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Pirates of the Hargeon Sea [Priscilla - Storyline]

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Pirates of the Hargeon Sea [Priscilla - Storyline] Empty Mon May 30, 2022 10:56 pm


And so it had come to this. In the wake of her discovery that pirates had taken away her old body, Esperia had spend several trips to try to discover the whereabouts of both the criminals responsible for the thievery, but also the location of her missing body. She still couldn't exactly piece together what pirates could possibly want with her body, but she was at least on the trail. But she had kept in mind her promise, and considering all the training Priscilla had been doing, felt it was only right for her to inform her wife of the recent events. This was what led to the couple to be on board of a transport vessel that would serve as their way to the island where the pirates would be supposedly located.

"As far as I learned, the pirates aren't acting with a specific goal in mind. The theft of my old body seems to had been done in name of someone else. However, who this elusive client might be is someone I'm not sure of... An old enemy? But they would have little interest in doing something like that, I mean... I know I'm pretty, but my corpse isn't exactly something people would enjoy as a trophy... I hope..."

Musing uncertainly she turned her attention back toward her partner. "But whatever the case might be, we're going to bust some pirate heads and get my body back~" Of course, despite her cheerful exclamation Esperia did understand the difficulty of such a event...

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It seemed that if anything it left a few ponders on her mind, If she was alive as it was now why did it matter to get her old body back? Would this be a weird situation where there was not two Esperia's? she was starting to ponder if she would by all logical sense have two wives if that body some how came back to life, Or was it another person entirely it was giving her a it of a strange mind loop. For now she just kind of kept it to herself. She would still help in the end because well it was a means for something to be achieved and completed more out of devotion then anything else.

After nodding agreeing to go along with it she would finally ask."Alright, I have to understand something here."She would start by mentioning it finally. More hoping that if she asked Esperia would not be too upset in some manner about it."Why might it be important to get your old body back? Is there some important reasons for it?"After all the mission was understandable, But she still kind of wanted to know why we were trying to get a dead body back when the person was right next to her.

But for now it was good to wait and listen to what was maybe to come from the question. Then while she listen, She would just look up at the sky while it was passing the time. There was still a bit of time until go time.



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Esperia smiled sorrowfully at her lover, the question was an understandable one. To most it must had been weird to have a lingering attachment to a lifeless corpse, but for Esperia there had been a reason behind it. "It is an understandable thing to be confused about it. For starters I want to avoid having people use my old body in a necromancy ritual. Death or not, it still houses a obscura and as such a strong enough necromancer could in theory get himself a mindless demon puppet to control."

She sighed softly, closing her eyes as she spoke in a softer tone. "The other reason is a person belief. I was raised to think that a grave is something sacred, a time of reflection and memories, as such I feel my old body is a memory of the past, and a memento that encourages me to try my utmost to prevent the same tragedy from repeating itself. After all, I sworn to always return to your side, and from now on I'll ensure I'll never hurt you again like what happened last time..."

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Alas it now made sense, For there was now an actual reason that she could attach to it, For it made a logical connection, the way that body still exist might still be a risk for people."Then that is all the reason I need."It was kept pretty simple that way. It was the body the lingered the risk and lacking a soul prevented it. It might be a bit of an interesting task to have to consider killing a husk of her wife when her wife and talking to her now, But it was what made the situation complex.

But just to be sure she would a point to step over to Esperia, Kneel down on one knee take Esperia's head and rest it on one of her shoulders for a moment. Then she would let the moment sink in and then made sure Esperia had a kiss on the forehead."You might have been gone for a small amount of time, But you kept your word."necromancer could in theory get himself a mindless demon puppet to control.This might be the needed words here."It is all a wife could ask for is to come home, Hard path it might have been you were still home, Alive and Esperia that is what counts."It was her attempt to make Esperia not mentally beat herself up as much, Maybe Esperia needed that reminder, But now the mission at hand was just as needed for a fitting cause. With the internal thought of how was it not something she had considered before, it was things later to deal with.


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