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The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social)

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#26Nova Kentaurus 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jun 26, 2022 3:03 am

Nova Kentaurus
It didn't sound like Fairy Tail had many lightning mages but it was only a slight joke of a request. She didn't expect them to cater to her that much. That would be pushing it. Judith stated that she didn't have to bring anything for her kids. To Nova's surprise, they were much older than she expected. Judith looked very young so she expected some younglings in single digits. They were in their 20's!  "Well I'll still bring something for your guild mates at least. I have to do something." Probably something like a simple party platter would do. They usually had a little bit of something for everyone.

Nova would then start to eat some more before continuing the conversation. She had learned about the kids and the guild mates . However, there was still the question of who she was with. Nova wondered if they were split since she did flirt earlier but that could have just her being kind. Still her curiosity wanted to know. "So if you're kids aren't there what about your husband. Are they in the guild with you as well?"

#27Judith Karlinius 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) - Page 2 Empty Mon Jun 27, 2022 10:59 pm

Judith Karlinius
It was still a wonderful thing for her to mention."By all means bring gifts who what and who you seem fitting."Judith mentioned with a bit of a smile on her face. After all it was good to think of it that way."A gift is always a good thing to do at times when meeting other people even if minor."Judith did make sure it was mention things for the positive parts."I often when I am in Magnolia,I will often give out bottles of wine I make to people if I can prepared in advance."Yeah maybe this was also a vacation too since she was not doing so many things even if she was just shopping, But it showed she always could be considered on the clock.

Well if she wanted to know that."My husband has never been interested in the guild life mind you he is old and grey now days, So he might just prefer sitting in his shed and work away on things he normally does. Making things from metal."Maybe Judith was just the oddity because she was talking about an old man who smiths all day."He is not too fair away from the Fairy Tail guild house, Then again he work from home, So the guild isn't that far of a walk for me."So far Judith was starting to sound more and more like a typical semi-retired house wife in her sixties rather then a young elf that she looked like, But that part might because that was the case and it was not brought up yet.

But at least she would be honest about it if asked about it."I try to keep most things with in walking distance, I am just lucky enough my guild members don't try to take my flowers."Laughing about it while she still casually ate her food. For a Guild Master Judith was not a very serious person. But maybe that was the charm of it for Fairy Tail she was not meant to be the super serious guild master up front unless she needed to be, This way the members had some one they could trust.

#28Nova Kentaurus 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) - Page 2 Empty Thu Jun 30, 2022 3:18 am

Nova Kentaurus
Judith didn't specify much but she said it was OK to bring a gift over as all would be accepted. Wine was one of the thing she mentioned so Nova would have to pick up a bottle even thought it felt cliché. She would have to ask some friends or go to a store to see what gifts were trending and bring it over as well. It seemed like her husband was older and worked outside the guild. "I'm sure it's nice to have them separate from the guild. It gives a nice work-life balance." That fact just made Nova even more curious on how old Judith was but she knew asking age was rude. However, he hunger for knowledge and curiosity was boiled over at this point. She had read about different races before in books but didn't see many in person.

Nova took a few more bites to eat before patting her mouth down with the napkin. "So..." She hesitated at first but decided to take the plunge. "You're the first elf I've met. We didn't have many in Seven where I grew up. I hope it's not rude but how old are you Judith? You look no older than your 20's in human years." She said throwing in a compliment at the end. From what she gathered Judith was a nice woman so she would take it well. Hopefully.

#29Judith Karlinius 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) - Page 2 Empty Fri Jul 01, 2022 10:38 pm

Judith Karlinius
Maybe this opened up an entirely strange situation for her Nova if Judith were to explain it."If you want me to be entirely honest with you Nova,I was not en elf to start with."Made Judith wish she had some of her family pictures around with her, Then again even when human she was rather youthful, being an elf now just did only helped make it more helpful with making the situation a bit logical because she was an elf."For the longest time, I was a mere normal human...mind you shorter."Yes she would just open the confusing can of worms already rather then just lying, But Judith did not raise liars and she had no reason to lie herself."But to answer how old i am now, I am 62 years old."So she was fairly old human wise but youthful elf wise. At least she did not try to make any comments about asking a woman her age being wrong. Since it was not really needed.

