever the future may hold for him and he with his finger starts to connect the stars together and he feels like he probably looks like a child and Revy walks over and she lays down beside him and she started to do the same as she knows that what he needs at the moment is her to be close and to understand him rather he was a dreamer, a wonderer or just a monster that fakes to be human then she would endure it and help him no matter what because he was the first to truly treat her as an equal and he protected her from trouble and other troubles that came their way.


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