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Relic - Pygmalion's Tools

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Name: Pygmalion's Tools.

Slot: Relic.

Type: Tools.

Class: Mythic.

Quantity: Limited.

Element: Earth.

Durability: 3x S-Rank.


Description: To the brief glance, they appear no different than that of the typical tools of tradesmen. Upon further inspection though, something far more sinister begins to take focus. The wooden handles bear an almost ancient look to them, far from what even the most expensive of tools would ever have. Far more concerning are the tool heads, appearing almost gothic in some facets, outright demonic in others.

Lore: Pygmalion was a talented Sevenese sculptor. He dedicated himself to his work and soon created Galatea, a beautiful statue of a woman out of ivory. Pygmalion worked so long and with such inspiration on the statue of Galatea, that it became more beautiful than any woman that had ever lived or been carved in stone. As he finished the statue's features, they became exquisitely lovely, and he found himself applying the strokes of hammer and chisel with increasing affection. When his chisel finally stopped ringing, there stood before him a woman of such perfection that Pygmalion, who had professed his disdain of all females, fell deeply in love.

Such a passion could not go unnoticed by the goddess of love, Aphrodite. She took pity on the young man and, when Pygmalion went to her temple to sacrifice a bull, Aphrodite gave him a sign. As the offering burned on the temple, the flames shot up one, two, three times. Pygmalion went home, wondering what to make of the manifestation he had seen. When he entered his studio, however, and saw the statue, all other thoughts were banished from his mind. He ran to his statue and embraced it.

Did she seem warm to his touch, or was it just residual heat from the sunset that had warmed the stone? He kissed her. Did the statue's lips seem soft? He stood back and regarded her. Did there appear the glow of life from within the marble form? Was he imagining it? No. Aphrodite had given life to the statue.

Pygmalion's mind oscillated between doubt and joy. Fearing he may be mistaken, again and again with a lover's ardor he touched the object of his hopes. It was indeed alive. The veins when pressed yielded to the finger and again resumed their roundness. Slowly it dawned on Pygmalion that the animation of his sculpture was the result of his prayer to the goddess Aphrodite who knew his desire. At last, the votary of Aphrodite found words to thank the goddess. Pygmalion humbled himself at the goddess’ feet. Soon Pygmalion and Galatea were wed, and Pygmalion never forgot to thank Aphrodite for the gift she had given him.

Pygmalion and Galatea brought gifts to her temple throughout their life and Aphrodite blessed them with happiness and love in return. The unusual love that blossomed between Pygmalion and Galatea enthralls all. Falling in love with one's creation and then getting the desired object as a partner. Perhaps this was destined for Pygmalion.

Unfortunately, their happiness did not last long for the happy couple got robbed of their happily ever after by bandits. Pygmalion got robbed and slain in his studio while Galatea was out to purchase fruits. Saddened by what had happened, Galatea brought many offerings to Aphrodite while praying to her and asking her to turn her back to stone. She could not take her own life for she believed it would dishonor Pygmalion'ss memory. However, as a statue, she could finally rest and be free from her pain while still honoring his memory.

Aphrodite's tried to honor Galatea's wishes, but since Galatea's request came from sadness and not from love, she could not undo it. Instead, she failed and turned Galatea into a living statue. While Galatea appeared human, she could no longer die as she was no longer of flesh and blood. Unable to ever fall in love again, Galatea took the sword and washed her pain away in the blood of criminals till she could finally rest again.


Requirements: None.

  • Galatea doesn't serve anyone who is a criminal (has a bounty) or has more than 20% infamy.
  • The mana cost of the spells attached to the Pygmalion's Tool cannot be reduced.


  • Name: Galatea the Sword Maiden
    Rank: S
    Mana Cost: 500
    Requirements: Pygmalion's Tools
    Type: Summoning
    Element: Earth
    Range: 50 Meters
    Cooldown: 5 Posts
    Duration: Sustain
    Size: 185 centimeters
    Strength: 160 (S-rank)
    Speed: 200 (15 m/s)
    • Galatea is capable of speech.
    • Galatea is a Grandmaster in Sword Mastery.
    Effect: The user takes out one of Pygmalion's Tools and raises it above their head to summon Galatea.    
    Personality: To go along with her tall and graceful appearance, Galatea has an intelligent, dignified, and arrogant demeanor. Galatea refuses to serve anyone that is a criminal.          
    Physiology: Apart from the silver eyes, armor, and sword, Galatea distinguishes herself with her long, straight, flowing blonde hair. She is exceptionally beautiful overall.
    Weapon: Galatea wields a large claymore which she can use with a single hand.
    Weapon - Damage: +100
    Weapon - Durability: 3x S-rank.
    Weapon - Measurements: The hilt of the claymore is 30 centimeters and the blade is 170 centimeters long. The blade has a width of 20 centimeters.
    Weapon - Effect: Once a limb has been crippled with the claymore, it cannot be restored from the hindered status for the remainder of the topic.

  • Name: Silver-Eyed Slayer
    Rank: S
    Mana Cost: 500
    Requirements: Galatea
    Type: Supplementary
    Element: Arcane
    Range: 25 Meters
    Cooldown: 5 Posts
    Duration: Sustain
    Effect: Galatea's silver eyes emit a glow. As long as this spell is sustained, Galatea can sense air vibrations within 25 meters of herself.


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I will take this for 7,500,000 Jewels


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@Yuurei has purchased Pygmalion's Tools for 7,500,000J.

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