But she would stop eating for a moment to maybe give the curious soul a bit more of an in depth understanding of how this situation happen."As for what you might wonder next, Maybe things happen when you explore so many places they sounds interesting, Thus when i ventured into a place called Samhain."This place just showed up and disappeared so tracking it if Nova got curious would have a hard time finding it."After my visit there, handing out treats to children and playing a few games...I woke up different."Judith did not make this sound spooky after all it was not the season for it. After all it was just Judith explaining something."At least, I had to ponder what all happen, Since this change made me taller, all of my clothing just randomly did not fit, Then I looked into the mirror of bedroom and joked to my husband that he got a new wife before asking him that he needed to go buy some new clothing."It was strange but it was Judith's story of how she became an elf."So I am not a normal natural elf if that sadly breaks your immersion."She made sure to make that clear, Even if people could argue Judith did act a bit life an elf at a fair amount of time."Well by all account i am with the pointy ears and everything...better worded is, I am not neutral because neither of my parents where elves."did this help? maybe not.

#30Nova Kentaurus 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jul 03, 2022 6:34 am

Nova Kentaurus
Nova was shocked to hear that Judith was human once. She had heard of people being different races before but there were few stories of people actually changing their race completely. The place she was transformed was called Samhain. It didn't sound familiar to her at all and she couldn't pinpoint it on a map in her head. Perhaps it was out of the main continent they were on. There wasn't anything crazy about her story either. Just one day woke up after being there and *poof* was changed. Still, Nova was happy that she shared it with her.

"Thanks for telling me. I got to say you're the hottest 62 year old I've met. You rock it well." She laughed hoping to compliment her after opening up to her. "This world of magic is crazy. You got transformed into an elf and I got transformed into a dragon slayer." Nova said showing her mouth. Her normal front teeth were now large fangs like a vampire. She wanted to show Judith she wasn't the only one who went through changes. Though Nova's were more easy to hide. "And as far as the clothes, we can go shopping after this if you want. I'm sure Minstrel has some good styles to bring back to Fiore to impress your husband."

#31Judith Karlinius 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jul 03, 2022 3:42 pm

Judith Karlinius
It must be fun to dive into a persons life and see these things, Then again Judith was extremely easy to get along with, She did make it really easy for the most part, She had a fair amount of ways to make things complex if she really wished too, But it was entirely unneeded unless Judith honestly felt like messing with some one."It is a bit of a shame I can not pass the youthful ways of elves on to my family, They all seemed to be human for as long as they live."She could mention in passing, it was just merely a thing that maybe she had wished to alter at one point when it first happen, but seemed content now with what has happen."Then again...I love all of the family I have now, Alive and dead."She would continue on none the less.

But Judith did seemed to observe the teeth."So I assume the work exactly the same way fang of a dragon would? in terms of biting strength and sharpness?"It was phrased because she wondered, thought it worked that way and did not want to assume in the slightest it was the case. But Judith would add in a harmless joke."I would fear if a child was in there teething stage with such fangs."Judith laughed about it, only because it was just her pondering upon past life experiences.

But Judith did not forget her compliment."Why as much I thank you for you compliment, I do not know any other elf to compare myself off of the basis of looks."She mentioned it, Even if she was never in the rush to meet another she always had to ponder if she was ever doing it right, since she had no basis to learn how to be an elf."Mind you, even if you keep mentioning how I am, Do give yourself some credit too. I am sure with your looks you have a wonderful and happy partner as well."Judith did assume Nova was already dating some one even being a busy rune knight, Because was almost a normal thing for her, Given she also thought Nova was pretty enough to have already been taken by some one."Unless I am wrong anyway, Do feel free to correct me. After all It is a bit ignorant of me."Another thing with in Judith's mind is she assume Nova would not lack any suitors if that was also the case, sure some would try their luck.

Clothing shopping? interesting is this where they wanted to take it, clothing,spices and tea. This was turning into a remarkable trip."Oh? I am sure the old man I am married too could enjoy some change, Unless your are looking for suggestions from me in that matter as well?"Judith also mentioned as another add in, It was nothing against Nova as more she was seeing how it would be taken.

#32Nova Kentaurus 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) - Page 2 Empty Wed Jul 06, 2022 7:41 am

Nova Kentaurus
Nova didn't even think about how Judith being an elf would affect her family life. If they were born human then she might out live her own kids. She mentioned that they were loved alive and dead. Nova would relate as her brother passed away in the field. She hoped that she didn't offend her with the questioning but at least her curiosity was sated. She would drop the subject for now and move on with it.

