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Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko)

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#1Kaito Todaro 

Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) Empty Sat Jun 11, 2022 6:06 am

Kaito Todaro
Kaito hearing about a cool new summer place to go hang out and enjoy the summer decided to take Revy on a trip they might even end up taking up some requests here at sometime, but for now he is going to try and relax and just enjoy the sun and the waters. Maybe his time in the sun without all the protective wear will help him feel better he just has to make sure of the people around him and to not get caught slipping and someone accidently run into him or swim into him.

Revy is starry eyed as she looks at the beautiful beach and she wonders if Kaito is even gonna have fun here or not, or if this was more of a he is taking her places that she can enjoy while he sits in the shade and doesn't do anything more then watch was she has fun and others have fun but he question was soon answered as he jumped backwards through a rift and comes up from another fully changed into his beach wear along with a surf board.



Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) Empty Sat Jun 11, 2022 11:22 am

In general of all people to maybe see at a beach area, It might honest be the lady who was about to show herself now. the top of her head with her typical glasses on her face but a flower in her hair, just from a shadow not too far away, Shadows where a but less common in places of high volumes of sun light, it did annoy her but she did not mind just trying to actually seem like a lady at the beach. So she would find a shadow to pop out of. Make sure her just plain black two piece fit nicely sure it left nothing to wonder for the most part in terms of her shape but, Given most people have seen Akuko as a daemon her features aren't well hidden.

But even if she had some what of an annoyed feeling about them Akuko would be friendly.To them both while still being herself but that she would sneak over and pick up Revvy to play along with a joke."Hello, what a wonderful snack you could be!"you could very easily tell she meant that entirely for a joke because she just gave Revvy a kiss on the head."Not really, I never intended to eat you."Revealing in the end it was in fact a joke. But after petting Revvy on the head a few times she put her down."But I did not think you the summer type....But I always continue to be wrong in life."She mentioned it plainly because life kept throwing new things at her that were interesting and different. for hers had changed a bit since last seeing these two, if anything she was still a trickster and a joker but seemed a bit more delighted.

#3Kaito Todaro 

Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) Empty Sat Jun 11, 2022 11:57 am

Kaito Todaro
Revy looks up at the woman that had just out of no where picked her up and she smiles at her and laughs slightly at her comment to her about being a snack again. "That comment isn't so far out for the male exceeds that fought over me. Hello Miss Akuko come for fun in the sun or are you just dressed like that to make men drool?" She looked Akuko over and shrugs as she is put back down. She hadn't minded the kiss on the head she had gotten.

"Here I was thinking you would be more a covered swim wear corner. I was born in the summer it is my season. I am not so much a walk around not wrapped in bandages I will give you that one but I have learned some new tricks since last we met." He laughs laughs softly and he makes a small portal behind her and himself keeping it hidden from her sight and he puts a hand behind his back and reached through and stole her glasses from her head in one movement and closed the portal behind her, then brings her sun glasses out while putting them on. "I see why you like these they are well made and a very pretty color." He was not sure how she would react to him having done that but at least he hopes she found it a cool trick, as he respected her and Quilla's story, he is here for fun not to make an enemy of the woman.


Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) Empty Sat Jun 11, 2022 1:11 pm

For Revvy's comment Akuko would use it as a lead in into her own life.Since well even if Akuko was a woman who was a bit of a pain in the butt at times."Well, I can see why the male exceeds might be interest in you Revvy, You prove time and time a gain to stick around as a good and honest companion."Yes it was strange Akuko was being nice, But there was always that side of her she just took life far to casually for her own reasons. Even if she was a daemon, She was never outright some one's enemy.

"Even then nothing against men, Sometimes...they get carried away.I am lucky enough to seemingly gather and keep the interest of one merely out of their person of me as a person, Rather then a barely covered daemon."Akuko hinted she found a partner in life in which made her happy. Not something Akuko had planned but she seemed to become happier over time like she could remain some what tamer now day compared to anything else. Then again Akuko when broken down in simple terms was a simple lady, She was honestly looking to belong when she never felt she did to start.

But it was an interesting trick, to use one she had used before back on her, Even then the ones he was wearing worked better for Akuko's outfit at the time."I tend to find the good ones, After all they need to live through quick travels."which she seemed to only just slightly laugh about it, She was not complaining about his set of glasses."I do have plenty more if you really wish for that pair, I have other for later."

#5Kaito Todaro 

Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) Empty Sat Jun 11, 2022 1:34 pm

Kaito Todaro
Revy blushes a little that the daemon woman saying such a thing to her, she only did her best she wasn't sure it was worth all of this to them. She leans and starts drawing in the sand as she is embarrassed.

