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IV. Hoarfrost Plackart

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IV. Hoarfrost Plackart Empty Mon May 30, 2022 10:09 pm



Name: Hoarfrost Plackart

Slot: Armor

Type: Chestplate

Class: Legendary

Weight: Heavy

Quantity: Custom

Element: Frost

Durability: 3x S-rank


Description: The Hoarfrost Plackart is a set of armor designed to be durable; striking and dependable for a fight. It has a sizeable pair of shoulder pauldrons, a well fitted collar and chest guard. Sizeable metal gauntlets that have huge metal cuffs with spikes on them and clawed fingers for protection against strikes to the hands. Further still there are Faulds that are around the waist and hang down a bit stopping on the upper thigh to protect from blows made against the thighs or waist.

Massive kneepads with strong metal straps that go around the knees are angled in such a way to help deflect blows from various kinds of weapons. The next patch of armor plating are key around the ankles and sit fairly well on regular human ankles or feet. When transformed this armor fills out and allows for werewolves to be able to wear it without much issue.

After the armor plating there is much of the armor still left to consider. Ranging from the snug metal inlaid trousers and almost sweater like upper body that is very form fitting. It snugly rests against the body and is even capable of turning away blows that might end up being deadly. Underneath the right pauldron there is a sizeable amount of cloth that hides a great deal of their right arm. It too has metal inlaid in it and has sharp metal bits that hang down from the 'ends' of it. A pair of tassels hang down from the front of the armor and curve back to add a sense of regality to the armor.

Hanging from the waistband there are huge inlaid Tassets that go all the way past the knees and nearly to the ankles. There are large holes near where the pockets on usual attire would go for ease of access to any weapons that may sit along those areas. The back of these tassets have lengths of metal rope cross stitched to help keep them from fluttering around too much.

While the side tassets are fairly long, the mid tasset that protects the groin area is much shorter and is held in place by a sizeable golden sigil. The tabard that goes along the outside of this tasset is red and blue with the Wolfenstein symbol on it signifying the connection to the family in a simple effort.

Much of the primary coloration of this armor is blue, while the gilding of it is golden in color. The tassels, arm cape and some of the leather bands that hold the armor in place are red. The 'sweater' and trousers are both a deep black.

This armor was custom made for Lucretia by the smiths of Asteria for her service rendered; a parting gift of sorts were she ever to leave and a thanks for all that she had done for the town and surrounding areas.


Requirements: None.

  • +90 Strength

  • -60 Speed


  • Fenrirs Apostle: You receive a cooldown reduction of 2 post for Frost type magic.
  • Fenrirs Fury:  You receive a cooldown reduction of 2 posts for a specific type of Offensive Magic Spells.

Points Breakdown

Please list Forge Points gained and lost for a faster approval process.
  • Rarity: Legendary: +45 points
  • Type: Armor
  • Weight/Handling: Heavy
  • Bonus Attributes: +50 strength, 1 for 5 points, 10 points.
  • Bonus Durability: 3xS Rank
  • Effects: Specific Elemental Cooldown Reduction Level 4[20 points]: Frost, Type Cooldown Reduction Level 3[15 points]: Offensive
  • Spells: N/A

Total points Acquired: 45
Total Points Spent: 45


IV. Hoarfrost Plackart Empty Mon May 30, 2022 10:10 pm

Claiming this due to forge updates.

#3Khalfani † 

IV. Hoarfrost Plackart Empty Wed Jun 01, 2022 8:36 am

Khalfani †
Lucretia has claimed their rework for their Legendary custom.

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