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Relic - Yassan's Pen

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Relic - Yassan's Pen Empty Fri Jun 10, 2022 5:30 pm



Name: Yassan's Pen.

Slot: Relic.

Type: Fountain Pen.

Class: Mythic.

Quantity: Limited.

Element: Water.

Durability: 3x S-Rank.


Description: This fountain pen is a favorite among calligraphers and artists. A small vial is built into the pen as part of its bulbous, yet strangely comfortable handle, and can be filled with ink to supply the pen with a constant flow of it while writing. This particular fountain pen has been enchanted and is capable of bringing creations to life to serve the artist. It ended up in the hands of someone who discovered their affinity with murder.

Lore: The merchant flipped through the illuminated bestiary—a peace offering from the artist that he had falsely accused of a crime to have him removed from the merchant street. Despite the artist's seeming contrition, the merchant checked the tome for traps or magic sigils, but with no subterfuge to be found he set it down for the night. In the morning, the merchant's maid found him on the floor of his study with his neck torn open as if it was ripped out by a wild beast. On the merchant's desk, the gifted bestiary was left open on a page absent of the book's masterful illustrations. Out of sight, a shade of black slipped into the corner of the study, pressing flat to become just another beast in the wall's woodland pattern.


Requirements: None.

  • The pen doesn't work for anyone who is a good guy (has a contract) or has more than 20% fame.
  • The mana cost of the spells attached to the Yassan's Pen cannot be reduced.


  • Name: Yassan's Black Ink Beast
    Rank: S
    Mana Cost: 500
    Requirements: Yassan's Pen
    Type: Summoning
    Element: Water
    Range: 50 Meters
    Cooldown: 5 Posts
    Duration: Sustain
    Size: 150 centimeters in height | 230 centimeters in length
    Strength: 150 (1x S-rank)
    Speed: 220 (15 m/s)
    Resistances: Moderate Water Resistance, Minor Physical Resistance
    Restriction: The user may only summon a single Black Ink Best.
    • Black Ink Beast splashes apart when it is destroyed or forcefully canceled by the user, leaving behind a large pool of black ink. It completely covers everyone within a 3-meter radius of the summon in black ink.
    • The black ink from the splash applies blinding for 3 posts.
    • The black ink from the splash attaches itself to others for 3 posts. It cannot be removed while going invisible.
    • Anyone that is already invisible becomes visible as silhouettes drenched in black ink.
    • Black Ink Beast is completely soundless.
    Effect: The user pulls out Yassan's Pen and swings it in front of them, as if they were making a stroke with a brush, while holding onto it. As they move the pen, ink ejects from it and forms into a magical circle out of which the creature leaps out.
    Personality: None.        
    Description: A beast about the size and proportions of an overgrown lion except instead of manes they boast a collection of tendrils encircling its neck. The beast weighs around 400 pounds. The most unnerving thing about their appearance is their complete and utter silence. The beast makes no sound when it moves, no roars or braying even as it closes in to tear prey limb from limb. The beast has no lung or vocal cords and so is unable to make any sound

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