Kaito laughs softly and he takes them off and opens a portal returning them to her head gently.  "Have to admit they are probably not my style, so what brings you to the beach?" He smiles watching Revy embarrassedly drawing in the sand and smiling, he still isn't sure which of the two exceeds she liked more if it was Renji or if it was Nimbus and he didn't dare to ask in fear the exceed would turn around and then start asking about who he currently liked, and he doesn't think he is quite ready to admit to liking anyone. Besides him sorta openly liking the wind dragon slayer he had met that was part of Blue Pegasus. Though he did feel an odd pang in his heart for another Blue Pegasus member but he was not gonna go into that one either though he knows he is going to probably want to meet her again and see the progress she had made on the thing she has said she was going to make.

"You know how to swim and all that good stuff?"  He figured he was gonna try his hand at this thing called surfing that he had seen in a hand out that advertised this place, he leaned against his surf board while he waited for her answer.


Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) Empty Mon Jun 13, 2022 4:12 am

It seemed to be all back to the normal ways of being, so it seemed at least for the moment it seemed a bit typical but she could jokingly mentioned."Maybe it just..matches me a bit more, But I tend to explore how colours match at times."It was just a her way of being is just work strangely and free. But when it was brought up for what she was doing at the beach it would be the most bland but honest answer this at times playful daemon would say."At times, Even if i am the type to play jokes and harmless games."It was fairly casual, passive and oddly human of Akuko,For it was to do the most human thing possible."I was going to find a beach chair,sit and lounge in the sun for a few hours, This entire situation over all are not super common for the most part at least for me."

So what a magical thing, Akuko was at a beach to do typical beach things, Not scare anyone, not pull off any pranks. She just was there to be the more normal lady on the beach she could."Perhaps maybe even seeing if by chance, some one I see normally is lingering around as well."Well it was normal with the hint of just curious lingering around. But at least she looked like she managed being at a beach well with out worry, Then again it was not hard since she figured it out.

#7Kaito Todaro 

Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) Empty Mon Jun 13, 2022 4:43 am

Kaito Todaro
He laughed softly and he wondered if she was really just here for that but he guessed his birthday get away had yielded a present at least. "Yeah probably good to get away from the craziness of the country huh? Everyone needs a rest even I do even though I barely take any." He pulls extra beach stuff out of a portal which is towels a beach blanket and he sets them up plus buckets and shaping items to make sand castles and creations to turn out better. Revy gets a shovel and things to try make a sand castle. Kaito starts putting on sunscreen so he reduces the chances of himself getting burnt to a crisp using portals to makes sure he doesn't miss a spot.

He turns to Akuko and holds it out offering her it if she needs some. "Need some or any help getting it on yourself?" He figured it was only right to ask if she needed some or if she had needed a hand to help herself be protected from getting burned by the hot summer sun.


Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) Empty Mon Jun 13, 2022 6:19 pm

I mean there could be worst people to meet at a beach right? It was not like Akuko was actually any harm to anyone. But that took to needing to remember she was actually harmless."That and sometimes with strict traditions with in your life these times are interesting and rare."But it would not ruin her enjoyment so far, maybe she just did need to actually go swimming."Plus who knows, Maybe I can do something in an area with out getting into some kind of trouble."Akuko mention with a bit of laugh about it because it sounded silly to her.

As for if she needed any it seemed to be a good ponder."I most likely will however I won't need help for it really, I am sure with some tricks I know i can be fine with this sun tan lotion."At least that is also what she thought it was called, Either way she was still a big girl after all. But she still would just use some just in case because a sun burn was annoying, It also clashed with the way her normally kept herself."But if you have a bottle to spare I would not mind some."To refuse was silly unless she wanted to be walking around almost like she was going to get sun burnt.

#9Kaito Todaro 

Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) Empty Mon Jun 13, 2022 10:07 pm

Kaito Todaro
He laughed softly and rubbed the back of his head. "It is more I bury myself in it all to hurry to get nowhere is my best guess to saying it." He was really unsure how busy this woman keeps herself but with everything he knows happens in the west it is probably nice to be able to take a moment and put her feet up and just relax.

"Well if you do find yourself in need, I am sure Revy would be glad to help you so that you can stay safe and don't end up looking like a Daemon lobster." He laughs behind his hand a little he hands over the protective lotion so the woman can stay safe and but look like a boiled hot dog that was then left out in the sun after it had been cooked.

