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Collective Mind

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Collective Mind

The Collective Mind is an order of Explorers, Adventurers, Researchers, and Scholars. A group who will spend months at a time travelling across countries to unlock the secrets of lost civilizations or learn new techniques from countries afar. The guild separates itself from its peers by truly remaining apolitical and avoiding pledging itself to anybody or authority. The Collective Mind will commonly assist both Legal and Illegal guilds in their goal for knowledge, however only in the hopes to learn more from them. Formed after the politics surrounding guilds became overwhelming the guild operates outside of the norm instead focuses on its own goals.

Hoping to disconnect themselves further from other guilds, The Collective Mind structures itself more akin to the Rune Knights, giving members titles based upon their order within the hierarchy of the guild itself. Although even the lowest of researchers is treated with respect as a fellow seeker of wisdom, their access to certain parts of the guildhall might be restricted due to concerns about whether they possess the means to comprehend what lies within those facilities. Rising within the ranks of The Collective is based upon the accomplishments of the members, their contributions to the overall research of the guild being more important than the time spent, or the overall power of the individual.

Should one prove themselves truly capable within the guild, the Convocation might award the member with a seat among them, this means the member will attain a title and a field of expertise they focus upon.

The Collective Mind's main goal is to create a renowned archive that is a depository for artifacts, knowledge, and treasure. The material held there is mainly in form of books and scrolls as new knowledge is recorded daily. When the guild members aren't busy with their studies and research, they are going on adventures to find artifacts or specimens to put in their labs for future analysis. The Collective Minds are willing to travel anywhere for their individual studies, though their ultimate goal in doing so is to find the Akashic Records.


  • The user may take only take Good and Neutral Quests.

  • The user must never use former contacts met through their being in the Collective Mind for personal gain.

  • The user must value knowledge over their own glory and fame.


The Collective Mind's guildhall is a large floating structure that curiously enough can often be seen hovering at different locations through Earthland, on a surface level the Grand Library is known to host several serene gardens, for even the most dedicated of researchers sometimes needs a moment to relax amidst some tranquility. Beyond the gardens there are also several sections that resemble the natural habitats of a reservoir, small lakes and lush parks serve to host some of the odd creatures one of The Collective Mind's members might have brought back, yet they are always ensured the safety of their specimens and fellow researchers by means of the unique contraptions that are in place to keep the creatures from escaping.

Once one reaches the center of the floating structure there is a grand hall, where a secretary confirms the identity and access level of the guild member, after which they are able to travel further into the inner sections of the structure by means of an elevator. The first level, as one might suggest contains a collection of accommodations for the members of The Collective, and in some cases visiting guests. There is also a dining hall, which is often manned by those who enjoy the more culinary delicacies that old civilizations have to offer, albeit some rumors often suggest that the dishes served here can range from divine to downright once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

The floor underneath this contains various research facilities where the Collective Mind frequently investigates ancient relics or works on creating innovative or outright outlandish projects. This section is commonly only accessible to Guild Members, and guests can only be accompanied by the supervision of one of the Convocations of Four. (basically either the GM or one of the founders). Finally in the deepest reaches of the structure, one will find a facility dedicated to the personal endeavors of each of the Convocation. Due to the complex, and often dangerous research that is conducted there, those facilities are considered off-limits to those without an invitation.

Grand Maester

Konyo is a highly recognized, dominating individual who carries the burden of countless lives on his shoulders. A true veteran having fought in two wars. Due to his sheer awareness of his abilities as a fighter, he is incredibly self-confident in them. To ensure the safety of his members and avoid them meeting the same fate as his former comrades, Kon prefers to work independently however will work with others to achieve the goals of The Collective. His past shaped him into the man he is today, figuratively and literally having lost both his right arm and left eye.


Level 1:
  • Explorer's inventory: The user receives a copy of the Endless Pouch, this may be used to store their equipment in a pocket dimension. In topics, the user can summon and equip their items immediately using this effect.

Level 2:
  • Prospector's Greed: The user receives a 10% discount on all items and magics in the shop except companions.

Level 3:
  • Travelling Guild: The Collective Mind's guildhall is a forever moving object capable of moving once every 3 months to a different region at the Guild Masters discretion. Maesters have an innate knowledge of where the guildhall is at any moment and may roleplay anywhere within the Guildhall's current location.

Level 4:
  • Hunters & Collectors: The user receives a 20% word reduction to completing quests.

Level 5:
  • True Explorers: The Collective Mind devotes themselves to uncovering lost treasures around the globe as a result find themselves in a unique opportunity of being able to discover them far easier than others. This reduces the cool-down of Unique and Legendary customs through the storyline system by one month.

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