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Destiny Collide?

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Destiny Collide? Empty Thu Jun 09, 2022 7:38 am

The sun was out in the sky, and there were no clouds on sight. The birds were flying throughout the air together as they were circling around the island. Yuurei and Renji were out at the beach right now. They had finally gotten the chance to enjoy themselves. The berserker and the Exceed were both on their own chairs and Renji had his umbrella covering him. He was just resting at this point with Yuurei tanning with the sun.

There was a lot of noise throughout the beach as there were a lot of people out here today. Yuurei had his shades on, and he was shirtless and in his swimming trunks. Renji would look over at Yuurei and he wondered how his friend could enjoy this heat.

“Hey Yuu, why are we out here? It’s freaking hot out here. Why don’t we just go into the water at least? I hate this weather.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would chuckle when he heard that.

“You got to enjoy this. I don’t really like the cold, but I still go out there just because of you.” He said to Renji as he would get up from his chair and looked around to see all the people that were enjoying their time.


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Probably the most beautiful thing about this vast Island was its beach. Z had grown fond of feeling the sand between his toes and the breezes of summer, influenced by the wind. It was the sun that he wasn't too fond of. Alas, with the amount of melanin his skin harbored even Illumins overwhelming glory could not hinder him. Today there were a lot of people enjoying the weather. As much as Z'Aleel absolutely despised humans, he was content. Perhaps too content. By now he was used to the new person he was; a fusion between two people, royal by birth but on different sides of the coin. With only a tank top on the young Nimulli strolled through the sand towards the ocean with Luci by his side drinking from his flask per usual.

The unholy duo walked in silence. The two of them appreciated the serenity of nothingness- sometimes, at least. In that regard, they weren't so different after all. Za would never say it out loud, but the summoner was enjoying this little vacation. Everything was simpler here, almost like he could ignore his mission. Nothing lasted forever though and so in the next few days he would be back in Fiore. Za looked around. Up ahead he could see a person who looked oddly familiar from behind. Then, when he saw the cat it all clicked. For a moment memories that hadn't belonged to him flashed through his mind. Conversations, laughs, even down to a spar- the first time Khalfani realized that he was-

"Hey. You alright?" the cat-like demon asked. Aleel shook his head. "Yeah...yeah, I'm fine." He said before he started to quickly move towards the man.

"Yuurei? Renji?"

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Yuurei would continue to look around while Renji was fighting off the sun with the umbrella he was under. It wouldn’t take long, but someone would approach them quickly. He wasn’t sure who it was, but he would look over to see them. They knew of him and Renji, but he wasn’t sure if it was because of how famous he was. His eyes were filled with confusion as he didn’t know how to answer him.

It was a small-time for silence as he figured he would speak up.

“Hey there what’s up? I don’t think we’ve met before right?” He asked him hoping he could clear things up for him.

On the other hand, Renji would see this and get up from his seat. He would look over at the man and the black creature. His eyes turned to Yuurei and then back to the newcomer and he figured he would intervene.

“If you looking for an autograph that will be one million jewels.” He said as Yuurei looked over at him with a glare in his eyes.


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"The feline says one million jewels for an autograph, but how much for his soul?" Luci said in his sly little demonic voice with a devilish smile. Za glanced over at his companion. Not a word was said, but the demon caught the gist. Sure, he was sent to watch over the Anti-illumin, but Aleel was still his superior. He was replaceable. Yet, it was odd how defensive the Nimulli quickly became over the exceed. Luci caught wind of the Archfiend's reaction but kept his demeanor composed even though he was a bit confused. Za had never reacted that way before, and Luci had offended many, many people. The summoners eyes shifted back over to Yuurei, emotionless, yet filled with a warmness that didn't exist up until this point. It was a strange feeling, one he had never felt before and one he couldn't really understand, at least not now. If he had to guess though, he would assume it was love.