The subject moved on to her fangs. Naturally, Judith was curious about those her as well. Nova would pick up a plate and look around to make sure no waiters were there. Then she would chomp down on the plate to show it pierced through it with ease. "Yeah they are very strong. It took a while to get used to but now they are handy. I hope if I have kids they don't get them because I wouldn't want them chomping down on my nipple if I fed them" She laughed

Judith then caught her off guard when she complimented her back. Being a knight, she crammed herself in her work so she didn't hear it often. Most coworkers were scared to as she was one of the higher ranking members. Though she had been with men and women in the past, she was currently not with anyone. "Thank you. I'm still single though. Right now I'm focused on helping my father manage the rune knights but if something comes along I'd be open to it. Who knows?"

They were almost completely done with the food they had been eating and they were starting to take some plates away. "Sure you can pick some outfits for me and I can pick some for you. Unless you want to stay and try all the desserts too." She joked. Minstrel was sure to have some styles Fiore had not seen so the clothes would be a sight to see.

#33Judith Karlinius 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) - Page 2 Empty Thu Jul 07, 2022 3:30 pm

Judith Karlinius
There was always things to share with positive experiences with everything even if grim, Judith had ways to move on from things so grim, She just did not mention them yet since well maybe it was just not the time yet, But there was other chances to talk to Judith about such things about her life, Since as Nova saw she had no reason to hide that part of her life.

The mere mention of that idea of the fangs."But I will not deny how useful the fangs are, they serve many useful functions that is not us stuff ourselves with food here."She did not list them but she had a lot of ideas with the showing of a plate chomp, It was a tempting thing to see if she could ponder just how far it would go.

But she was single, Not that Judith entirely saw anything wrong with that, It just was happen stance she was in that part of her life."Do keep in mind, there is nothing wrong with that situation, It is a part of life that is complex when you do not know how to go about it."Judith would start that mention at least because it was a bit more complex when for person to person."You never know when that part of life will hit you, For I never expected to be in the place I am in now."She would avoid other things she would normally do here, After all attempting to set up your own children with a law enforcement officer was risky because she was vetting them and not giving her children a chance to meet people, Even if one was just hiding in magnolia selling tea, The other just seemed to have went off on his own.

For once, with this mention she just wanted to see what fate chooses, So she would just casually point at Nova, with a vine slowly sprouting out of her sleeve, it poked Nova on the nose."How about you choose, For i am more much interested to see what things you would lead into."Sure she just added some flare to it.

#34Nova Kentaurus 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) - Page 2 Empty Sat Jul 09, 2022 7:38 am

Nova Kentaurus
Judith did bring up a good point. You never did know what the future held in store. Nova was still young so she still had time. However, she was dead set on her work right now. It was her passion and she was very good at it. There was no reason to look for love in her mind. The cards would have to fall in place while she did that. She was sure there was someone out there that liked rune knights that investigated crime scenes. Right?

The elf woman didn't answer her question but instead reached her hand out. A vine popped out and tickled her on the nose. With her dragon slayer small she got a good whiff of it. It smelled sweet like perfume and very pleasing aroma that filled up her mind. The magic Judith had sure was something. She could get lost in for hours. She might have to ask her from some of those flowers for her bath later tonight. The choice was put into her hands. While she did want dessert even after eating all that food, she had to think of her companion. It would have to be a pass this time. Nova would wave it off. "Alright we can head out then. I'm curious to see what you would look like in all these fancy clothes."

Pulling out her wallet, she would throw some jewels on the table. it was more than enough to cover what they ordered and the tip just like she promised she would. Nova remembered she passed a clothing store on the way to the restaurant so they could start there. They entered together and were greeted by the shopkeep. There were clothes of all the latest styles in vibrant colors. Dresses, jeans, purses. Anything a girl could dream of they had it. Nova put her hands on her hips. "This place is like a dream. Alright Judith you wanted this. Go ahead and pick something out and head into that dressing room."

#35Judith Karlinius 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) - Page 2 Empty Mon Jul 11, 2022 5:47 pm

Judith Karlinius
So she choose clothing, Judith might have an interesting time with this depending, After all Minstrel did have it own way of making their people look pretty, So this would be most likely one of the better things to explore to see how it went, Then again vacations with a stranger was always worth it to Judith."So fate has chosen."Judith said casually and laughed about it.But in the end so far no one seemed to be mad with Nova and Judith."Suppose one last bite then?"She also had to laugh casually. In which she just made sure to finish one last plate of food, and got up from her chair, waited for the money to be placed on the table and started to leave this building with Nova. It would be an interesting day for the people at this store having an elf and a dragon slayer come in order everything and leave with out a second thought.