He takes his surf board and he goes to the area that is for the surfing that is more away from the people swimming and having tons of fun out in the nice hot day that is gonna probably hold till later in the after noon. Revy looks to the woman and she smiles, she figures that this woman may need help with the lotion so she moves closer so if she needs her then she is right there to help her. "Just let me know if you need help and how I may help you." He voice is happy and chipper.


Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) Empty Tue Jun 14, 2022 2:31 pm

It seemed Kaito was doing something she had yet really to pick up the name of or see, But quite a few people have been doing it while she was here. But since it was harmless to ask."Well do tell me, What is this Kaito is doing?"whatever it was called she did not know of by name but she had seen it enough around here to be curious, just not curious enough to try it. But she wanted to more know it by name at this point so she could remember it for later. She was not brave enough to try it so far.

But most likely Revvy knew the answer anyway."I do assume, It is a normal thing people do."She mentioned in general while they were talking.Yet again she was learning things after all so that would be something she had to ask about."It looks interesting."she did not mind having a conversation with Revvy about it while Kaito when out and did whatever she was going to look at."Then again, it seems a bit...risky in thought consider what goes on."But Akuko was just thinking a loud, Waiting to see what happens.

#11Kaito Todaro 

Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) Empty Tue Jun 14, 2022 11:03 pm

Kaito Todaro
Revy looks at her then she looks out to Kaito and she wonders what it is, she is asking about. "Do you mean surfing?" She wondered if Akuko is able to swim or not and she guessed it couldn't hurt to ask the woman. "Do you know how to swim?" She draws with a stick pictures to show how it seemed to work, she only had a basic knowledge of what it has or how it worked. "Some people do, do it but it is a bit rough to learn, I don't think Kaito knows how to do it."

"Yeah it does seem interesting." She wants to try it some time but she thinks she will fail pretty badly and she wonders what it must feel like to be free like that. Kaito surfs along and it seems like he is use to it, but he smiles and his hair flows in the wind.


Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) Empty Thu Jun 16, 2022 2:36 am

So that was what it was called, interesting she did not know at all then again maybe she knew the word and it was not one she entirely saw in action yet."Yes, that is surfing. Not quite a word i needed to connect yet."she mentioned watching what was happening. It was interesting in it's own way but maybe just not her fancy in the end."Might just be something I view strange to do."Akuko mentioned but at least she did not say anything too horrible about it in the end.

But to answer the question posed to her."I have some basic swimming skills, not as strong as other people."Maybe that was also the hidden meeting, Akuko could work on her swimming skills alone for the most part but just sneak in meeting a few other people"It is something I am slowly working on improving for the most part."At least she was going to cover up she was trying to improve that part.

#13Kaito Todaro 

Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) Empty Thu Jun 16, 2022 11:06 am

Kaito Todaro
She giggled softly as the woman spoke and she nodded along to her words. "Well from what I heard it can be a bit dangerous to surf, so if you are gonna try I would say learn the basics first." She stood up from her sand creations and she nods her head confident in her words of advice to start off slow before going onto trying to do any of the surfing. She looked at the woman and got a bit closer and she sits by her feet. "I am not that strong of a swimmer either, I am trying to learn. I came from the far north and we didn't swim a lot there." She was unsure if it was right to tell on herself like that but she trusted Akuko with the information.

Kaito is riding the waves and looks like he is at home going through it and he starts showing off a little as he laughs and Revy watches she is glad to see what she thinks is an actual smile and not the fake one that he paints on himself to not worry the other people around himself.


Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) Empty Fri Jun 17, 2022 6:08 pm

So they had something in common did they? Interesting but not something to be too shocked by."Do keep in mind, anything I was to believe about animal based beings much like yourself."Akuko attempted to be a bit nicer about it in the end even if she was not much one to be really be nice and was often a bit more crude with her speaking."Did not really enjoy the water."See she could still learn things as an adult daemon this was an example of one of them, since she could learn about exceeds and not call them walking food, Even if it was a revealed to be a joke.

It was most likely a different and casual change of pace from how they first met almost like Akuko just moved on from things at time and barely held a grudge against people unless truly need be."Still in the end might be not as interesting to me, But I am sure it is the wonderful for the thrill seekers."She would remark watching on, After all if need be she would just casually swim as she always did. Maybe this was more the person Akuko was behind the trickster a curious woman learning things of a new world she never hoped to see when stuck where she was.

