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Ain't Nothin' But a Lil Mischief [Kuva]

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Ain't Nothin' But a Lil Mischief [Kuva] EIb2nJU

"Gah. I'm so bored." Being outside during this time of the day wasn't exactly in Z'Aleel's plans. He wasn't someone who appreciated the light of Illumin shining down upon his skin. Who knew? At any moment Illumin could decide to show his ass and turn the sunlight into rays of excruciating heat, cooking him alive like a fresh fish in a pan. Luckily, the corrupted child was naturally attuned to withstand the light. Sometimes he just felt more like a demon than an angel. The sounds of feet tapping along the pavement echoed throughout the streets, human chatter filled the air, creating an ambiance he found way too annoying...and boring. There just was nothing to do these days.

Zael was destined for more, he knew this, yet somehow it felt as if instead of going out there and conquering the world, he was waiting for something to happen. He hadn't received word from hell in a while so he really just lacked direction. With a defeated sigh he moped around the city, wiggling his nose at the scent of dead fish lingering around. The smell of dead humans was one thing but dead fish? Even the Nephilim of the Night couldn't fathom such a stench. "Then find something to do." Susan croaked as she floated beside her master. Nobody else was capable of seeing her. Not unless he wanted them to. Susan was a spirit and she would only become tangible if he used mana to summon her.

The twisted, hideous creature was always beside her young lord. Hell, she might as well have been an aunt. "You know what..." Zael stopped in the middle of the street. Slowly a sinister grin stretched his lips. "I think I will." He murmured. "Alright everyone, you've got sixty seconds to clear the streets before I kill you all!" He boldly shouted. The conversations slowly came to a simmer, but most people just looked at him weird. They didn't believe a child was capable of doing such a thing but that was the type of energy the fallen fed off of. "I'm warning you~" he sung.



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To her delight, Kuva bumped into someone else somewhat wild. She felt it in her blood, the moment the words escaped their lips, but felt no fear. She didn't move at first, instead, turning slowly, slowly, throughout the moving crowd, and maneuvering towards the person that had made that loud and brazen threat into the swarming crowd. Her knife was sheathed, but it was close by, and she adjusted her bunny ears and stared at the toy of a thing before her. She adjusted her armor silently, and took off her earr rings. "That was annoying." She said finally to them and smacked her black sticked lips.

"You need a dance partner then I take it?" She asked after a moment of consideration, and brandished her knife. "I'm a hunter." She said softly, then became quite stoicly silent and just watched for a while, doing absolutely nothing but examining them up and down from head to toe.


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Ain't Nothin' But a Lil Mischief [Kuva] EIb2nJU

Za slowly turned to face the person that remarked about his warning to the masses. Annoying? Upon seeing the owner of the voice, he smiled. She was pretty hot, to say the least, but not really his type. Z'Aleel preferred his meals to be a bit more...meaty. Still, seeing as she was the only person who stepped up to face him, she would have to do. Everyone else seemed to think the kid was merely joking or probably out of his mind, but Aleel was only the latter. That much he'd prove in the moments to come. The lady went on to say that she was a hunter and suddenly his blood began to boil- not in rage, but in excitement. Quickly he snapped his fingers, causing a silver magic circle to appear beside him as Susan poofed into existence. "You're a hunter, oh wow. They're sending hunters after me now? Old ladies at that. Why can't they just understand that I'm here to save the world." Za sighed, standing 15 meters away from the woman as Susan floated just above the ground. The boy had never fought a hunter but he could already tell that it would be extremely satisfying. Hearing her bones crack, getting her to scream and involuntarily face her destiny as a corpse. Maybe he would harvest her soul after or something. "Well...I guess it can't be helped. Go easy on me okay? I'm just a misguided kid."


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