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To the South in Time [Fly]

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To the South in Time [Fly] Empty Mon Jun 06, 2022 7:39 pm


Karisa gazed at her hands as they electrified with power. Her black dark eyes gazed as she thought of what she will start doing once she goes and begins this path. She hasn't really talked or seen Kazimir in a few months if not longer than that and Eris has been getting more aggressive in the matters to her studies. South wasn't that far from where she was so she wanted to bring her two children with her as she didn't want to leave them with Kazimir incase fighting happened. She started to slide her hand against the leather-like feeling of the scales of her levi as she gazed at her two children gawking at it.

"They won't bite, let's go now.~", she patted the both of them gently before helping both of them get up. Thankfully, her two children were very small so they were able to fit on it. Her eyes gazed up at the sky as she snapped her fingers, stopping time as she saw fit. There was a meeting and she wasn't going to be late, thankfully, time was in her hands as she was able to get there on the day the meeting started. Once she got to the South she asked them some questions and headed towards where they wanted to go in terms of housing location.


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