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Pirates [A-rank NQ]

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It had been early in the morning when Esperia had left her home, although on this particular day she had no actual goal or destination in mind. One might had called it a casual stroll around Hargeon, or perhaps she simply sought a distraction for the thoughts that frequently haunted her mind. The awareness that Hades and his minions were on her trail did little to reassure Esperia, in fact it made it all the more clear that she needed to prepare herself for the conflict that loomed ahead. She did not forget the vow she made to Cressida and Aphrodite, but she wanted to make certain that she was both strong enough to challenge Hades, and capable of returning home to Priscilla.

However, how could one challenge a deity like Hades? Even if she was physically a Demigoddess now, she was not naive enough to think she could best such a opponent without at least having some form of plan in her mind, at least several!

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Yet oddly enough the travels of the Demigoddess had brought her back to a place of nostalgia, wandering to the outskirts of the city of Hargeon Esperia found herself climbing the hill leading toward her grave, or rather the place her real body had been buried. However, to her surprise she found several people gathered around her tombstone, even some of the local rune knights were present. It seemed like an odd thing for her to have a ceremony without any warning, but it was then all of a sudden she overheard whispers of something that made her expression turn pale:

According to eye witnesses a group of pirates had snuck toward the outskirts of Hargeon and dug up the body of the young woman that was buried there. But what sort of thing could they even hope to accomplish with such a vile act? They were pirates, not necromancers! No, this was clearly a far more complicated matter than one could assume. Which obviously meant that she had to investigate things herself. What possible goal could those pirates have had by digging up her old body?

It was time for her to seek answers, and those pirates near the coastal caves a bit away from Hargeon would surely have the answers she needed!

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It was fortunately not that long of a walk to reach the coastal caves where some pirates had made their encampment. Recent years really had seemingly made them seek more secluded spots for their camps, no doubt because of the combined efforts of adventurers and Blue Pegasus alike in dealing with the plague of pirate crews that continued to terrorize the surrounding area. But still... What possible purpose could those pirates have had for wanting to get their hands on her old body? Was it some sort of twisted request from one of her past enemies? No matter the reason, she was going to get it back...

Descending along the path that was carved along the cliffs leading into the coastal caves Esperia mentally continued to tell herself she needed to at least hold back a little to ensure there would be some survivors among the pirates. Certainly, she could take back the treasure she might find there, but her goal first and foremost was to figure out what those pirates had been planning. Fortunately for her, it seemed she had hit some sort of clue, for there had been signs of campfires burning nearby, and a group of pirates had been lurking around the fires, clearly oblivious to the approaching threat that awaited them!

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Perhaps it was a fortunate thing that the pirates were absently musing on their next pillaging adventures, as a result they had been oblivious to her approach till it was too late. Jumping out of her concealment armed with her trustworthy combination in the form of Rama's Bow and the Midas Gauntlet, the latter had been used to punch one of the pirates right on the back of his neck, the force of the blow enough to knock him out cold, and while one of the pirates started to flee from the campfire to call for help, Esperia quickly reacted by launching a single arrow into the direction of the pirates, one that upon impact pinned the man onto the ground as the arrow hit him cleanly in the back!

Meanwhile a third pirate had climbed onto his feet already and was already unsheathing his sword. "Guess you're the one who will be giving me my answers~" The Demigoddess her words earned a scoff from the pirate. "I'm telling ya nothing!" Yet As he raised his sword and swung it down at her Esperia nimbly dodged to the side and kicked the side of the man's leg, catching him off-balance while she grasped a hold of the man's throat with the bandage-wrapped Midas Gauntlet.

"You... will. So better starting telling me why you took that body..."

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The man squirmed in her grasp, exclaiming in a panic. "I know nothing about a body! It was the Laughing Skull crew who pillaged Hargeon last night!" The words made Esperia's gaze narrow in a glare, her grip tightening as she demanded: "Tell me where they are." To which the pirate shook his head firmly. "T-they rarely go onto land! They were going to rob some big transport vessel that was going to arrive at Hargeon next week! But I heard some of their crew likes to sneak off to the nearby cove during full moons to party, but don't know if that is true or not!"

Esperia sighed audibly, tossing the man against the wall as she turned away from the encampment. So she had tracked down the wrong pirate crew? But it seemed some of their crew liked to party during the night, which was more than enough of a cue for her to work with. If they partied at night then she just had to raid any pirate crew that was around at night! A simple plan to deal with simple enemies. But it still didn't explain what those pirates would have possibly wanted with their 'treasure'...

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