#15Kaito Todaro 

Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) Empty Fri Jun 17, 2022 7:33 pm

Kaito Todaro
Revy listened to her and she wonders what she is gonna do if the woman is gonna swim a bit or if it is just a day to longue in the sun and get a bit tanned. Revy figures she will stick to building sand castles while Akuko does what ever she wants unless she gets invited as well to partake in the fun she is looking to have.

Kaito goes into a big waves that crashes down on the spot he was in and the people on the beach are panicking and looking into the waters for where the man had went and he lands softly in the sand behind Akuko and he looks to the people panicking and he laughs softly as he was fine just had to save himself from a rough exit there. "So how are you two ladies doing?" He takes a seat near them so he can dry off a little and enjoy the sun a bit on his skin.


Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) Empty Sat Jun 18, 2022 1:53 pm

Was it entirely a harmless question no, not really but one she would just answer in a casual manner."I am fine, Just considering getting some water or something to drink."Akuko admitted because it was something she had on mind. But that was about it since for now she as being a good lass which still would be a bit strange for now until she was most likely board."I just might have to go exploring for something typical like water, Might be a bit boring but at least you could consider finding safe to drink water a good thing."Yeah Akuko knew about that.

But she would also ponder aloud."However, how tall do you think I can make a sand castle Revvy?"Akuko posed to her because she wanted to see her answer. Since it might be fun to do with her. Unless Kaito was going to mention something to do, Because maybe swimming would get her caught up with all of the people surfing because Akuko would lose track where she went for a bit. Then again Akuko was just know to wander at times, So her going off places was entirely normal to her doing.

#17Kaito Todaro 

Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) Empty Sat Jun 18, 2022 3:44 pm

Kaito Todaro
He keeps smiling as he listens to her speak and he wonders if that is code for her asking him to go get her a drink and he was willing to do so for her if she asked cause he was one to help those he felt like he needed wanted or needed his help. "What would you like to drink Akuko I will run to get it for you while you play with Revy."

Revy heard her question and she looked that woman up and down and she rubs her chin as if she is sizing the woman up from how well she thinks that the woman can build something that would stay sturdy and wouldn't just fall apart the second she got a tad bit too high with it. "Hmmm how tall are you and how much do you weight. Those at gonna have to be factors as height effects your reach and we will need to pile sand and pack it well enough to hold you up" She starts picking up lightly dampened sand and she feels it to see how well she thinks it will pack and stay together.


Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) Empty Mon Jun 20, 2022 8:43 am

It was not coded, She just did not know that Kaito had returned. By that she was not really paying attention. But hey if they were offering anyway why not."I mean if you do not mind at all since you mentioned it, I was merely mentioned it over all in general, Since I know it helps with the heat."Which was a fair statement about it she was after all mainly talking with Revvy but yeah it was all good in the end if he was offering."You are not entirely obligated too."She was also still being nice about it as she was normally.

But something she heard from Revvy she could not help but laugh at."I hear it is rude and a bad thing to ask a woman how much they weigh."Akuko could not help but laugh harder about it because it was just a thing she did hear around other people was a not a good thing. But at least considering how Akuko was it was actually simple information."I think i am measured at 5'8" and 58 kilograms."But she answered both of them anyway because well she did have nothing to hide.

#19Kaito Todaro 

Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) Empty Mon Jun 20, 2022 8:54 pm

Kaito Todaro
Kaito laughs softly at her talking to him all like proper like that, it isn’t that he didn’t like it was just odd to hear it coming from her as she was usually a more sneaky speaking person but she sounded so nice to him right now. Kaito nods his head in agree mean then he hurries off to get the woman a drink so she could enjoy the beach with Revy without any worries.

Revy giggles as she hadn’t thought the woman would actually gives her an answer to that. She starts writing stuff down and then circles the number of about four feet and three inches and she wonders if this is right but it feels about the right size that this sand might start falling apart around her and she hopes the woman can enjoy it as she hurries and brings the stuff close so that they can start building the sand castle together.


Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) Empty Wed Jun 22, 2022 5:59 pm

At least even if it seemed Akuko was acting she was actually being honest and rather nice about it.Even then she had to ponder if she would have to worry about getting tanned or not in the end even if she had sun tan lotion on only because it was just a small worry. Then again it was entirely just superficial with her not really needed to worry about it, But why not anyway because a mind always just go places on it's down, much like anyone else at this time one's mind is it's own worst enemy.

But since they both laughed about it it seemed it was not that much of a worry about Akuko's size being known to people, She did put in some effort to put herself in good shape, She did have some reason too weather or not that part of being a daemon helped or not was a good question since isn't like there was going to be a study into what keeps a woman healthy when she was also in fact more of a strange daemon fusion of a lady that had things work differently for her.

