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Magnolia - Bitter Old Gang

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Magnolia - Bitter Old Gang Empty Sun Jun 05, 2022 4:41 am

Quest: Bitter Old Gang

Rank: A

Type: Good

  • One of the Two C Rank Missions involving Little Old Nan Completed:
  • Old Man Scuffle Completed.
  • Little Old Murder Completed.

Detective Rubber Slipper: Rubber Slipper or as his friends call him, Gumshoes, is a very diligent detective who often focuses on the most mysterious cases. While not exactly the smartest man, he is clever and his tenacity and drive make him one of the best detectives on the force.

Summary: Bitter Old Stan faked his death to try and frame Little Old Nan! As you go to arrest him, The Bitter Old Gang, a group of old men, show up and buff Stand with their many low level spells.

Bitter Old Stan: Bitter Old Stan is Little Old Nan's ex-husband and still holds a grudge over the divorce. He will attempt to sabotage her life in any way he can. Since you have stopped him before, he now holds a grudge against YOU!

Objective: Defeat and apprehend Stan, the other old men will flee when you do.

  • Create a topic in Magnolia.
  • Report to the police station to meet up with Rubber Slipper who tells you he is unfortunately unable to handle the entire gang of Old Men by himself.
  • Agree to help out and confront Bitter Old Stan at his house.
  • Many other old men will come down the stairs, out of closets, from the floorboards and up from the basement to buff Bitter Old Stan. Fight and defeat Stan or take out the other old men one, by one.
  • If you beat Stan, the other old men will flee. If you beat the other old men, Stan will be much easier to subdue.
  • After the fight, Rubber Slipper will cuff Bitter Old Stan and bring him back to the station after giving you your reward.


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Mission Link: Link
Reward - Yuurei:
  • +12,000 Exp (10% Companion, 10% Lvl 2 Guild)
  • +387,500 Jewels (10% Companion, 25% Reputation, 20% lvl 4 Guild)
  • +5 Strength
  • +2 Intelligence
  • +400 Fame


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Yuurei has completed this quest.

Magnolia - Bitter Old Gang UcJA3TG

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