"We have. I think...we were good friends, or brothers..." Aleel couldn't actually tell. All of Khalfani's memories had been piecing themselves together in the Nimulli's head, but they were still a bit cloudy. "You'd know a version of me named Khalfani." he said. What a complicated situation this was. Suddenly another important memory filled his brain; the day Khalfani had transferred leadership of an entire guild over to Yuurei. Why would he do such a thing? It was a foolish decision, something Z'Aleel couldn't understand or agree with. Power was everything in this world, and being commander of the most powerful guild in an entire region was no small feat. Alas, there was opportunity here. Opportunity to amass some amount of power that he could claim. Perhaps if he played his cards right. Then...another memory clicked.

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Renji heard the demonic creature, and he would chuckle when he heard those words. He wasn’t the only one with a slick tongue and he enjoyed it.

“I don’t know man, I don’t think anybody wants this soul. It’s too cold and unique for sale.” He said with a smirk on his face.

Yuurei would shake his head because he knew this might happen one day. It wouldn’t take long, but he would say a few things and he was trying to think hard now. His right hand rubbed against his chin. He was doing his best, but if they had met could it have been through his two years of travel? His thoughts continued, but they came empty until he spoke of Khalfani.

He flinched from the name because he had wondered where his friend had been. It seemed that something had happened to his friend. He wasn’t sure what was going on, but this man claimed to be Khalfani or at least a version of him. His hand shifted from his chin to his temple as he was rubbing it from a slight little headache from all of this.

“Khal is a version of you? Please explain that better, where I understand. And trust me I won’t think you’re crazy. I’ve seen a lot of crazy shit. Would your name be Khalfani as well?” He asked him wondering how this would go.

Renji heard this but wouldn’t do too much thinking about it. Instead, he waited for him to answer Yuurei before speaking up.


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Luci raised an eyebrow at the exceeds sense of humor. Renji was his name, he recalled as the Nimulli's first words rang in his head. Luci was shaped similarly to a cat himself, except he actually wasn't. He was more like a shadow, forged by the darkness of the Abyss, hired by the devils of hell. He snickered when he heard Renji's remarks. Regardless of how cold his soul was, Nephilim's were in high demand. That was a very special kind of soul, unique it was indeed. Of course the demon knew that the exceed wasn't actually serious about settling a deal for the soul. Just jokes, he probably assumed, but Luci was all too serious. He raised his flask, putting it close to his lips before responding. "As long as its not corrupted, we'll take it. After all, Nephilim souls are hard to come by." he chuckled before taking a sip. "With a soul like that I can make you the richest person on earth, heh." Za never took his eyes off of Yuurei.

Sure he may have had memories of who he was, and felt the same way Khalfani had felt, but the fact of the matter was that he was still a stranger...or something? It was as if the Summoner was in the twilight Zone, being toyed with by his own decisions. The white haired angel was obviously confused, perhaps even a little stressed, but Z'Aleel was adamant on helping him understand. For some strange reason he felt like he owed him some sort of explanation. The child of hell wouldn't fight that voice in his sub-conscience. For once in his life, he was building relations with actual people and not eating them. Although he couldn't exactly say he wasn't craving flesh right now. That would probably never change. "Khalfani willingly merged their soul with mine. They are apart of me, thus living through me. I remember every memory they had, I feel everything about everything that they've felt. I can't explain it, but you're special to me." he glared with his corrupted golden eyes.

"My name is Zael..." He said. "I imagine this must be strange for you.."


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Yuurei and Renji would hear his words and it was an interesting deal. The one who was interested in this was Renji more than anything.

“Yuu soul really must be rich, but I don’t think he would do something like that. He’s a hard-working man he is.” He said to Luci.

Yuurei would shake his head as he wouldn’t do that. His life was contracted with the Seraphim that gave him a second chance in life. He didn’t answer though because Renji kind of gave an answer to the shadow creature. His attention being toward the person who had claimed himself as Khalfani? It was still a bit confusing when you think about it, but he was willing to listen and understand.