But then she would just start building up something with the sand It seemed Akuko had an idea of something she would be attempting to do but she did not mention anything, but it was a good time killer while she waited for things to happen. But it did seem she was in fact Akuko was making something with the sand around here before Revvy started anything. It took a bit most likely because Akuko was very slow at it, But Akuko seemed to be making the starting of a sand castle but as the build up, But whatever the pattern of it was she was not actually building a sand castle.

#21Kaito Todaro 

Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) Empty Wed Jun 22, 2022 6:16 pm

Kaito Todaro
Kaito returns with a drink for her, and he walks up and he admires the sand buildings they are making. "I see you two are hard at work. Where would you like your drink Akuko?" He looks around and he wonders where she could even really want it sat for herself.

Revy keeps hard at work on her building to try and show off as she keeps herself focused to show Akuko that she knows what she is doing and that she isn't just some dumb useless snack or exceed that she c an build something great and to have it last a bit longer then the normal sand one.

Kaito wonders if they are competing or if they are just trying to do their best and they are just getting a little too into it as they keep going or if maybe it is just Revy taking this far too seriously and she might need to calm down a little before she crashes.


Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) Empty Fri Jun 24, 2022 4:26 pm

Akuko did stop because well she as not just building things and not really taking it too seriously either it was just kind of her building away at things and seeing what happens. So far it seemed Akuko had limited ideas of how to make a castle thus she did not make a good one in the end. Because she did want the drink, sure the sun was nice but getting all sweaty and such was not a good thing she enjoyed in the end either so she took the option while she could and could just really worry about other things later.

"I will just take it now, I think miss kitty here is more looking to beat me at building rather then just enjoying it."Akuko could say with about of a laugh about it, Because she was just viewing it as casual building and not just who could do it the best or quickly since she knew she would lose at it anyway."I assume this is normal?"Akuko asked because Kaito knew Revvy more then she did, all she knew was she was a cat like being and she joked about eating her a few times.

#23Kaito Todaro 

Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) Empty Fri Jun 24, 2022 9:07 pm

Kaito Todaro
Kaito laughs as he is happy that Akuko is having fun at least and he looks at the exceed after Akuko asked if it was normal for the tiny thing to do such a thing as taking building seriously like she seemed to be doing and he answered as honestly as he could cause even he doesn't know the full story. "Yeah when it comes to building things she can be a bit competitive, but that is just who she is and how she was raised to build the best she can in a timely manner." He handed the woman her drink and he sits in the sand his body felt a little beat up and a bit sore but he had, had fun today plus he was able to catch up with an old acquaintance which to him was pretty win win for the day. "So how are you enjoying the beach?" He looked up to her from his seat in the sand that he had taken.


Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) Empty Mon Jun 27, 2022 12:38 pm

It was a good question to ask even if it was pretty simple to think that it was actually pretty simple to answer but it was better to have the conversation anyway."Not that it is a horrible thing, Guess just means I know when i have lost."After all she did stop already. Guess it just meant she would just take a moment to drink her water."Maybe this is just a good break because I make Revvy a victory stage."She mentioned while she took a few sips of her water.

But she would finally answer his question."I might not be the ideal persons for a beach, But maybe it is entirely how much warmer it is here compared to other places and not really being masterful at swimming."Akuko mentioned the factors that might lead her to not thinking it as positive of an outing as other people as more of an okay but annoying one, But Akuko was just strange that way.

"But I am sure in the end, I could say this situation is nice in the end."After taking a few sips of water she would walk over to the area she was working at,quietly made sure it was an actual stage rather then what she was working on to start with and waited for Revvy to be finish what she was doing.

#25Kaito Todaro 

Dimensionally shaded? (Akuko) Empty Mon Jun 27, 2022 8:52 pm

Kaito Todaro
Kaito thinks about the things this woman had said and he laughs to himself a little as he realizes this woman is the one that lurks in the shadows but yet here she was out in the sun, even if she wasn't having the greatest of times at least she was out in it and getting a small bit of enjoyment from it. He hadn't really thought about it that much as he had just spoke to her as if she was a friend but he is unsure if she would really see him as the same or if to her he was just a minor annoyance on a some what okay day.

Revy smiles up at the woman when she was finished as she had finely crafted her sand art to show off a little of the skills that she had picked up in her time at the work shop up in the far north away from everyone else besides her old boss and her exceed friends when they would help to build things for him.

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