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Blood In The Water [Yuurei]

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Blood In The Water [Yuurei] Empty Sat Jun 11, 2022 2:21 am

Taking a sip of something sweet and strong as she watched the sun slowly set over the horizon, Ianthe felt so bored but so at peace. The world around her moved differently ever since she was blessed with the power of the wind dragon slayer. The world shone a little brighter, she could hear nearly a pin drop, and the smells....Well that was heightened too, and sometimes that wasn't a good thing. All in all she was living her best life on her rise to power.

Taking a look around the beach and those who still played and froliced even as the sun was setting, Ianthe could only think about the future and how right now something was holding her back from acheiving her goals. One could argue that relaxing in a beach chair and clad in a one peice gold and black bathing suit wasn't doing her any favors, but if you can't have fun once in awhile then why live at all? As her mind churned out things she could do to better herself her eyes took in the eye candy that wandered around, hopping to catch something interesting.

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Yuurei and Renji were spending a lot of time at the beach. It was one of the best places this island had, and honestly, it made him feel like he was in the South Region of Fiore again. The sun was out, blazing and hitting everyone that decided to go out. The flock of birds moved around the island without breaking their formation.

It was the same with the people living on this island as well. It wasn’t just that, but there were a lot of people on this island as well. The light mage wasn’t wearing a shirt in this heat, and he wore his short swimming trunks to show off his legs and tanned them of course. He was trekking through the sand with Renji by his side, as the Exceed was not happy with the weather. Still, he was doing his best to get used to it. His fur wasn’t agreeing with him being tolerable, but it happens.

“Yuu we need some shade man. I can’t do this all day.” He complained to his friend.

“Yeah I know. I’m just looking for the perfect spot and then we can go into the water.” He said to Renji with a smile on his face.


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With a drink in hand, the breeze of the ocean, and the shade of a too-large umbrella above her, Ianthe was nearly about to doze off from boredom. It wasn't long before she was out of the tasty strawberry margarita that she had been sipping on which meant she was bored and soon to be sober if she didn't get more. With a deep sigh, she got out of her chair and as she did her golden hues met with a man she thought was as perfect as they come. She didn't even care to notice the little cat creature next to him because this white-haired, blue-eyed, god of a man was a work of art that had to be taken in.

Slipping from her chair and placing her empty cup down she moved with intent and purpose toward the two beings. Once she was in earshot distance, or what she thought was close enough, she waved them down with a smile. " Hey you two. Ain't it hot out today? Would you two like to join me for a nice, cool drink? I've got a great spot under the shade of an umbrella that's frankly too big for one person. " She spoke with familiarity as she offered hospitality, setting the bait hoping they would take it so she could get closer to the shirtless man. Oh I'm sorry, my name is Ianthe. I know it's probably weird for people to just walk up to each other but how else are ya supposed to make get to know people right?. She came off harmless and friendly enough she just hopped it was enough.

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While they were walking, the berserker would feel someone approaching them. It wasn’t just that, but the shadow that would be near them would get bigger as well. His eyes shifted to the beautiful caramel woman who stopped not too far from them. Her one-piece suit couldn’t hide the shape of her body, but it was nice as still show her asset. The nicest thing about her was her height, she was not too far from his height, so he didn’t have to look down.

The duo would hear what the woman had said. She was direct and interesting. The half-elf loved those who show their intention. Still, he wanted to go into the water.

“S…” He never got to finish his words because of Renji.

“Sure, cool drinks, and shade sound like my kind of fun.” Renji said to the mysterious woman.

Yuurei would hear her words as she had gotten closer to her. His heart rushed faster, but he kept his composure. He looked into her yellow eyes and saw the pointed ears. They weren’t elvish ears, but could she be half like him? He wasn’t sure, but he figured he would be friendly with her. Her appearance enticed him enough to welcome her company.

“It’s nice to meet you, Ianthe. The name is Yuurei Starlight, and this little guy is Renji. As he said we wouldn’t mind joining you for a cold drink. Should we fetch some before heading under your umbrella before enjoying each other’s company and getting to know each other?” He asked her with a smile on his face as he waited for an answer.


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Hook, line, and sinker. She caught a live one. Ianthe would come to soon find out that the god-like figure before her was named Yuurei Starlight, which if she had, to be honest, was an appropriate name. The little cat being next to him was named Renji and he was charming enough in his own right, something that she didn't think she would acknowledge. She was happy that they didn't turn her down, then again how many men could say no to her? In her lifetime she hadn't met a single one.

What a nice name, it's pleasure to meet the both of you, but uh don't worry about that. The area I'm in is close to this nice little bar lounge, so I have service on call. We can order whatever we like, On me. It was true, The beach was a good place for restaurants, bars, and such to pop up and keep people around. Leading the way to her area where there was a table, two beach chairs, and less of an umbrella-like she thought it was but more like a tent. Behind that and a few paces down was the bar she was talking about with wait staff waiting for the call to cater to those who needed it.