The Nephilim would hear his story, and no matter if he chose to believe it, it sounded crazy. Why would Khalfani choose to do that? He must have had a reason, but did he seem like the person to do that? He wouldn’t judge his friend’s action and just hope that it was the correct choice in the end.

“A bit strange. Still, not something that I couldn’t see happening. I’m trying to figure out why Khalfani would merge with you. He was always a person who wanted to be their own person. I figure they had their reasons, so I won’t push on the subject.” He paused for a second.

“So, how does it feel to have Khal’s memory? Does that mean their motivation runs through you now? Do you carry their will and your own?” He asked curious to hear what he had to say.


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Luci was quickly growing fond of the exceed in front of him. There was the pure-heartedness about him that made the demon quite literally want to hurl right then and there. Yet, even in his gruesome bright energy, there was something he could admire; his loyalty to the man known as Yuurei. Luci respected that. In the Abyss, there was only fear of your superiors which of course would grant loyalty to an extent, but only until someone more daunting came along. Luci saw that loyalty aspect in himself. The difference was that he wasn't as openly loving towards Zael as the talking cat was to his companion. "Well, neither Hell or the Abyss is much different than wherever you probably think he's going when he hits the hay for good. One just happens to come with perks beforehand. Think about it." Luci nodded. This was a deal he figured he probably couldn't make and not just because he sense the hefty amount of grace that the white-haired boy had.

"The name's Luci. You drink?" He extended his arm towards the cat.

"I was also a person who wanted revenge and power. Perhaps at one point I lost my way." The Daemon said as if he himself was Khalfani. It was his intentions for his words to come out that way, they just did naturally. It was still confusing to him, but it was a lot better this way. The golden-eyed summoner watched Yuurei, gazing into his electrifying blue eyes. He began to understand what Khalfani felt. That too was confusing. The Commander of Paradise continued on by asking how it felt. It was a good question. "I feel like Khalfani was a past life, like a dream. It's strange and at times its confusing, but I'm able to manage. They shared similar sentiments, so their motives aligned with mine in a sense, but it's not like they have a say in what happens. My will is their will, and that's all there is to it." He said before finding a seat at the table beside them.

"How are you and the others? How's Paradise? I built it, right? Is it flourishing? It feels like years since I've seen it?" He said coldly. It began to annoy him how concerned he was for these people. All these emotions he had never had seemed to be hitting him all at once.


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Renji would look over to Luci and he would hear his words. It was interesting to hear, and honestly, he didn’t think he was wrong. Still, he knew it was something he knew Yuurei wouldn’t go for. When he learned the demon’s name, Renji would shake his hand with a smile on his face.

“Nice to meet you, Luci. To be honest I don’t drink. I think I was made for it. How did you and Z’Aleel meet?” He said this as he had never tried alcohol.

Renji talked his shit, but he saw how people got when they drank too much. He loved the food he ate too much to let it come out where it came from.

Yuurei would hear Zael out. It would seem like the two coming together didn’t do too much damage. It was interesting to hear about Khalfani being bent to the will of the person in front of him. Still, it seemed like his feelings for Yuurei and the guild were on a positive note.

“Interesting. I guess how you two felt was not so different. It’s just with Khalfani, they had created bonds with many people. It’s why you feel the way you feel about me. Not that I don’t mind, seeing you as you are interested now is interesting.” He said this as he would move on to telling him how the guild was.

“The guild is thriving. There are some new people in it. I plan on pushing our influence throughout the entirety of the North. I also heard that the person who has my parents are also within the Region. So, vengeance will be mine soon.” He said to Z’Aleel as if it was something that fueled Yuurei.

It was the true purpose why he kept getting stronger, and it was something only a few people knew about. Ansem was his end goal, and the way he lost to that vampire was something he couldn't repeat again.


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