But with that idea Judith had some idea maybe what could happen. depending on what the store had in stock anyway. They just needed to find a store, But Judith had no doubt about one thing in the end, She would have a good time here. They just needed to find the right building with the right amount clothing, Judith would have to ponder how long this wait would be."What kind of clothing are you feeling Nova? Casual, dresses? I do ever have to wonder."She had to ask because depending she might have an idea where to go but then again there are plenty of shops for clothing, They just might need to be sure it was where they wanted to go at this time, She did also take a moment to ponder what kind of clothing she needed.

#36Nova Kentaurus 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) - Page 2 Empty Wed Jul 13, 2022 6:57 am

Nova Kentaurus
Judith seemed excited to be there which in turn made Nova pumped up as well.  This was going to be a fun time for the two of them. Rather than pick something out, Judith wanted Nova's opinion on it. She didn't know if Judith was shy having to change in the middle of the store so Nova decided to give her some motivation. Perhaps if she went first then Judith would follow suite. "I think casual is fine to start. Here I'll pick something out and you can try to match it."

Looking through the racks of clothes, Nova would pull off a long sleeve shirt with a graphic on it and a nice pair of jeans. Nothing too fancy but she knew it would look good. She did her best to hide it against her body so Judith wouldn't be able to see the pieces that she picked. Then she went into the dressing room and stripped off her old clothes to change into the new pair. "Alright here I come." Nova would say as she popped open the changing room door. Striking a pose she asked Judith. "Well how does it look?"


#37Judith Karlinius 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) - Page 2 Empty Fri Jul 15, 2022 2:20 am

Judith Karlinius
So far it seemed maybe their ideas of casual were far different, But maybe Judith was just that old in frame of mind. It was casual for sure about. But the fox was something she kind of wish was a real being now that she looked at it."Hmm, That seems fitting yes."But she would at least would not hold back the remarks on the pink fox."Part of me wants to see if i could ever find a fox like that."Judith was not much of an animal owner but maybe it was just how it looked, made her ponder if such a fox could exist. Maybe if t was such a real thing Judith would find one to bring home much to the suffering of her husband.

but Judith figured it was her turn, She wasted no time taking her time but her outfit might be entirely different."It simple, doesn't take a lot time to change into, It is indeed casually fitting."But looking around Judith had her perfect idea and just seemed to walk off and changed into it, since it was logical to assume to take her turn now.

So even if typical her long white robes, Judith changed into something maybe a bit more elegant and a bit more questionable if it was entirely still casual in the end, for it seemed to be a bit more then what Nova had on. But nonetheless it would not take too long for Judith to to return. For did just continue to wear a typical mother casual elegance attire, at least in Judith's mind that is what it was like.

Judith outfit.:

#38Nova Kentaurus 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jul 17, 2022 11:34 pm

Nova Kentaurus
After a twirl and showing off her outfit, Nova was glad to see Judith liked the graphic t shirt she picked out. She didn't know what type of fox it was either but it was cute. Maybe they were native to Minstrel and had that distinct pink color. Either way, Nova wanted one of them as a pet. She even had a good name for it if she ever did find one.

Judith now went and picked out an outfit as Nova waited with anticipation. When she emerged, it was almost like the room radiated in light with her presence. It was just a plain white shirt but the accessories she picked out really made it shine. An orange coat hanging over her shoulders complimented with a blue scarf and necklace. The color contrast made them really stand out and bring out her features.

Nova would walk around Judith to get a full view of the outfit and just let out one word. "Gorgeous." Nova would just shrug her shoulders. "I guess I lost this round. We both picked out some good ones. Do you want to go again or go rock the town out in what we have on right now?"

#39Judith Karlinius 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) - Page 2 Empty Wed Jul 20, 2022 4:43 pm

Judith Karlinius
This was not over, Judith had an idea she needed to do at least once."I say one last around but change it up with how it works." Judith mentioned after all it would be a perfect chance to see, how a person could get another to look of their choosing Judith had many ideas in her mind."After all the fun part could easily be choosing outfits for one another."Judith mentioned with a bit of a smile on her face, because well in Judith plan she was going first, But she was not the one changing outfits.

Was Nova ready for this."Let's try this, I am going to choose an outfit for you, You are going to try it on and i want you to judge what you feel about the outfit."Was it the oddest turn? maybe not was it harmful? not really Judith was just seeing what would happen and volunteering to go first just to see if it would be taken well. So Judith would dig around for a moment and find something she wanted Nova to try on then hand it to her.