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Yuurei would listen to the explanation, and they would follow Ianthe. When they got there, Renji would run straight toward a chair, and he would be in the shade now. He would sit on the edge of the seat, and he would get comfortable before lying down. The light mage would look over to the bar that was not too far from them, and he would see that the people who worked there were waiting to be of service.

“Thank you for catering to us. I wouldn’t mind taking a lemon margarita. As for Renji get him milk or water if they have.” He said to her as he figured he would ask her where she was from.

“So where you’re from Ianthe? You don’t seem like you’re originally from this island. To be honest, I’ve met a lot of new people on this island and none of them are from here.” he laughed when he said this.

It seemed like a lot of the locals stood away from the tourist people. It wouldn’t take long, but Yuurei would sit down on the chair that Renji was partially occupying. His attention was on the beautiful woman as he figured she wanted to have a conversation with him.


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Slipping into the opposite seat from Renji, she adjusted it some so that her back would be sitting up more rather than as it was which was laying down. She wanted, no she needed to make eye contact with Yuurei as conversation required one full attention. Waving over one of the wait staff who just so happened to be the cutest blonde girl with doe-like jade orbs for eyes, if Ianthe wasn't already trying to get in the pants of Mr hot stuff across from her she would devour the girl after she got off work. Putting the thought in the back of her mind, Ianthe gave the drink order and even added on a basket of french fries and wings for the table. Having made sure to order a pitcher of the margarita, water, and just a cup of milk because let's face it a pitcher of milk would not sit well in this heat.

Smiling at the girl as she took the order and departed, Ianthe's attention was turned right back to Yuurei. He kicked things off with a simple question that could have a rather short or long answer depending on who answered it. Ianthe's answer was one of those short long ones because she didn't have the answer herself, well not the full of it anyway. You'd be right I'm not from this island, I just heard about it and thought it would be a good place to come for a vacation. Word of mouth got around fast when good things were popping up, and this island seemed to be the talk of the town.

As she was about to actually answer the question at hand the red head popped up just as quick as she left. Placing down cups, then the drinks, and then the food, she did a little bow and split. Ianthe was quick to pour the drinks, giving herself and Yuu the margaritas while pushing the cup of milk towards Renji. Service is quick around here, which is great honestly, but yea I'm from Savannah. Though I spent most of my life in Fiore, not a willful choice really. What about you where are you from? The question was thrown back at him to keep the flow of conversation going, her answer of course would have left more questions on the table and she was curious to see if he wanted to open that can of worms with some woman he just met.

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Yuurei would look into Ianthe’s eyes as she got someone to come over to them. While doing this, he could see that her eyes were beautiful and unique. His eyes were similar to hers’ when he transform, which was something that he couldn’t get used to. He enjoyed how she took initiative and order more things than he was thinking about.

His eyes never left Ianthe, but his mind was somewhere else until, of course, she spoke. He would be placed right back into reality as he heard what she said. He had a smile on his face to her answer because it was kind of the same reason why he was here.

Once she had spoke though, their server would come back with everything. Renji would see milk by his side, and he would get up and he would drink it as it was a great refresher for him. Yuurei would take his cup and he would sip a bit as he heard her words.

His drink was amazing and it was well made. The Nephilim was quite satisfied with it as he figured he would answer her question.

“I’ve never been to Savannah. Another place, where I should go visit.” He paused for a second as he was looking at her.

“Not a willful choice, I guess a story for another time. As for where I’m from. I’m originally from an enchanted forest within Fiore. Still, right now I live in the North around Sieghart Mountains. I belong to the guild of Paradise Dawn, currently their leader.” He said to her as he figured he would keep as short as he could.

Yuurei would drink more of his margarita, and he would enjoy the taste in his mouth.

“If you’re living in Fiore, where exactly in Fiore do you live Ianthe?” He asked her curious to see how far she had traveled.


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When the last words fell from her mouth she went right on to sipping her drink. Ianthe didn't know why she was so surprised at how good the lemon margarita tasted but she was. Though it was entirely possible that it had something to do with it tasting better than the strawberry one she consumed earlier. Without lingering on that for too long, Ianthe smiled as Yuurei spoke, nodding her head when he brought up going to visit it. She hadn't been there since she was seven and she was too afraid to go back. Too much trauma at once came with her own birth country and she was certain any attachment she had there wouldn't remember her if it was still alive. Maybe I'll join you. Laughing a bit as she followed up quickly on his words before going back to sipping her drink.

