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East to West [Foot travel]

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East to West [Foot travel] Empty Tue May 31, 2022 5:35 pm

Ianthe had the itch to travel and make more money. Rubbing her eyes as she pushed herself up from her bed she was careful not to wake its other occupants. Although she was taking up residency at the Fairy Tail guild she wasn't about to bring her playmates along with her. It was much easier to bed them at a hotel and leave with the rising of the sun rather than kicking them out when she had to dash. Slipping away from the two snoring men and one peacefully sleeping woman, Ianthe headed to the shower to wash up quickly before throwing her clothes on and heading back to the fairy tail guild.

With no one around currently, Ianthe slipped into the guildhall and made every attempt to not be seen or spoken to as she got to her room. Grabbing a bag she packed some essentials. She was quiet about it, no one needed to know her every move but she made a mental reminder to herself to at least meet up with the guild leader at least once. From what Ianthe had heard the woman was a real looker and a mom, two things that Ianthe could appreciate in a woman. Hot, nurturing, women were not a weakness of hers but she did enjoy them in more ways than one.

With her bag all packed up, she placed it by the door and started cleaning her room. Ianthe was a lot of things but dirty wasn't one of them. She made sure to sweep her floors, mop them too, wipe down her desk, tidy up her bed, and yesterday she did her laundry so everything was already folded up in her drawers. Once she was done she grabbed her bag and headed off into the world, once again very quietly as she wanted no interactions with the people of her guild. Meeting the morning sun she'd be taking the long way to her destination, a destination that not even she knew. All Ianthe knew was that she didn't want to be in the East of Fiore anymore and perhaps it was time for her to start her search for her dear old friend Constantine.

With the sun guiding her she walked out of the guild and out of Marigold, moving towards the west. Her walk was quickened by hitchhiking in carriages and slowed by gazing at the stars and camping out with a bunch of sex-loving cultists. It was a good time and sometimes the journey is better than the destination. Eventually, she found herself in a different part of Fiore and there she took up side jobs to get more jewels in her pocket. Traveling was dreadful without money so she did what she had to and restocked what she needed. She might have stayed in that part but she was still feeling the need to keep going. At some point, she ended up in central fiore but did not stay long.

Central fiore was the worst area as it was where most of the Rune Knights were stationed which means the least amount of fun was to be had there. Ianthe stuck around long enough to gather her supplies once more and stayed two days before she found herself back on the road again. A kind woman gave her a lift and the two traveled for three days and three nights, talking about life and exchanging stories. Eventually, she was let off in the western part of Fiore and she felt that this is where she needed to be for a while. The first stop was a hotel and her second was the bar.

- exit-

East to West [Foot travel] BSIEiBe

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