Then just smiled and said."Now go, ill wait to see what happens, Then I will wait for my turn."She said that with a bit of a laugh at this point but now it would be the stage set for Nova, She just needed to play along and do the same in return to Judith, as per how she planned it.

Outfit Judith Picked:

#40Nova Kentaurus 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) - Page 2 Empty Sat Jul 23, 2022 12:58 am

Nova Kentaurus
Judith seemed like she wanted to continue which was fine in Nova's book. "Sounds like fun. I'm in." This time they would pick each other's outfits rather than picking it out themselves. Nova was kind of nervous to see what Judith would pick. Hopefully it wasn't anything took revealing.

After a few minutes of searching, Judith handed her the outfit. From the looks of it, the clothes seemed more formal than what she had on before. Going behind the curtain, she would remove the casual clothes she had on earlier and put on the new outfit. When she was done, she would look at herself in front of the mirror and admire the outfit. It was a blouse with a button skirt that went with it. To compliment the look, a black top hat was on her head. She exited the curtain to show Judith. "Well did it look like you imagined?" She asked.

Now it was Nova's time to choose, In her new outfit, she went to the new style section of the clothing store. Here they had a whole bunch of hipster clothes that all the young kids were wearing now a days. Nova picked out piece by piece and handed it to Judith. Being older, Nova through it would be fun to see Judith in the new young and hip style. Maybe she could wear it with her young guild mates. "Alright here's my pick. Go change and we will take a look."

picked outfit:

#41Judith Karlinius 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) - Page 2 Empty Sat Jul 23, 2022 8:52 pm

Judith Karlinius
There was interesting knowledge to be had for people to choose outfits for one another, For Judith it was a chance to see and understand what new clothing treads where always interesting to learn, Judith could use this inform to seemingly remain relevant with the times  of now so to say rather then just an elf who was being on the times because what she was use to in age was beyond in ages of the time before her now. but she was given something to try and she would take a moment to look upon it with interest .

So she seemed to not think much on it, Rather she would just go on to go to a change room like she was ready to go put all of this on and with in a few minutes show up with in the attire given to her."Huh, Part me likes it, while another thinks, I am entirely too old for this in mind."Judith was joking about it because it unless some one ever suggested this look for her she might not ever wear it over all."Is this what the youth call hip now days?" Yes she had to pose the question like that, it seemed almost unavoidable.

Judith even laughed about it for some reason,But she also did not change out of the attire at this time."I feel like I could try to walk around in this a bit, it is rather interesting and different."Judith did not realize how much she could induce a cringing feeling with in the people younger then her with that part."It seems at least my style of attire does work with you."Judith mentioned that as her judgment was in fact that it worked nicely for her, even if almost it was they were both in different time periods now.

#42Nova Kentaurus 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) - Page 2 Empty Wed Jul 27, 2022 4:55 am

Nova Kentaurus
Judith rocked the outfit pretty well despite her age. With her elven blood making her look even younger, normal people probably wouldn't even be able to tell. She looked just like any other young adult. Nova just shook her head to Judith's question. "Yep this is the new thing. They call it "drip". It's the new look all the celebrities' have been wearing." Tough she wasn't much of a TV watcher, sometimes on night shift there wasn't much better to do. There would be reruns of popular shows which is where Nova found out about the outfit.

Slapping Judith on the back, Nova would encourage her. "Yes that's what life is all about. Let's go out and try something new." However, Nova wanted to make one small change. Taking off her hat, she found a pair of drip glasses to use instead. This way she matched Judith while wearing the outfit she picked. "I like the outfit but I'm just not much of a hat person. So shall we?" she asked extending her arm .


#43Judith Karlinius 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) - Page 2 Empty Wed Jul 27, 2022 8:48 pm

Judith Karlinius
It seemed Judith had finally understood something modern so to say, but she feel felt entirely behind on the times, but some one was forever stuck with in the age she was raised with. But it had her own benefits at least Judith tried which was entirely the fact Judith knew she could learn and manage knew things even if she had her own values that seemed a bit old.

But if they were like this now, it just seemed like a good note to leave it at. For now, they would just leave with their outfits."Well, I do think the hat is nice but understand why it is not needed." Judith seemed to laugh about. it was a good balance between new and old in the end for how they viewed things and it was rather interesting for her.

But she seemed ready to go and offered her hand, seemed harmless to take even if one could boast about having held the hand of Fairy Tail's guild master, Judith hand felt well as to be expected of some one still youthful in looks. Smooth well taken care of like it was still perfectly as it needed to be.