Ianthe was for one thankful that Yuurei didn't follow up on her statement about not willfully coming to Fiore. It looked like he had the right sense not to do such a thing, but instead kept note of it for a later conversation. She could respect that and it only earned the man points in her book. It had been a while since she had a good time with someone so this was a nice change of pace for her. As he learned about her, she also learned about him. Her face changed to that of a person who was impressed when he stated he was a leader of a guild. Ianthe couldn't remember if she had been in the area he spoke of but she was sure she would have gotten around to it eventually.
I'm currently staying in Magnolia in the Fairy Tail guildhall. I tend to do a lot of moving around but for now, that's my current place of residency. Not my cup of tea but my choices were limited. She never truly intended to join a guild when she returned to Fiore from her travels, but somehow she ended up in Fairy Tail and it was probably because it was a choice that would keep her out of trouble. Her last bout in the country had her on the wrong side of the law so she had to be careful upon her return. Besides a free place to live wasn't something she was gonna turn down. I've never been down to Sieghart yet but it's in Fiore so I'm sure I'll get to it, probably sooner rather than later now that I know what's living there. With a wink at Yuurei she took another sip of her drink before adjusting herself in her seat. So, an Enchanted Forest. Sounds hard to visit. Do you miss it?

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Yuurei heard the small comment that she had slid in when he was talking. It had caused him to smile at her because he wouldn’t mind that. Still, it would be difficult since they weren’t from the same region in Fiore right? He would drink more of his margarita as she was now speaking to him. It would seem like she was in Fairy Tail. That guild was a nice place, but it was holding his friend hostage, figuratively. He had been trying to get Kaito to join him and leave that guild, but it never happened. Still, his ears twitched when he heard that her choices were limited.

If that were the case, then did that mean he had a chance to sway her to Paradise Dawn? He stood quiet for now as he was listening to her speak. The Nephilim would chuckle when he heard her choice of words about visiting Sieghart now. He almost choked on his drink, and he blushed slightly when he saw her winking at him. Her next question was different, and he had to think about it. He was bullied a lot there, but it was his home, and now that he knew his parents were alive, he wanted to get them back and bring them home.

“I mean you don’t have to just visit Sieghart. If your choices were limited when you joined Fairy Tail, then you could always join Paradise Dawn. Our place is beautiful and huge, and we’re free to do what we want. As long as it helps the North region of Fiore we are cool with it.” He said with a nice smirk on his face.

“And then you could see this all the time.” He said as he licked his lips.

He kept his drink in his hands as he figured he would answer her final question.

“I kind of miss it. I don’t have a lot of fond memories there. Still, I have family there, and there is family that I want to bring there as well.” He said to her as he figured he would get to other things in their conversation.

“By the way where is your guild insignia located? Mine is here.” He showed her it was on the left side of his chest to represent where his heart resided in.


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She didn't think an offer to join a guild would pop up today, especially like this. Not being familiar with the guilds of Fiore, for the most part, shut her out of choices earlier but the offer she had in front of her now couldn't be refused. This was a chance to leave Fairy Tail and join a guild that was run by a stunner of a man, not to mention being free to do what she pleased? Not being bound to the laws of the country while still being in a guild sounded like a win to her. She could just devour him when she saw his tongue run over his lips but she had to wait, the chase was the best part and she didn't want to ruin the moment, especially after he followed up with an answer to her question.

To Ianthe, it sounded like they were swimming in the same boat. Nothing good happened back home but they wanted to see their families. It was tragic in a way but perhaps they may bond over that and overcome it together in the future...If they ever got to that far in the future together. Joining his guild would have them become closer but only time would tell if she stuck around. Anything could happen and Ianthe was never one for complete loyalty. When the question was popped about her guild tattoo she flashed her left wrist to show the glittering purple-colored mark of the fairy tail guild. Mmm the offer is quite nice and really Fairy Tail ain't my cup of tea. You seem nice enough and I've got nothing to lose joining, so sure I'll take your offer. From this moment on im in your care.  

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Yuurei tried to see if her guild marking was in a more exotic area. It was a miss, but he was still happy that she showed him it. She did take on the offer though, which was good to hear. That meant that Paradise Dawn had found itself a new member. He had to make sure that he kept this one entertained or else she might find something better.

He was about to drink his margarita and then thought about something better.

“Let’s cheers to you joining Paradise Dawn then.” He happily said this as he raised his drink toward Ianthe.

Yuurei would wait to see what she would do as he kept his smile on his face.

Renji heard the conversation, and he was actually glad that Yuurei had brought a new member to the guild. He would drink all of his milk and he would sign with relief as he would lay on the chair again.


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Of course. Cheers to joining Paradise Dawn, a new beginning, and a bright future...Possibly for us. A devious smirk passed her lips before she raised her glass towards Yuurei and then polished off the rest of her drink and poured herself another. She could feel a slight buzz coming on and it was good so she was really sitting on cloud nine here. Good drink, good conversation, and a new guild? Yea today was a good day. The sun was starting to slowly set and music began blaring from the club, filling the area of the beach they were in. The music sounded really good and she wanted to move. Standing up with a grin she hopped over to Yuurei and held out her hands. Come on let's dance! Let's see if you can keep up with me. Moving her hips to the beat as she waited for Yuurei she could feel the music flowing through her, if he didn't take her hand she would dance for him so either way he was gonna have a good time.

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Yuurei would hear the words she added, and he would have a smirk on his face as well. Now that they had cheers, Yuurei would drink his margarita. He had seen that she had drank all of hers’, so he would do the same thing. It was an amazing drink, and it would do the trick. The light mage knew that even though it had a fruity element, the alcohol content in the drink was strong. He would take the pitcher after she was done with it, and he would do the same thing.

Still, things were becoming livelier at the beach. It would seem like this time of the day would be when people came out to party. His eyes looked over to Ianthe as she seemed like she wanted to enjoy the music. Yuurei would smile at her as he saw her standing in front of her with her hand out. He would grab her hand and he would get up from his seat after she spoke to him.

“Of course, I’ll dance with you. We will have all eyes on us then.” He said this to her as he would take her to a nice open space as Yuurie would start dancing with Ianthe.


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The music in her ears, the drinks in her system, and the salty-sweet air of the beach whisked her away from reality as she moved her body to the beat of the music. It had been a while since she could just cut loose like this and she was savoring every moment of it. The night of course was made much better with a new friend being made. Yea she may have been coming on a little heavy but she didn't mean any harm in it. For all her teasing and flirting she has just a harmless little flower and wouldn't actually commit to any daring thing she said.

Song after song she danced until about the fifth song when she couldn't feel her feet anymore. Ianthe was tired and rightfully so. Before she made any contact with Yuurei she had swam laps in the ocean, played volleyball with some locals, and was picking out the perfect spot to surf. Without realizing it all that fun was catching up to her and she was fully exhausted. Giving Yuurei all the smiles she could give she excuse herself and walked back to her beach chair, sitting in it and almost immediately passing out to sleep.

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Yuurei was dancing with Ianthe on the sand. It would seem like she was quite enjoying herself. He was doing the same thing and while this was happening Renji was relaxing on the chair the entire time. The two of them would move around to the beat of the music, which was a good thing. Still, it seemed like after a couple of songs, the woman in front of Yuurei had tired out.

The light mage had a smile on his face as he was going to offer to carry her to where she lived. Instead, he would watch her walk over to a chair and just knock out there. The Nephilim was surprised about this, and he would walk over to his own seat.

The berserker would eat the food that she had bought. Yes, it wasn’t hot anymore, but the food was food to him. He was a chef, and he could taste the amazing flavor of it all. He would drink some more of the margarita there and he would lean back on the chair.

“She fell asleep, so now I got to make sure nobody does anything weird to her.” He said out loud.

Renji would hear that and would make a comment.

“Yeah you better not do anything weird to hear.” He laughed a bit knowing Yuurei wouldn’t do that.

The duo would stay next to Ianthe as they were going to be her protector for the night.


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She had to be out for about an hour or maybe even two, perhaps more? She didn't know. Ianthe might have had quite a bit of stamina but even she needed rest. Anyone looking at her could see that she was sleeping peacefully but that didn't last forever. Eyes fluttering open to be met with a night sky she would quickly sit up to be met with Yuurei and Renji. Wiping her eyes a bit she would sigh and smile before getting up. Ugh, sorry. I guess I didn't realize how exhausted I was. Thanks for sticking around. I'm gonna be around the island for a little bit, you guys wanna come back to my place? I rented out a beach house and it has more than enough room? Honestly no, come, I Insist. Grabbing Yuurei's hand and scooping Renji up in her arms, she led the two back to her temporary place of residency, talking about how much fun she had all the while they walked.

- exit -

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Yuurei would relax for the next couple of hours. He would drink the rest of the margarita as he didn’t want it to go to waste. He enjoyed watching the people enjoying their time at the beach. It was a different kind of vibe at night and that was interesting. People would walk by and look at Ianthe, but then looked away when they saw she wasn’t alone.

It wouldn’t take long for the sleeping beauty to wake up. It seemed like for a second, she was confused about what was going on, but then spoke to them soon after. Yuurei had a smile on his face when she spoke to him, and he was fine with staying where he was. Before he could answer her invitation, she would grab his hand and pick up Renji all at the same time. He was taken by surprise by this but would follow her. Renji was also shocked from being grabbed, but here they were on their way back to her house.


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