Would this be something Nova would ever bring up to people? Or would it just be the secret she kept forever to herself only to find Judith against eventually for other outing in life that was meant for one thing, Relaxing and feeling normal with the world around you.

#44Nova Kentaurus 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) - Page 2 Empty Sat Jul 30, 2022 7:07 am

Nova Kentaurus
Judith laughed so she didn't seem too offended when Nova rejected part of her outfit. Still now that the two of them were dressed they would be able to check out all Minstrel had to offer. Nova walked up to the counter and would pay for the set of clothes that she had and cover Judith as well. It was a bad habit of hers to treat people. First the food and now the clothes. It probably had to do her always wanting to make a good first impression. Once that was done, she took her hand and they were off.

The two of them hand and hand in their new drip gear certainly caught eyes by the people of Minstrel. Nova hoped Judith wasn't too embarrassed by Nova just embraced it. With the matching glasses, they both looked good. Now the question was where too now? They had new clothes and had already ate so perhaps it was sight seeing time. As they walked, a giant tower appeared at the horizon. Nova had heard about this tower as one of the main attractions in this country. "Say Judith do you want to check out that Tower? I heard you take an elevator to the top and get a great view of the whole city."


#45Judith Karlinius 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) - Page 2 Empty Tue Aug 02, 2022 4:13 pm

Judith Karlinius
A tower, A pretty good idea to maybe bring things to a close, After all it seemed pretty simple."You know it there was something i had not considered it was doing exactly that."It seemed over all with the idea of just doing a few more things and being social Judith seemed just get continually delighted about the situation that had risen up."I am curious to see what all can be seen so high."Then again you think a elf like Judith did not think as childish at times but she was always strange that way just because you never knew how a person reacted to many things.

Laughing to herself slightly while they where taking the elevator up."I suppose maybe i should have taken the fact that i did not invite my husband here, he might not have been interested in all of these things."Even if loyal she could admit Anders was a bit different he could be called dull and plain but it was like he was a ground for Judith that she might need."Then again I do suppose at time i kind of wished he had joined me during that day where i changed, it might have been good for him."But alas she was intending a joke about it."Nah i should not think such things, he is fine."Judith might just be experience the free feeling of youth all over again when she had not experienced it in a while it seemed to get her to feel refreshed but curious of what all could happen.

Then again she just patted Nova on the shoulder."You are far more fantastic company then you might assume Nova, It seems to have made my experience here, far different than i first assumed."It seemed Judith had been unsure openly how this would have turned out for them.

#46Nova Kentaurus 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) - Page 2 Empty Sat Aug 06, 2022 11:50 pm

Nova Kentaurus
The tower was one of the main attractions of Minstrel so of course Judith wanted to go with her. The sun was starting to go down so it would be a great opportunity to see the city lights from up above. Judith joked that it was good she didn't bring her husband but Nova would let her know for next time. "Well think of it as a test run. We can do all the fun things here together and then you will know what to do with him if you visit." Nova took Judith's hand and they would be on their way to the tower.

Judith stated she enjoyed Nova's company which made her fidget a little. She didn't know how to take compliments well since most of the time she was studying. "Thanks. Hanging out with you has taught me a lot.". The two would go to the elevator and it would bring them up to the top. Lucky for them, there wasn't many people there yet. They would find an empty spot in the corner of the tower and Nova would hang over the hand rail. Nova would lean over it and smile. It was perfect timing as the sun set over the city. Nova turned to Judith to see her reaction. "Well what do you think?"

#47Judith Karlinius 

The Eye of Thunder and The Fairy Mother.(Nova/Social) - Page 2 Empty Tue Aug 09, 2022 4:57 pm

Judith Karlinius
It was a wonderful close to the evening. Then again it was a good but still there was a fair amount of conversation to continue for the most part."He might just be content and comfort working away in the quiet, but ill talk him to leaving home eventually for something." She laughed about it because she was just that kind of free spirit about somethings.

But it seemed she worked in some of the ways as some one she knew in some way."Lessons are always an interesting thing to learn, After you never know what experiences can be taken away in life's travels."Even then Judith could say she learned things here herself but it was most likely not apparent as what maybe Nova did learn. Judith seemed to enjoy that entire learning of she could still be a new person with how she could look, She was not an old lady like she had gotten use too. But they would cycle in her mind for a while

Then after just looking."Well i guess they planned for the prefect views of everything they did well."Judith could admit. Since she did not think much else while looking around.

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